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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hiya All.
Weehee Story!!! Yuna had a heart attack in my last post.
Does anyone out there know the number to 911?
She's starting to foam at the mouth.

Me: -Dances around singing 'These are not my pants'-

Vash: Yay Dizzy ish all mental-fied!! -Dances with Dizzy-

Me: Wootlez! I gots me a partna!!

Inu: Well I guess she's not all depressed-ified...

Sesshy: Heh, you just said a Dizzy word.

Hiei: That tells you that you spend way too much time around her.

Me: There are not my pants! They must be Bobby's pants. BOOOOBBBYYYY!!! Go Bobby and those pants!

Vash: I wanna ride a llama.

Me: Llama's are weird.

Yusuke: I wander what noise a llama makes.

Me: They go llaaaammaaaa!

Sesshy: I don't think they do.

Me: YES THEY DO!! If I say they do then they do!

Vash: What'cha eatin'?

Me: Chocolate

Vash: Where'd ya get it?

Me: Someone dropped it.

Vash: Where they drop it?

Me: In the sewer.

Vash: What-cha call it?

Me: Candy manure.

Hiei: Ew, that's just wrong.

Me: ^-^ Hee!

Kurama: I'm glad to see that you are back to your old self.

Me: Thankies. I'm glad too. I don't know why, but for some reason when ever I get on Myo. I go insane.

Yusuke: Well that's because all your mental memories come back.

Me: My mental memories. I didn't know I could remember that far back.

Vash: Well who cares! You is back. -Huggles Diz-

Me: Teehee! Me ish happy to be back to me old self again. -Huggles Vash- I love eggs!

Hiei: Do you what you want 'cause a pirate is free.

Me: You are a pirate!

Sesshy: Yarr har fiddle dee dee.


Vash: We be diggin' us some treasure!

Inu: Aye capmin'

Me: -Laughs-

Miroku: -Comes in with a Llama-


Kurama: I'm surrounded by mental cases.

Me: Awe, come one Kurama. You can go mental too.
It will be okay.

Miroku: I got to get some sleep. -Goes off to sleep-

~~ No one of coures paid any attention to Miroku~~

Hiei: Kurama doesn't know how to be insane.

Kurama: Yes I do.

Hiei: Then let us see you go insane.

Kurama: Well not while everyone else is going insane.

Me: Why not? That's when it's more fun.

Kurama: Because if we all are insane then would if someone gets hurt?

Me: We'll laugh?

Kurama: No. You gotta take care of the person who did get hurt.

Inu: Pshaw! Taking care of injured people is no fun. I'm off to get some sleep. -Goes to bed-

Sesshy: Exactly, you gotta laugh at them.

Me: Yeah. And besides if we are all mental and one of us did get hurt, then that person whould laugh too.

Vash: Yeah Dizzy will laugh too.

Me: Hey now! I don't always hur- Nevermind.

Hiei: You don't always what? -Smirks-

Me: Nothing.

Yusuke: Uh-Huh, yeah I bet it was nothing.

Me: Yip, not a thing!

Kurama: Well alright, I'll try.

Miroku: -Falls asleep-

Me: Wait! Before you do. -Grins- Miroku just fell asleep.

Sesshy: So did Inuyasha.

Me: Gets an even bigger grin-

Vash: I know that look! That means you have a plan.

Me: -NodNod- I sure do. I need make-up and a dress, a wig and a camera.

Sesshy: Oh boy! This sounds like fun.

Hiei: -Goes to get the make-up-

Yusuke: -Goes to get the camera-

Me: -Goes the get the dress- Ok come one people.

ALL: -Follows Dizzy-

Me: Okay, now hand me the make-up.

Heie: -Hands Dizzy the make-up-

Me: -Puts on the make-up on Miroku, then puts the dress on- Now Sesshy Vash, I need you two to carry him over to Inu's bed.

Seeshy/Vash: -Picks up Miroku and places him gently beside Inu-

Me: Now put Miroku's head on Inu's shoulder.

Sesshy: -Snickers. The puts Miroku's head on Inu's shoulder-

Me: Sshh. Now put Inu's arm wrapped snuggly around Miroku.

Hiei: -Puts Inu's arm around Miroku-

Me: -Giggles softly-

Kurama: You guys are very mean.

Me: Sshh, you'll wake them. Now make them look happy.

Sesshy/Hiei: -Puts smiles on Inu and Miroku-

Me: There we go. Not move that strap down alittle. Show some skin.

Hiei: -Moves the strap on Miroku's dress down some-

Me: Ooo baby. This is some good stuff.

Kurama: That's just wrong in so many ways.

Me: I know, but its hilarious. Now let me just put a few kisses on Inu. -Puts on lipstick, goes over and kisses Inu- There, now lets take a pic.
-Grabs camera and takes several pics-

Sesshy: -Leaves the room and laughs-

Me: -Walks out and dies of laughter- Oh man. I can't wait to get these developed.

Vash: I want a copy!

Me: Oh don't worry. I'm going to get a lot of copies.

The End.

Poor Miroku and Inu. But that's what he gets for touching my butt. As for Inu. He didn't have to do anything. I just couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. There's no telling when I'll get another chance to do something like that.

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