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Friday, October 29, 2004

   one hell of a happeh day!

the title said it all! IT WAS ONE HELL OF A HAPPEH DAY!

well, to start off, i went to raijin-sama's place. yah know, usual visit and stuff. i slept a lot. -.-; yeah yeah, i know. x_X;; and an old student of his father visit them. he said something to raijin-sama about having chinese as a girlfriend (for those who didn't know it, yeah, i'm a chinese. half chinese. ^_^). well, what he said is true. it is difficult to have a chinese girlfriend. you got to have a long patience because most of chinese woman are stubborn. they do what they want and when they decided on something, they want that thing to be followed. it's just a good thing i'm only half; so it means i just have half of it. XD yeah, i am stubborn. my parents always told me that. nyehahahaha. hey, i'm an ox. those that are born under the star of ox are hard-headed. XD and that's true. i just do what i believe is right. XD and raijin-sama knows that. he already experienced the pain of hell with me. just kidding. XD after eating snacks, i slept again. -.-; yeah i know, i'm a sleepy head. -.-; when we woke up, we ate dinner and headed home.

now, that hell of a day i'm talking about? it happened here. on our way home, we haven't got any clue that there'll be a heavy traffic on our way. and that sucks. >.> all thanks to our very lovable pikachu president. <.< it'll be all saints day this coming nov. 1 (yeah, we don't celebrate halloween because our beloved *sarcasm* cardinal doesn't want it. <.<), and she declared red alert or whatever here for the so-called security of the citizens. >.> well, they just closed a lot of streets, MAIN STREETS. damn it. is she using her little brain? <.< she very well know that people will be going to there respective provinces, so why close the road? -.- oh well.

we didn't have a choice but to choose another route or i won't reach home. -.- on our way, we just decided to dropped by adz nii-chan's place to see him and raijin-sama have to return his cd. we went back to raijin-sama's place, get the cds and went to adz nii-chan's place. on our way, we saw daddeh leo, my online dad. a little chit chat and went off.

just our luck, adz nii-chan was not home. -.- so we just decided to head home. we stopped by a convenience store. ate something then continued on just to stopped by at another convenience store. -.- and i got home 2 am. -.- and now, i'm typing this post. mwehehehehe. ^___^

it sure is tiring by it's fun! ^_^ oh yeah, my second wallpaper is up! go check it out. thanks to hisui-chan for the comment. ^_^


i'll go visit sites now. XD~

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


last tuesday was one of the most fruitful day of my life. why? i finally learned how to make a wallpaper. w00t~ i was making a banner for dark sephy-chan when i accidentally notice it. o_o so stupid. -.-; i was kinda lazy to explore more. XD then i tried it and *puff* i made a wallpaper. XD~~~ i already submitted my first one and i'm planning on submitting my second one. XD go check it out if u want. ^_^

honestly, it was raijin-sama and adz nii-chan's doing that i am THIS determined to learn. i am inspired by them. raijin-sama, because i want to impress him. the most beautiful words for me are words of compliments coming from the most important person in my life. ^_^ and adz nii-chan, because i want to be like him. he's so cool doing those cool wallpapers and layout. i wanna be like that. XD

mmm...nothing much to talk about. i'm nearing my half w/ Angels and Demons. w00t~ things are beginning to get exciting. dan brown indeed influenced me a lot. o_o; i wanted to go to that Vatican Archive!!!! if ever it do exist. -.-

hon reached 13,000 hits in his other blog. w00t~ XD omedettou anata!!! *mwahugz* also, i just post on otakuboards. lolz. i registered there a long time ago but i was waiting for raijin-sama to have his. i don't want to leave him behind. got to make signatures and avi. XD

nothing much to talk about. i'll just post here later about all that happened to me today...if i feel like it. XD i'll visit now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^____^

AAAAHHHH!!!!! GINJI-SAMA!!!!! honestly, he's my #1 bishie in my list! isn't he just so kawaii?!?!?!?!? *drools* XP~~~ *hides from raijin-sama* XD

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Monday, October 25, 2004

   new theme!!!

finally. a new theme! ^_^ although i don't really now if the colors that perfect. -.- i know it's hard to read the text. it's underconstruction and i'm experimenting with it. o_o raijin-sama got a new theme too, so if he's in ur list, go check it out. again, it's still underconstruction. o_o;

also, finally!!! the greetings got uploaded. -.- after 3 weeks of waiting, it finally got approved! o_o;

i was suppose to go to raijin-sama's place but i overslept (not again. -.-; gomen anata!!!). i went to my cousin's place and visited my cute nephew. XD my bestfriend also gave me an account for RO. w00t~ thanks mouse!!! XD (i call him mouse because he loves mickey mouse and his name is donndee which sounds like that rat character from Bananas in Pajamas. o_o ever heard of that kiddie program?). mmm...late this evening, i did a banner for dark sephy-chan and i'm glad she liked it! ^_^ thanks for the comment dark sephy-chan! ^_^ and she made me a BG!!! cool! but i'll be using it for my next theme. ^_^ it's a tradition that raijin-sama and i will have a partner theme. meaning, if i got yukino for theme, he got arima. ^_^ and while making the banner, i found out something very interesting. i finally learned how to make a wallpaper!!! w00t~ i learned a lot by myself. i dunno why. o_o; i'm downloading some cool tools from adobe too. XD

i'll be visiting sites now. nothing much to talk about. XD and oh yeah, i'm currently playing Star Ocean 1. the story before Claude Kenny. XD

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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Saturday, October 23, 2004


ack. it's been like ages since i last posted here. well, actually, i haven't posted to all my blogs. -_-; why? 'coz i got sick. ^__^; and the funny thing is, when i'm about to get well, it'll come back. lolz. my mom and i thought i might have caught dengue fever. lolz. but luckily i didn't. ^__^

second semester is about to begin here in the philippines. but sad to say, i might not make it again. next year, i promise, and i'll be very sure, that i'll have the needed requirements so i wouldn't be worrying and i can finally transfer school. i know, i'll be left behind by my friends. but hey, i need to be sure this time. it's like my last chance of having a solid future. ^__^ i have my ambitions, i want to help my mom and dad. i also want them to be proud of me so i'm making sure of what i really want with my life. i just thought, i'm beginning to walk the wrong way. lolz. ^__^; for the meantime, i hope i could find myself a decent work. i don't want to just be here at home. i want to do something. ^__^ i want to stand on my own and i want to prove something to them. ^__^ ok, enough of this seriousness. ^__^ it doesn't suit me. teehee. ^__^

for the past days, mmm...last 20th was julie dear's birthday. ^__^ be nice and greet her a belated happy birthday ok? XD i was there with raijin-sama of course. ^__^ she's one of our online daughter. it was a blast!!! woot~ especially the later part of the night because i got to chat with some of her friends! cool~ we've been talking about a lot of horror stories, movies and some religious thought. and yeah, i mentioned about Dan Brown's novels. cool~ ^__^ it was a lot of fun. hope it'll be like this next year. ^__~

oh yeah. speaking of Dan Brown, Angels and Demons is getting exciting!!! i'm nearing it's half and i can't wait to finish it! Dan Brown is one hell of an author. i bow my head to his genius mind and imagination. w00t~ i wanna be like him. *__*

mmm...nothing much to talk about. i need a lot of catching to do here. x_X;; my greetings was not uploaded yet. i'll try resubmitting them again. I MISSED YAH GUYS!!! ^__^

oh yeah, here is my promised greetings to peter-chan. gomen if it's 13 days late. T.T hope he like it. ^__^ i'll be visiting sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

   it's raijin-sama's birthday!!!!!

ok ok, today is raijin-sama's bday. now be nice and greet him a happy bday. ^_^

we went out today. i was suppose to be there early but because i went to bed late, as usual, i woke up late. -_-; i hurriedly done my stuff and my left eye went all red too. i thought i got sore eye but my eye is not watery and i don't have morning dew. so i think it's not. ^_^ when i got there, his nephew and younger brother greeted me. then his sister and dad welcomed me. hehe, like part of the family, neh? ^_^ his sister gave me food even if i already ate before leaving. XD after raijin-sama did his stuff, we left the house.

before going to our destined mall, we passed by another mall. hehe. we bought ice cream! w00t~ i got to eat my favorite flavor!!! MANGO!!! XD~~~ then finally, MEGAMALL. ^_^

the mall is on sale. and when we said "on sale", it'll be crowded all over the place. damn it. <_< i hate crowds. >_> oh well. then dropped by the foodcourt, no familiar faces. arcade, some. o_o then we just stroll around and i looked for his gift. as i've said, i sucked when it comes to gifts. -_-; ok ok, i did give some of my guy friends gifts but raijin-sama is special. those that i gave my bestfriends are those that i just think on the spot. raijin-sama's different. it got to be something special. ^_^ he also bought perfume for himself. when we got tired, i asked him to watch the movie.

we decided to watched "THREE", a horror movie with 3 different stories from Korea, Thailand and Taiwan(?). i think i already mention it here, that i just want to frighten myself. XD and raijin-sama wants to see how i scream when i got nervous. ^__^; the first movie, the one from Korea, was ok. but the last 2 , from Thai and Taiwan, really sucks. -_-; it's not that creepy at all. <_<

after the movie, we dropped by the foodcourt again, saw some people. then to arcade again to play some games and saw jie, mii-chan and arashi-kun. cool! i missed those guys! ^_^ and raijin-sama beat me again in the car racing. T.T maybe i really need an intensive training. XD was suppose to play shooting game too, but someone's still playing so we decided to just look for my gift to him and eat. ^_^

we got a hard time looking for one. -_-; yeah yeah. i know. i am really choosey! -_-; even the greetings i made for raijin-sama, it took me almost all midnight. -_-; finally, when i was about to give up, i thought, i'll just give him a pillow so if he misses me, he'll just hug that as if it was me. ^_^ i decided to just give him a heart-shaped pillow with quotes on it. ^_^ we look for a nice quoted one but found none. T.T but when we exited the store, we saw another one displayed outside and we both looked at it. instantly, we liked what's written on it and i decided that it's the one. ^_^ but i didn't let raijin-sama see the tag prize. =P then after that, we ate dinner. ^_^

dropped by arcade to play again because we got one coins each. ^_^ since someone is still playing on the shooting game, i decided to just try playing Soul Caliber and raijin-sama played Samurai Showdown V. yeah yeah, i got addicted to it. -_-; and i love Xiang Hua ok? ^__~ then raijin-sama tried it too and got addicted. XD he chose Kilik as his character because some paired Xiang Hua to Kilik. XD then we left at around 10 pm. ^_^

got home at around 11:30 pm. papa's still awake but he didn't scold me. ^_^ txted raijin-sama but i got no load anymore so i just used chikka. dropped by mIRC and saw my lil bro. lolz. we have some chit chat and decided just to talk on phone. since raijin-sama's not yet home, i talked to him. ^_^ he told me a lot of shocking things. lolz. i should be very careful of those people around me. hehehe. XD

and now, i'm still online and talking to my dear raijin-sama. ^_^ although i think, i got fever again. maybe just tired. o_o; my bad. -_-; i'll just visit later this afternoon. ^__^ it's already 5 am here and i haven't slept yet.

ja ne~

me really really really really really loves raijin-sama!!! ^_^

this is what i'm talking about. o_o; i edited this the past night. o_o

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Friday, October 15, 2004

   the tagboard's back. =P

NOTE: i was suppose to post this yesterday. but i ran out of account. -_-; and sorry for not being around for almost 2 days.

my my my. my bad. -_-; i shouldn't have let that affect me. bad bad bad. -_-; now, the tagboard's back. anything you want to say, just say it there. i don't care if anybody want to harass me there. XD i'll just fight back. =P btw, this is noone's IP adds: and ^__^

anything new? mmm...i finished 1/4 of the book i'm reading. i'm so slow. -_-; a lot of people want to borrow it so i better hurry. x_X;; i also fixed the tagboard. ^__^ now it got color. ^__^ raijin-sama's as well. and i want to congratulate him for reaching 200 hits!!! w00t~ gambatte ne, anata!! i'll do a banner for him later. ^__^

oh yeah, i almost forgot. baka, baka. i'm suppose to do a greetings for peter-chan. x_X;; i haven't done it yet. T.T waaaahhhhh!!! i'm so confuse!!! @__@;;; ok ok. *inhale deeply* *exhale* don't panic, don't panic. o_o;;

anywayz, that's all for now. gonna visit sites, i'll just visit those who just updated. o_o; don't worry, i'll still passed by here later. ^__^ sorry if i couldn't update this past few days. i always fell asleep. -_-;;;

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

EDIT: i just want to welcome my online daughter here in myO. WELCOME TO MYO JULIE DEAR!!!

this one's given to me by joeyw23-chan. sorry if i just put it here. o_o;

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Monday, October 11, 2004

   sooner than i expected.

someone's messing with my tagboard the reason i put it down. sorry everyone. i'll try to fix my theme later. it just annoyed me a lot the reason i removed it. it is not the first time i got this anonymous tagger. yeah, the names noone. i don't know though if he/she the same noone here in myO. if you want to see what he/she wrote, just click here. and he/she also did that to raijin-sama's tagboard. look here.

i know, sooner or later i'll ba having this kind of harassment. but i never expected it to be this soon. <_<

now i know how the others feel whenever they are being harass via PM, comment or tagboard. i just hope this stop. -_-;

to you, yes you idiot! who ever you are, show your face. if your a fellow myO user, comment on my post or PM me. yeah i challenge you, moron. or maybe your just a coward chicken ass. fuck off. >_> using such aliases are stupid. BAKA! =P

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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   Angels and Demons.

yes, yes and another yes. it is a title of a book, the one i'm reading as of now. i don't know if any of you know this book. the author is Dan Brown. ^__^

it all started when i heard about The Da Vinci Code novel, another of Dan Brown's. i was so curious about it because it got something to do with faith. ok, i got faith in God. i believe God. what i don't have faith in are those behind the catholic church. i mean, if you read world history books, you'll find out about the so-called "DARK AGES", "DARK ERA" or "MEDIEVAL ERA". they tortured a lot of people just because they practice witchcraft even if they're just suspects. -_-; and philosophers too. x_X; and they got a lot of torturing devices just like IRON MAIDEN.

ok back on my story. last saturday, when i got the chance to talk to yoj twen i told her my interest in The Da Vinci Code. when it comes to books, we got the same taste. =P so, when i mentioned about this book, she got excited. then she told me a lot of facts about it. yes my dear friends. all the orgazanitions, artifacts and historial places in this book are all factual. it is FACTUAL not FICTIONAL. so i got more interested. and she also mentioned about Angels and Demons. she said it's related to The Da Vinci Code. o_o

as i said earlier, raijin-sama and i are going out. well, i told raijin-sama about it and told him i want to get a copy. so when we passed by the bookstore, we search the pile of books and found the The Da Vinci Code. ^__^ and then we also saw Angels and Demons. so i got hard time thinking of what book to buy. -_-; i want both book but i can't afford it at that time. -_-; then i asked raijin-sama for help. he looked at the books then he told me to buy Angels and Demons. why? because it's the 'prequel' of The Da Vinci Code. ^__^ so after some time of hard thinking, i go for the prequel. ^__^

then, because of my obsession with it and i want to know the facts, i searched on the net. and yes, i found a lot of things. o_o i found the THE LAST SUPPER that Leonardo Da Vinci painted. the controversial VIRGIN OF THE ROCK. and MONA LISA.

ok, about the THE LAST SUPPER. honestly, i didn't notice this one. or because i always see the revised version of this painting. there is a mysterious hand with a knife pointing at saint peter. who's hand is that? that's the mystery. o_o; if you go here, go at the secret snapshot area and u'll see the THE LAST SUPPER section. then look at the pic and u'll see what i'm talking about. o_o

about the second one, i'll just post the pic. what's the mystery of the VIRGIN OF THE ROCK? well, look at the picture carefully. Mama Mary is holding a child. that child was said to be Saint John the Baptist. the angel is said to be Archangel Gabriel and the other child is Jesus. ok, what's that under Mama Mary's left hand? the one Gabriel is pointing at and the children looking at? they said it was John the Baptist's head. o_o; well, up until now, no one can say what it really meant. o_o;;

MONA LISA. the perfect smile. they said it was Da Vinci himself when he; a girl. o_o; they said it's his mom. why it's considered the perfect smile? because the picture is genderless. o_o if you look closely, you cannot say whether the model is a man or a woman. o_o

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of our finest inventor, artist, philosopher, etc...he really is amazing. although i wonder, what his artworks really meant. i wonder what the Da Vinci Codes really mean. o_o

btw, i respect those who believe in catholic faith. i'm just sharing you this very err...mysterious findings i found. hope i don't get flamed with this. ^__^;;

anywayz, enough of this crap. i just want to share all of this to you. ^__^ it just bother me a little. ehehehe. well i said to raijin-sama a while ago, "What if one day when you woke up, you found out that everything you believed in was all a lie?" creepy aint it? ^__^;;

gonna visit sites now. ^__^

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

EDIT: eck. i almost forgot. -_-; HAPPY BIRTHDAY peter-chan. i'll just put a greetings for you later. o_o;

this is the VIRGIN OF THE ROCK. click the thumbnail to see the bigger version. ^__^

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Friday, October 8, 2004


yeah. you heard it right. late this evening, the place shakes like hell. ok ok, stop the exaggeration. -_-; it was intensity 5. and it lasted for half a minute. o_O something to be alarmed with, for my part. the government said not to panic, but hey, we live in a building, huh. <_< when you live in a building, you feel the shaking greatly. >_> it started while i was cropping some Rekka no Honoo manga clips and was doing my lists (quotes, characters, madougo, terms, techniques, chapter titles and battle times.) while my mom was watching her daily soap opera. then i felt it; i got a very sensitive feelings and they said i react fast. o_o maybe because of our volleyball training back when i was in high school. i used to play for our class. o_o back to my story, when i felt it, the first thing i did is look at the aquarium. you'll see if the water's moving. then i looked at my mom; she shutdowned the TV, dragged me inside their (her and my dad's) room and told my dad we should go down. she's very nervous and scared. honestly, i'll be an idiot if i dont't admit but i do got scared too. i was looking at the ceiling all those times. as i've said, i was expecting the worst even before it happened. although i kept all my feelings to myself. my mom's already scared and if i show the same feelings, my dad will go gagah. -_-; and earthquake is not a good friend of mine. -_-; i'm somewhat scared of it. >_< my dad just kept on telling my mom not to worry because he's with him and just believe in God. i was thinking the same thing. i was praying silently to Him and my grandparents. ^__^ after the scary shaking, i went back to my pc as if nothing happened. o_o;

eck! i forgotten what happened earlier. ^__^; ok ok, i went to raijin-sama's place. just the usual bonding although i learned a lot, A LOT, of shocking facts. >_> we've been together for almost a year and i just learned all of it this day. <_< *whacks raijin-sama with hisui's shinryou shintou* =P

and, my bad. -_-; i fell asleep while waiting for my dad to finish his business inside the comfort room. -_-; i was suppose to do mine but i fell asleep. x_X;; was suppose to call raijin-sama after that. X_x;; gomen anata!!!! T.T

i hope tomorrow will be a fun fun day. ^__^ raijin-sama and i will be going out. ^__^

thanks to joen-chan for the banner!!! *hugz* i'll put it up once i put up new theme. ^__^ and raijin-sama wants karekano for our new theme. -_-; he changed his mind. x_X;

i'll try to visit as much site as i can. but for now, 'nuff of this.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

EDIT: err...i forgot. -_-; eventhough she might not see this and that it's already belated, it's 10/9 here, i want to greet my atchi mi a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^__^

i am a fan of FF9. yeah. it's my #1 final fantasy. o_o dunno, i just like garnet so much. o_o maybe because we have the same attitude and zidane is my picture of an ideal man. o_o; but i'm not that well-mannered as she did. -_-; i'm more of a tomoboy. >_>

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

   happeh day again. and thanks for the 400 hits!

w00t~ 400 hits in 2 months! wow! i didn't expect it. XD as i've said earlier, i'm counting by two's. o_o and i'm currently at #800+ ranking. ^__^ THANKS MINNA!!!

as i've said earlier too, today is our (me and raijin-sama's) 11th monthsary. wow. we're together for that long? hope it's for keeps, neh? ^__^ as usual, i went to their place. ^__^ although we didn't talk much because we both fell asleep. we lacked sleep. o_o woke up late this evening and for celebration, we ate at a convenience store on our way home. XD ok ok, we're saving for the big event next month ok? ehehehe. so for the meantime, we got to cut our spendings together. and raijin-sama will be celebrating his birthday 10 days (9 days here.) from now. ehehehe. ^__^ so got to think of something to give him. o_o honestly, i haven't decided on it as of now. any ideas? please pm me. XD i don't want it at the comment, he'll see. XD

finished reading a volume of X. w00t~ i love sorata there! he reminds me of adz sukebe baka nii-chan. T.T i miss that guy. ;.; and, he do look like the manga version of sorata. o_o i wanna see nekoi and satsuki there. XD~~~ nekoi and satsuki are my favorites in X. why? because i have the same character as they. nekoi is cheerful, childish, friendly and naive. while satsuki is cold, gothic, computer geek and don't care about anything. they represent my personalities. ^__^

oh yeah, this morning before going to raijin-sama's place, someone called me. he used to be my suitor and i turned him down a lot of times already. -_-; well, he just called me to ask a favor; to text someone. but i couldn't because i don't have load in my cellphone. o_o then he called again this evening, 20 mins after i got home from raijin-sama's place, and was asking the same favor. -_-; i don't know what he's up to but i hope it's not what raijin-sama thinks. can't he leave me alone? -_-; i haven't heard from him for almost 6 months and why bother me again. -_-; it is very suspicious because i already told him i got no load and he called me again. o_o sound fishy to me. <_<

oh yeah, are adam-sama still fixing myO? i haven't seen the greetings i submitted last oct. 4. o_o and i submitted another 2 this morning. XD although i expect the first one to be rejected because i forgot to check on the image size. -_-; the maximum is 100kb and it's 120kb. my bad. -_-;;

also, i'm planning on changing the theme this month. mine and raijin-sama's. it'll be onegai teacher. i just have to make some screencap though because i can't find the perfect picture. -_-; i'm such a perfectionist. -_-;

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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