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Friday, October 15, 2004

   the tagboard's back. =P

NOTE: i was suppose to post this yesterday. but i ran out of account. -_-; and sorry for not being around for almost 2 days.

my my my. my bad. -_-; i shouldn't have let that affect me. bad bad bad. -_-; now, the tagboard's back. anything you want to say, just say it there. i don't care if anybody want to harass me there. XD i'll just fight back. =P btw, this is noone's IP adds: and ^__^

anything new? mmm...i finished 1/4 of the book i'm reading. i'm so slow. -_-; a lot of people want to borrow it so i better hurry. x_X;; i also fixed the tagboard. ^__^ now it got color. ^__^ raijin-sama's as well. and i want to congratulate him for reaching 200 hits!!! w00t~ gambatte ne, anata!! i'll do a banner for him later. ^__^

oh yeah, i almost forgot. baka, baka. i'm suppose to do a greetings for peter-chan. x_X;; i haven't done it yet. T.T waaaahhhhh!!! i'm so confuse!!! @__@;;; ok ok. *inhale deeply* *exhale* don't panic, don't panic. o_o;;

anywayz, that's all for now. gonna visit sites, i'll just visit those who just updated. o_o; don't worry, i'll still passed by here later. ^__^ sorry if i couldn't update this past few days. i always fell asleep. -_-;;;

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

EDIT: i just want to welcome my online daughter here in myO. WELCOME TO MYO JULIE DEAR!!!

this one's given to me by joeyw23-chan. sorry if i just put it here. o_o;

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