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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

   it stinked. <_< bah.
this afternoon, i played RO with my lil sis, tina. again, it was fun. then, there's this time that i killed a yoyo, a monkey enemy. it's not monsterous. it's so cute!!! ^___^ and i told her, it kinda remind me of raijin-sama. ^___^ raijin-sama loves DBZ/GT and he loves son gokou. and he kinda looks like zidane tribal of final fantasy 9 too. ^___^;

and sometime this afternoon, while i'm playing in the cafe, i smell something unpleasant. <_< it smells like feet. it stinks, big time! >_> i almost got choke. i can't breath. -_-;

anywayz, i've been sleep for...err...from 5 pm to 4 am. o__o;; been sleepy lately and raijin-sama always tease me that i'm a sleeping beauty. <_< me is not beautiful! =P

that's it for now i guess. i'll be visiting sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

EDIT: yosh! i got to all of ur site. mmm...finished earlier that expected. ^__^ i'll be talking to raijin-sama for a while. ^___^ i'll play later when we dc. ^__^

in case u don't know RO, this is a picture of a yoyo and a GM (game master, the one maintaining the game). the yoyo is that monkey who got a banana on his head. ^___^ cute, neh? ^___^

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

   happy happy day~

err...didn't have the chance to visit sites last time. myO was down. o_o i didn't have the chance to post either. >_> i just replied to recca-kun's PM and visited loni-chan's and jill-chan's site. although i only commented on loni-chan's because when i was about to comment on jill-chan's, it went error, blahblahblah. -_-;

anywayz, as what the title said, it's a happy happy day~ ^____^ went to raijin-sama's place. he was sick for a week and we didn't see each other. now he's fine and we have to make up for the lost time. ^___~

been playing seiken densetsu 3 (secret of mana). it was cool!!! ok, i know, i haven't finish seiken densetsu 2 (secret of mana) and zelda yet. i'm beginning to do the same thing i did back when i still have my playstation (it's now broken. T___T). i played a lot of game at the same time, not finishing the one i started. because when i know the game is about to end, i'm beginning to get tired of it and play another one. -_-; and now, i don't have the chance to finish it. but as i promised myself, this is the maximum. i'll finish seiken densetsu 2 first, 'coz it's the first one i played.

i think that's it for now. i'll just take a shower and start visiting site afterwards.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

EDIT: i made it!! w00t~ i make it to everyone's site!!! *throws confetti* i'll just visit those who didn't update for this day but updated when i didn't make my rounds (august 29-30). after that, i'll be playing seiken densetsu 3!!! or zelda. err...i dunno what to play first. o_o;;

EDIT2: i made it!! now i'm finish visiting sites! i'm off to play now. laterz! XD~

another edited by me! w00t~ i'm getting use to this! ^____^

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Sunday, August 29, 2004


sorry everyone. wouldn't be visiting site tonight. i'm very very sleepy and i need sleep. bleh. i got addicted to zelda and it keeps me awake the whole day. i forgot to take a nap this afternoon. since 2:00am up to now, i haven't got any sleep. x_X;; so, i'm off to bed. but i promise i'll be visiting ur sites tomorrow. ^____^

oh, and no picture for now. lazy looking for one. -___-; i think, my brain's already in dreamland. -___-;

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama. ^_____^

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

   nothing. just a quiz. =P

i got this from
dark sephiroth-chan. ^____^

Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

brought to you by Quizilla

i don't know though if this is true. o_o; but i do self-pity a lot. -__-;

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama. ^_____^

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   another accomplishment. ^_____^V

yeah yeah. another accomplishment! look at my avi. yes! i got my site a BGM! woot~ *throws confetti* i also fix raijin-sama's myO account. i put on BG and BGM on his. ^_____^V can u guys kindly visit there too and tell me if it's just fine? please??? *beautiful eyes*

ok, as of today, i played zelda. u know, the one in the SNES rom. i didn't have the chance to have my own SNES 'coz at that time, i'm not into videogames then. the title is THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: A LINK TO THE PAST. and, another bishie (link-sama) to drool with. ok ok, i know link's just a child. and that's the reason most of my friends call me pedophile. i always like those young, innocent and naive anime kid. but, how can i resist their bishie-ness? neh, neh? i blame raijin-sama for this. now i'm super addicted to SNES. =P raijin-sama is the one who gave me the emulator and the roms. ^______^

oh, and sorry to shanny-chan, dark sephiroth-chan and duo-chan if i didn't visit ur sites last night. i ran out of time. -____-; gomenasai!! o_o;;;

anywayz, i'll be visiting sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama. ^_______^

EDIT: i changed raijin-sama's BGM from DanDan to Genki no Shower. i finished visiting sites!!! *throws confetti* anywayz, i'm just visiting those who updated for this day. ^____^ 'coz i already commented on their post. teehee. ^____^ i'm off to playing now~ link-sama, here i come!!!

oh, this one's another fruit of my experimentation. can't put text though, my fonts sucks. -____-;

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Thursday, August 26, 2004


well, i was suppose to post this yesterday. but due to my connection problem and i think, myO have some problem last time. o___o; anywayz, as u can see, see that *points at the avatar*. i did that yesterday!!! woot~ i've been experimenting with my photo editors (i'm using adobe and fireworks). and look at the outcome. ok, i know it's just simple and ordinary, but for a beginner like me, it's a big accomplishment!!! ^____^ i also made an avatar for raijin-sama. he liked it. though he said raiha look like a gay in tha pic. o_o but i'm glad he liked the color and the effects. ^________^ and also, i put on a background. although it can't be seen that much. o_o;;

it's been raining hard for the past 2 days. classes are suspended and i got to sleep longer. ehehehe. ^_______^ i played RO last wednesday night ('coz i overslept) with my lil sis and comrade. it was fun. ehehehe. we (me and my lil sis) planned to play again yesterday. but i overslept again. -___-; and again, we planned again for today. hope i wouldn't overslept again. i got an abnormal sleeping schedule. lolz. i'm always awake at around 11pm to morning. ehehehe.

anywayz, been visiting sites and it's so sad that dark sephiroth-chan was somewhat depress. T_____T but i think she's ok now. ^_____^ and also, shanny-chan thought of moving. but luckily she didn't. ^__________^ so glad she stayed. she's so nice and it'll be a waste if she move. o_o

LSS at the moment: Rakuen and Shuffle of Yu-Gi-Oh! o_o;;;

ja na~

me loves raijin-sama ^____^

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

   addicted to myO.

well, the title said it. I AM CURRENTLY ADDICTED TO MYOTAKU. just as what raijin-sama commented. o_o; i like it here. people are friendly and nice. i like the environment. although i haven't seen anyone from philippines. o_o;;; i enjoy it here. been bloghopping a lot. visited so many sites. and it seems, everyday, i'm adding one or two to my friends list. ^____^ i'm adding those:

1. those site that are so so so cute and cool.

2. those that i can relate to. (like for example the user also like RnH, like recca-kun, or some of my fave anime)

3. if she/he visited my site and signed at my GB. ^_____^V

anywayz, been playing RO lately since raijin-sama is sick and i couldn't go to his place (get well soon, raijin-sama). mmm...it's a pain in the ass to level. i'm currently level 56 and the job's 42. 8 levels to go before i can change to knight. T_____T me wants to be a crusader but my built is for knight. i hate level-up-philippines for this! they announced this late and i didn't know when they'll be fixing the game. they're not doing there jobs!!! i think, RO from other country got 3rd job already. T_____T they're just pocketing the money. <_< bah. that's bad!!! ~_~

about the spyware, well, raijin-sama said he'll help me with my pc. ^_____^

anywayz, sorry for not updating everyday. kinda busy playing SNES(roms) and sometimes i just went blank and can't think of anything to post. -_-; thanks to those who passed by here. ^_____________^

ja na~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

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Monday, August 23, 2004


waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! T_____T there's something very very wrong with my pc. and to think it's just new. got this last july. >_> and now, raijin-sama think my pc got virus. T_____T maybe due to spywares. <_< waaahhhhhh!!!!!!! i hate this! my pc is just one month old. T_T i'm sooooo unlucky. deym. -_-;

so, beware. u might be the next victim. those idiots. T_T i hate them! i'm going to blow them away using my fuujin!!! ~_~

ja na~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^


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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

   a long day.

i was suppose to play RO with my lil sis. but due to the fucking maintenance, i just decided to play in the evening and went to visit raijin-sama. usual bf/gf bonding. i fell asleep due to lack of sleep. we both woke up at around 6:30pm and i thought, it's kinda late for me to play RO. so i decided to just play on saturday. my lil sis wants us to play at the same time. she wants to play with me. lolz. she's like a real sister to me. we're both looking for sister's love. though i know she's kinda disappointed 'coz we didn't play and she's kinda hoping, i know she's matured enough to understand the situation. and the one thing i like about her is she's very open-minded. ^_^

oh, and i'm also thankful to a friend of mine, recca-kun, for giving me a site where i can download GBA Rom. ^_^ i'm still searching for some. -_-;

ja na~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^


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Saturday, August 14, 2004

   another account.

mmm...i got another myotaku account. i deleted my old one due to my raijin-sama's request. he can't register the user raijin.

i'm still pissed off by my raijin-sama's ex-girlfriend. u heard it right. ex. it means past. she told him she misses him. they are not close and i think, raijin-sama doesn't acknowledge her as his friend. why force herself to him. he doesn't love her anymore! i'm the one he loves now. why don't she just fuck off! really. i was really pissed off earlier. though it somewhat subsided now. but still! i want to get even!!! mwahahaahahaha *evil laughs* i'll bring her damnation!!! i'll make her pay dearly!!! i hate her!!! >_<

sorry for the rant and cussing. i just can't help it. i was never this pissed off in my entire life. -_-;

ja na~

me loves raijin-sama.


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