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Monday, October 25, 2004

   new theme!!!

finally. a new theme! ^_^ although i don't really now if the colors that perfect. -.- i know it's hard to read the text. it's underconstruction and i'm experimenting with it. o_o raijin-sama got a new theme too, so if he's in ur list, go check it out. again, it's still underconstruction. o_o;

also, finally!!! the greetings got uploaded. -.- after 3 weeks of waiting, it finally got approved! o_o;

i was suppose to go to raijin-sama's place but i overslept (not again. -.-; gomen anata!!!). i went to my cousin's place and visited my cute nephew. XD my bestfriend also gave me an account for RO. w00t~ thanks mouse!!! XD (i call him mouse because he loves mickey mouse and his name is donndee which sounds like that rat character from Bananas in Pajamas. o_o ever heard of that kiddie program?). mmm...late this evening, i did a banner for dark sephy-chan and i'm glad she liked it! ^_^ thanks for the comment dark sephy-chan! ^_^ and she made me a BG!!! cool! but i'll be using it for my next theme. ^_^ it's a tradition that raijin-sama and i will have a partner theme. meaning, if i got yukino for theme, he got arima. ^_^ and while making the banner, i found out something very interesting. i finally learned how to make a wallpaper!!! w00t~ i learned a lot by myself. i dunno why. o_o; i'm downloading some cool tools from adobe too. XD

i'll be visiting sites now. nothing much to talk about. XD and oh yeah, i'm currently playing Star Ocean 1. the story before Claude Kenny. XD

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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