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Friday, October 29, 2004

   one hell of a happeh day!

the title said it all! IT WAS ONE HELL OF A HAPPEH DAY!

well, to start off, i went to raijin-sama's place. yah know, usual visit and stuff. i slept a lot. -.-; yeah yeah, i know. x_X;; and an old student of his father visit them. he said something to raijin-sama about having chinese as a girlfriend (for those who didn't know it, yeah, i'm a chinese. half chinese. ^_^). well, what he said is true. it is difficult to have a chinese girlfriend. you got to have a long patience because most of chinese woman are stubborn. they do what they want and when they decided on something, they want that thing to be followed. it's just a good thing i'm only half; so it means i just have half of it. XD yeah, i am stubborn. my parents always told me that. nyehahahaha. hey, i'm an ox. those that are born under the star of ox are hard-headed. XD and that's true. i just do what i believe is right. XD and raijin-sama knows that. he already experienced the pain of hell with me. just kidding. XD after eating snacks, i slept again. -.-; yeah i know, i'm a sleepy head. -.-; when we woke up, we ate dinner and headed home.

now, that hell of a day i'm talking about? it happened here. on our way home, we haven't got any clue that there'll be a heavy traffic on our way. and that sucks. >.> all thanks to our very lovable pikachu president. <.< it'll be all saints day this coming nov. 1 (yeah, we don't celebrate halloween because our beloved *sarcasm* cardinal doesn't want it. <.<), and she declared red alert or whatever here for the so-called security of the citizens. >.> well, they just closed a lot of streets, MAIN STREETS. damn it. is she using her little brain? <.< she very well know that people will be going to there respective provinces, so why close the road? -.- oh well.

we didn't have a choice but to choose another route or i won't reach home. -.- on our way, we just decided to dropped by adz nii-chan's place to see him and raijin-sama have to return his cd. we went back to raijin-sama's place, get the cds and went to adz nii-chan's place. on our way, we saw daddeh leo, my online dad. a little chit chat and went off.

just our luck, adz nii-chan was not home. -.- so we just decided to head home. we stopped by a convenience store. ate something then continued on just to stopped by at another convenience store. -.- and i got home 2 am. -.- and now, i'm typing this post. mwehehehehe. ^___^

it sure is tiring by it's fun! ^_^ oh yeah, my second wallpaper is up! go check it out. thanks to hisui-chan for the comment. ^_^


i'll go visit sites now. XD~

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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