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Friday, October 8, 2004


yeah. you heard it right. late this evening, the place shakes like hell. ok ok, stop the exaggeration. -_-; it was intensity 5. and it lasted for half a minute. o_O something to be alarmed with, for my part. the government said not to panic, but hey, we live in a building, huh. <_< when you live in a building, you feel the shaking greatly. >_> it started while i was cropping some Rekka no Honoo manga clips and was doing my lists (quotes, characters, madougo, terms, techniques, chapter titles and battle times.) while my mom was watching her daily soap opera. then i felt it; i got a very sensitive feelings and they said i react fast. o_o maybe because of our volleyball training back when i was in high school. i used to play for our class. o_o back to my story, when i felt it, the first thing i did is look at the aquarium. you'll see if the water's moving. then i looked at my mom; she shutdowned the TV, dragged me inside their (her and my dad's) room and told my dad we should go down. she's very nervous and scared. honestly, i'll be an idiot if i dont't admit but i do got scared too. i was looking at the ceiling all those times. as i've said, i was expecting the worst even before it happened. although i kept all my feelings to myself. my mom's already scared and if i show the same feelings, my dad will go gagah. -_-; and earthquake is not a good friend of mine. -_-; i'm somewhat scared of it. >_< my dad just kept on telling my mom not to worry because he's with him and just believe in God. i was thinking the same thing. i was praying silently to Him and my grandparents. ^__^ after the scary shaking, i went back to my pc as if nothing happened. o_o;

eck! i forgotten what happened earlier. ^__^; ok ok, i went to raijin-sama's place. just the usual bonding although i learned a lot, A LOT, of shocking facts. >_> we've been together for almost a year and i just learned all of it this day. <_< *whacks raijin-sama with hisui's shinryou shintou* =P

and, my bad. -_-; i fell asleep while waiting for my dad to finish his business inside the comfort room. -_-; i was suppose to do mine but i fell asleep. x_X;; was suppose to call raijin-sama after that. X_x;; gomen anata!!!! T.T

i hope tomorrow will be a fun fun day. ^__^ raijin-sama and i will be going out. ^__^

thanks to joen-chan for the banner!!! *hugz* i'll put it up once i put up new theme. ^__^ and raijin-sama wants karekano for our new theme. -_-; he changed his mind. x_X;

i'll try to visit as much site as i can. but for now, 'nuff of this.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

EDIT: err...i forgot. -_-; eventhough she might not see this and that it's already belated, it's 10/9 here, i want to greet my atchi mi a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^__^

i am a fan of FF9. yeah. it's my #1 final fantasy. o_o dunno, i just like garnet so much. o_o maybe because we have the same attitude and zidane is my picture of an ideal man. o_o; but i'm not that well-mannered as she did. -_-; i'm more of a tomoboy. >_>

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