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Sunday, September 19, 2004

   TA-DA-I-MA!!! (i'm back/i'm home)

yesh people! i'm back!! ^__^ i miss everyone. o_o;; i miss visiting sites. o_o;;

it's nice to be back again. i've been editing pictures this past few days and later on, i'll submit a greeting that i just made. hope it got approve. ^__^ i'll post the other one here. i know panda-chan will like this pic. ^__^ i wonder who mariska-chan, shanny-chan, chie-chan and others like?? but, if it's just fine with you if i put a little touch on it though. ^__^ just tell me, neh? ^__^

oh yeah, last september 14, my cousin gave birth to very cutie cute cute baby boy. it's a little early 'coz as i've said, her due date is suppose to be on september 25. he's so cute and small that you'll think he look like a baby doll. o_O;; or he's smaller than a baby doll. O_o;; err...nevermind. -_-;

i'm currently playing Mahou Kishi Reiasu (Magic Knight Rayearth) in SNES rom. it's kinda easy and somewhat boring 'coz it's just the first season of the anime. -_-; after the death of Emeraude-hime, then we'll go back to Tokyo, then it's finish. B-O-R-I-N-G! -_-

oh, and i got another character in RO. ^__^ i got an acolyte. w00t~ cheaper to have 'em. no need to buy stuff for healing and teleporting. i can make money out of it because of the warping service. cool, neh? ^__^ although the disadvantage is...u got no strength. well it depends in your built, but acolyte and *priest's (*acolyte's second job) weapons are somewhat weak and only for magic supports. o_o

ack. i almost forgot! i wanna thank those who wished me luck and those who dropped by here last time. thank you from the bottom of my heart! ^__^ it's very appreciated! ^__^

anywayz, enough of this. i'll visit sites now. ^__^

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

ok, this is the picture! ^__^ any comments? advice? just write me a comment or kindly pm me. ^__^V

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

ja ne. (later.)

i was suppose to post a very special event here. but due to some things, i'm force not to. i don't want people to read about my troubles and misery. maybe in the future, i might share it with all of you.

as i've said to some comments, i'll be away for a while. it's not good bye, it's just see you later. some things are better left unsaid, neh? i'll just try to finish my business and i'll be back. i promise that. i'll just make up for the lost hits. hehe. i'm just not in the condition. but as soon as i feel ok, i'll do my usual rounds again.

but for now, ja ne minna-san! arigatogozaimasta! ^__^

me loves raijin-sama...

oh i know dark sephiroth-chan will love this pic! ^__^

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Monday, September 13, 2004


err...sorry i think i can't visit sites today. -_-; i'm so sleepy i might sleep on my keyboard. o_o;

anywayz, i watched Taiho Shichauzo (You're Under Arrest) Live Action. o_o it's kinda disappointing 'coz they changed a lot of things. <_< they also did that to Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO). what i hate about it, is that they made Miyuki and Natsumi the disgrace of Bokuto Station. -_-; but in anime, they are the ultimate duo and everyone respect and think highly of them. they also made Miyuki, the conservative one, a flirt. >_> i'll try to post a pic here, the one from the anime and the one who played the character. o_o

that's all for now. i'll just visit sites tomorrow. -_-; i'm really sleepy right now. -_-;

me loves raijin-sama! ^_____^

EDIT: err...i'm so stupid, i forgot something. today is my first blog's birthday! w00t~ i've been blogging there for 1 year. ^__^ if u want to visit, just click on my website link. ^__^ although 4 or 5 posts are in pure english. o_o;; some are in taglish and some are pure tagalog.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

   can you..?

today is the birthday of raijin-sama's first blog. ^__^ if you want to visit it, click at his link and click at his website. ^__^ i also blogged there but most of my post is in tagalog. ^__^

as for today, i played mahou kishi reiasu (magic knight rayearth). i played SNES the whole day, my breaks were eating and going to the CR. o_o; next in line will be sailormoon. raijin-sama told me it's a good game. ^__^

oh, and thanks to those who congratulated me yesterday! thank you very much! ^__^ i'm also happy that many liked the pic i edited. honestly, it was my first time editing a picture with text in it. i'll try to download some other fonts so i won't be using the same fonts again. but for now, bear with moi. -__-;

oh yeah, i edited another pic! any comment, criticism and advices are welcome. (are they flaming this kinds of things too?) o__O

oh well, i'll try to visit sites now. sorry if i missed ur site. i'm kinda...running out of time. -_-;

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^_____^

EDIT: it seems like photobucket is down. o_o but i manage to moved my file to another host. ^__^

this is the pic that i'm talking about. ^__^ anywayz, sorry for the crappiness. i'm just a beginner. ^__^

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

   how could they!? >_

i was so happy because i reached 200+ hits!!! w00t~ thanks minna! ^__^ i count by 2's ok? o_o many might wonder why i didn't anounce my 100 hits. o_o;;

ok, i said, I WAS. it is because of what raijin-sama told me about King of Fighters. >_< i am a gamer and one of my fave fighting game is KoF. SNK was the mother company of KoF. i dunno what happened, but SNK is now owned by an unnamed company. their story is kinda confusing, i'll just try to post it next time, with the pic and everything. _ thanks to raijin-sama for this. o_o

now, what am angry about is, they ruined the game! when they converted the game to 3d system for ps2, as sony required it, some of the characters look really stupid. >_< i mean, like in the case of iori-sama. Iori Yagami was suppose to looked like a japanese because HE is a japanese. but he looked like a chinese to me. <_< and if u look at it, it looked like Tekken to me. >_> there's this assassin thing. there's this girl named Lien Neville that looks(?) like Nina of Tekken. <_< and Nina is also an assassin. _ the protagonist is new. the ORIGINAL protagonist is Kyo Kusanagi. -_-; i hate this. they made K' look like Rikku of Kingdom Hearts. i so hate it. >_< and a lot of suppose to be japanese looked like americans to me. >_< i dunno. i'm just used to see them look japanese as to the old game, when SNK still owns KoF. -_-; call me perfectionist, but i just can't take it. T__T

as of today, nothing much happened except that i overslept again. -_-; was suppose to go out with raijin-sama. we're to visit some friends. o_o; but we both overslept. i was suppose to call him so his father or sister will wake him up. but i overslept, so, that's it. -_-;

anywayz, nothing much to tell. sorry for the rant. -_-; just want to thank everyone for all their greetings, comments and advices! ^__^ and to those who always, always dropped by here, ARIGATOGOZAIMASTA! ^__^

i'll be visiting sites now. ^__^ oh, and WELCOME BACK SHANNY-CHAN!!!

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

EDIT: err...i forgot to give a tribute to what happened last 3 years ago. about what happened in New York. here in the philippines, it is now sept. 12. so i forgot. -_-; anywayz, let's pray for all those who died there and hope they'll be at peace. and also, hope they get justice and the one behind it go to hell. ~__~

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Friday, September 10, 2004


honestly, i can't think of a title. my mind suddenly went blank because of some things i just heard. -_-;

i went to raijin-sama's place. usual bonding. ^__^ another happy happy day~ ^__^

i was online at mIRC a while ago. i saw my lil bro. w00t~ am i glad to see him. mmm...we didn't have the chance to talk to each other last time because i'm about to log out when he came. o_o; so i told him, if ever, i usually go online around 12 midnights. so now we finally had the chance to talk. we talked about what's happening to him, the situation he's in. honestly, i feel sorry for him. he's having hard time with his ex-girlfriend. i can't do anything but to just be there for him and listen to all his rants. why the hell can't she just leave him alone? they're now finish. ok, i'm also friends with his ex-gf and i know what she's doing is not right. i was/felt deceived by that girl because she's not telling us everything that really happened. she's not giving all the details. as her used-to-be comforter, i need to know. i was there when they started and they broke up. she told me, she's not keeping anything from me. and i almost cursed my lil bro for it. i thought he's at fault. ok, they both are at fault. but that girl made me believe that she doesn't do anything bad. duh?! <_< she keep on telling us she hates the guy, blahblahblah, making us believe she already moved on. why can't she just be true to herself? we'll understand her anywayz. why hide it? >_> i really don't know what to think anymore. this really pisses me off. damn it. <_<

i also talked to my comrade. he, also, is not in a good situation. he got brokenhearted. -_-; they were only 'on' for almost a week. -_-; i thought the girl just used him because of RO. she flirted with him and when he fall, he'll give her items. and now that she already got what she wanted, she'll just disappear and made reasons, blahblahblah. how nice. >_>

agh. another rant. -_-; sorry for that. -_-; i'll try to visit as many site as i can. o_o

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

this is tezuka-sama. ^__^ this pic and the one from yesterday was screencap-ed by moi. ^__^ they are from the anime TENNIS NO OUJISAMA (PRINCE OF TENNIS).

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Thursday, September 9, 2004

   in your opinion?

this evening, my mom was watching her favorite romance-mushy series. the story is like that of romeo and juliet. the families hate each other and the parents/guardians are doing their best so the two won't be together. now, the girl's foster father died due to the boy's mother fault. she killed him. then now, she decided to leave the guy because he is the son of the woman who killed her foster father. she said it is the right thing.

now, my question is, if this happened to you, would you follow what is right or follow what ur heart tells you? (agh, what am i saying. -_-;)

in my opinion, i wouldn't do it. i mean, this is my life, they don't have any right to control it. yeah, they are the ones who bring in this world. but i also got a life of my own. i am not their property. >_>

ok, enough of that. i just find the girl stupid. -_-;

as of my day, i didn't go to raijin-sama's place today. i overslept and my body hurts. T__T i just dropped by my cousin's place since she's just blocks away. she's pregnant and i'm glad she's doing fine. her due date is on september 25. ^__^

i finally finished seiken densetsu 3!!! w00t~ i so love myself! it's an accomplishment!!! ^__^ *throws confetti*

oh, and as u can see, i got my own chatterbox. i finally fix my myO; i edited the font colors and changed the BG colors too. i did the same to raijin-sama. if u want, u can drop by his place too. ^__^ also, i forgot to mention it here, it was our 10th monthsary last september 6. w00t~ 2 more months to go and we'll be celebrating our anniversay!!! ^__^

i guess that's all for now. i'll try to get into your sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

isn't ryoma-sama just so handsome?!?! *drools* *hides from raijin-sama* XD~~~

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

   random rants.

so stupid...i already typed my post when i accidentally press ctrl+r. agh. now i got to do it again. <_<

anywayz, as i was saying, it's been 3 days since i last posted here. it's just, i don't know if i'm going to rant here or not. but i just want to be true to myself, so i did this.

ok, the title said it. i'm not very much in the mood. i'm not an angsty person. i don't consider myself one. but i do am alone most of the time. but, not now.

what's the rant all about? it's about my mom. yeah. i was just wondering, why does she keep on doing 'this' to me? sometimes, i thought, maybe she loves her siblings more than she loves me. it happened this sunday. a technician looked at our broken tv. when my dad went out to buy the needed parts, and it's just me and my mom in the house that time (my aunt that's living with us is out. btw, my mom got 8 siblings, so that makes them 9.), she told me, she'll give 'MY' tv to her sister, my aunt. ok, i know, some might think i'm so selfish. but hey, that is my tv. i was the one who chose that tv, the color, style and brand. i'm with them when they bought that. is it coincidencial that whenever we bought my tv, my dad's tv will be broken? i dunno. this is the second time that this happened to me. maybe, after we purchased my tv, 1 week or 2, my dad's tv will breakdown. and as a good daughter, i'll let him use mine 'coz he will be complaining, blahblahblah. then, they'll promise me the tv will be fix soon and just wait for months, blahblahblah. then it'll take, like, 1 yr or so before it got fix. and when that times come, the big tv will be fix, courtesy of one of her siblings, and 'MY' tv will be hand to one of my aunt in province. swell deal huh? why does it have to be mine? why not theirs? i know, i don't have to complain, i'm just their child. but why do they promise me those things that are only for the meantime? as i told some people here in myO, i can't have my own PS2 'coz my mom object about it. and her reason? "ur a grown up to play that. that's just for kids." fuck. shit. damnit. why can she give my uncle and aunt's luxuries while i can't have mine?! last year, my 2 uncle bought a new cellphone and they used my dad's credit card. honestly, they don't real need a new cellphone. they just want to invest on their status image. they just want to boast. or maybe they envy me because i'm using a colored cellphone. i don't know. i thought, they just don't want me to get ahead of them because during their times, they don't have the chance to have the life i have. then, why the fuck are they stopping those that can possibly make me happy? envy? jealous? even my relationship with raijin-sama was almost at stake then. my uncles and aunts will be saying blahblah things about me going in a relationship. agh. why the fuck are they meddling with my life? they are just my relatives.

back then, whenever i'm having this hard time in my life, i was always alone, crying alone in the dark. not until i found my very bestfriends and raijin-sama.

enough of this. sorry for this post. i just want to let it all out. i know, raijin-sama always hear this complain from me and i feel ashame telling him the same story again.

i guess that's for now. again, sorry for the long and boring rant-post. i'll try to get into all ur sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

   going gagah over RAKUEN.

Shizumanai taiyou fukanou o kanou ni shite
Yumemonogatari wa katari wa shinai
"Ikiume ni shinaide you" me o dashiteru yokubou
Me no oku ni hisomu....."himitsu no rakuen"

yes. this song rocks my world. i've been listening to it almost 20 times, or more, this whole day. -_-; damn. i've never been this obsessed with any song. -_-; this song is Yu-Gi-Oh!'s 3rd ending theme.

i slept the whole day. -_-; i was suppose to visit my preggy cousin and buy myself a piece of green mango. drat. i'm craving for it. i want something sour. >_< i slept from 10am to 11pm. -_-; i'm so so so pig. >_<;;

and when i woke up, i can't find our phone. it seems, my aunt hid it again. >_< i can't call raijin-sama because of that. T__T

as usual, i played seiken densetsu and 3 more level ups and i can change to my 2nd class! w00t~ i also need to search for the required special item for my sorceress, so i can change her to her 2nd class. XD~ and, 5 more god-beast to defeat! w00t~ i already killed 3. wahahaha. and it's not that easy. o_o i got hard time even though i'm 3 levels ahead. -_-;

anywayz, nothing more to talk about here. got to visit sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

EDIT: i changed my quiz features. i put on a survey that i got from sachiko-chan

the one with the spear is my character. in seiken densetsu, u got to choose from 6 characters. and then u'll have to select for 2 more companions. ^__^

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Friday, September 3, 2004

   sleepy? not again.

i've been a sleepy head lately. yesterday, i slept the whole night. i was suppose to wake up around midnight, but i dunno what happened to my biological clock. -_-; i thought, maybe it's because of the vitamins i'm taking. this is the side effects whenever i took vitamins; i become a sleep addict. -_-;

anywayz, yesterday, i paid a visit to my mom's favorite salon. yeah, i had my haircut. and raijin-sama's teasing me this afternoon when he saw my hair. ~_~; days ago, my hair is neck length. let's see...i can say, it's like natsumi tsujimoto's (taiho shichauzo) or anzu masaki's (yu-gi-oh) style, except, it's some inches longer. but now, i got it cut very short. it's like a boy's hair now. o_O whenever i'm having my haircut, i always want it that way. i dunno why. O_o i just hate fixing my hair. -_-; i'm so damn lazy. dang. -_-;

as i said, i went to raijin-sama's place today. again, it was fun. ^__^ on our way home, we dropped by 7-11 (a convinience store). we ate hotdog and i'm so stupid to picked a chilidog. <_< and i don't like spicy foods. >_> but i'm hungry that's why i got no choice but to finish it. -_-;

i was suppose to post this earlier but my dad took over the pc while i was cooking my supper. <_< i have to wait for him to stop playing (dynomite) so i can use the internet. >_> he started at around quarter to 1 (sometime between 1:40am to 1:50am) and he finished at around 3:15am. -_-;

oh, i just had my class changed in seiken densetsu 3!!! w00t~ and any moment from now, i might change into my 2nd class!!! cool~ ^___^ maybe i'll finish this game first before zelda and seiken densetsu 2. o_o;

ack. a long post. sorry. well, hope u didn't get bored reading it. o_o;; laterz~ got to visit sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama ^_____^

ok, this is an example character of RO. the right one, the one with the white hair, is my character. her job is a swordsman. the one on the left, the one with the purple hair, is my lil sis' character. she's an acolyte. ^__^ oh, and thanks to my lil sis for the picture. ^___^

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