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Saturday, October 23, 2004


ack. it's been like ages since i last posted here. well, actually, i haven't posted to all my blogs. -_-; why? 'coz i got sick. ^__^; and the funny thing is, when i'm about to get well, it'll come back. lolz. my mom and i thought i might have caught dengue fever. lolz. but luckily i didn't. ^__^

second semester is about to begin here in the philippines. but sad to say, i might not make it again. next year, i promise, and i'll be very sure, that i'll have the needed requirements so i wouldn't be worrying and i can finally transfer school. i know, i'll be left behind by my friends. but hey, i need to be sure this time. it's like my last chance of having a solid future. ^__^ i have my ambitions, i want to help my mom and dad. i also want them to be proud of me so i'm making sure of what i really want with my life. i just thought, i'm beginning to walk the wrong way. lolz. ^__^; for the meantime, i hope i could find myself a decent work. i don't want to just be here at home. i want to do something. ^__^ i want to stand on my own and i want to prove something to them. ^__^ ok, enough of this seriousness. ^__^ it doesn't suit me. teehee. ^__^

for the past days, mmm...last 20th was julie dear's birthday. ^__^ be nice and greet her a belated happy birthday ok? XD i was there with raijin-sama of course. ^__^ she's one of our online daughter. it was a blast!!! woot~ especially the later part of the night because i got to chat with some of her friends! cool~ we've been talking about a lot of horror stories, movies and some religious thought. and yeah, i mentioned about Dan Brown's novels. cool~ ^__^ it was a lot of fun. hope it'll be like this next year. ^__~

oh yeah. speaking of Dan Brown, Angels and Demons is getting exciting!!! i'm nearing it's half and i can't wait to finish it! Dan Brown is one hell of an author. i bow my head to his genius mind and imagination. w00t~ i wanna be like him. *__*

mmm...nothing much to talk about. i need a lot of catching to do here. x_X;; my greetings was not uploaded yet. i'll try resubmitting them again. I MISSED YAH GUYS!!! ^__^

oh yeah, here is my promised greetings to peter-chan. gomen if it's 13 days late. T.T hope he like it. ^__^ i'll be visiting sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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