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Monday, October 11, 2004

   Angels and Demons.

yes, yes and another yes. it is a title of a book, the one i'm reading as of now. i don't know if any of you know this book. the author is Dan Brown. ^__^

it all started when i heard about The Da Vinci Code novel, another of Dan Brown's. i was so curious about it because it got something to do with faith. ok, i got faith in God. i believe God. what i don't have faith in are those behind the catholic church. i mean, if you read world history books, you'll find out about the so-called "DARK AGES", "DARK ERA" or "MEDIEVAL ERA". they tortured a lot of people just because they practice witchcraft even if they're just suspects. -_-; and philosophers too. x_X; and they got a lot of torturing devices just like IRON MAIDEN.

ok back on my story. last saturday, when i got the chance to talk to yoj twen i told her my interest in The Da Vinci Code. when it comes to books, we got the same taste. =P so, when i mentioned about this book, she got excited. then she told me a lot of facts about it. yes my dear friends. all the orgazanitions, artifacts and historial places in this book are all factual. it is FACTUAL not FICTIONAL. so i got more interested. and she also mentioned about Angels and Demons. she said it's related to The Da Vinci Code. o_o

as i said earlier, raijin-sama and i are going out. well, i told raijin-sama about it and told him i want to get a copy. so when we passed by the bookstore, we search the pile of books and found the The Da Vinci Code. ^__^ and then we also saw Angels and Demons. so i got hard time thinking of what book to buy. -_-; i want both book but i can't afford it at that time. -_-; then i asked raijin-sama for help. he looked at the books then he told me to buy Angels and Demons. why? because it's the 'prequel' of The Da Vinci Code. ^__^ so after some time of hard thinking, i go for the prequel. ^__^

then, because of my obsession with it and i want to know the facts, i searched on the net. and yes, i found a lot of things. o_o i found the THE LAST SUPPER that Leonardo Da Vinci painted. the controversial VIRGIN OF THE ROCK. and MONA LISA.

ok, about the THE LAST SUPPER. honestly, i didn't notice this one. or because i always see the revised version of this painting. there is a mysterious hand with a knife pointing at saint peter. who's hand is that? that's the mystery. o_o; if you go here, go at the secret snapshot area and u'll see the THE LAST SUPPER section. then look at the pic and u'll see what i'm talking about. o_o

about the second one, i'll just post the pic. what's the mystery of the VIRGIN OF THE ROCK? well, look at the picture carefully. Mama Mary is holding a child. that child was said to be Saint John the Baptist. the angel is said to be Archangel Gabriel and the other child is Jesus. ok, what's that under Mama Mary's left hand? the one Gabriel is pointing at and the children looking at? they said it was John the Baptist's head. o_o; well, up until now, no one can say what it really meant. o_o;;

MONA LISA. the perfect smile. they said it was Da Vinci himself when he; a girl. o_o; they said it's his mom. why it's considered the perfect smile? because the picture is genderless. o_o if you look closely, you cannot say whether the model is a man or a woman. o_o

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of our finest inventor, artist, philosopher, etc...he really is amazing. although i wonder, what his artworks really meant. i wonder what the Da Vinci Codes really mean. o_o

btw, i respect those who believe in catholic faith. i'm just sharing you this very err...mysterious findings i found. hope i don't get flamed with this. ^__^;;

anywayz, enough of this crap. i just want to share all of this to you. ^__^ it just bother me a little. ehehehe. well i said to raijin-sama a while ago, "What if one day when you woke up, you found out that everything you believed in was all a lie?" creepy aint it? ^__^;;

gonna visit sites now. ^__^

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

EDIT: eck. i almost forgot. -_-; HAPPY BIRTHDAY peter-chan. i'll just put a greetings for you later. o_o;

this is the VIRGIN OF THE ROCK. click the thumbnail to see the bigger version. ^__^

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