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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

   happeh day again. and thanks for the 400 hits!

w00t~ 400 hits in 2 months! wow! i didn't expect it. XD as i've said earlier, i'm counting by two's. o_o and i'm currently at #800+ ranking. ^__^ THANKS MINNA!!!

as i've said earlier too, today is our (me and raijin-sama's) 11th monthsary. wow. we're together for that long? hope it's for keeps, neh? ^__^ as usual, i went to their place. ^__^ although we didn't talk much because we both fell asleep. we lacked sleep. o_o woke up late this evening and for celebration, we ate at a convenience store on our way home. XD ok ok, we're saving for the big event next month ok? ehehehe. so for the meantime, we got to cut our spendings together. and raijin-sama will be celebrating his birthday 10 days (9 days here.) from now. ehehehe. ^__^ so got to think of something to give him. o_o honestly, i haven't decided on it as of now. any ideas? please pm me. XD i don't want it at the comment, he'll see. XD

finished reading a volume of X. w00t~ i love sorata there! he reminds me of adz sukebe baka nii-chan. T.T i miss that guy. ;.; and, he do look like the manga version of sorata. o_o i wanna see nekoi and satsuki there. XD~~~ nekoi and satsuki are my favorites in X. why? because i have the same character as they. nekoi is cheerful, childish, friendly and naive. while satsuki is cold, gothic, computer geek and don't care about anything. they represent my personalities. ^__^

oh yeah, this morning before going to raijin-sama's place, someone called me. he used to be my suitor and i turned him down a lot of times already. -_-; well, he just called me to ask a favor; to text someone. but i couldn't because i don't have load in my cellphone. o_o then he called again this evening, 20 mins after i got home from raijin-sama's place, and was asking the same favor. -_-; i don't know what he's up to but i hope it's not what raijin-sama thinks. can't he leave me alone? -_-; i haven't heard from him for almost 6 months and why bother me again. -_-; it is very suspicious because i already told him i got no load and he called me again. o_o sound fishy to me. <_<

oh yeah, are adam-sama still fixing myO? i haven't seen the greetings i submitted last oct. 4. o_o and i submitted another 2 this morning. XD although i expect the first one to be rejected because i forgot to check on the image size. -_-; the maximum is 100kb and it's 120kb. my bad. -_-;;

also, i'm planning on changing the theme this month. mine and raijin-sama's. it'll be onegai teacher. i just have to make some screencap though because i can't find the perfect picture. -_-; i'm such a perfectionist. -_-;

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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