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Saturday, October 16, 2004

   it's raijin-sama's birthday!!!!!

ok ok, today is raijin-sama's bday. now be nice and greet him a happy bday. ^_^

we went out today. i was suppose to be there early but because i went to bed late, as usual, i woke up late. -_-; i hurriedly done my stuff and my left eye went all red too. i thought i got sore eye but my eye is not watery and i don't have morning dew. so i think it's not. ^_^ when i got there, his nephew and younger brother greeted me. then his sister and dad welcomed me. hehe, like part of the family, neh? ^_^ his sister gave me food even if i already ate before leaving. XD after raijin-sama did his stuff, we left the house.

before going to our destined mall, we passed by another mall. hehe. we bought ice cream! w00t~ i got to eat my favorite flavor!!! MANGO!!! XD~~~ then finally, MEGAMALL. ^_^

the mall is on sale. and when we said "on sale", it'll be crowded all over the place. damn it. <_< i hate crowds. >_> oh well. then dropped by the foodcourt, no familiar faces. arcade, some. o_o then we just stroll around and i looked for his gift. as i've said, i sucked when it comes to gifts. -_-; ok ok, i did give some of my guy friends gifts but raijin-sama is special. those that i gave my bestfriends are those that i just think on the spot. raijin-sama's different. it got to be something special. ^_^ he also bought perfume for himself. when we got tired, i asked him to watch the movie.

we decided to watched "THREE", a horror movie with 3 different stories from Korea, Thailand and Taiwan(?). i think i already mention it here, that i just want to frighten myself. XD and raijin-sama wants to see how i scream when i got nervous. ^__^; the first movie, the one from Korea, was ok. but the last 2 , from Thai and Taiwan, really sucks. -_-; it's not that creepy at all. <_<

after the movie, we dropped by the foodcourt again, saw some people. then to arcade again to play some games and saw jie, mii-chan and arashi-kun. cool! i missed those guys! ^_^ and raijin-sama beat me again in the car racing. T.T maybe i really need an intensive training. XD was suppose to play shooting game too, but someone's still playing so we decided to just look for my gift to him and eat. ^_^

we got a hard time looking for one. -_-; yeah yeah. i know. i am really choosey! -_-; even the greetings i made for raijin-sama, it took me almost all midnight. -_-; finally, when i was about to give up, i thought, i'll just give him a pillow so if he misses me, he'll just hug that as if it was me. ^_^ i decided to just give him a heart-shaped pillow with quotes on it. ^_^ we look for a nice quoted one but found none. T.T but when we exited the store, we saw another one displayed outside and we both looked at it. instantly, we liked what's written on it and i decided that it's the one. ^_^ but i didn't let raijin-sama see the tag prize. =P then after that, we ate dinner. ^_^

dropped by arcade to play again because we got one coins each. ^_^ since someone is still playing on the shooting game, i decided to just try playing Soul Caliber and raijin-sama played Samurai Showdown V. yeah yeah, i got addicted to it. -_-; and i love Xiang Hua ok? ^__~ then raijin-sama tried it too and got addicted. XD he chose Kilik as his character because some paired Xiang Hua to Kilik. XD then we left at around 10 pm. ^_^

got home at around 11:30 pm. papa's still awake but he didn't scold me. ^_^ txted raijin-sama but i got no load anymore so i just used chikka. dropped by mIRC and saw my lil bro. lolz. we have some chit chat and decided just to talk on phone. since raijin-sama's not yet home, i talked to him. ^_^ he told me a lot of shocking things. lolz. i should be very careful of those people around me. hehehe. XD

and now, i'm still online and talking to my dear raijin-sama. ^_^ although i think, i got fever again. maybe just tired. o_o; my bad. -_-; i'll just visit later this afternoon. ^__^ it's already 5 am here and i haven't slept yet.

ja ne~

me really really really really really loves raijin-sama!!! ^_^

this is what i'm talking about. o_o; i edited this the past night. o_o

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