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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


last tuesday was one of the most fruitful day of my life. why? i finally learned how to make a wallpaper. w00t~ i was making a banner for dark sephy-chan when i accidentally notice it. o_o so stupid. -.-; i was kinda lazy to explore more. XD then i tried it and *puff* i made a wallpaper. XD~~~ i already submitted my first one and i'm planning on submitting my second one. XD go check it out if u want. ^_^

honestly, it was raijin-sama and adz nii-chan's doing that i am THIS determined to learn. i am inspired by them. raijin-sama, because i want to impress him. the most beautiful words for me are words of compliments coming from the most important person in my life. ^_^ and adz nii-chan, because i want to be like him. he's so cool doing those cool wallpapers and layout. i wanna be like that. XD

mmm...nothing much to talk about. i'm nearing my half w/ Angels and Demons. w00t~ things are beginning to get exciting. dan brown indeed influenced me a lot. o_o; i wanted to go to that Vatican Archive!!!! if ever it do exist. -.-

hon reached 13,000 hits in his other blog. w00t~ XD omedettou anata!!! *mwahugz* also, i just post on otakuboards. lolz. i registered there a long time ago but i was waiting for raijin-sama to have his. i don't want to leave him behind. got to make signatures and avi. XD

nothing much to talk about. i'll just post here later about all that happened to me today...if i feel like it. XD i'll visit now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^____^

AAAAHHHH!!!!! GINJI-SAMA!!!!! honestly, he's my #1 bishie in my list! isn't he just so kawaii?!?!?!?!? *drools* XP~~~ *hides from raijin-sama* XD

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