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Thursday, January 17, 2008

So, this week, my midterm reviews have been coming up and.. ehh well, I already took some of them. They're all pretty easy, I guess. Blehhhh! c)=< The worse thing about midterm week is that there are too many worksheets, especially for my Spanish Class. Andddd guess what???? My favorite thing about midterms week (next week), is that it only takes 1.5-4 hours of your day depending on what you're taking and which day you're taking it. ^_^ I just want next week to come so I can get the tests over with and then BAMMMMM! I get to get ready and pack... and also practice lots of music for the Long Island String Festival!!! =D

I'm Packing? To Go Where?
Well, at the end of that paragraph up thurr ^^ I had said I was packing. Well... I'm going to China for Chinese New Years!!! Hip Hip Hoorayy! (=^_^=) And I'm staying there for three weeks; basically the whole February. Don't know why but being on the airplane is pretty fun. Haha! Well, time for me to catch some zzzz's and wake up dark and early tomorrow! See ya! Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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