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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy late Holidays & Merry late Christmas!
Yeah, so lately I haven't been in the mood to update. But, if I keep on doing this. I know that I'll end up being an Otakuite forever.. so hopefully, I can at least be a Senior Otaku. ~Laughs~ Well, hope you had a very merry Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate it, Happy Holidays!

Otaku Layout
So I think I need a new layout? Moreover, I need to learn javascript and heavy coding.... cuz ehh, I need to learn that.. haha. ^_^ But anyhow, I was thinking for the layout, I should make it Eyeshield 21? It's about football, comedy, and it's shounen! Which, I like. I mean, I don't think most people would be into anime like that but, sports anime has really gotten me obsessed! ~LAUGHS~ It is really cool! I mean, first it was Prince of Tennis, now Eyeshield 21, and I don't know what other sports anime is out there but I'll watch it if it's good! Hopefully, you guys can actually watch the first episode of it? And if you do, I hope you like it. Eyeshield 21 deserves more than.... uhh I forgot what that saying was. Haha! Well, hopefully, I'll update more often & hopefully, a new layout, with better stuff.. uh yeahh that... mann, I'm slow. =D

I'm gonna be going now. ^_^ See ya guys~! Ja Ne `! ~ Peace!


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