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Thursday, November 22, 2007

I haven't updated for so long!
Oh my jeezus! It's being what? A month? Maybe more? Since I've updated. I'm sorry! Don't worry though! I am definitely NOT dead. 0=) So life has been going well for me. Since school has started, I've been busy with going out to the library a lot. & updating on MyOtaku seems like homework to me. Ehhh! You're wondering how I could think that right?! Well, I can't even believe it myself. But right now procrastination is my favorite thing to do. Just chill out and do nothing. Yooo, that describes 3/4 of me right there!! Well, procrastination includes watching anime, listening to music, and the internet, and of course my Nintendo DS obsession (Pokemon Diamond Version). Haha. ^_^

OoOOOOoooooOoOooO! Did I mention? My birthday is ths weekend! (Sunday) I might celebrate by going to Sushi Park, this really, really good sushi place. Haha, name of restaurant gives it away. Well anyways I'm excited for it! Then again, I'm kinda mad, since my mom won't get me a Sidekick. I wanted either the LX or Sidekick 3. Either was fine for me. Ehhh XD I gotta wait another year for a cellular device apparently... I mean I got one but it really isn't actually 100% mine.. cuz I sort of share it with my mom. But, the thing is this phone is old, crappy, and whatnot. & it can't stay alive for a day.. It needs to be charged constantly...

I think I need to change my layout.. But I am too lazy to make any graphics that code it... Ehh too much work for me. -____- ~Hugee Sigh~

Well, I hope you guys all have a great, fun, chow-down tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving's Day! iightt, I'm outt! Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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