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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Birthdayyyyy!!!! =D
Yes, finally, I'm 14!! I'm sorta kinda in a happy mood... well I just woke up cuz Baka Neko (xX9.tailed:NekoXx) woke me up by calling me. Hahaaaa! Well, I hope everyone had a feasful Thanksgiving! I know I did. & Today, I can't wait for Sushi Park. =^_^= I haven't gone to that place in almost a year.

Well, for today, I'll make a part to reply back to the people who commented me!:

Ordinary Girl: Haha, persian food? That sounds.. exotic.. ~Laughs~ But I guess you had a good birthday anyhow right? Maybe next year you can try out asian fooood. Yeah, that would be better... and somehow sounds better than persian food. ^_^ I'm looking forward to the rest of my Otaku life listening to you calling me an old fart. Laugh out loudd! Oh and, PROCRASTINATORS=LOVEE&LIFE.

icebox270534: Yeah, thank you! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgivings! Updating IS kinda hard sometimes. =D

demon dragon: Omg! We should totally battle sometime! But I'm still training my Pokemon, so they might not be ready.. Haha! I'm done with all the gyms though. Just trying to get most of them over 60... which will take a LONGG TIME considering the only one over level 60 is my Empereon. -____- I got lots of training to do. But yeah we should totally battle or trade soon!

Well, I'm gonna leave now! Hope you guys have a wonderful day! iight, Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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