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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OoO (The Chouji Face ^_^) I'm Not Dead! -____- ~Phew!~
~Laughs~ I'm not sure about the title... soo I probably haven't updated since I told you guys about band camp?? Well, it was just great living with your band, it's like you're just a family (We were all on one floor in a university). The only thing that sucked was that it rained the 3-4 days we were there! So we had to wear ponchos. =^_^= I thought it was pretty comfortable. Haha. Also, we practiced like 11 hours a day at band camp. But we also had fun. But that was wayyy back around August 20th.

So, now; since it's not August anymore, and September started, I'm guessing everyone went to school/college right? I just started my freshmen year in high school and already, the upperclassmen are hatin` on us. Haha. Apparently, people in my grade are showoffs (it's true). But not everyone's like that. They just need to get over themselves and when they make fun of freshmen, they think they all mature and stuff but they just sunk 5 levels below us, thinking they are all the shit and whatnot. It pisses me off and yet is funny because they actually think we're scared of them. Haha. Oh yeah, if any of you guys are in high school and above 9th grade, this isn't to you. It's just the majority of people in my school are idiots. Ehehe... Well, I have like some very good upperclassmen friends so it's not like everyone hates us. Besides from that, I already got homework... but it's pretty easy. But I just KNOW that I'm gonna become a procrastinator later on in the year and not do homework, then end up failing some kind of project or exam. ~Laughs~ Well, I'm done expressing my feelings. Haha.

Is any of you guys entering the wallpaper contest? I know that I might be. But I definitely know that I won't win. Haha. If I do, it will be the shock of my life cuz I seriously, never win any contests whatsoever. Haha. iight Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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