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Friday, October 12, 2007

>0<' I'm still not dead!
I currently at the library right now, oh yeah! As you can see, it's been awhile since I logged on to MyOtaku. I apologize if you feel like I have been ignoring everyone. But you know, since school has started, I have homework and whatnot. Pshhh like I ever take my time to do homework! I'm a procrastinator and we all know that! Haha. Well, I have been watching Toonami Jetstream, Cartoon Network Videos, and Dragonball Z. I watch them everyday. It's quite entertaining.

Marching Band
Well, you guys know that I joined marching band right? Ehh, well I did, in case you didn't know. ~Laughs~ I had competitions and performances for all of my weekends in September and now October. Like, literally, I have no free time on weekends. It kinda rocks though, cuz I love being in marching band. It's fun because we have lots of priceless moments and stuff. But the thing is, our band is the most perverted band ever. It's funny though. Also the end of the month, we get to go to Syracuse and spend a weekend with our band living in a hotel.... or a motel but I hope it's a hotel. Ehehe... Well, I live on Long Island, New York, so it takes more then 6 hours to get there, especially because of the traffic. But I still can't wait! Two more weeks of torture and then we get to go! But we have championships coming up this upcoming weekend. (Wow, that was worded weirdly o.O) Well, I can't wait for all these competitions. I feel like if I haven't joined Marching Band, I would've been left out of what I wanted to do. Music is like a necessity to me. Haha, I feel like expaining so much stuff. But I know that it's getting boring isn't it? ^_^ Well, I'll stop for now. I'll tryy to comment you guys, cuz you know, Otaku friends keep in touch. (=^_^=) I'm outtt! iight, Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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