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Friday, April 24, 2009



Shocker of the day.

Adam, the founder of this site, has made TheO it's very own Facebook page.

He added meh.

And he has added many others.

I can only assume he is using email addresses to hunt for people.

And then is hoping that those people also have people from TheO added, so we can link them back to TheO's Facebook.

If you know what I mean.

Uh huh.

Talking of Facebook... Everyone who wanted to add me, you've all added me, right? If not, I'll shove my link up again sometime.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Next I'll be finding time to blog over on TheO every day...


Nah, I think not XD
I blog on there anyway =S If I ever post anything, it's fanfictions, or rambles in my one world to say I've got something new up, or to rant about TheO itself, or to say I got something featured. Lmao. And even that is rare.

I would tell you about my night at work... But since I haven't spoken about work for so long... People might get confused.

I will put it in simple terms:

Original Team Leader Rich left to go to another shop to become a Duty Manager.

Team Leader Dave replaced him at our shop, to do his training for Duty Manager.

Rich decided he didn't want to be a Duty Manager, and has now come back to our shop, and Dave has left.

I think that's simple enough.

Anyway, it was Rich's first shift back at our shop last night... And Jesus Christ... I'd forgotten about how much of a smarmy, backstabbing little bastard he is... He acted all nice as pie... As he does... But when I saw him, I remembered that he wasn't.

Oh God...

And the whole 'scent of rare cow' thing came up again.
Have I told you about that?

At our shop, we've started selling these little Lynx Bullets (little mini deoderants), and they say "with the scent of rare leathers".

Which got my brain working, as it does. So I thought, "well, leather is made from cow, right? So, essentially, these deoderants have the scent of rare cows".

That still has me LOLing.

Anyway, a man and his wife came up to the tills, and the woman picked up a little Lynx Bullet, and read it. She giggled at the 'scent of rare leathers' thing, and I said "yeah, so essentially, they have the scent of rare cows". Causing all three of us to giggle madly. And then the woman said to her husband, "here you go, dear, you can smell of an old bull."

Omg. We were in hysterics. XD




I'm grinning like mad right now.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bloody Hell...


I posted yesterday, and I'm posting today?! =O

I actually have nothing to rant about, because I've just ranted over on DA... Though, I could copy and paste it here... Nah. You wouldn't want to read it. I confused even myself when writing it XD

Many of you asked for my Facebook (and some of you already have me on Facebook =P), so let me just find that little badge thing...

Emma Bayles's Profile
Emma Bayles's Facebook Profile
Create your badge

Okay, hopefully that works... And you'll be able to add me that way =S

If not... then I'll just find a link XD

Pip pip!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Uhhhm... I'm really...
For not updating...

I guess it's because I blog on DeviantArt every day now, so I don't really come here to blog =|

Erm... Nothing interesting has been happening in my life. I'm going to assume that I did a post to say that I failed my driving test last month... If I didn't, well, you know now.

I don't know, actually, why I haven't been posting here. It's not like I don't have the time. I really do. I guess it's because I'm always lurking around on Facebook, DeviantArt, Fanfiction.net and MSN all the time...

And I only visit TheO to submit things (which is getting rarer... As I'm having a lack of ideas for e-cards and stuff) and to check if I have any PM's. Which I normally don't.

I would promise to come here more often, but what's the point of promising that if I don't keep to it? But I will TRY to do more here. Even if it's just copying and pasting my blog from DA. No promises, though.

If anyone else has DA, spam me here:


I mad a new one XD I hated the name of my old one, and so I gots a new one *hugs it*.

Erm, I must gooooo, now.


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Thursday, March 26, 2009





I'm not dead, I swear... I just kinda... Uhhh... Forgot... To... Update... Here?



My mouth hurts.
Like, really hurts.
Like, hurts so much that I can't move it much.


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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm slightly insane with hysteria at the moment.

Does that make sense?

I don't know.

I feel a little bit mad.

Talking of cursing in front of the parents... I say pretty much everything in front of them... =P

"Wanker", "fuck", "cock", "shit", "fucking Hell", "bastard", and so on and so forth.

The only thing I NEVER say is "cunt" (except for here, lmao). I detest that word.

Work last night was alright... Execept freaky Dale was on shift. But his freakiness was cancelled out by the gangstaness of Dave.


Dave's not actually gangsta. He wishes he was =P Everything he does, he explains that it's because he's gangsta.

I told Dave to fuck off last night, actually. In a jokey sense. Because he said to me "is twenty past 11 alright for you, Em?" (meaning, the time we'll get out of the shop - because that's what time I left on Tuesday...)

So, yes. I told him to fuck off. Lmao.

He also said something really... Confusing... At the beginning of my shift.


I'd best be ooooffff =D

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Work was absolute shite last night.

... Heh, that rhymes.


Yes, it really was CRAP. I was shoved on till for most of the night, and when it came to doing the super awesome job of fabulousness (erm... Reductions, haha), I discovered many things that were out of date, or needed to be reduced because they had yesterday's date on!

It's fucking ridiculous! Over the weekend, Reductions are done so shoddily... Seriously. These people just can't fucking do the job right!

On another note...

It was nice to finally have something featured. I made the top spot, too. Eventually =P I should've done what Magnus Lensherr said and taken a screenshot of it XD But I didn't.... =(

Ah well... In a year's time, I'm sure I'll get something featured again XD

And on another note...

My Dad phoned up a company yesterday, asking them about the job they had advertsied. They took his name and number and said they'd phone him back.

He got made redundant at Christmas, you see. Which was shit.

But anyway, the company phone back today, asking Dad if he could go to an interview at 3pm today! WEE!! He's just gone out now, actually... He kept asking me "what do I need to take?".

I was like, "why the fuck are you asking me?"

Yes, I swear at him. All the time. He used to say "don't swear", but he's given up, now =P I win.

So yes... Hopefully he shall get that job. =)

I must go now.. I have shit to do =(

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have good news, more good news, even more good news, and some bad news.

My first good news is that I have a Facebook again.

My second good news is that I have submitted some more e-cards.

My third good news is that one of my e-cards is featured =D

My bad news is that I have work tonight.

I shall expand on the fact that my e-card got featured... Sure I'm happy about this. Of course I am! It's been fucking MONTHS since anything I've made got featured.

I have noticed, though, that a few certain individual Otakus floating around TheO submit something every day, and it all gets featured for them.

Which seems a bit unfair.

There's three other e-cards other than mine featured, yes? They are all from the same person.

I am not joking.

It really does seem unfair to other people on this site who dreams with stars in their eyes of getting at least one of their works featured.

I've ranted about this over on TheO in a post today, too. I know there's a limit to how many things to can submit to each category (you can only submit 3 e-cards, 3 wallpapers, and so on) each day. But I think there should be some sort of limit to how many things one person can get featured in a day.


Even if you're only allowed to upload 3 things for each category each day, the artwork stays up in their sections for two days, so who's to say that one person couldn't fill all four featured spots?

Do you see what I'm getting at?

I hope you do.

I had a weird dream last night. Someone revamped MyOtaku. And made it shit. Seriously, we don't want MyO to look how it did in my dream...

Erm... I think that's all. I'd better go and have a bath. Haha.

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Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't really have anything to say...


The party was shit on Saturday night.

Work yesterday was shit.

So basically... My weekend was shit.


That is all =S

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Friday, March 6, 2009

   Lack Of Online-ness This Weekend


Just as the title says, I will not really be online this weekend.

Tomorrow, I'm working from 5.30am until 2.30pm (how I long to cut this shift down a bit...), and then in the evening I have to go to my Aunt's 40th birthday party.

Sooo... There'll be a few spare hours in between, I guess... But I might well use those to get some extra sleep (I can never get to sleep easily at night - so I only get a few hours before I go to work on a Saturday... It's a bitch).

Then on Sunday, I'm working from 12pm until 6pm. So I might be online when I get home, but whether I'll blog or not is a completely different story...


Someone PMed me from fanfiction.net, and said I have a 'wide personality'. This made me laugh. I have no idea why.

Work last night was... Bleh. Of course, no one had mentioned that Frankie was off on holiday (but she's in tomorrow, thank God). So I was on the till all night except for my break... Which was a bitch. Grr.

Ehhh... Not really much else to say.


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