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Monday, November 24, 2008

   She Who Has Just Noticed That Her Boobs Really Wobble...
... Sorry about the title... But I just jigged about, dancing to the music, and I looked down, and my boobs nearly smacked me in the face!

... Not that you needed to know that XD

Like I've said somewhere before, I won't be updating at the weekend... So I'm not going to apoligse for not being around since Friday, as those who have read my posts last week should have known that I wasn't going to be here.

I've just read through that last paragraph, and I'm sure it doesn't make any sense...

So, work on Saturday... Was shit. It was my 9 hour shift (GAH). I have an hour and a half break - which means I spent SEVEN AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS STUCK ON TILL! It annoyed me, because me and Frankie were stuck on till, and I'd been there since 6 in the fucking morning, and no one bothered to take me off so I could do something else!! Frankie comes in at 9, but she can't really take me off, because from 9 until about half 11, it gets REALLY busy, and we often need at least 3 people on till...

Anyway, I was annoyed, and yesterday I went to work, chatted with Shari out the back until it was time for our shift to start (we both do a 12-6 on a Sunday), and I told her how fucked off I was with nearly everyone on a Saturday, especially Cheryl.

Anyway, Cheryl comes into the staff room, and Shari goes "right, what do you want me to do?", and Cheryl tells her to fill the milk up. Then she turns to me and goes "Emma, you're going to have to go on till, I'm afraid, to take Julie off". So, i turned round to her and said "why?", and Cheryl goes, "well, because Julie's been on there all morning", to which I replied with "well, no one seemed to care that I was on till all day yesterday, and no one took me off. I'll go and take her off, though."

So off I went, to go and relieve Julie of till, and Cheryl asked Shari what was wrong with me, and Shari explained that I was annoyed, because I'd been stuck on till all day on Saturday, and now I was being stuck on till again.

Anyway, Cheryl came to let me off till, after I'd been on it for half an hour!! And we had a talk. Apparently, she took what I said really personally, and I explained that it wasn't just aimed at her, but everyone in general. But we're all sorted now...

... hmm, what else happened at the weekend...?

Oh! I got a new pet!!!

I went on my hour's break on Saturday, and zoomed over to the pet shop to get Bam his Xmas present. Anyway, Jo (the woman who works there) was dealing with another customer. So, I looked at the little furballs.

Anyway, Jo told me to take one of the hamster cages over to her, because I was looking at the hamsters, and the one she wanted to show me wasn't out of his house. So, I took him over to the counter, and she got him out of his house. He was the most adorable little thing! He was ginger and white, and had odd-coloured eyes! One was black, and the other was red!!

Anyway... She goes to me "he's at a good price - ú25.99 for the cage, the hamster, everything". I raised my eyebrows. Then she goes to me "but because I know you well, I'll let you have him for ú24.99..."

Well... I had to buy him. He is the most adorable little thing!!

So now, pet-wise I have:

2 cats - Smudge and Fudge.
2 giant snails - Gary and Bryan.
1 rabbit - Bam.
And 1 hamster - Mikey.

LOL. My Mum named him 'Mikey' after Mikey Teutul, from Orange County Choppers, because she thinks the hamster looks like him, LMAO!

I'm thinking of getting some exotic fish next... But I think I'll wait until after Christmas XD My Dad will absolutely kill me if I walk through the door with anymore pets...

My poor Dad... He's had to put up with this all the time... The time when Mum just came home with pet rats (most of you are probably going 'ERRRR!!!', but they were LOVELY! The most affectionate little animals ever!)... Then she came home with two cats... Then I came home with the rabbit... Then me and Mum came home with the giant snails... Now I've come home with a hamster XD It's driving my Dad potty! LOL!

Anyway time for LOLs!!

It's a bit windy outside... I swear it wasn't me! LOL!!

I'm off now, to find my two pages of plans for a story, that I seem to have misplaced.
I haven't lost them! I just don't know where they are...


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