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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have good news, more good news, even more good news, and some bad news.

My first good news is that I have a Facebook again.

My second good news is that I have submitted some more e-cards.

My third good news is that one of my e-cards is featured =D

My bad news is that I have work tonight.

I shall expand on the fact that my e-card got featured... Sure I'm happy about this. Of course I am! It's been fucking MONTHS since anything I've made got featured.

I have noticed, though, that a few certain individual Otakus floating around TheO submit something every day, and it all gets featured for them.

Which seems a bit unfair.

There's three other e-cards other than mine featured, yes? They are all from the same person.

I am not joking.

It really does seem unfair to other people on this site who dreams with stars in their eyes of getting at least one of their works featured.

I've ranted about this over on TheO in a post today, too. I know there's a limit to how many things to can submit to each category (you can only submit 3 e-cards, 3 wallpapers, and so on) each day. But I think there should be some sort of limit to how many things one person can get featured in a day.


Even if you're only allowed to upload 3 things for each category each day, the artwork stays up in their sections for two days, so who's to say that one person couldn't fill all four featured spots?

Do you see what I'm getting at?

I hope you do.

I had a weird dream last night. Someone revamped MyOtaku. And made it shit. Seriously, we don't want MyO to look how it did in my dream...

Erm... I think that's all. I'd better go and have a bath. Haha.

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