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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next I'll be finding time to blog over on TheO every day...


Nah, I think not XD
I blog on there anyway =S If I ever post anything, it's fanfictions, or rambles in my one world to say I've got something new up, or to rant about TheO itself, or to say I got something featured. Lmao. And even that is rare.

I would tell you about my night at work... But since I haven't spoken about work for so long... People might get confused.

I will put it in simple terms:

Original Team Leader Rich left to go to another shop to become a Duty Manager.

Team Leader Dave replaced him at our shop, to do his training for Duty Manager.

Rich decided he didn't want to be a Duty Manager, and has now come back to our shop, and Dave has left.

I think that's simple enough.

Anyway, it was Rich's first shift back at our shop last night... And Jesus Christ... I'd forgotten about how much of a smarmy, backstabbing little bastard he is... He acted all nice as pie... As he does... But when I saw him, I remembered that he wasn't.

Oh God...

And the whole 'scent of rare cow' thing came up again.
Have I told you about that?

At our shop, we've started selling these little Lynx Bullets (little mini deoderants), and they say "with the scent of rare leathers".

Which got my brain working, as it does. So I thought, "well, leather is made from cow, right? So, essentially, these deoderants have the scent of rare cows".

That still has me LOLing.

Anyway, a man and his wife came up to the tills, and the woman picked up a little Lynx Bullet, and read it. She giggled at the 'scent of rare leathers' thing, and I said "yeah, so essentially, they have the scent of rare cows". Causing all three of us to giggle madly. And then the woman said to her husband, "here you go, dear, you can smell of an old bull."

Omg. We were in hysterics. XD




I'm grinning like mad right now.


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