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Friday, March 6, 2009

   Lack Of Online-ness This Weekend

Just as the title says, I will not really be online this weekend.

Tomorrow, I'm working from 5.30am until 2.30pm (how I long to cut this shift down a bit...), and then in the evening I have to go to my Aunt's 40th birthday party.

Sooo... There'll be a few spare hours in between, I guess... But I might well use those to get some extra sleep (I can never get to sleep easily at night - so I only get a few hours before I go to work on a Saturday... It's a bitch).

Then on Sunday, I'm working from 12pm until 6pm. So I might be online when I get home, but whether I'll blog or not is a completely different story...


Someone PMed me from fanfiction.net, and said I have a 'wide personality'. This made me laugh. I have no idea why.

Work last night was... Bleh. Of course, no one had mentioned that Frankie was off on holiday (but she's in tomorrow, thank God). So I was on the till all night except for my break... Which was a bitch. Grr.

Ehhh... Not really much else to say.


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