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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm using the 'Who's Online' thing on TheO to my advantage.

There is a lot of new people signing up every day.

More to the point... There is a lot of older people joining up!

Unless 10-year-olds are shitting about their birthdays to sign up.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

   Going Well?

I've not really had much to say, which is why I haven't posted here for about a week...

I must remember to change my theme... In fact, i might to that now... Well, after I've posted XD

So, I had work last night, and it was quite a typical, boring night... No banned people came in for us to kick out, nothing got smashed, no fights or anything... Just a boring night.

BUT! I went on my break, and I bought two scratchcards. One cost 1, and the other cost 2.

I waddled (well, not waddled... I don't waddle XD) off to the staff room, and began scratching my 2 scratchcard. For this scratchcard, you were given two numbers, and then there was about 10 other numbers underneath which you had to match your numbers to, if you get my meaning.

So, I scratched off my number (2 and 19, they were), and I began scratching off the other numbers... I got nothing, and I scratched off the last number... And it was number 19.

I was like "woo, I bet it's only a couple of quid"... I scratched off the amount I'd won below it... And...

It was 200.

I am not joking. I won 200 on this scratchcard. I sat there staring at it, like "wtf?!" thinking I'd mis-read it or something, but nooo... So I skipped (quite literally) out to Rich and Ben who were at the tills and asked how much we could pay out of tills. They said up to about 300 as long as they had it in the till.

So, I handed over my scratchcard, and realised I was still holding the 1 scratchy, and hadn't scratched it. So I did scratch it, but didn't win anything... And you know... I didn't really care XD

So that was a nice surprise to the night =) That's the most I ever won... Probably the most I ever WILL win XD

What am I going to do with the money?

Probably give it to my parents as rent =|

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In The Name Of All That Is Crap...

Our boiler broke yesterday. Meaning we have no heating or hot water. Okay, the lack of heating I can deal with, as it's warm enough as it is X_X But not the lack of hot water.

The housing association people wouldn't send someone out to fix it yesterday, as it's not classed as an emergency (no hot water? Not an emergency?). But they are coming out today... Which is a bit of bastard, as I need to bathe/shower. I was going to go down to my Nan's to steal her shower, but we don't know when the people are turning up to fix the boiler, so we can't actually leave the house in case they turn up...

Which means, I am going to have to bathe/shower when my Mother gets home. Because then she or Dad can stay here whilst the other takes me down to Nan's. If the boiler isn't fixed by then, of course.

On a much more painful note...

My rabbit bit me.
I was feeding the little bastard, and he BIT MY FINGER!
It actually drew blood. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I was annoyed that he bit me. The little fucker.

On a more depressing note...

I have work later on tonight. Which should be a laugh and a half. Not.

OH! At the weekend, the DSA (Driving Standards Association - who you book your driving tests with) sent me a letter to say that my driving test on MONDAY (as in, this Monday coming) had been cancelled due to 'unforseen circumstances'.

They'd rearranged it for Tuesday instead, at twenty past eight in the morning. TWENTY PAST EIGHT! Bastards.

Anyway, I sent my driving instructor a text yesterday, telling her to call me as soon as she could (because I didn't know if she was busy or not, seeing as it was Bank Holidy Monday). It turned out that she definitely wouldn't be able to do the test at that time in the morning. I wouldn't even be out of bed.

So, she went online, and has changed it now. I have ages to wait again -_-' My test is now in JUNE! On the 22nd!!! Fucking ages away *sighs*. I hate it when things like that happen *shakes fist*.

Erm... I dunno what else I have to say *thinks*. I need to do lots of fanfiction planning, so that when I have two weeks off from work in a few weeks time, I can just write to my heart's content =)

I also need to become more active around TheO again... I was for a while, you know, submitting dodgy wallpapers, e-cards and fanarts... But that's slowed down again. It seems to can never stick to both fanfictions and TheO equally XD It has to be one or the other.

I made my very first avatar the other day, thinking about it. It doesn't flash or do any fancy tricks, and in fact, it is quite shit. But I still like it XD I tried to make another one last night, but GIMP was playing silly buggers and was doing things I didn't want it to =|

Anyhoo... I must go and... Update some other random websites =|

Pip pip!

..:: EDIT ::..

I have just made my day a little bit better by paying for a premium account on TheO.

I'm happy =)

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Monday, May 4, 2009

   Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman



^ ^



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Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'd forgotten that I'd not posted since Thursday. It suddenly occured to me earlier when I told someone of my cunning plan.

My cunning plan wasn't that interesting. Or cunning. It was just the order I was going to check all the websites XD

Anyway, I realised that I hadn't been here since Thursday =|

Nooot much has happened, anyway XD

I actually hate the weekends... Because I always work Saturday and Sundays. But thank God it's Monday tomorrow XD

Ehh... I must be off. To stick to my plan!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Okay, my decision about the job is that I can't be bothered. Maybe if I had more energy, I might think about going for it more... Rar.


It is my Mother's 38th birthday today! Wooo!!!

Happy birthday to youuuu. We work in a zoo!!! We work with some monkeeeeysss... AAAANDDD some numpty fucks too!


It is also National Rare Cow Day!!

Soo happy National Rare Cow Day to all you people!!!

(Rare Cow Day is something I made up, as you might've guessed XD).

That is all.


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Job?

I have just been informed by my Auntie Suzanne who has just phoned me up that there is a reception job going at the local vets.

I hate doing reception-type shit.

But! This means I'll pretty much be in contact with the animals every day (because the reception girls actually sometimes weigh animals and stuff - one girl had to weigh Bam this one time).

So that'll help in the long run if I still decide to go for RSPCA Officer... Hmm...

It would also mean that I could cut back my hours at shitty Tesco XD As the job at the vets is Monday to Friday, I suppose I could always work weekends at Tesco or something... But that would mean I'd be working 7 days a week X_X

I need the money, though.

Why is it so easy for me to find another potential job, like this one, but my Father who was made redundant at Christmas cannot find fuck all.

He found an job yesterday, though. He sent his CV, but there's still been no reply (he had to send it via email =|).

Enough about jobs. I am going to have to make a decision...

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm a bit annoyed that my music on here has now changed to a 30-second preview.

It actually fucks me right off! Because I likes to listen to it!! That is why it is there, after all.

This now means that I am just going to buy FOB's album, something I have been avoiding in case the album is not that good... But then again, I did have another one of their albums, and it was very good, so I'd assume that 'Folie A Deux', or whatever it's bloody called is also very good...

I won't know until I buy it, I guess XD

I wrote the most horrific of updates for one my fanfictions last night. I had to write Bryan from Beyblade dying =( And I luuuurve Bryan. =(

Ah well. He lives on in my other stories XD

Erm... That is all, I do believe =|

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Monday, April 27, 2009

I Am Going To Waste Two Minutes Of Your Life...

By saying that I have nothing to say.


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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yup... I didn't come online yesterday.. Soo, let's see what I was doing instead of lurking online...

Went to work at 5.30am... Stayed pretty much on till all day for the entirety of my 8 hour shift (save for my breaks). Bastards. Erm... Not too much happened, really. I was just dead annoyed, because only my Mother was willing to let me off the till for a bit, and when I went to go and work some of the delivery, the table I'd cleared was STOLEN by someone else. Leaving nothing for me to work on. So I just went back on till *shrugs*.

Then I came home... And fell asleep.

Then I got up at about half 6pm... And got ready for my Great-Gran's 'arty'. Well... When I got there, I found I could only get a signal on my phone in one corner of the hall. And even when I came on MSN, there was no one really online

Anyway... There was no music, so there was no dancing. And as my Gran is 80, I don't think she'd have been breakdancing, anyway. And there were not that many people. And I had to send my Mother out to go and get Coke Zero, as they didn't have any...

Oh, and then the only little kid, that was running around like a loony, who was there... Threw up. I was practically banging my head against the table, going "Mum... Dad... Can we go yet?"

So we did.

When we got home... I got my Mother to make me chips. And then I went to bed.

Then I had to go to work at 9am this morning... Oh my God... I was exhausted Erm... I stayed on till until 12pm, when Shari got in. Then I went for a break... Ate... Drank... You know... Did break-type-things... Then when I came off break, I got given the fantestical task of working ALL the alcohol, which Julie had started, but she was going home, so she couldn't finish it...

Anyway... She had made a PITIFUL list of all the lager and beer and shit we needed. So I re-started, and forced A LOAD of stuff out on to the shelves. The lager is now down to one cage out the back, which is good.

Then I started on the wine.

I got a fair bit of that out onto the shelves, too, but I had to sort the two cages out. We're supposed to have all the white wines on one, and the reds and rose on another cage, so it's easy to find. Well, people during the week just tend to shove whatever wine onto whatever cage. So, I've sorted that all back out, and if it doesn't stay nice and sorted, I am going to rip heads off and display them behind the tills.

You'd like to think I am joking.
But I am not.

Then I came home... And I fell asleep. I should really find a way to stop falling asleep. But that's all I ever seem to do if I'm not at work or on the laptop.

I think that is my ranting over for the day. I think.

I am now going to make myself some nom.

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