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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

   "I Have Come To Have Sex With Your Mother" - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Time: 12.47 in the pm
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Crying with laughter
Song: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Hmmm, thanks for the comments. I actually commented back, too. Well, most people XD

I have nothing to say today.

Except, Bam will be going to the vet today to have his inoculation against mix amitosis. He’ll love that. Not. Also, he’s gained a few nicknames XD There is now Bammy, Bammy-Boy, and Bam Bam. ‘Tis mad.

In the way of Eggbert, a.k.a. Martin (Twists, you were close XD)… Well, I haven’t really heard from him =/ So I’m not bothering. If he can’t be bothered to arrange to meet up, then neither can I. So, that was over before it ever really started XD Ah, well. Doesn’t bother me =S

I think… It’s evil giraffe time.

OH MY FUCKING GOD! I just found this video. It’s Eddie Izzard crossed with Ouran High School Host Club XD It’s ‘CAKE OR DEATH?!’, and parts of it just fit so damn well XD Oh, hang on, I’m typing as I watch it, and it gets funnier XD

♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, June 16, 2008

   Meet Bam!

Time: 9.34 in the am
Mood: Hyper!
Currently: Watching Bam destroy his bedding in the cage =/
Song: Malchik Gay - t.A.T.u.

Eek! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted or commented for the past few days 0_o I doubt anyone wondered where I was anyway =P Well, combine my stupid internet that only works when it wants to with looking after an 8-week-old bunny rabbit, and you have no time to get on the internet XD I have been online on my phone, though. But I can’t log in, otherwise I would’ve posted. I did check all your comments, though XD

I’ve put my fan on for Bam, because it’s very warm in my room. I’ve opened the windows, too, obviously. I’ll take him outside when I get back from my driving lesson.

I remember work on Thursday night being a nightmare. Then Ben phoned in sick Friday night, so work phoned me up asking if I could work Friday night, and come in later on Saturday. I politely declined. I prefer to do my early shift, thanks. Talking of my early on Saturday, I was off till practically all day 0_o When the delivery came in, Matt and Tony got all the cages, and then Matt came up to me on till, and said “go on. I’ll cover the tills for the morning, and you can go and work the fresh”. I was like =O

I haven’t worked fresh for fucking ages. Actually, I haven’t been off till that early in the morning for ages, either. No other manager offers to go on tills so I can get off. It was weird. I won’t get used to it, though XD

Talking of work… There will be no talk of work this week =D I have the entire week off! *Stretches back and relaxes* I’m going to lounge around, do bugger all (except the washing up), etc, etc.

Hang on, didn’t I do that before, though? LOL.

Awww, Bam must be really warm or something, because he’s huddled in the corner of his cage that’s nearest to the fan, lol.

Yeah, I’ve just told Mum (she phoned me up) that I’ll put him in his hutch outside when I get back from my driving lesson. I don’t want anyone to come and steal him or anything. Lol. Mum kept asking me “do you want to bring him inside?” last night, because she couldn’t make up her mind on what the weather was going to be like. I was going to bring him in regardless of what weather we had.

Anyway, I picked him up out of his hutch, and he was so cold!! His ears were freezing =( When I picked him up, he huddled closer to me, and tucked his head under my chin XD He’s SOOOOO cute! He does enjoy his cuddles. And he nudges against my hand, as well as my chin.

I am going to have to take him to the vets, though. To get his tackle sorted. He is lovely and everything, but he does tend to throw strops, and kick against his cage or hutch XD So, we will have to get them done to calm him down. Anyway, time for pictures! (There are quite a few XD)

Have I mentioned about his ears? I mean, look at them XD Because he’s a lop-eared rabbit, it means his ears will eventually dangle down. But only the one hangs down, and the other one sticks up XD It’s too cute!

He’s having a good NOM at the moment. And he sure does like his yoghurt drop treats =) He wasn’t too keen on the carrot drops, though =/

I’ll get some pictures of him in his hutch later =)

Excuse me as I go and give him a very big cuddle.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Time: 3.33 in the pm
Mood: Excited!
Currently: Don’t want to wait for tomorrow!
Song: Perfect Gentleman - Wyclef Jean (the hooker song!)

Weeeeee! Thanks for your comments (well, I think some people have commented me XD I dunno yet, though, because the internet hasn’t fully loaded XD). Anyway, I can’t comment back, because I have no time X_X I need to go to work earlier today.

I’m sooooo excited! And no, it hasn’t got anything to do with Martin/Eggbert. For once.

HOLY FUCK! I just checked my emails, and I had 17!! Two were junk, and the rest were reviews, my stories being favourited, myself being favourited, myself being added to author alerts and so on!!! I cannot believe how many there were!! =O And the chapter I uploaded yesterday was a load of bollocks!! I am pleasantly surprised!!

Anyway, back to why I’m excited.

I have bought a rabbit.

I’m not allowed to pick him up until tomorrow, though, because the shop has to keep them in-store for at least 2 days before selling them. Anyway, my little rabbit is grey, and he’s sooooo cute!! I can’t believe my Mum actually let me buy him =D

I’m thinking of naming him Bam. After Bam Margera. I suggested this to Mum, and she’s said “no”. But I’m going to name him Bam anyway.

Anyway, I got all the bedding, the hutch, an extra cage to bring him indoors when it gets cold, the food, the bowl and the water bottle and so on. Altogether, including the rabbit himself, it’s all cost me £190.99.


Almost £200!! Mum broke the news to Dad, and his reaction (on the phone) was a very loud “Ooooh noo!” Lmao. When Mum told him it all cost nearly £200, I heard him shout “YOU’RE JOKING?!”. The hutch itself cost £100. But it has a built-in run.

Because it’s raining currently, we can’t build the damn thing. So, if it’s still raining tomorrow, Bam will have to go in the small cage - which is staying in my room. Or so I’ve been told. Lmao. I can’t wait to go and pick him up tomorrow!!

All these people came in the shop (Wilsons) and they were like “awww, look at that grey rabbit”, and I was thinking to myself “hands off, bitches. He’s mine. I’ve paid for him”. LOL. He cost me £28 =) Not too bad. I’m gonna cuddle him, and handle him lots to make him super friendly =)

Anyway, here’s the ‘AHHH! I’M COVERED IN BEES!” clip from Eddie Izzard XD

Anyway, I’ll post tomorrow once I’ve picked Bam up, and I’ll take some photos of him and show you guys =D Trust me, he’s super cute.

And he will be named Bam. No matter how much my Mother protests.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

   "YOU! Cake, or death?!"

Time: 10.50 in the am
Mood: Chipper
Currently: Whistling
Song: Adagio For Strings - DJ Tiesto

Hmmm, Martin must still be ill. He didn’t come in the shop last night, meaning he probably didn’t go to kickboxing. Ahh well. I would text him, but my phone is dead LOL. He just better come in the shop tomorrow.

Anyhoo, thank you for the comments. Muchos appreciated. In all honesty, Twists, I don’t have a clue as to how I get this many comments. ‘Tis a bloody mystery to me.

Oooh, I started writing chapter 8 yesterday. I’ve managed to put a load of Eddie Izzard jokes in it. Actually, here’s an Eddie Izzard video for you guys to watch.

It’s the “CAKE OR DEATH” one. It’s just over a minute long, so I hope some of you have time to watch it.

“So my choice is ‘or death?’. Well, I’ll have the chicken, then, please.”

LOL. I love it. I’ll have to put up the “I’M COVERED IN BEEEES!” one tomorrow XD. It’s longer, but only by a minute XD

I just did this:

Your Mind is Purple

Of all the mind types, yours is the most idealistic.

You tend to think wild, amazing thoughts. Your dreams and fantasies are intense.

Your thoughts are creative, inventive, and without boundaries.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking of fictional people and places - or a very different life for yourself.

Which I think is very bloody accurate XD And my favourite colour is purple! Weeeeeeee!!

It’s quite cool today, and cloudy. I like this weather. It’s better than any other weather lol.

I may not put up LOLcats today, as I have a video up =) Toodles!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

   "I'm An Evil Giraffe... I'm Going To Eat More Leaves Than I Should... And Then Maybe The Other Giraffes Will Die... Mwahahaha."

Time: 10.57 in the am
Mood: Awake. Ish.
Currently: Looking at the plan for Chapter 8 of my fanfic… Hmm…
Song: Mr. Brightside - The Killers

*Yawns*. Morning, lol. I’m exhausted, and I have no idea why =S Hang on, it might be because I slept for 11 hours. Yeah, that might be it XD I went to bed at 11pm last night, after watching Big Brother, and their stupid wedding, and then woke up at 10am this morning. Grah.

It’s warm again today. But, not as sunny. Kind of cloudy with a tad sunshine. I was thinking about going for a jog, or a walk or something. But then I thought, “er, no”.

Ooooh inkenyo 2.0, our chip shop does sell chips. But our chips are what you guys call fries XD And your chips are what we call crisps. Very confusing, no?

Hmm, I should really write another chapter for my ongoing fanfic. I haven’t written any since last week, which isn’t too bad, considering most people over on fanfiction.net only update their stories once every month or something XD Actually… Thinking about it, my fanfic, ‘Confessions’ has been going on for a month =O And I’m going to write chapter 8 today, so that’s not too bad! Anyway, I’ll write another chapter today. I’ll go and sit outside and write it =)

Mmmm, tea =D

I only have 12 LOLcats left in my folder. Right… Two of them are Christmas LOLcats, so I’ll shove those up today XD And I might just put up two other LOLcats up with them. Make these 12 kitties and possibly other things last a few days.

Just looked. I have 11 LOLcats left, and one hedgehog. LOL.

Actually, I’m just going to head over to ICHC, and find some mildly amusing ones. Well, try to. New ones, of course.


♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, June 9, 2008

   My Poor Eggbert. And Good Day To You, Sirs.

Time: 7.43 in the pm
Mood: Happy
Currently: Giggling
Song: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Bloodhound Gang

I’m really sorry for not commenting recently =( And I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. I just fell asleep and didn’t have time to post. I did comment Koon, though.

I was supposed to be meeting Martin this evening, but he’s ill =( I hope he still comes in the shop tomorrow so I can give him a hug =) My friend Chelsea just asked me on Facebook Chat “are you going to sleep with him?”. Dude, I’ve only just started seeing him XD

Talking of Martin, I had a dream about him. Or, rather, about his name. In the dream, he said to me “I’ve lied to you. My name isn’t really Martin. It’s actually Eggbert”. Abso-bloody-lutely mad.

I think I’ve tanned. It was unbearably hot and sunny today, and it still is, though it’s cooled down slightly. I had a driving lesson =) T’was good. Then I walked around town, made a repeat prescription, visited work (though, I’m rather wishing I hadn’t, because I’ve now discovered that Tina has made me married to Martin with three kids. These are the sort of people I work with!), visited Chelsea at where she works, went to the chip shop and bought some yummy scrumboes chippy chips… Then visited Nan.

My Nan was taken to the hospital yesterday with severe depression and stress and everything. The anti-depressants she were on didn’t agree with her, and made her worse, so she’s off those now, and back to taking HRT. Whatever that is. But she’s OK, she just needs to relax =)

Actually, here’s something funny to tell you… My Nan’s next-door-neighbour’s dog, Max, tried to hump my Granddad’s leg. LOL.

I’ve found a new genius. Or, rather, my friend Chelsea, has shown me a new genius. Eddie Izzard. Stand-up comedian and transvestite. Well, part time transvestite XD. There is the whole “AHHH! I’M COVERED IN BEES!” thing, there is the “did I leave the gas on? No! Look, I’m a fucking squirrel!” thing, there is the whole “YOU! Cake, or death?” thing, there is the landing on the moon thing, where they didn’t say ‘one small step for man’, but they actually said “ewww, it’s all sticky!”.

What else is there? Oh yeah… There’s the ‘evil giraffe’ thing. Bloody Hell, he is hilarious. He will have to be my theme one day. Actually, you guys go and search him on YouTube. Bloody hilarious.

These are random… But this is what me and Chelsea did on Saturday:

Now, time for LOLcats and other LOLthings!


♥ Emmah ♥

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

   This May Be Re-Posted Tomorrow

Time: 8.50 in the pm
Mood: CORRR!
Currently: Reeling from the cuteness!
Song: True Love Never Dies - Flip & Fill

WARNING: This post contains utter cuteness at all times.

My date yesterday… Phew. Eggbert’s name is not Eggbert. It is Martin. A normal name LOL. So, is it OK if I don’t comment you back =P This is a late post for me, too. So, maybe I’ll post it again tomorrow…

Anyway, he was late. Like a typical man. He apparently fell asleep on the couch after work, and then woke up, and was like “oh, shit”. Anyway, he shook my hand (?!) and kissed me on both cheeks (face cheeks, OBVIOUSLY). He said he was Martin (which is how I found out his name =P) and I said I was Emma, but he already knew because I wear a name badge at work. DUH.

Anyway, we went for a walk, and talked about EVERYTHING! All we’ve got left to do now is kiss a lot. I’ll get to that in a minute. He made me guess which country he’s from originally. He is actually from Czech Republic (something I didn’t guess and made him tell me instead XD). He is 24 years old, and will be 25 sometime this Summer.

He really does do kickboxing. On a Tuesday and Thursday, hence why he comes into the shop on those days XD

You know I’ve fancied him for about a month? Well, I asked him what made him ask for my phone number on Thursday. He said that he’d finally plucked up the courage, because he’d been wanting to ask me for about a month!!!!! I was like “=O”. We talked about some more stuff, and walked around some more, and sat on some benches.

And then… I don’t know what made me do it… But I told him about that night when I walked into the men’s toilets at a club *slaps self*. He found it funny, though. LOL.

Then we sat on a bench… And, er… OK, TalimSoul wants details. I dunno if the rest of you do, but you’re going to get them anyway. So, we sat on this bench, and he touched my hand and said “you don’t wear rings?”. I was like “nope”. Anyway, he carried on stroking the palm of my hand with one of his fingers. I wasn’t spazzing out or anything. I was just… Calm for once. Which is odd.

Anyway, something made me shuffle closer to him (which is harder than you might think), and we linked hands properly, and I rested my head on his shoulder. At this point, my brain was going “awww”, and then “shut up”. Bloody inward conversations.

Annnyyyhoooooo. I remember him asking me if I was alright A LOT. I guess I was super quiet. Can you imagine it? Me? Quiet?! Theeennnnn… Guess what happened? WE TOTALLY KISSED! I can’t remember much about it, because my brain had hopped off into madland once again. It can’t be good.

I thin I’m more of a cuddle girl, in all honesty. Anyway, then we went back to his car (he actually drove it over from Czech Rep., and it’s kind of sports-like), and he took me home. Kissed again, and I gave a super hug. I dunno… I prefer hugs =D

I’m meeting him again on Monday at 6pm. Can’t wait. I may ask him if we can go and feed the ducks =D I’ll buy bread XD And I will have a cuddle off him.

Work today was horrendous. It was good, and normal, but everyone was like “soo, how did your date go” or singing “love is in the air” and so on. Bloody nightmare. Apparently, when Mum told Andrea (thanks, Mother, for announcing it to the world and beyond), Andrea was like “awwwww”.

And then, guess what Mother, Andrea and Rich did?

They fucking looked at the CCTV from Thursday night. I can’t believe it. They were watching every customer that came in, and trying to figure out which one my Martin was, LOL. They eventually found him, because he was wearing a cap and a white kickboxing t-shirt LOL.

Apparently, Andrea said “cor, he’s quite fit!”. And my Mother agreed. Rich didn’t, for obvious reasons. Like the fact that he is male. And married.

Anyway, yeah… Martin’s texted me a couple of times, but he’s mainly at work =( I’m sooo excited =D

Anyway… Now for utter cuteness.

I am the one with the red t-shirt holding Jake, and his Mum is the other one.


♥ Emmah ♥

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Friday, June 6, 2008


Just a little post to say to anyone that reads this...

... That my date with MARTIN (not Eggbert!) went fabulously =D

Now, read the post below this.

Much love xxxxxxxxxx

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Time: 9.23 in the am
Mood: Excited!
Currently: EXCITED!
Song: Swing, Swing - The All-American Rejects

Thank you for your comments. But Emmah won’t be replying to them. She is quite literally making herself sick with excitement. And that isn’t good. I also just slipped into third person. Dammit. That will NOT happen later!

Ooooh you guys don’t know about later, do you? =P

First off, I’d like to apologise about not coming online yesterday. My internet just wouldn’t work. I’m not even sure if it’ll work today, so, if you’re reading this, I somehow got lucky and it’s working. For now.

Anyway… The super-hot foreign guy, also known as Eggbert, came in last night. Obviously. He confused me a tad, because he grabbed a basket, and then peered around the corner to look at moi. I remember thinking “well, that’s odd”. I also just turned French. For God’s sake, can’t I be normal just for once?!

Anyway, he came up to the tills, and I was turning as red as a loon. Which I am. We said hello, and then he started talking to me! Brain falling out alert! He asked me if I’d had a busy day, and I said more of a busy night and that I’ll be glad to go home. He asked me what time I finished, and I said 11 (grah). He kind of made an “eek” face. Lol.

Then, he asked me something that shocked me and made my brain return at once.

He asked me for my MOBILE NUMBER!

He said, “can I ask you a silly question?”, and so I said “go for it” (something I say way too much to customers - like if they say “shall I put my card in here”, I’ll just reply with “go for it”), and then he goes “can I have your phone number?”.

The brain did return, but went again immediately. I was totally having a spaz-out internally. Unfortunately, I can’t actually remember my own number LOL. So I told him “you can, but…” and he goes “oh no, a but”. And I continued saying “you can, but I can’t actually remember it”, and so I asked him if he’d be in Tuesday, and he said yes, and I said that I’ll give him my number then.

So, he smiled, and we said goodbye, and then I discovered I was shaking with total excitement, and I rang two bells for Rich to come down. I was telling him what had happened sooooo fast. I doubt he even understood what I’d said.

Anyway, 5 minutes later, and Eggbert comes back in!! Luckily, I remembered my brain, didn’t turn red, and managed to walk up to him almost normally. I said “you’re back” and he goes “yeah, it’s me again”.

Then he said “I’m free tomorrow or Sunday, if you want to come out”. Of course, the brain then kind of hopped off into madland. But left half of itself for me to be normal (ish). I asked him what time on Sunday, and he shrugged and said it didn’t matter what time. I kind of chewed my lip and asked what time today, and he goes “once I finish work about 4-5?”. Sooooo, I say “how about 5.30?”. And he goes that’s fine.

Soooooo!! I totally have a date with the foreign guy (I still don’t know his name XD) today at 5.30!! We’re meeting just in front of the Abbey in the park. I’m sooooo excited. I couldn’t sleep last night, and I’ve got a driving lesson this morning. I just pray to God that I don’t crash the car! Lol!

So, when I got home last night, I told my Mum, and she was just like “oh my God”. Then I texted Twists Of Rain about it, lol!

Also, hahaha to you, Koon. He is not gay. Obviously. Because I am not a man.

Also, I just managed to get on the interwebs, and now it’s all gone off again. DARN!

Sooooooo excited!

I will update tomorrow with all the details of our “date”. I am still in total shock XD

Good day to you, sirs.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

   Well, He Laughed At Me...

Time: 10.00 in the am
Mood: Giggly
Song: Crushcrushcrush - Paramore

Cor, blimey. It’s warm in here. My room is like a sauna! Thank you for your comments!

Oh my God. I’m coughing and wheezing with laughter at a LOLcat. Fucking Hell, it’s funny. Christ… I’m so gonna have to upload it. Along with my own cat, and my little hedgehog one I made.


Ridiculous-hot-and-sexy-foreign-guy-now-known-as-Eggbert came in the shop last night!! Of course, because Ben sat on the till all night after I had my break, and did nothing but sort through the bins (eww!) recycling the bloody paper and plastic stuff, I was rushing around like a blue-arsed-fly, complaining to Matt about everything, and I’d FORGOTTEN that it was actually a Tuesday and that Eggbert was due in!

So, of course, I was running around, facing up (because Ben had done none of it - and all the paper he recycled? I just shoved it back in the bins. Where it belongs!), and then Matt called me to the tills to count out some lifts.

I didn’t notice Eggbert come in. Nor did I notice him come up to the tills! Matt told someone (who happened to be Eggbert) to put their basket down on my till, and I went to grab another lift, but Matt bragged me, and shoved me in front of Eggbert, and said “can you just serve this gentleman for me?” and I said “how rude!” and Eggbert LAUGHED at me!

I think Matt’s cottoned onto something.

Hahaha, I’ve just signed up to Heatworld.com. Heat is the best magazine in the history of magazine’s XD Though, I am disappointed to see that Company magazine has a Katie Price book free with it. And it’s the book I bought ages ago. Typical.

Do you know what my username is on Heatworld? RAWR_im_a_dinosaur. LOL.

Right, these two, are the LOLthings I made! Of course, the cat, is really my cat. And she really did do that!

Gimme The Damn Cheezburger!

My Kittykat!

These four, are the ones I did not make. But the first is the one I nearly wet myself at at the beginning of this post! LOL!

Flowers? For Me?!

She Out Cold

Your Document Could Not Be Finished

They Be Stealing My Bag!

Crikey, I’m tired. It must be the warmth. Good day to you, sirs!

♥ Emmah ♥

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