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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Time: 12.35 in the pm
Mood: Annoyed
Currently: BANANA
Song: True Love Never Dies - Flip & Fill

The laziness has taken over. So I shall thank you for your comments, but apologise because I can’t be arsed to comment back XD

I am annoyed.

Firstly, on fanfiction.net, I wrote on my profile brief summaries of what I’m working on, fanfiction-wise. Well, I wrote down that I was planning out a Titanic/Beyblade cross story about a week and a half ago. Then, this guy called Beywriter happens to review one of my stories a few days ago, and now, all of a sudden, he’s just got an idea for a Titanic/Beyblade cross. Grrr.

Mine will be so much better, anyway =)

And secondly, my friend Chelsea WILL NOT STOP GOING ON ABOUT ROSIE’S BABY! I’ve yet to see little Jake (that’s what Rosie’s called him), and Chelsea’s like “awww he’s so cute, and he was 8lbs!!”. I’m just like, shut up.

I will be seeing little Jake and Ro-Ro soon, though.

I FINALLY got an account at icanhascheezburger.com! I’ve made three LOLz so far XD One of them is with a picture of my own cat LOL.

Hmm… Thinking about fanfiction.net, I’ve done two oneshots, and added another chapter, since yesterday morning XD How mad is that? I’ve just uploaded my DBGT oneshot. It’s not yaoi as such… But it does mention Goten wanting Trunks. So… It kinda is. LOL.

My manager, Matt, phoned my mobile at 6 this morning =S It was because Andrea was late, and co-workers were outside waiting to get in, so they messaged Matt, and he somehow ended up phoning me, when he was actually trying to phone my Mum. I just agreed, and went back to sleep. And then got woken up about 10am by my next-door-neighbour’s stupid voice. The stupid little witch.

Anyway… Yeah. I think that’s all. Toodles!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, June 2, 2008


Time: 9.45 in the am
Currently: SQUEE
Song: Malchik Gay - t.A.T.u.


I have BIG news!!

Y’know my pregnant bestest friend Rosie? Welllllll, she is no longer pregnant!


Her Dad came into the shop yesterday, to get some more pound coins for his other daughter who worked at a garage, and just as he was walking away, we turned back round and said, “oh yeah, Rosie had her little boy last night! 8lbs!”.


So, little Squiggle was born on the 31st of May. Two weeks before his due date, and was big 0_o I think the doctors went wrong somewhere. Either that or Rosie took Baby Miracle Growth during the pregnancy some time XD

Soooo, I have bought a card for Rosie and Alex (the boyfriend/father), and sometime soon, I must go down to Cottontails, or another baby shop (you can buy babies! Well, no… You can’t XD), and get little Squiggle (I don’t know what Rosie and Alex have called him yet XD I forgot to ask Rosie’s Dad in all the excitement) a little teddy or outfit or something.


Oh, in the way of the eating healthy diet thing… I am doing well. I think. Everything is a ton harder when you work in a shop and people just buy chocolate all the time. So I allowed myself to have one of those Cadbury’s Cream Egg Twisted things. They are very nice. But that was all the chocolate I had yesterday. I was late to work, too, but Matt didn’t mind. He said that it was the first time I’d EVER been late (and I’ve worked there for almost a year), and I’ve been early countless times, and helped out a lot, so he told me to take my time XD So I bought a banana and ate it =)

What did I have for lunch? Well… Afternoon food…? I have a chicken and bacon sandwich, which was in brown bread. I’ve grown to like brown bread, now. I used to hate it. I took the bacon out, though. TESCO bacon in sandwiches tastes weird. So I just ended up having a chicken sandwich, with some lettuce in it. And another banana and that chocolate bar. Then I got home, and had another chicken sandwich XD I’d bought some baps (oo-er!) and decided to use one of the chicken breasts (OO-ER!) that Mum had cooked. Then I was naughty and had a swig of Coca-Cola to wash it down. But I don’t think that matters too much XD

I’m too excited. I’m gonna have to go. LOL.

Hang on, have some LOLcats, because I’m feeling nice. And also, WOOHOO! COMMENT BOXES LOOK AWESOME =D

Alien Cat


Rotation Sequence

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Ooooh! I‘m A Scary Baby Panda!


And finally… I have a new fanfic up. More manlove lemony goodness… In a threesome =P

♥ Emmah ♥

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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Emmah can not be bothered to open her Word Document which has all the codes for her post. Instead, she is just writing it straight in the post box on MyO =)


Today was a crap day at work. The bread didn't turn up, I was rushing around like a loony, and then I was stuck on checkouts. Woo!

On my loooooong break, though, I did do a tad bit of shopping.

I.e. I bought some trainers, tracksuit bottoms, and ankle socks.

No, I am not turning into a chav.

I never will do.

Anyway, I'm taking up walking/jogging. Hence the trainers and stuff. Today was the first day of my healthy eating diet, too. For brekkiefast, I had a croissant, some mango (which tasted like crap, btw), and half a bottle of water.

For lunch, I had a tuna and mayonnaise salad, with the rest of the bottle of water (it was only a small bottle) and a banana.


Buuuuut. The bad thing is, is that it's Saturday. Meaning it's curry night *rolls eyes*. But I'm thinking, it's OK to eat a curry every Saturday night, as long as I eat healthy and go walking/jogging during the week =D

I've also become a bit obsessed with Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream... Sooo, that will just be another occasional treat.

Everyone looked at me funny when they saw I was eating salad. They raised their eyebrows. I'm also getting super bad chocolate cravings. Grahhhhh!!! I hate being a chocoholic =P Well... I love it... Buuuut... Yeah, now that I'm on this healthy eating diet... No chocolate for me =(

Erm... I'm just working on another oneshot fanfic. Aaaaand I'm also choosing a new theme of June... I might have fish.

That was random =D

Random Fact About Emmah
She gets annoyed easily, as if you couldn't tell.



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Friday, May 30, 2008


I did comment you all back.

Which is an achievement. Something I can't even spell.

My finger still hurts like a bitch, but I'm gritting my teeth and bearing it.

Eggbert came in the shop last night (for anyone who missed the whole naming Eggbert thing Eggbert is the name Twists Of Rain gave my super-hot foreign guy). My brain DIDN'T fall out. But, we were really busy. So, I just smiled at him, said hello, and cor, blimey. Didn't he want a lot! He bought 6 pints of whole milk, he had £5 credit on a t-mobile phone, and he had £10 credit on a orange phone. Why? I don't know.

But he does have a really high pitched voice.

Oh. My. God. What if he is gay?!

Anyway... Driving lesson today. Went good =D

Another fanfic up? I dunno. I've forgotten when I last told you all XD

Plastering man came with plumber. Plumber man took off radiators. Plastering man plastered. Plumber man put radiators back on.

Then it turned out we had no heating/hot water...

... So, plumber man called two of his mates up, and they fixed it.

Now... It is broken again. We have no hot water or heating (who needs that, anyway?) until Monday!!!! Mum phoned up and complained, and the woman on the phone said that no one can get out until Monday. They probably won't even show up then.


Other than that...

Nothing =D

MUCHOS LOVE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

   It Is Thursday And Therefore Eggbert Will Be Coming Into The Shop =D

Time: 12.02 in the pm
Mood: Annoyed
Currently: Annoyed, because my sister has EATEN all my Custard Creams!
Song: Neverending Story - Scooter

Thanking you for your comments =) If anything’s spelt wrong today, you can blame my finger. I have a plaster on it that’s getting in the way >_< Koon, if you point out the possibility that Eggbert is gay one more time… You… Will get a cyber-slap. LOL.

I forgot to mention yesterday, that on Tuesday night, Ben broke the toilet at work. I was just buying some munchies, and he goes “you might need this” and hands me the toilet handle! Oh, how we laughed. He actually managed to snap the handle right off!! So, now we’ve had to take the toilet lid off, so we can pull the little plastic thing in there. Lol.

The plastering man eventually turned up yesterday. But he didn’t do any plastering. He looked at the radiators, knocked on the wall, and told me he’d be back tomorrow with a plumber *rolls eyes*. At 8AM he’s coming!

I finish work tonight between 11-11.15pm. I’m going to have to get up for about half 7. I have a driving lesson at about 10.30am tomorrow, too. I WAS hoping for a lie-in. But, no. Bloody typical.

OK, I’m giving up commenting back today. I’m gonna have to cut this post short, too. My finger just really aches, and stuff. I’ve just taken the plaster off it, and it’s all white and wrinkly (my finger, not the plaster). Ewww.

Random Fact About Emmah
I’m going on a diet as of Saturday (I still have unhealthy things left in the house - so I’m going to NOM them within the next couple of days), and I will be attempting to exercise as well. Am I ill? Probably LOL.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Time: 12.30 in the pm
Mood: Happy =D
Currently: NOM
Song: Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

I just choked myself silly laughing at your comments. Heh XD Thanks for them, btw! Right, Twists Of Rain has now called the ridiculously-hot-and-sexy-foreign-guy-whom-no-one-can-remember-the-name-of-because-1)-we-don’t-actually-know-his-name-and-2)-this-just-keeps-getting-longer… What was my point again? Oh, yeah, Twists has now called him Eggbert XD

Anyway, Eggbert DID come in last night. I didn’t see him come in, though, and it reached 10.15 in the pm, and I was all sad, because I didn’t think he was in… And then he zoomed round the corner!

Well… He didn’t literally zoom. That would be mad. So, of course, I saw him, and the brain was yet again non-existent. Lol. He has a super nice smile… Bleh. I was just trying to see if I could email the pictures of him to my Photobucket account, but my bloody phone says “setup required”. I already tried, and nothing happened. Bleh.

I’m still waiting for this bloke to turn up to re-plaster the downstairs wall, and the two sticky out bits next to my bedroom window. These bloody men are hopeless. No offence to any other bloke reading this. But seriously, my Mother phoned us (me and my sister) up at 10am, and I was still in bed (hey, I finish work late at night, I’m allowed a lie-in XD), and Sophie was like “no, the men haven’t turned up yet. Yes. OK. Bye” and then she put the phone down, and shouted up to me “EMMA! MUM SAYS GET YOUR LAZY ARSE OUT OF BED!”. Which I don’t think is appropriate language for an 11-year-old.

So, of course… I drag my lazy arse out of bed, attempt to get dressed (my attempt was pulling on some random jeans that I’ve found in the corner of my room. Are they dirty? I honestly don’t know. And just pulling my hoodie on over my pyjama top, and I look relatively dressed XD). (I would never go out of the house like this, though).

BLECK! I just finished off my cup of tea, and INHALED a lump of biscuit that had obviously fallen in without me knowing. Bah humbug.

I just went on Waterstones.com to see if they had Fruits Basket 16 up there yet. Nope. It is official. That volume of Furuba does no longer exist. Imadoki! (Nowadays) volume 5 finally turned up yesterday, and it disappointed me to see that it’s the last Imadoki! *sadness*. So, now I must see how much Dragonball Z costs on Play.com so I can think about ordering it from there. It costs DOUBLE the normal sale price on Waterstones.com. So I’m not buying it off there!

The Best Water Slide EVER!


Another Red Bull?

I Only Had 8 Red Bulls!

Rock Star Kitteh

Voldemort‘s Here

I seriously am running out of LOLcats and other LOLstuff =S It’ll soon be down to none, and I will just have to have one LOLcat or something up every day =(

Random Fact About Emmah
My hair naturally a blonde colour. Mixed with brown. It’s obscure.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

   Carnival Pictures!

Time: 11.00 in the am
Currently: GRAAHHH!
Song: Weekend! - Scooter


Thanks for your comments. I replied to them last night, and did attempt to post, but the internet died and I just wasn’t in the mood to fiddle around (oo-er) with it. Omg, Koon, I was in the middle of downloading that song from your site on my phone, and then I ran out of money on my phone XD So I’ll have to try again later.

I have a PM on fanfiction.net =D Who’s it from, I wonder? It’s RagingFlameSprite =D Sorry, I find that very amusing, because for some reason I already knew it was gonna be you, RFS… I’m psychic =P

Do you know what day it is? It is Tuesday. Meaning the super-hot-and-ridiculously-sexy-foreign-guy-who-I-suspect-is-from-Poland will come in. YIPPEE. But then, NOT SO YIPPEE. Because my brain will fall out. At least I’ll have something interesting to talk about tomorrow. Anyway, onto the Carnival pictures. Well, from the procession, anyway.

That’s my sister, Sophie, with my fabulous-yet-tiny umbrella. Lol.

This went a bit blurred (OK, a LOT blurred), but I took a photo of the dude in red because of what he was wearing. And he was eating an ice cream. And it was bloody freezing! And raining! And windy!
Man in red!

There he is again. But less blurred.
Man in red again!

The bagpipe men/band thing.
Bagpipe men

The bagpipe men close up - with the man in red in the background.
Bagpipe men close up

The Carnival Princess.
Carnival Princess

Dennis the fire engine. OK, it’s not really called Dennis. And nor do I know why it was in the procession. But it was.
Dennis The Fire Engine

These two seriously made me laugh.

Owen! I work with him XD

I wonder if that one woman’s top had a front to it… If not… Ewww…

Someone dressed up as a squirrel…

I was attempting to get a picture of the super cute kids, but the stupid woman with the blue cap walked in my way. Bitch.
Stupid Woman

Seeeee? Cute kids!
Cute kids!


Super cool car.

Super cool car again.

Band-type people.
Band people

Super cute kids!

A caterpillar head. The woman pushing it looks like she’s having fun.

Kids as the caterpillar’s body
Caterpillar body

Dancers/baton twirler-people.

They looked very confused
Dancers again

And that is it for my carnival pictures. Phew. Toodles!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

   Posting Beofre Work On A Sunday? Non!!! Oui, Oui!!!

Time: 10.14 in the am
Mood: Happy
Currently: Happy. Because I have my cup of tea.
Song: Hey God - Bon Jovi

Fucking internet. Yes, I am going to complain about it again. As I often do. I was just commenting people back last night, and then it died. And wouldn’t revive. So I gave up. I’m not even going to attempt to comment this morning. 1) I don’t have the time. 2) Can’t be arsed. 3) I’m finally watching the last episode of Beyblade G-Rev. I haven’t watched Beyblade in a few months, and I thought I’d better watch the last episode. Before starting them all again. Yes, I am that obsessed.

Apparently, there IS a new season coming out. Like, next year in Japan. We shall have to see…

Got work today. Am I looking forward to it? Not really. I’m hoping it won’t be that busy, even though it’s the Bank Holiday weekend. It’s raining, and it’s windy, so I’m hoping that the fools of Pershore and beyond stay in their cosy homes, and don’t fun out of milk, or toilet rolls or anything. Lol.

I really like this song.

“Hey God, tell me what the Hell is going on, it feels like all the good shit’s gone, it keeps on getting harder hanging on…”

Fab lyrics.

Erm… I had a scary dream last night. It involved getting my braces, which is happening in just under a month. Well, I’ll be getting my top braces in just under a month. My bottom braces will be done a couple of weeks after. But anyway, I had a dream that I was wandering around town, killing time until Mum took me to get the braces done, and when it was time to go, Mum was faffing around, talking to people for ages. I remember telling her in the dream, that if we didn’t leave then, we’d be late, and I wouldn’t be able to have them done. But she kept on talking to this person. So I started walking (!!) all the way to the hospital to get them done. I don’t know why I didn’t figure out that I could drive (ish) and just steal her car. So, anyway, I ended up being 10 minutes late, but the receptionist said that it was OK, because there was no one else waiting. Then Mum barged in wanting to know where I’d gone.

Then I woke up, because something was bleeping in my room, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

It turned out to be my alarm. I’m such a retard in the morning, LOL.

… What time is it? Ah, I’d better go watch the last epi of Beyblade, then maybe zoom around elsewhere on the interweb, and then get ready for work, and maybe think about having something to eat.

Y’know, I don’t know why I don’t lose weight easily, considering I hardly ever eat during the daytime. I’ll just have a couple of snacks normally, and then eat a proper meal in the night time. My eating patterns are weird, LOL.

Random Fact About Emmah

I used to want to live in a tree. As you do.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Friday, May 23, 2008

   Can Someone Please Control My Brain?

Time: 7.15 in the pm
Mood: Happy
Currently: Wishing someone would come and bring me a nice cup of Coca-Cola, but having to drink Ribena instead
Song: Air Hostess - Busted

I’ve somehow managed to make my internet work. Which is an achievement. Oh, wait, SuperPoke over on Facebook has just crashed it. I fucking hate SuperPoke. I was re-writing my intro over on fanfiction.net as well. Bloody hell. Now I’ll have to start again! Anyway, another chapter of ‘Confessions’ is up.

Thanks for your comments guys =D Emmah will return them. WOOHOO!

Super-hot-what sit guy DID? Come in last night =D He bought beef burgers and milk. Interesting combination.

Anyway, I didn’t see him come in, so it was all good, my brain was still in my head, and then when I saw he was in the queue… That was it, my brain officially hopped off to madland. Seriously, this is not good.

The whole inward-laughing thing started up again, and so I was smiling like a prat. Two prats, in fact. Anyway, he said ‘hello’ to me, and then that was it. I had officially lost any sanity I had left. Once he’d gone, I was swooning about like an idiot.

Had my driving lesson today =) We did some hill starts, and I just COULDN’T get the hang of it! Then we did a couple of parallel parks!! The first attempt wasn’t TOO bad, and my second attempt was pretty damn good =D Very proud of myself.

LOLcat and other LOLthings time!

Botox Isn‘t So Great

This Is How Stupid You Look

Quicksand… Is Quick

This Doesn‘t Concern You…

2 Of Us Look Stupid…


Random Fact About Emmah Of The Day:

I used to want to be a tattooist.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


See, I have no time today, hence why this is a rushed post.

'Tis Thursday. Meaning super-hot-whatsit guy should come in, but I have a funny feeling he won't...

Laptop and internet are still playing up.

I've uploaded another oneshot fanfic. Lot's of manlove and lemony goodness, if you like that sort of thing. LOL. Go read.

Bloody Hell. I'll hopefully have a proper post for you all tomorrow.



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