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Saturday, May 10, 2008

   Emmah Is Talking In Third Person, And She Doesn't Know Why!

Time: 7.49 in the pm
Mood: Blank
Currently: Typing
Song: Jumping All Over The World - Scooter

Emmah apologises for not updating for the past few days.

Emmah¡¯s internet just WOULD¡¯NT work. At all. Oh, wait, Emmah lies. It worked for about half an hour, which enabled Emmah to upload her second fanfic.

Emmah will give you all the link:


Emmah now has the cheek to say that if you like MANLOVE, and BUMSEX, then you should go read her fanfic. And review it. Emmah loves reviews. You can even review anonymously if you want. Either way, Emmah would love a review =D

Emmah also apologises now, before anyone does read it, because it is all underlined, and the first paragraph or two is randomly in italics.

Emmah doesn¡¯t know why. She tried to fix it. And failed.

Emmah is listening to Scooter¡¯s new album. She bought it on Thursday. Emmah LOBES it.

So, yes. Emmah is already working on her next fanfic. It won¡¯t be focused on Tala and Kai having bumsex too much. Though, there will be a scene with them doing that in =P But this time it¡¯s from Max¡¯s point of view - and it¡¯s his diary =D

Emmah thinks there will be 13 chapters. Because she loves the number 13.

Emmah does, however, have another MANLOVE and BUMSEX fanfic planned, with Tala and Kai in, of course. Tala will be uke, this time. Because Emmah normally likes Kai to be uke, but hey, Emmah has to keep the small amount of Uke Tala fans she has happy XD

Emmah is unsure why she¡¯s writing this in third person. She confuses herself.

Emmah will probably upload the rest of those drunken photos on Monday.

Emmah¡¯s foreign, really hot guy came into work on Thursday night. Emmah got very excited. Oo-er. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice! Emmah is in lobe.

In fact, Emmah¡¯s brain fell out. Which is nothing new. Emmah cannot wait until Tuesday night when he comes in again =D

Emmah has nothing more to say. Pip pip!

¢¾ Emmah ¢¾

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Time: 12.54 in the pm
Mood: Hyper.
Currently: Scratching my back. ‘Tis itchy.
Song: Malchik Gay - t.A.T.u. (If you hadn’t guessed, this is my new favourite song XD)

Whilst my internet is deciding if it wants to work or not, I will make a start on this post. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find the time to comment you guys back. Looks like I’m gonna have to multi-task XD Anyway, thank you for your comments, and hello to a new friend! Heley!! Us MyO-isms need to stick together XD

More reviews on my story =D Did you guys go and read it? Also, I’ve been added to someone’s author alert =D And my fanfic has been favourited again =D I’m so happy! It’s a bloody good job that I’ve started (and very nearly finished) my next one =D

Internet died. Not so happy.

But still, ‘Have You Ever’ had 6 reviews =D Which I think is fabulous considering it’s my very first fanfic submitted.

Orthodontist today. If that woman even thinks of taking more moulds, or poking me with that sharp pointy thing, I will eat her.

That really hot foreign guy came in again last night. I swooned and my brain hopped off, as per usual. I may have even drooled.

Feet. Chelsea was attempting to get the flash on the camera to work. It did.

(Left-Right) Rockabilly Lee, and Rockabilly Ben.

Me. In the loos. Not the men’s, though.
Me In The Loos

Photobucket just died on me, so these will have to do, and I’ll upload the rest tomorrow *sigh*.

So, if you like manlove, yaoi and sex, go read my rather rubbish fanfic =D


♥ Emmah ♥

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

   Fanfic Links and Pictures of Semi-Drunkeness

Time: 8.50 in the am
Mood: Hyper
Currently: Thinking. And it hurts
Song: Alcohol - CSS (I hate my Media Player XD)

I just came online (briefly, before my internet decided to DIE on me again), and went straight to my emails (homepage), and I had 7 emails from fanfiction.net!!!!! 2 were just saying I’d uploaded the story itself (the first time it went mad, so I deleted and tried again XD), 2 were saying that people had added it to their favourite stories (!!!!!) and 3 were saying that I’d got reviews (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Just looked at the reviews. They all apparently like it XD I’m so proud of myself. I’m as happy as a flea. Two fleas, in fact. As happy as two fleas in a flea circus finally nailing their trapeze act =D That is how happy I am.

So, here’s the very rubbish TheO version:

And here’s the fabulous fanfiction.net version =D:

I managed to tune into the Jackass 24-hour Worst moments again last night. Just at the Mianus bit.

“I’m trying to see if I can see Uranus, from Mianus.”
“I think we’ve sucked Mianus dry”.


Oh yes, the proper spaghetti. Is just like normal spaghetti. Except it’s actually come from Italy, hence why it’s proper spaghetti XD The stuff you can buy in stores hasn’t actually come from Italy. Therefore it sucks. Anyway, picture time XD

This was Ben. We randomly met him in the pub.

(Left-Right) Chelsea and Emily
Chelsea and Emily

Me and Chelsea

Cowboy Dan. Who, er, wasn’t actually a cowboy. And didn’t look like one, either,
Cowboy Dan

Dave. Emily and Chelsea knew him. I met him for the first time. He was rather drunk.

Ed. Who was sat with Ben.

I don’t remember this being taken, but that’s Emily and me XD
Emily and me

Emily, me and Chelsea. Don’t know what I was looking at, why I was pulling that expression, or who took the photo.
Emily, Me and Chelsea

Emily’s chin and her bottle of Smirnoff Ice
Emily's chin?

I’ll show you the rest tomorrow, for I fear this is a bit long XD

I am going to have to change my theme XD

♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, May 5, 2008

   The Pictures Will Arrive Tomorrow Morning!

Time: 21.47 in the pm
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Eyeing up the cookie and chocolate on my shelf. Yummy scrumboes
Song: The Reason - Hoobastank

Chibi-Anna-Chan, nope, I haven’t had a Jager bomb. I didn’t even try normal Jager XD I wasn’t brave enough. Foamy14, getting a ‘bollocking’ is like getting told off. Anyway, guys, thanks for your comments XD

I really am confused. About Saturday night, when we were all in the toilets and Chelsea was crying. I can’t remember the other random girls coming in, and I definitely don’t remember being handed Chelsea’s phone. I do remember the random girl trying to help me send a message, and then I failed, and she went away, and then I think I mentioned something about accidentally deleting Matt to Chelsea. But when we woke up yesterday morning, Chelsea looked at her phone and said “did you find out who you deleted in the end?”. I still can’t remember who it was. Maybe I deleted one of her messages instead? But she says I definitely didn’t delete anyone. Weird.

I have also had ‘Ruby Soho’ (the song) stuck in my head since Saturday night. I even know all the words. I can’t remember if it was actually played, though XD

I am sat here, with a nice cup of tea. And some biscuits XD

I watched Jackass last night. This 24-hour thing they did. Oh my God, how I laughed. I remember watching the whole ‘Mianus’ thing ages ago, but re-watching it again last night made me almost pee my pants. I’m gonna have to find it again on YouTube or something. It’s just too funny.

Can I go live in Mianus please? I’d actually love to say to someone “I live in Mianus”.

I remember one thing one of them said: “Oh look, there’s directions to Mianus”.

I also watched Dirty Sanchez. Dunno if you’ve ever heard of it. It’s like the British version of Jackass. But with insane Welsh men. XD

This isn’t the Mianus clip I watched last night, but it’s still hilarious XD I can’t find the actual clip. Must search harder.

Been told by Chelsea that some of the pictures from Saturday are up. I shall have to have a look at them.

My fanfic is almost complete! I’m just writing the sex scene =P I’m attempting to write it to the best of my ability, and write it slow so I don’t fuck it up (hahaha no pun intended).

So, what else besides write my fanfic have I done today? There was randomly an Italian market in town today. Wasn’t very big. Smelled strongly of cheese. But I got some Italian hot chocolate (normal chocolate, mint, Whisky, and Chilli - the Chilli being for my Mum!), and some PROPER spaghetti =D It’s massive.

Hahahaha the feet! Sorry, I’ve just saved all the pictures from Chelsea’s MySpace, and there’s one of all our feet. We weren’t drunk, but Chelsea was trying to get the flash to work on her camera. It did, and she was aiming at our feet. LOL. I really will show you guys them tomorrow. Saved me having to write a proper post XD

I must be off now. I might try and finish the fanfic, upload it to fan fiction.net, and then if I actually bother to do that, I’ll edit it and submit it to TheO. Christ XD


♥ Emmah ♥

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

   A Good Night Was Had By All?

Time: 21.58 in the pm (I may post this again tomorrow)
Mood: Am I still hungover? LOL
Currently: In bed.
Song: Malchik Gay - t.A.T.u.

Christ. On. A. Bike. A good night was had by all indeed. Well, sort of. Last night… Was so frickin’ funny, but then there was the fight incident.

So, we first went to the pub, got us some drinks (I had vodka and coke =P) and went and sat outside. We finished our drinks, and went to get some more. Finished those, and Emily declared that she felt sick, and it was probably because she hadn’t eaten all day.

So then we ended up in Subway. Originally, it was just Emily who was gonna eat, but we all ended up buying something. Me and Emily both had a tuna and mayo sandwich thing. Chelsea had a ham one.

Then once we’d eaten, we decided we needed to pee (it’s amazing that I’m remembering all this XD). So, we went back to the pub, and used the loos…

Now, I think this is when we decided to have the first round of shots. I had a Sourz Apple shot, so did Emily, I think, and Chelsea had a Jager (pronounced: yayger) or two. No, she had a Jager and a Sourz Peach. After we finished those, I bought us all Smirnoff Ices. Then after that, I think Emily bought me a vodka and coke, and herself and Chelsea a Southern Comfort and coke.

Then Chelsea bought more shots. Emily had a Sourz Peach, I had another Sourz Apple, and Chelsea had two Jagers AND a Sourz Peach! She then thought it would be a good idea to steal the shot glasses. So we did. LMAO.

Erm, then I bought Emily and Chelsea a Smirnoff Ice each, and I had a Smirnoff Black Ice. I remember complaining because I couldn’t taste anything XD Then Chelsea went and talked to two guys called Ben and Ed. Me and Emily sat there like goosegogs. Amazingly, we weren’t that drunk. Just getting there. Chelsea was gone, lmao.

Then we needed to go to the bank, because Emily lost her money, and Chelsea was running out, and so was I. I was only going to get about £30, and Chelsea then pressed the £100 button. I now have about £80 in my purse, which is all Chelsea’s fault XD

Then we went to the club, called Evolution (the pub we were in was called the Pig and Drum), and all it played was rock music =D Like, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, The Offspring… I loved it XD When we went to pay (and got stamps on our hands =D), the woman was just taking the money for me and Emily, when this cat jumped up on the counter. It was SOOOOOOOOO cute!

Then we got some more Smirnoff Ices. After this, I really was drunk. We got more Smirnoff Ices after that, and Chelsea went off with this other guy called Ben. Different to the one earlier. We shall call him Rockabilly Ben. Then I remember telling Emily that it “was that time of the night when you just need to pee continuously”. I seriously said that.

So, off I toddled, up the stairs, turned left, straight ahead, into the women’s loos… All fine and dandy. Then when I came out, I forgot which way the stairs were. So, me being the rather drunk person I was, decided to follow this bloke…

… Into the men’s toilets. I walked in there, and all these men were lined up and I remember saying “oh, these aren’t the stairs” and walked back out. I did find the stairs, but nearly fell down them because I was giggling away to myself so much LOL. When I told Emily and Cowboy Dan (don’t ask - I remember debating with Emily, because Dan doesn’t actually look like a cowboy), Emily just burst into laughter. Chelsea did the same when I found her and told her XD I think I texted some people about it, too.

Then me, Emily and Cowboy Dan went outside, and I met Emily’s brother. He is mad. I thought she was mad, but he is madder. Imagine me. But ten times worse, and male. There you have Emily’s brother. Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? Anyway, I think he gave me a hug, and then I met his latest girlfriend, Hannah, and we hugged, too. There was a lot of hugging.

Then we went back inside… And Emily’s brother (James, Jay or Whitby - whichever people were calling him) was there, too. He moves fast XD He was leaving, and he left, but when we turned back around, he was there again. We were super confused. Then I remember Chelsea rushing past me. And then I declared I needed to pee again. Then we found Chelsea upstairs with Rockabilly Ben, and Emily went over to see what was wrong (Chelsea was freaking out and crying and so on), and Em told me to go to the loo. So I did, and when I came out, Chelsea came rushing in.

Emily told me to go give Chelsea and hug and comfort her, whilst she was gonna talk to Rockabilly Ben to see what had happened. I remember walking back into the toilets (I say walking - I was more like staggering, because I was stupidly drunk), and I could hear Chelsea crying in one of the loos. I remember shouting something along the lines of “I’m here for you Chelsea, and I understand if you don’t want to open the door if you’re peeing”. And so the I opened the door to the toilets and shouted out to Emily “I can’t comfort her - she’s locked herself in the bloody toilet!”.

Come to think of it, I shouted everything that night. I never said anything normally. Then Chelsea came out of the loo, and went and sat over on this side thingy. Me and Emily went and sat with her, and then Rockabilly Ben kept coming in (yes, into the ladies!). I remember I was trying to lean against the toilet door, but I kept slipping and falling over. And I kept giving Chelsea toilet tissue. LMAO.

Anyway, it turned out that she was outside with Rockabilly Ben, and this fight broke out next to them, and there was a lot of blood, and she got some on her, and it made her think of a time when one of her friends was attacked with a knife. She calmed down after that, and I remember just somehow having Chelsea’s phone (can’t remember anyone actually giving it to me) and this random girl was trying to help me send a message LMAO. I gave up in the end, found Matt’s (Chelsea’s boyfriend) number, and was gonna send him a message from my phone. Until Emily saw what I’d written and told me not to. I can’t remember what I’d written, in all honesty.

Anyway, Emily texted Matt to tell him to phone Chelsea, which he did. I remember apologising to him on the phone. I think it was for letting Chelsea have Smirnoff (she gets really emotional). Then we left for the taxi, and we were walking down the street, when this girl just fell over and collapsed. She was paralytic and was having a fit. The one “friend” of hers said that she’d be alright, but I remember wanting to call an ambulance lol. I nearly did until I saw a Police Car, and Emily and Chelsea explained to them about the girl. Then we really did go get the taxi.

When we were in the taxi, I remember searching for my phone, and I couldn’t find it. Apparently, I said “I my phone’s not in my fucking bag”. Can’t remember that XD I do remember, however, Chelsea saying “is it in your pocket?” and then I checked and was like “why, yes. It is”. We laughed.

Woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover to the sound of thunder. Evilness. Walked to my Nan’s house about 10am, and she made me bacon sandwiches =D Then had to go to work XD Julie was feeling sorry for me, until she found out the reason I had a headache was because I’d been on the piss XD

Just checked my phone for pictures from last night. I have two. Both taken in the loos of the Pig and Drum. Very scary pictures. One of me, one of Chelsea. Chelsea took quite a few, so once she gets those uploaded and stuff, I’ll show you guys them. A couple of them are actually quite funny.

Erm… Work itself, today… Was more bearable once I’d taken headache tablets XD Quite boring, actually. I stayed an extra 15 minutes to cover 4 members of staff being in the office doing an “informal discussion”. I.e. someone getting bollocked, but it not being and official warning. Otherwise, it was just Owen to fend off the many customers that decided to buy things. Evil customers.

I’m exhausted.

I also never want to see alcohol ever again.

Too bad that I have a big bottle of Smirnoff Ice in the fridge =P And have plans to go out again in a few weeks time XD

♥ Emmah ♥

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Friday, May 2, 2008

   I Was Gonna Write Something Really Amusing Here.... But I Couldn't Think Of Anything. PICKLED CHIZZZ!

Time: 5.31 in the pm
Currently: Attempting to open my can of Coca-Cola (booo to Pepsi - you suck =P)
Song: Parallel Worlds - Elliot Minor

Firstly, thank you MUCHLY AND LOTS for your comments. *Dies from the amount she got*.

Secondly, I’ve read too many M-rated fan fictions, and my head is swimming with sex (heh, that sounds funny).

Thirdly, I think I have the Horn. I think my red bottomosity is flowing free and wild. Help.

Ok, I’ll explain (prepare to be confused - you know what I’m like when I attempt to explain something). There’s this guy (… Obviously), who comes into the shop I work in a couple of nights a week. He’s probably about 23-ish? He’s foreign (more than likely from Poland), but OH MY RA IS HE HOT!

Seriously, I see him come in, and my brain turns to jelly. My legs turn to jelly. I am in fact, just a jelly-woman when he comes in. But less fruity-tasting.

But he has blue eyes, and messy brown hair… And MUSCLES *dies from just the thought*. And a bum. He has one of them. A very nice arse it is, too.

… Not that I’ve been checking him out *cough cough*.

He does kickboxing - and I only know that because he wears this kickboxing shirt.

And he gives you one of those looks, y’know? No, you don’t. Because this is me that’s explaining. He gives you a look as though he ACTUALLY looking at you. Or me, as it is. Not looking past me, or looking down on me, like most other customers, yeah? Yes…

But Everytime he looks at me, I look at him, and I think… “PHWOOOARRR!”. LOL. Oh dear, there goes my brain. It’s hopping off as we speak.



I’m gonna put LOLcats now. Might be safer for me to stop speaking.

Don‘t Flush The Toilet, I Says!

No Idea Who Did It (CUTE!)

Noah Called

Not-Yet-Adopted (CUTER!)

I Has Let Go (Original)

I Has Let Go (Space Version)

Also, with this guy (here I go again) I say things that are almost normal. Almost. Even though my brain falls out (which makes a mess), my mouth does tend to work on it’s own (oo-er) but says normal things. But, when I TRY to control my brain and my mouth at the same time, I just get tongue-tied. In future, my mouth can just go out on it’s own. With my legs. I don’t exactly need them, do I?

See? My red bottomosity is taking over and I’m already making no sense. It’s all his fault, dammit!

Also, where would my mouth pin it’s name badge? The managers would have to make a new one for it. “Emma’s Mouth”. SHUT UP BRAIN!

How would it scan things?

How would it pack the elderly mad’s shopping bags?

How would it pick up cigarettes?


I won’t be online tomorrow, by the way. I have work from 5.30am (bleck) until 2.30pm, and then I have to come home, bathe, grab a few hours snoozing, get ready to go out and pack all my work stuff into a bag, zoom down to Chelsea’s, drop off work clothes (for Sunday), then Emily will pick me and Chelsea up from Chelsea’s house, and then we shall zoom over to Worcester and get hideously drunk, and then try and attempt to catch this taxi that I’ve booked at 3am from the Elgar statue, which should be fun finding when absolutely bladdered, because Worcester is a big place, and then once we finally get to this taxi (we may have to leave whichever pub/club we’re in an hour early - because of the time it’ll take us to walk XD Well, stagger XD), we zoom back to Chelsea’s house, and then we sleep, and then I have to get up at around 10.30am (!!!) so I can get ready for work, which I have to be there for Midday.

Phew. Someone get me a drink XD

I’ve already apologised to Rich in advance if I’m still drunk, hungover, or late. LOL. I suspect I will be all three XD


1) Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

2) Why the Hell do we have toes? Funny-looking buggers, they are.

3) Do you have a name badge? =D

My Answers

1) Ahem. Coca-Cola, please =D

2) Dunno, hence why I’m asking you. They are funny looking, though. I mean, why do they need nails?

3) I do. I have two. I may ask for a third for my mouth.

Happy Anniversary to my parents. My Mum came in at about 9am this morning, declared something (can’t remember what - I was still asleep), and I remember her saying “oh, is this our card? Thank you” and she scuttled off with it (it was on top of my CD player).

I’ve just remember a funny conversation Rich had on the phone on Wednesday night.

*Rich rings Co-Op*
“Hello, Co-Op, Pershore.”
“Hello, Co-Op, it’s TESCO.”
“Oh, hi, TESCO.”

LOL. No names or anything involved. We are now know just as Co-Op and TESCO. LMAO.

Remember, a goat is for life, not just for Easter.

And on that bumshell, I’ll be off.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

   I Applaud You And Hand You A Cookie If You Can Read This =P

Time: 12.48 in the pm
Mood: Happy
Currently: Thinking of foooood
Song: Malchik Gay - t.A.T.u.

Thanking you for the comments! Not enough to make me faint, though XD A lorry happens to be a truck in America. I love how we have different words for the same thing. Like, chips in America, but we call them crisps. And what we call chips, you call fries. It’s mad =P

Didn’t win the Lottery. Got ONE number. Stupid. You have to have at least three, and that’s just to win a measly £10, lol.

Still got this damn cold. And a cough. And a blocked nose. And the sniffles.

On the plus side, I have work tonight (!), and we have Jack the new person in again. I like working with new person. I actually feel smart around them, because I know what I’m doing and they don’t. XD

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. *Pinch, punch, first of the month*. Gawd, we used to do that all the time when I was in school XD

Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary tomorrow. They’ll have been married for 16 years apparently. Blimey, that’s a lot. The wedding video still makes me laugh, because most of the time the camera just focuses on me running around the Church like a loon XD To be fair, I was only 2. LOL.

I forced my parents to take me to see a car today. It was a very nice car, very polite, but it too had a cold. Nah, I’m just joking XD But we did go to see a car. It’s a little Vauxhall Corsa. It was blue. A very nice blue. It was £875. Did I buy it? No. It had no power steering, the milometer (?)… Well… The car itself had done about 66thousand miles. The Milometer only said 40-something because it had been replaced. My Mum is taking it out for a test drive later on, but we already know we’re not gonna buy it. I may as well save up and buy a brand-spanking (oo-er) new car. Hopefully, it won’t be too hard saving up.

Oh, God, I’m having a bath in a bit. I pray to Buddha that I don’t get any more inspiration for fanfics. I cannot have my brain overloading itself with fabulous (not) ideas.

I have just remember that it is the 1st of May, and that a new theme is in order *goes to make it now as well as uploading LOLcats*. LISTEN TO MY NEW SONG. How RANDOM is it? I’d alos like to point out that, even though my theme is alcohol, I’m not encouraging any of you to go out and get BLADDERED. Ok? You’re all too young. Stay off it. (Ok, some of you are older than me - so whoever is older than 21 in the U.S. or older than 18 here in England, I can’t tell you to stay away from alcohol XD)

My Soul Is Getting Away!

My Son Has A Flavour

My Father Was A Tree

New Year‘s Resolution

Nice To Meet You

Ninja Skillz


1) What is your favourite type of cheeeese?

2) Have you ever stolen a beermat? (I.e. One of the cardboard mats that you place a drink on)

3) Socks with sandals? Yay or nay?

My Answers

1) Cheddar. I’m a boring bugger, me.

2) I actually have. I was rather drunk at the time, and me and my friend Sian stole about 3 each XD

3) NAY.

I was feeling particularly random, so I thought I’d put in some questions XD

Here’s an extra question: Why are Bowling For Soup so damn obsessed with Bon Jovi? Not that I blame them, because Bon Jovi rock my socks.

Toodle pip!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

   Welcome Back, Magnus Lensherr, Twists Of Rain and Foamy14!!

Time: 11.44 in the am
Mood: Bleh
Currently: Munching and reading fanfics (I will finish my own at some point XD)
Song: The Rose - Westlife


She is 37. Yes, she’s young to be my Mum, I know. She had me when she was 18, though. I have bought her ‘Beautiful World’ by Take That. It just hasn’t been bloody delivered yet >_< I hope to Ra that it gets delivered today!

Almost fainted at the number of comments I got XD

Gah, I have a mother-trucking headache. And I still have this bloody cold. But I shall not phone in sick to work. No, I take pleasure in spreading my lurgies to the customers XD Plus, it’s just a cold. I’m not gonna keel over and die, so there’s no point in phoning in sick.

Still need to phone that taxi service =/ Talking of phones, I bought a memory card for mine. Only problem is, I can’t put anything on the memory card - because I think I need to do it all through the home computer (can’t do it on my laptop - the phone software doesn’t like Vista *rolls eyes*). So, yes. I have a memory card =D

Work last night… Was super boring. There were hardly any customers =/ Won’t be that way tonight. The Lottery is a double rollover, so we’re gonna get a shizload of people going “Omg, £11 million, I MUST have a go!”. Yes. I actually have had a go XD I tell you what, if I won that £11 million, I wouldn’t be going to work tomorrow night XD

Need to get everything ready for my new theme tomorrow. It’s gonna be… A secret until tomorrow =P I do need to make sure the song is on imeem, though. If not… I might just upload it myself anyway. *Goes to do that now*. I have uploaded it XD

Mirror - Ur Doing It Wrong

Missing Breakfast

Monorail Cat

Monorail Cat - Has Left The Station

Mothership Cat


The weather can’t decide what it’s doing. Neither can the clouds. This big-ass black cloud just scudded across the sky to the right, and now it’s coming back left, and there are tiny drops of rain. Like, teeny-tiny ones that are only occasional. It’ll start to snow in a minute. Well, no, it probably won’t, but with our mad weather, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did snow.

I think I just heard thunder. But it might just be cars/lorries driving past the house.

I’d better post this quickly just in case XD Toodloo!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

   Bloody Parents

Time: 9.49 in the am
Mood: Hyper
Currently: Wondering why I downloaded the below song *raises eyebrow*
Song: Mr Mom - Lonestar


Moving onwards. And maybe upwards. If I had a plane or rocket or something. Thank you for commenting!! 3!! Wahey! I’m slowly getting back up to what I call a ‘normal’ amount of comments XD But again, to be fair, I posted quite late (for me, anyway).

Huh. Photobucket is undergoing maintenance apparently. Hmm, how am I gonna upload my LOLcats?!

I asked over on TheO what I can get away with in a PG-13 fanfic. Someone replied with kissing (which I thought would be OK, anyway), and mild groping, but they advise me to stay away from that, just in case. Surely a slap on the bum would be okay? I didn’t think of that, actually 0_o

Also, I have 24 “subscribers” (bleck, I HATE that word) over on TheO. WHY?! Where’d they all come from?! LMAO! I’m only “subscribed” to about 10 XD

Must remember to book that taxi today. I’ll probably forget. I need to have a bath soon, ready for work (OK, I go to work at 5pm, but I need to get ready relatively early), because I think I’m going out with Dad to help him find something for Mum’s birthday tomorrow (I’ve already ordered her present - I’m hoping it gets delivered today!). Ok, they’re going in a minute. I have no time to have a bath now. Bloody parents.

I watched St Trinian’s last night. I bought it on DVD and decided to watch it. ‘Tis very good =D I also bought some new underwear and a new bra. I don’t see the point of designer stuff, y’know. 3 pairs of pants for £5. Can’t be wrong. Thinking about it, the pants I bought are pink and black, except one which is black and white and starry. Madness. I also bought some black socks for work, because Bossman Tony and Andrea keep moaning that my socks aren’t completely black.

I just took my pill with a swig of tea. Pretty sure I’m not supposed to - but oh well.

I really have to attempt to get ready now XD I’ll probably comment when I get back X_X

♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, April 28, 2008

   Out Of My Bedroom Window... I Can See... Bredon Hill, A Tree, The House Over The Road, And Another Tree. And Yet Another Tree =D

Time: 8.23 in the pm
Currently: Need to pee
Song: Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston

I was wondering why I’d only gotten one comment, when I realised that I’d posted super late.

I really need to pee. So bad. Can’t be bothered to move.

Happy birthday Grandmama!

Driving lesson: went super well! I actually did good XD I’m finally getting the hang of it all. I do need to stop crossing my hands when steering and I need to stop slipping into 4th gear. I need to get a good hold of the knob. OO FUCKING ER.

Eating chocolate. Can’t wait to have my stew that Mother is currently cooking =D

Need to book a taxi for Saturday night tomorrow. If that makes sense.

Currently commenting some of Chelsea’s photos, and texting Chelsea herself.

Kai/Tala yaoi lemony goodness in a fanfic: not finished, but coming along (OO-ER) nicely. Might have to submit it tomorrow. I WILL get it finished tonight. Even if I have to stay up until 3 in the morning.

I have a cold. It sucks.

It thundered today. I love Thunderstorms =D

And, because I’m nice (ish), I’m actually putting up some LOLcats XD

Bachelor #4

Original LOLcat


Long Cat

Luv - We Has It

Maybe She‘s Maybelline

Gah, I can’t stop sneezing!

I have just discovered I’ve gotten another comment from TalimSoul XD

I have just discovered that I closed the document with my fanfic on it. I pray to Ra, or God or Buddha or Moses or someone that I saved it.

I change my mind. If I don’t get it finished by tonight, then I don’t get it finished. Like you said, Talim-type-person, it’s better if I take my time.

Off now. To do stuff. OO-ER.

♥ Emmah ♥

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