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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

   She Who Didn't Sing "I'm Horny", But Did Get Pictures. Ish.

Time: 10.24 in the am
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Giggling
Song: The Rose - Westlife

What, in the name of arse, has happened to all my mad music? I just seem to be listening to calming music. And I seem to be taking things more seriously… Hmmm, maybe it’s a sign of my true maturiosity showing through. Scary bananas. Then again, maybe not. I did buy a Spongebob phone sock for my mobile. Ahem.

Excuse me whilst I go and DESTROY some technology, for it is all complete and utter BOLLOCKS. If you hadn’t guessed, my internet isn’t working, so I’m having a fiddle (oo-er!) around with it to try and get it to work. Ahhh all fours lights are on, so now all I need the laptop to do is recognise that we have internet working…

… Which it now has done =D

Houston, we have a problem. A super big one. In the name of ‘Emmah-has-the-horn-majorly-bad-for-that-super-hot-and-ridiculously-sexy-foreign-guy’. Erm, yeah, he came in the shop last night. And I was waiting for him.

… Oo-er! Anyway, I was watching the door whilst serving, and every time I heard the front door creak open, I’d crane my neck over the tills (nearly head butting the current customer) to see if it was him. In the end, it was him, but luckily, I wasn’t serving when he came in.

Seriously, I nearly wet myself. LOL. So, then, once I knew he was in the shop, I was grinning away to myself, and my brain was saying REALLY stupid things, so then I was just stood there, muttering away to myself “shut up, brain. Shut up, brain…” repeatedly. I must’ve looked schizophrenic.

Anyway, then it came to taking the pictures of him for you guys (which I have problems with, by the way), I was shuffling behind one of the shelves, and then I did the stupid thing of saying “ZOOM ZOOM!” really loudly whilst zooming in on him. Luckily, he didn’t turn round. So, I have a picture of the back of him… And one of the side of him. Which he nearly caught me getting, I’ll have you know.

I was back on tills, and then he was up the aisle that’s right opposite the tills… And so I whipped out my phone, zoomed again (without sound effects this time), and I took the photo, and then he LOOKED AT ME. And so, to try and cover up the really obvious fact that I was taking a picture of him, I said “oh, silly phone, what ARE you doing?”. Which convinced no one. Not even me. I don’t think he realised that I was actually taking a picture of him, though. So it’s all good.

I didn’t get to serve him, though =( Some stupid fat bastard wanted bottles of Coca-Cola, and so Matt got to serve the super-hot-and-ridiculously-sexy-foreign-guy. He did say bye to me, though. The foreign guy, not Matt.

I also had a dream about him last night. Again, the foreign guy. Not Matt. I won’t go into details. You don’t want to know.

But, yeah. You people won’t be able to see the photos of him yet, because it so happens that the extension card for my memory card in my phone, doesn’t actually fit into my fabulous printer. This means that I am going to have to set the desktop computer BACK up, install the new antivirus into it so I don’t shove any viruses on it, and then link my phone to that computer, and then shove everything in Photobucket (after connecting the internet back to the desktop). Bloody Hell. That’s gonna take ages.

And now that I think about it… I didn’t even THINK of singing “I’m Horny” to the foreign guy *cannot be bothered to type all of that out again XD*. Maybe next time. Heh heh.

I’ve just actually read your comments. Thank you, people. You are officially all mad. LOL. What with the uncoughing, wait, apparently ‘uncoughing’ isn’t a word. It came up with ‘unclogging’. Oo-er. Anyway, with that, and your gay security guys, and the ninja-ness, and… stuff. Yes. You are all mad.

For anyone who wants to know, or who actually reads it, I have uploaded another chapter of my fanfic. I really need to find out how to STOP the author notes at the beginning from getting underlined, and then half of the actual chapter itself from getting italic… fied. Err, yeah. Go give it a read =D

And now… Time for LOLcats and other LOLthings =D

Is This A Good Time To Burgle?


Pwning Your Elders

Invisible Tanning Salon


Surprise Cannibalism!

I just nearly wet myself uploading the ‘SURRENDER’ one. And there’s also a LOLseal, that added to the nearly-wetting-my-underwear scenario. You won’t see that one until tomorrow, though =P ‘Tis very funny. I think so, anyway.

Oh, God. I’ve just spotted the giraffe I saved the other day. I exploded. It IS that funny. I’m going now. To find some sanity.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Time: 11.09 in the am
Mood: TEA!
Currently: TEA!
Song: Last Call To New York City - Elliot Minor

I’m actually bothering to use my codes today. Whether I’ll actually get to post this or not, I don’t know. Thanks for, oh, hey, look. I have tea on my keyboard. LOL. Anyway, what was I saying before I rudely interrupted myself? Oh, yes. Thank you for your comments, though I actually have no time to comment back =/ It’s been happening a lot recently *sigh*.

I really, really need to update my fanfic *shakes fists around in annoyance*. But, because I’ve found that site with the Beyblade manga up to read, I’ve been printing off the manga so I actually have a copy! Illegal, probably, but when nowhere actually sells it in the U.K., you have to do illegal things XD

I was reading Kerrang! Magazine last week, and it had an article about how some papers were saying My Chemical Romance were the reason behind a girl‘s suicide. Not just MCR, like, but all emo bands. The papers were saying that the music obviously made teenage ‘emos’ feel depressed and drives them to commit suicide. Kerrang! And it’s readers disagreed, saying that emo was only a genre of music, and can’t be held responsible for any depression that the kids felt. The reason that they were depressed, wasn’t because of the damn music, but because of anything else going on in their lives that was spectacularly crap.

They listened to emo music, because that’s what they liked. It’s exactly like you’re saying all these gangsters go out and shoot people with guns because they listen to urban and rap music. Which is completely false.

Sorry, when I read that, it annoyed me. You can’t blame someone’s suicide on the fact that they listened to a certain type of music. The people writing for the papers need to see the bigger picture. As did the girl’s parents.

Moving on from my rant.

Do you know what day it is?

It’s Tuesday.

Do you know what that means?


Do you know what I’m doing right now? Apart from typing?

No, I am not singing ‘I’m Horny’.

I have put my phone on charge, so I can take it into work tonight and therefore attempt to get a photo of him. I’ll be able to get a picture of the back of his head easy. But, as I’m not technically allowed my phone on the shop floor, I will have to be super discreet, and turn it on silent XD I won’t be getting messages, anyway, because I can’t get a signal in the shop XD

I bought a phone sock for my phone yesterday, actually. A Spongebob Squarepants one XD He is going to have to be my theme one day XD

I also bought two new ring binder folder things, some more printer paper, some plastic wallet-type things for the manga to go in, and 3 new ink cartridges for my printer. I’ve already practically used one =P I’m going to need some more folders already AND some plastic wallet things. And maybe some more printer paper. LOL. I’ve printed off two volumes of Beyblade, so only another 12 to go LOL. This is gonna cost me a fortune. And then I’ll discover that somewhere actually sells them XD It would actually only happen to me. Talking of manga, Imadoki might come today. If not today, then hopefully tomorrow. I ordered it on Friday, dammit!

Let’s have some LOLthings.

I Am Not Amused

Is It Dead?

Move The Dog

Thriller Kitteh

The Ring Impression

Tarzan Cat

Learn To Fly Plane

You Have Pretty Eyes…

It might just be me, but up on icanhascheezburger.com, people seem to be making the LOLthings more funny. Which is good, because I need a good laugh XD

I’ve also been listening to Enya a lot. I don’t like ‘Sail Away’, but I do like the Viva La Bam one… ‘Only Time’. Reminds me of his Hummer every time I hear it XD I also like the Lord of the Rings one. ‘May It Be’? Yeah. I’m in a real Enya mood XD

Emmah is leaving now. She has a chapter to finish for her fanfic, and she needs a bath, for work later on tonight beckons her.

Er, yeah. =D

♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, May 19, 2008

   Another Quickie

Isn't it ironic, that the one day my internet DOES want to work, my actual laptop DOESN'T?!

I switched the thing on, and it just got stuck. Wasn't loading. I now have to make sure EVERYTHING is switched off at the plug, then turn my laptop on, and once I get to my account on here and everything, only THEN can I turn the internet on, and put the laptop on charge. It's utter bollocks.

I printed off two chapters of the Beyblade manga last night. I was going to print more off, but my laptop/internet, being the twats they are, have LOST the link.

Isn't it just good that I know the name of the site? Heh heh. I have a memory like a sieve for anything crap, but when it's something I like, I'm like an elephant.

Just less fat.

So, yeah. I might have to go get my laptop fixed. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I don't even know where the bloody receipt is for it.




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Sunday, May 18, 2008

   A Quickie (OO-ER!)

Just to say that Emmah is alive.

So alive, she can't even be bothered with her codes.

She thanks you for your comments.

Yes, she is yet again speaking in third person.

Her internet is being a total WANKER and not working, hence the super-crap post.

She is off now, to print off the Beyblade manga, and drain the ink in her printer =D

Muchos love xxxxxxxxx

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Friday, May 16, 2008

   Emmah Loves Bam Margera

Time: 5.50 in the pm
Mood: *Swaying*. Oh, hang on, that’s not a mood.
Currently: NOM
Song: Back In My Life - Alice Deejay

I’m happy because the manga I ordered came through the post today =D It was Imadoki (Nowadays) volume 3. I have just ordered volume 4 XD It is currently my favourite manga! It’s so cute, and sweet, and one of those things where you’re just shouting “TELL HIM HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, DAMMIT!”, which is why I’ve ordered volume 4. Because I can’t wait to see what happens XD It’s all good, I got paid today, anyway.

It does make me laugh when the report comes through to my email. It says ‘Payment Type: Credit Card’. Which makes me LAUGH like a DRAIN, because I’m not actually using a credit card. I don’t even OWN a credit card XD I’m actually using my debit card. Which is not a credit card XD

Not many blue lines today =S Oh Well. I need to see if I’ve actually got any comments, too XD

I have =D

EWWWWW! I’m munching on shortbread, and I just looked up to take another piece, and I spot my other cat, Fudge cleaning her bum-oley on my bed! STOP CLEANING YOUR ARSE!

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to sing the “I’m Horny” song to Mr. Super-Hot-And-Sexy-Foreign-Guy last night. Since he didn’t even come in T_T I even took my phone in to take a picture of him! (My plan was to sort of hide behind some shelves, and then jump out at him when he was about to walk past… Well, no, not really XD I was going to hide behind some shelves, though, whilst dodging any CCTV cameras myself (luckily, I know which ones work, which ones don’t, and which way they’re all pointing XD).

Had a driving lesson this morning. Went super well. I’ve totally got the hang of driving now, and reversing!!! I can actually reverse, whilst in control of the car, and if I’m going too wide, I can steer the whole damn thing back closer to the kerb =D I’m so proud of myself XD

OK, call me sad, but I was watching Viva La Bam last night after I got home from work (well, Mum refused to let me turn it over until Cold Case had finished, but that was OK - that programme makes me cry), and two episodes were played straight after one another. The first was the one where Bam gets his purple Lamborghini, which I LOVE.

The second one, was where Bam, the crew and their new friend, Dani from Cradle of Filth ripped a new ‘door’ for Vito in his bedroom, and then Vito stole Bam’s Hummer (is it a Hummer?) with Ryan Dunn in it, and then eventually drops the Hummer off the cliff at a erm… Digging-type place (has forgotten what it’s called XD). Anyway, it then shows some of the best moments with Bam’s Hummer, and it has an Enya song playing, which I am now going to download XD That is why you must call me sad.

I just downloaded “Jump On It” by the Sugar Hill Gang. I can now do the Apache Dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air to my heart’s content =D

Only problem with the Enya song… Is that I don’t know what it’s called =S Bugger my giddy Aunt.

Ahhh Google solves all. I love that site XD The song is called ‘Only Time’. *Downloads*. LOL.

Talking of LOL, what time is it?

LOLCAT TIME =D And other LOL-type things =D

Happy Cat Is Probably Drunk

I See Your Problem

Pillow Kitteh

Pillow Inspection

Pirate Cat

Pole Dancer Kitty

Ahh yes, this IS the right Enya song =D Emmah lobes it =D

Also, notice the new link in my intro? Takes you to my homepage on fanfiction.net. Where all of my 3 (LOL) fanfics are =D The two one-shots with lemons in, and the one set as Max’s diary. Which has a lime scene between Maxie and Tala =P

I really am perverted.

♥ Emmah ♥

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

   "Well, Scrub My Face With A Brillo Pad!" - Rich

Time: 11.25 in the am
Mood: I have a headache, but that’s not a mood…
Currently: NOM NOM NOMing.
Song: Posse (I Need You On The Floor) - Scooter

Oh, yes, her it is. The great British weather has returned. I knew the sun wouldn’t be around for that long. Well, there go my plans to sunbathe today. Looks like I’m going to have to stay in and write fanfics. Yes, it’s grey and cloudy, and it’s just started to rain. Bloody typical.

Anyway, thanks for your comments =D Emmah likes to know she’s still loved. The amount of blue lines have gone down a tad, too. But hey, there’s still quite a few! And yaaahhhsss, I changed my theme. In a pure moment of randomosity. I thought “I’m feeling candified, so let’s change my theme to lollipops =D”. Also, I know my apostrophes weren’t showing in yesterday’s post. It’s because I modified the post, and then the apostrophes go all weird. I dunno why.

Yummm Custard Creams, and a nice cup of tea =D I’m happy.

I haven’t as such uploaded a new chapter of my fanfic, but you should read it anyway =P I’m gonna put a link to it (or my fanfiction.net profile in general) in my intro. That way, I won’t have to keep putting the damn links in my posts every time I update the fanfic XD

Work was generally insane last night. Susan and Rich were talking about DIRTY things (yes, this is where you all go ‘OO-ER!!’), and when I arrived at work, Rich was cleaning. He was cleaning the checkout things, where customers put their baskets. He was using a toothbrush. And he baby oiled it. AS YOU DO.

Little teenage-type people, who are chavs and generally TWATS, decided to come in and steal some stuff =D Rich called the police and CCTV. CCTV was keeping tabs on them (with their many eyes…) and the police said they’d pop down to the shop. They never turned up. The fucking Bobbymen are useless.

Oh, God. It’s Thursday, isn’t it? Meaning the super-hot foreign guy, who is very nice and polite and sooooo hot, and nice and… Anyway, meaning he’ll come in. Hopefully, I won’t get uncontrollable brain giggles this time.

And hopefully, I won’t start singing that mad song. “I’m Horny”. I will not, under any circumstances, start singing that. DO YOU HEAR ME BRAIN?!

Oh, I was reading the front of a magazine, and one of the stories was “I scrubbed my face with a brillo pad”, but Rich thought I said “Well, scrub my face with a brillo pad” (as in, a sentence you say if something surprises you). It made me laugh.

I’d better upload some LOLcats. Before you all eat me.

Tonight I Pee On Everything You Own

You Has A Smell


Trashcat Is Not Amused

Tragedy and Comedy

Too Much Rum!

Actually, the LOLcats have just reminded me of my own retarded cat. Yesterday, she managed to get a toy looped round her neck, so it was trailing behind her, and she kept looking back at it as if to say “why are you following me?”, and this morning, I was throwing some treats around for her, and she was pouncing on them.

Anyway, we (being ME) have just bought a new scratching-post/stand/bed thing for the kitties, and I was throwing some treats onto there for Smudge. I threw one on the very top platform, and she jumped up, but kind of mis-aimed, and managed grab onto the platform, but then let her back legs dangle and she was just dangling there. It was VERY funny.

Anyway, I’m off. I might have a bit of a snooze, actually. And play on Theme Park on my DS. I actually love that game XD

Toodle pip!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

   They Don't Call Me Giggles For Nothing... Who Are They? And Actually... When Have They Ever Called Me Giggles?

Time: 11.00 in the am
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Looking in my empty cup sadly. R.I.P. Cup of tea¡¦
Song: The Logical Song - Scooter

Y¡¯know, I was wondering why I had 11 comments. My jaw dropped (again) when I say the little number ¡®11¡¯. But it turns out two of you were having problems and were complaining in a few comments because the whole of your proper comment wouldn¡¯t show. It did amuse me slightly, and now I¡¯m just hoping that all of my comment shows when I comment any of you XD

I have uploaded chapter 3 of ¡®Confessions¡¦¡¯. Click HERE to read it. And I really will keep bugging you all every time I upload a new chapter XD Also, the random underlining has returned in my notices in chapter 3. And half the story is in italics. I think I know why, but I can¡¯t be sure XD Oh, I should warn you, there is a MANLOVE LIME in chapter 3. Gave me great pleasure (OO-ER!!) writing it XD

Work last night¡¦ *Swoons*. Yush, my super hot foreign guy came in. And you know when you get uncontrollable brain giggles, I.e. giggling in your mind that just WON¡¯T go away? Well, I had that whilst serving him. My brain really did fall out. I also kept smiling at him because of the uncontrollable brain giggles. Will someone PLEASE call the men in white coats?! I have officially lost it. Not that I ever had it.

It¡¯s making me giggle just thinking about it. So, I will leave you with some LOLcats and stuff.

Lettuce-Eating Rabbit

Doing Olympix



Passport Kitteh

Pickup Line

Err, I just tried to comment sora kairi 4ever, and then I was somehow logged out. What?!

Rightio, I'm off now. To go sunbathe XD I may come back looking like a boiled lobster. Or worse. A jar of beetroot. EEK!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

   When All Else Fails... NOM.

Time: 11.19 in the am
Mood: Happy
Currently: Staring at all those lovely blue lines¡¦ No, I haven¡¯t just taken 50 pregnancy tests, I¡¯m on about all of you updating XD
Song: Summertime - Bon Jovi (it actually feels like summer, too!)

1) Thanking you for your comments =D

2) Anyone else noticed that the message at the top of the screen says ¡°MyO Still <3¡¯s You¡±?

3) The PM¡¯s are back! Well, sort of.

4) The amount of people who have been commenting and updating makes MyO seem like what it used to be last year, before all this Version Vibrant crap started =O I almost fainted when I saw how many people had updated yesterday =O

5) I have uploaded chapter two of ¡°Confessions¡¦¡±. It involves drunkenness, and actually makes myself giggle. How sad is it, that I¡¯m giggling at my own stories? Anyway, click HERE to read ¡°Confessions¡±.

6) I sunbathed yesterday. It¡¯s odd, we¡¯ve actually got nice weather =O It¡¯s been very sunny and very hot for the past week or so. I¡¯m planning to sunbathe again today. I am determined to get a tan, but usually I just burn. Even if I use sun lotion. But oddly, yesterday, I didn¡¯t get burnt. I did get rolled on by my cat, Smudge, though, when I was sunbathing XD She was determined to get some attention. She was being super cute.

7) My driving lesson went super well yesterday. I got up to 55mph *dies*. I hate going fast XD I also went round A LOT of roundabouts. I got super dizzy XD

8) Emmah just visited TheO, and has seen that it is ACTUALLY linked with MyO now =D Which probably explains why so many people have returned XD All we need now, is the links back to TheO over here¡¦ And our members¡¯ list. And our link to change the picture. And the comment manager, and everything will just as it was =D

9) I have surprises for you all. Guess what they are? Yup, LOLcats!!! And, er, other LOLthings XD

Evil Latte

Inappropriate Cat

Jazz Hams

Vampire Cat Will Suck Your Blood

Vampire Cats

Wicked Vampire Skills

Vampire Cat Smiles


Ahhh enjoy them XD For I must be off. I have stuffles to do =)

¢¾ Emmah ¢¾

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Monday, May 12, 2008

   Let's Have A Sing-A-Long =D

Time: 9.47 in the am
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Giggling
Song: Air Hostess - Busted

I¡¯m doing a fanfic on this song. How random is that? LMAO. Anyway, thanks for your comments =D Emmah appreciates them. OHH NOOO. I am NOT slipping into third person again XD

Link to my super-random and funny, and slight manlove fanfic: CLICK HERE =D

Link to my MANLOVE and BUMSEX fanfics: Notches

Have You Ever?

Now, I¡¯ve been meaning to do this for a while. I¡¯m putting up the lyrics to ¡®Alcohol¡¯ (my site song) so you can all have a sing-a-long XD

This is so weird
Am I sleeping? Is this a dream? ...No!
Am I a Mouse?
Am I an elephant?
And I had just sliced your tongue

So tell me he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-hey:
Do you wanna drink some alcohol?
I'm just a boy (girl) but I have a very strong punch
And I had just broken your nose...

Am I a horse?
Am I on fire?
Am I the curse?
Am I the curse?

So tell me he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-hey:
Do you wanna drink some alcohol?

This is so weird
Am I sleeping? Is this a dream? ...No!
Am I a Mouse?
Am I an elephant?
And I had just sliced your tongue

So tell me he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-hey:
Do you wanna drink some alcohol?

¢¾ Emmah ¢¾

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

   Emmah Is Sticking With The Third Person Speak. Because She Can

Time: 7.55 in the pm
Mood: Amused
Currently: Speaking in third person
Song: Swing Swing - The All-American Rejects

Emmah thanks everyone for commenting her, and she is still writing in third person for you all, since it amused you, and herself.

Emmah has a driving lesson tomorrow, and she can¡¯t wait =D

Emmah wants to kill her family. Her sister has TAKEN her Nintendo DS, because her sister has broken her own. Stupid cow. So Emmah is not happy. Emmah¡¯s family has also eaten a number of Emmah¡¯s goodies. Including her mini muffins, which has made Emmah even more angry.

Emmah will put up the link to her randomly-underlined BUMSEX and MANLOVE fanfic:


Emmah will also put up the link to her new fanfic, which is set as Max¡¯s Diary:


That one is also yaoi, but nothing heavy so far. Just Tyson eyeing up Kai¡¯s butt. Which Emmah had a complete giggle fit when writing it. It amused her greatly. And needs to write the next chapter.

Emmah is very pissed off, as he really needs the toilet, but her stupid, idiotic, moron of a sister is in the bath. Her moron of a sister has also LOST Emmah¡¯s Nintendo DS, so Emmah is REALLY not impressed. Emmah didn¡¯t even say her sister could use it. Emmah didn¡¯t even say that her useless sister could have a can of coke. Emmah didn¡¯t even say that her stupid family could eat her goodies. But they have, and Emmah just wants to move out.

Emmah is now going to steal the bathroom before any other moron decides to use it. And she is also going to work on Chapter Two of ¡®Confessions¡¦¡¯!!


¢¾ Emmah ¢¾

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