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Sunday, April 13, 2008

   "I'm A Doctor... A LUUURVE Doctor!" - Bossman Tony

Time: 7.43 in the pm
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Uploading the LOLcats to Photobucket
Song: I Like To Move It - Madagascar

Only 4 comments yesterday =( Which doesn’t surprise me, to be fair, considering only 4 people updated, and I posted really late.

I uploaded a new e-card last night:

Last Night's E-Card

Aaaand, I just uploaded another e-card =) I hate TheO, I really do, but I still need it to upload stuff =(

My New E-Card

Anyway, time for LOLcats.

I Approve

I Comez With Sarcasm

I Fixed Your Blinds

I Has A Flavour

My Hat No Like You

I Has A You


I Hide Body!

Yeah, this isn’t much of a post. I guess I’m kind of hoping that you guys will be nice and go spam my e-cards for me.

And I really do mean spam. Go ahead. Spam makes me happy. At least I’ll know that someone’s looked at them XD

♥ Emmah ♥

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Time: 10.09 in the pm
Mood: Cranky
Currently: Drinking. Coca-Cola, not alcohol
Song: Alcohol - CSS

This is such a mad song =S Go give it a listen =S Anyway, thanks for the comments! 10 this time *thumbs up*.

“Heeyeyyyyeeyyyy hey, do you wanna drink some alcohol?”. Seriously that is the ‘chorus’.

Work today… Been spectacularly crap. Two members of staff missing today. Though, we had Andrea in as an extra manager to cover for one of the two. Only, Andrea was hungover when she came in XD She got spectacularly drunk last night at Cheryl and Rich’s wedding after-do thing. LOL.

Ahh I’m just listening to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by queen. This song reminds me of two things. 1) The ‘Have A Nice Day’ concert from Bon Jovi - well, the journey to it, anyway. We were blasting it on the way there, singing at the top of our lungs. Much fun.

The other thing it reminds me of, is the film ‘Shaun of the Dead’, of course. At the point when they’re hitting the newly zombiefied bartender with pool cues. And then Shaun shouts “KILL THE QUEEN!”. Ahhh I love this song and that film XD

My t.A.T.u CD came today =) Just putting it on my laptop =D

My next-door-neighbour was stood at his back door looking through our kitchen window. So what do me and Mum start doing? We start dancing and singing “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt” (well, it was more like shouting it XD).

I Found My Keys!

Homework Eating Cat

I‘z Held Captive!

Don’tcha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me


Happy Hug



I can’t think of a title… Bowling For Soup lyrics it is. Toodloo!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Friday, April 11, 2008


Time: 10.32 in the am
Mood: Bleh
Currently: Wondering if Smudge has farted =/
Song: The Logical Song - Scooter

Do you know what really amuses me? The fact that Hammond in the moving picture in my intro dances perfectly to the Hamster Dance Song. I can sit and watch him boogie for ages, and just not get bored XD Anyway, thank you all for your comments!!!! 9!! Weeeee!! They’ve gone back up again (watch them go back down to like, 4, LOL)!

Last night at work… Was work-like. It wasn’t all that interesting. Well, my ‘break’ was interesting. It certainly wasn’t break-like. I came off it, like 3 times, and never got to finish it. So yeah… What break? LOL. Which reminds me, Bossman Tony needs to figure out somewhere I can take that half an hour from last Sunday (because I didn’t have a break). God knows where =S I was gonna ask him if I could finish early tomorrow… By like, an hour. And just have an hour’s break instead of an hour and half. But since Cheryl’s off (because it’s her wedding… TODAY! OMG! Wish I had her number to wish her luck!), and tomorrow is going to be uber busy (I can tell it - it’s a rollover on the Lottery, so everyone’s gonna come rushing it *rolls eyes*), he’s not gonna let me leave an hour early. Dammit.

My cat is being very strange. Stranger than usual. She just keeps walking around the house, attacking random things and pestering me. She can’t be hungry or thirsty, because I’ve put her some food in her bowl and gave her some water. At least she hasn’t gotten on top of my wardrobe again yet. She does it EVERY DAY I’m on the internet. She’ll come it, go round the back of my wardrobe, jump up the storage boxes and onto the top of the wardrobe, and then she’ll either sit or lie there and stare at me. It freaks me out. She also has a good view out of my window from there. LOL.

I spoke too soon. She’s just got up there. LOL.

It’s raining =( I think it’s gonna be raining pretty much all day to be honest… No, erm… Exercise for me… Not that I do any exercise…

OH MY GOD! Can you remember a few weeks back, I got all excited because this customer gave me his monkey hat from his teabags? If you can’t remember that, then you should be ashamed (I’m joking XD). Anyway, the same teabags (PG Tips) are now giving away FREE TEA TOWELS AND MONKEY MOVIE DVD’S!!! So, naturally, I bought some XD I’ve yet to watch the movie (though, I did watch it - backwards and upside down when I went to see Horton Hears A Who), but my tea towel is hanging proud in the kitchen. LOL. I got so excited. Andrea bought some, too. This is the PG Tips monkey:

pg tips monkey

LOL. Actually, yes. LOLcat time!

Hangover Cat


Help! Help!

Hiccups Should Be Gone Now


Holding In His Farts

We Not Weasleys!


I currently feel like I’m in The Lion King. The sky is full of clouds, but there’s this one opening in the clouds which the Sun is shining through… Just like it did in The Lion King. Lol. That was random.

Best be off now =)

♥ Emmah ♥

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Time: 11.52 in the am
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Yawning
Song: Stay Together For The Kids - Blink 182

Wahey! 6 comments =) Y’know the Gay Boy song? And I ordered the whole album? I managed to download the English version of it after I ordered the album. LOL. Oh well, I liked that album, anyway, so all is good.

Many of you are still complaining about the dancing Snape. So, I’ve changed the theme. Dancing hamsters instead =D I hope you like the song =P Also, the new picture in my intro… They are the Top Gear team. The dancing one if Richard Hammond (but everyone calls him ‘Hamster’ - see the link between my theme and him, now?). The one nodding with the big belly is Jeremy Clarkson (we want him to become Prime Minster - no joke), or ‘Jezza‘. The one in the middle is is James May. Or, as everyone calls him - ‘Captain Slow’. I lobe them.

Yes… It took me bloody ages to find the proper ‘Hamster Dance’ song. So, appreciate it XD All I kept getting was remixes and 30-second previews. Then, on the second page, halfway down, I actually found the song! Lol. I’m hoping the dancing hamster agrees with everyone’s eyes, now. They’re not bright. They just wiggle. LOL.


Gremlin Cat

Gryffindor Cat - Not Amused

Clean Gutterz You Say


Hahaha Lulz

Wiseman Cat

Wet Willeh Kitteh

Enjoy the LOLcats, enjoy the lame post, but most of all, enjoy boogying with the hamsters =D Toodloo!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Time: 10.35 in the am
Currently: Staring sadly at my empty cup which did have tea in it
Song: Malchik Gej - t.A.T.u.

*Big hugs to koon*. Thanks for the comments guys. They means much to meh.

Erm… I don’t really have much to say. Work last night was just mad. Manager Matt was on shift last night, so it was just insane.

I discovered something horrible, though. I couldn’t eat my bar of Galaxy chocolate! I couldn’t chew it! So I still have like, half of it left lol! Oh, and the roof started leaking again, and so water was dripping through the ceiling next to the milk, and so I had to get a “caution: slippery surface” sign and a bucket LOL.

You know this song I’m listening to? Malchik Gej? It means Gay Boy *giggles*. Sorry, I was watching a Kai/Tala AMV on Youtube, and this was the song playing (only, it was the English version, I have the Russian version - which seems to have things blanked out. Not that I can understand it XD). And I liked, so I downloaded XD Maybe I can find the English version by typing in Gay Boy? The Lord only knows what Limewire’s gonna come up with XD So far, nothing XD

LOLcat time. Well, the first one ISN’T a LOLcat. It is FUCKING HILARIOUS, though XD


Caturday Night Fever

Gargoyle Practice

Your Shoes SMELL


Give Him A Shove In 3... 2... 1...

I‘z Going Too Fast!

Turn Gravity Back On!

Hey, I just found the Gay Boy song XD It came up with a lot of Weird Al songs (The ‘Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay’ song), but I found the one by t.A.T.u. =) Hopefully it’s the English version. I don’t wants to be downloading another Russian version XD Oh, good-o. It’s not downloading because it doesn’t have enough sources XD Just my luck.

I has found an easier-ish way to get the song. I buy the whole album off Play.com. My Dad will be happy that I have a Play.com account. He often asks a workmate of his to order him things off there. He won’t have to now I have an account XD *Goes and orders album*. It’s really cheap on here, too. £4.99 for the album! Awesome =D

CONFIRMED! Wahoo! It shall be despatched in the next 24 hours. Meaning it may come tomorrow, Friday or maybe Saturday =D It might turn up on Saturday, and my Dad will look at it, and be like “Play.com? Since when has she ordered from there?!”


♥ Emmah ♥


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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

   "Go On, Fart On Emma!" - My New Facebook Application!

Time: 9.57 in the am
Mood: TEAAA!
Currently: Drinking tea =D
Song: I Am Cow - Arrogant Worms

HALT! I has a cup of tea and I’m not afraid to use it. Actually, yes I am, because if I threw it over somebody, that would be a waste of tea. And then I’d be sad. What a way to start a post XD Anyway, you see the song I’m listening to? ‘I Am Cow’? Well, go listen to it! It is one of those mad, yet awesome songs. I also know all the words. And I have my bedroom windows open. And I was singing along. Loudly. And Badly.

I just heard a loud bang, coming from my Mum and Dad’s room. Normally, people would be like “Omg, what was that?” (since I’m home alone), but me? No. I knew it was one of the cats. And I was right. It turned out that Smudge had somehow managed to open the closet door in my parent’s room. Which… Is quite odd, seeing as it has a catch halfway up the door =S And there is no way that she could reach it. Then again, she is an expert at opening sliding doors and opening the drawers on my chest of drawers… Lol. We need to get some padlocks, I think.

Oh dear. I just went on my MyO page, and saw how many comments I got. Two. Erm… Well, I’m glad it’s not zero. But y’know… From a person that normally gets from 5-9... And goes down to two. It’s kind of like “ok, what did I do to deserve this?” LOL. But I know you guys are just busy and stuff. I’m hoping that’s what it is anyway XD

Bollocks. It’s my friend Laura’s (not Laura I mention a lot - the one with SexyPoke on Facebook - this time I’m on about a different Laura XD) birthday in two days. Must remember to get a card later and somehow find her address again. I can remember her post code, and her street, and the village and everything… But not her house number =O Oh wait, I think it’s 12... Yeah =D I’m good.

As for my theory driving test… I have a load of stuff to learn, and I have books and a CD-ROM for my computer to help me. I’m planning on actually studying for the test, so I can actually pass it XD The last time I had tests (they were nothing to do with driving), I didn’t study, and er… I failed. Spectacularly. LOL.

Ok, I’ve never listened to this song properly before. It’s the Black Eyed Peas, and my Mum has Monkey Business and Elephunk, and I’m listening to the song “Anxiety”, and I actually liked it =S I’ve never listened to it properly before, because I didn’t like the beginning LOL. Have you guys ever done that? Not listened to a song properly because you didn’t like the beginning, only to find when you actually did listen to it, that it was actually a very good song? LOL.

LOLcat time!

Shh! This My Favourite Show!

As You Can See, My Dish Is Empty

4 Flats!

Go Go Gadget Arms!

Yoda Cat



Happy Cat For President!

=O Because I’m installing an update of Veoh, it just closed my internet! I was like “err, where’s it gone? I really kind of need that to upload LOLcats!”. It’s all good. Veoh just opened my internet again for me… And still has the websites I was on open =O I love Veoh. How smart =)

Toodloo, chums!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, April 7, 2008

   "These roadworks are a bit bottle-necked" - Suzanne (driving instructor), "Erm, ok?" - Me

Time: 7.00 in the pm
Mood: Chipper
Currently: Scratching my chin. I swear I’m growing a beard
Song: Everytime - Britney Spears

Again, this Britney Spears song does not go with “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt” XD Thanks for your comments! I got 5 again, but I wasn’t expecting too many, anyway, for I didn’t post until real late last night 0_o

Sooo…. My driving lesson XD I stalled the car once. Just the once, though. Suzanne (my instructor) said I was a natural at steering. Which is good, I guess. And she told me I’d done really well. I got the hang of pulling away, but the braking and stopping took me a while to get used to. I managed to do it ok the last time, but I think I need some more practice at it, which is ok. Hopefully next week I’ll get a bit better =) I quite like driving. I didn’t go very fast (haha I went really slow, actually), but Suzanne said that was ok. I just need to get my confidence up, and that she didn’t really expect me to go super-fast, since it was my first time driving a car XD

Caught In The Cereal

You See Dolls Too?


Drinking Fountain

Kittykat Driving

Ebay Kitteh

Every Family Has An Oddball

Voices Tell Me Things

I just showed my Mum all of the LOLcats on my laptop. God, didn’t she laugh lots XD She found them very entertaining.

I’ve just discovered that I can change the order of my tabs when I have the internet open. You learn something new everyday XD

I’m off to go find those lists of music that I need to download. I have like, 5 pieces of paper, with songs written down that I’ve never gotten a chance to download. So I’m off to go find them now XD Toodloo!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

   "It's an offering to the Gods - except, it's not a dead pig, it's two loaves of bread" - Andrea, "I really wish you''d stop referring to me as a God" - Bossman Tony

Time: 10.51 in the pm
Mood: Tired
Currently: Drinking Coca-Cola, eating chocolate buttons and trying to stay awake
Song: Ridiculous - Bowling For Soup

Good God. No time to comment OR upload LOLcats. Easy to see why. Just look at the time!! Thanks for your comments, anyway. I know I haven’t returned the favour since like, Friday now (or maybe Thursday =S), but I promise I WILL get to sites tomorrow!

Ok, that was random. I just had to sign in again =/ But I’ve always stayed signed in to MyO (mainly because I can never remember my password! I’m just lucky my internet remembers it for me!)… Sooo… Why it did that I do not know.

Work was work. Was kinda mad. I also went my entire shift (6 hours) without my break! I just didn’t have time for one XD So now Andrea and Tony have to figure out where I can take 30 minutes back (because the stupid company “can’t afford” to pay me overtime *rolls eyes*).

My eyes hurt =(

I have my first driving lesson tomorrow! Eek!

It snowed last night/this morning =/ My sister woke me up at SIX AM just to shout “Emma, look! It’s snowed!”. Yes, Sophie. I don’t give a shit! A bit later on (after I’d gone back to sleep) we attempted to make a snowman (hahaha I just put ‘bake a snowman’ by accident XD). I say attempt, because I couldn’t get the balls right. My Mum had a right “oo-er” moment, because I complained to her “I cannot get my balls right”, and so she was like “your balls, huh?”.

Anyway, because it’s April, and generally sunny (most of the time), the snow melted =( But when I got home from work, it started snowing again! Didn’t settle, though. I hope it doesn’t snow tomorrow for my driving lesson =/ I’d rather like to have good weather, thanks. Talking of my driving lesson, I don’t as such know how much it’s gonna cost me. My Mum ‘thinks’ it’s £22. So she told me to get out some money and make sure I have change. So my purse is rather heavy (because it’s full of a shitload of change - my instructor is gonna be like “and how much money did you exactly need?” lol.

I was promoted to manager earlier XD Ok, guys, don’t get the wrong idea. I actually WASN’T. But, Andrea had to give me her keys, because my Mum’s opening the shop in the morning, hence why I got the keys to pass them on. Bossman Tony was like “Emma, you’re now manager because you have keys, Andrea, you’re just a CA”. At which point Andrea started to pretend to cry XD

I repeat, I’m not actually manager XD I know someone will read between the lines and be like “manager? That’s great =O”. No. Bossman Tony was being silly XD

Anyway, I should go =) Toodloo!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

   "I'M GOING TO BE A BUS!" - me. "Is there any reason why you are going to be a bus?" - Owen. "I'm gonna be a bus, a bus a bus a bus, bussy bussy bus bus" - Moi. Random Times At Work XD

Time: 8.51in the pm
Mood: Tired
Currently: Rubbing ma belleh!
Song: Apologise (Feat. One Republic) - Timbaland

Have you ever listened to two songs at the same time? “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt” and “Everytime” (by Britney Spears) REALLY doesn’t go together. Anyway, thank you all for your comments. Tonight, it’s not because I’m lazy (though, that is a small factor XD), but I can’t comment back. It’s because food shall arrive anytime soon (we’re having curry - from the curry house - yes. Again. We do every Saturday. Saturday nights are curry nights XD).

Normal day at work today. Cheryl’s getting nervous because it’s her wedding on Friday. Matt was rude. He stole one of my chips at lunch time (I went to the chip shop). Then he accused ME of being rude because I didn’t tell anyone that I was going to the chip shop. That was because I wasn’t exactly planning it.

There was a bug wandering across my laptop screen, LOL. A really tiny one. I was reading a fanfic, and I just caught sight of it, and so I followed it, and… IT GONE SQUISH NOW. I actually didn’t mean to squish it. I just poked it, and then I was like ”oops”.

’Tis A Vulcan Rat


You Won‘t Take Meh Alive!


You tube - You‘re Doing It Wrong

Animal Planet

Day 43...

Do Coldplay =D

Like I said, that is it for the non-LOLcats. Do not fear though, because I do still have this folder-full of LOLcats. And the website itself has like, 6 new top-rated LOLthings every day, so I’m sure a non-LOLcat that is hilarious will pop up soon XD


♥ Emmah ♥

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Friday, April 4, 2008

   "I've Found The Page For Horses. Well, Not The Horses Themselves, Because Horses Can't Read" - Me Telling Mum I Found The Page For Horse-Riders In My Highway Code Book

Time: 5.12 in the pm
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Giggling
Song: It Must Have Been Love - Roxette

LMFAO! Omg, Notyu, your comment made me laugh. Lots. And hard. So hard, I was squeaking. Anyway, thank you for your comments XD Hmm, so you’re still being distracted by the dancing Snape? Just because you’re all jealous of his moves =P LOL.

I really can’t be bothered to comment back =/ How bad is that? I am going to, though. It’s… Just gonna take me a while. I’m too busy sexy-poking my friend Laura on Facebook.

I’m bored. I’ve been online for nearly an hour, and have actually done nothing. Except sexy-poked, and managed to comment one person. I’m just wondering what I’ve actually done for the last 50 minutes XD

Commenting done. LOLthings coming up. Or they would be, if Photobucket actually wanted to work.


Ninja Cat

Ninja Cat Attacks Bush!

I‘m Getting A Signal!


Special Brother

I Has A Stik

Tiger Soup

Tomorrow (if I come online tomorrow night) will be the last of the non-LOLcat animals =( But do not fear, for the 200-and-something LOLcats I have left, are extremely funneh XD Toodloo and enjoy!

♥ Emmah ♥

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