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Sunday, March 12, 2006

   Whheeeeeeeeeeeee, hoorah for Saturday nights!!!
I just got done watching FMA........*spazzes* THE FUCKIN PALM TREE KILLED HIM!! HE, KILLED, MY, EDO~KUN!! *breathes hard* I mean, Envy is my favorite homunculus and all, and I knew it was gonna happen, but still, he killed MY EDO~KUN!! *beats up Envy*

I reeeeeaaaalllly need to calm down! hmm, let's see, what was I doing before FMA? I was watching 'The 40 year Old Virgin' ^-^ It was meh 1st time watching it & it was hilarious! My bro has it on dvd, & its the uncut version, & OMG, my parents were watching it w/ us! lol, meh sis has come home for the weekend so we all thought, 'let's watch a movie!' we told my mom not to watch it...we did try to tell her! and the ending...had no point! when they start singing about the aquarius...T____T I laughed so pitifully hard.

Before that I had lolly over from about 8:30-5:00. There was suppose to be a speech meet today, but there was a morning snow storm, and a whole bunch of schools couldn't make it to the meet, so it got canceled. At that point, sum ppl started singing the hallelujah verse O_o; and I had just finished drinking my energy drink too -___-; what a waste! Anywho, ya, lolly came over, and we just did a whole bunch of crap ^-^ especially on the computer! She helped me to FINALLY find a background fer meh site! Thanx fer the help lolly~cha! *glomps lolly* and just to let u ppl know, I didn't make the background! I repeat, background does not belong to me! and I hope that whoever made it doesn't mind me using it! ^-^'

I'm bored now, and tired. Getting up at 5:40 am fer 2 days in a row isn't good for me, I need sleeeeeeep!! XXDD and I gotta get off soon, b/c I kicked my bro off for an hour and he's piiiiiiiissssssssssssssed! ^_______^ *giggle snort* I like to make him mad sometimes, younger sibblings are EVIL!! which means, I'm EVIL! MOOHAHAHA!! *stops laughing and glares* ur all thinking i'm weird, aren't cha?! ur all plotting my death, aren't cha?!?! Well, fuck u mr. bear! u speak lies, LIIIES!! lmao! anyone who has read 'Johnny the Homocidal Maniac' knows where that is from. I was told about it from a friend, so I looked it up on the computer ^-^ it is so funneh!

I need help, seriously. Either that or sleep. I'm going crazy! *insane laughter* I really need to be getting off now, b/c I've been babbling this whole time ^_____^ I hope u all still love me *gives u all puppy dog eyes* right?

See ya all around!
p.s. - SQUEE!!...don't ask...

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Friday, March 10, 2006

   I'm soooooooooo tired!!
Hello people! How was everybody's Friday? Mine was loooooooong! Today was festival, a time where our choir/band get together w/ other skool's choir/band and spend the WHOLE day practicing music and then having a concert that night...fun. (i'm being sarcastic, just to let you know XD)

This morning I woke up 20 minutes late, so I was grumpy, and while on the bus, I had an engery drink. It didn't kick in until afterwards tho, I was actually yawning after I first drank it. But when I got off the bus it was like 'Woah! I'm HYPER!!'

We practiced band first (I play the flute XD) For one song, we had to have a drum type thingie, and my classmate sitting next to me had an old coffee can. This french horn player walks up to her and says "Can I use that spit can?" Before anyone can say anything, he takes the can, goes and sits down, and spits in it! lmao, everyone just stared at him, and I couldn't play fer the next five minutes b/c I was laughing (remember, I'm still hyper from the drink!)

In the choir, this girl stood in back of me, and MY GOD WAS SHE ANNOYING! She acted like a little know it all, the instructor would say something, and then she'd say stuff under her breath criticizing him. He asked us what the difference between a 's' and a 'z' were when we sang em, and she said, "The sound maybe!" well, NO SHIT SHERLOCK! *smacks forehead* maybe I was just irratable at the time, but everyone seemed to annoy me in choir, just choir.

We practiced for prolly about 4 hrs each on choir and band, so it got to be a long, tiresome day. Our school went out to eat pizza at Pizza Ranch. There was a wide screen tv, and someone changed the channel to SpongeBob Squarepants. It was the episode where Gary runs away and this freaky old lady finds him! At one point, Courtney made a shocked face, and oh, u should have seen it! lol!

That was it pretty much my day. From 5:30 a.m. till now. The concert went pretty good. Tho some parts went horrible ^-^ Tomorrow is gonna be another fun day...I get to go to a speech meet! But there might be a snow storm, and I feel terrible for saying this I really do, but I kinda hope it does storms, then I can sleep and do homework tomorrow. Then again, I don't want it to storm, b/c if we go, I can see meh friends^^ I just don't wanna get up early like I had to today. Oh well, I got another energy drink fer tomorrow, b/c I'm sure as hell gonna need it!

Hope everyone has a fun, safe weekend!
Love and Peace! *giggle snort* (i love trigun!)

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Monday, March 6, 2006

Today when I woke up, I was really grumpy. I get to school and say to my friend Ali, "I really feel like killing someone." she says: "Please don't hurt me!" Then after I'm in the science room (it's my first class) Lolly comes over, hands me her sketch book and says "Doodle away Jenna!" I transfer all my grumpy stuff to the paper in front of me, and if any teacher would happen to see it...let's hope they never figure out it was I who did it...b/c I might get suspended ^-^ I kinda 'threatened' my school...it was an empty threat tho, i'm not REALLY gonna set fire to the school! Yea, Lolly thought it was hilarious I wrote. After that class...I was still a bit grumpy...but I was also hyper O_o; Lolly and Ali laughed at me alot. I don't feel grumpy now, but I'm still a little hyper ^-^ well, I'm outta here, I gots nuthin else to say to you peoples!

*waves* buh bye!

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Friday, March 3, 2006

   Look at the face! It's paranoid! Just like me! *sigh* Thanks for that Jason...
FRIDAY! YESH! *sigh* This week seemed to go so slow...it went on foreva! How was everybodeh elses?

Yesterday was one of those days when nothing goes right no matter how hard you try. I had a speech meet and in my first round, my mouth all of a sudden went dry as a desert! And in the second round, well, actually that one went a little better, I was just in the same round as sum really good ppl. I still got a Superior Award tho. And Jason and Lolly were there, so the day didn't turn into a horrid one. lmao, at one point, Jason wanted to demonstrate the 'chinese tickle torture' on me. He told lolly to grab my arms, and naturally, I ran away, but they caught me. So, Jason is poking me in the collar bone, and the principal of the school comes over and says "This is the wrong place and the wrong time." we just sorta sat there fer a while, staring at his retreating back...and then we laugh ^____^

Hmmm, what else happened? Oh yesh, one of our peacocks got stuck in a fan! We have big fans by the grain bins, and the male peacock got sucked into it! It only got caught on the foot tho, so there wasn't any bits of chopped-up peacock or anything. My dad just turned off the fans and carried it to where the rest of them were.

And my cats are sick :'( my mom had to take one of em to the vet to get sum shots. She seems to be doing better now, but when its time to give her her medicine, she starts to growl ^_^ she's so kawaii, I can't help but laugh when she does that. The other one doesn't seem to be sick sick, its like she's gagging on sumthing, and it can't be a hairball, b/c we've given her sum medicine fer that.

Seriously, nothing else has really happened this week. *thinks really hard to try to remember sumthing else* Lolly's mad at this other MyO. person, we've just been goofing off in school, and i've been doing homework T____T fun. I think I'm gonna go watch sum Trigun, yesh, that sounds mighty nice! ufufufufufufufufu...

*waves* buh bye fer now!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

   'You don't like being second, I don't like being wrong!'
Hahaha, the subject title is some lyrics from SR-71's song 'Goodbye' Its a good song ^__^

Well, how is everybody? Hope u all had a good week.

Yesterday, I had a science test and a math test. Both seemed very easy, and watch, i'll prolly fail both of 'em! Lol, i always seem to jynx myself. The good thing is that I have no homework!! O_o; how that happened, I don't know, my teachers usually love to give out homework!

Then there was this afternoon. Ahhhh, it was so much fun! I played KH for a few hours, then my friends Lolly and Ali came over. We played KH for a while, and then we started a game pool. My cat got into the pooltable (there's a big hole in the side) and she scared Ali when she was reaching for the white ball. Which reminds me, Ali scratched 6 outta 10 times at one point. Lmao! It was great. Me and Lolly were making fun of her XD

Then we went into the computer room, and we started to jam out to the Crazy Frog song by Axel F (or sumthing like that!) We took alot of digital pics to say the least. After that, we stuck a pizza in the oven, ate it, and decided we were still hungry, so we stuck another one in! And we ate them both! And had ice-cream for desert! BWAHAHAHAHA!! (don't know what's so funny, I just feel like laughing evily^__^)

(Misc. info) We also got into a screaming contest at one point (good thing we were home alone, lol, what were my parents thinking!?) and I won! ^__^ and i started choking on icecream, I could feel it dripping into my windpipe, and i BURNED!!! AHHHHHH BURNED I TELL YOU!!! ahahahaha, if only I were brave enough to tell you WHY I choked on my icecream ^____^

Weeeeeeeeeeel, I'm just gonna post sum pics, soooo
Image hosting by Photobucket that is us! i'm wearing my glasses today >_< didn't feel like putting contax in!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket My mom walked in on us when we were dancing! 'We weren't doing anything! Really!'\
Image hosting by Photobucket Lolly drew this pic! It's of her, Ali, and me! *starry eyes* She is such a good drawer!


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Monday, February 20, 2006

   Happy Happy Joy Joy!!
Oh wow, today was fuckin awesome! We had our first speech meet today, and it went really well. It was worth getting up at 4:50 in the morning! I got to meet up w/ all of friends, including sum that i haven't seen since summer! We had a blast talking w/ each other, just about completely random stuff. And i think i did pretty good on my speech, tho i didn't final, which i'm actually glad i didn't. i didn't wanna stop talking w/ everyone^-^

Jason kept scaring the shit outta everyone! He made most of us scream^-^ and then he wouldn't stop POKING ME!! haha, it was actually pretty funny. He also brought POCKY w/ him! oh, pocky is the drug of the gods! (pocky isn't an actual drug, it's chocolate covered biscut sticks XD i just say it's my drug!)

The meet was at a college, and this guy came in, and he was saying (more like yelling) about how everyone should repent for their sins and he was talking about God and everything. Everyone thought he was just doing a speech, but he wasn't! and the cops had to come and take him away! I wasn't there when he was taken away, but i did hear him speak. He was crrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppyyy!!

Heh heh, I really should prolly get going, i still have science homework to do, and then i wanna watch sum Trigun before bed. Jason gave me the Trigun just today, and i'm tired! And i'm sorry, but i won't be able to go to anyone's site and comment! Sorry! *bows* Forgive me!



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Saturday, February 18, 2006

   Blargie Shoogie Shargie!....O_o'......don't ask, i don't know!
Hey, i can get onto my account! YIPPEE! i wasn't able to sign in yesterday T_____T' something was being gay, b/c lolly and chels couldn't sign in either. was there a site update that i didn't know about? *laughs* shows how much i know!

The last couple of days have been fun to say the least ^_^ Thursday, our Spanish class, among other Spanish classes from other towns, went out to eat at a mexican place called Juano's. I got to meet up w/ my friend Lisa (OddOneOut) Her, lolly, and me had a blast! That night, lolly came over fer a sleepover...and we got hyper...and we had loads of fun on the computer...we laughed our asses off fer quite a while^_^; Then, we started rping w/ Chels...needless to say...uhm, actually, i think i'll keep those thoughts to myself!

Lolly and me also played KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!! and now, i can't stop playing it (again) @_@ I stayed up till 3 in the morning playing it, i would've gone longer...but my mom woke up and forced me off!!! NUUUUUUUUUUU!! so the sooner i finish this post, the sooner i can go back to playing it! *hands start to twitch, really wishing they were holding a controller and not typing*

I have my first speech meet on Monday!! WooHoo!! i can finally see ppl! And my speech ain't half bad i must say! I'm doing Serious-Interp, just like last year....*hears some ppl talking, then gasps* My aunt Patty is here!! I didn't know she was coming to our place!! g2g and say hi to my cool aunt! i'll see u later! Have a great weekend!


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Friday, February 17, 2006

WOO HOO, AREN'T YOU GUYS GONNA BE JEALOUS! *is currently having mad passionate monkey sex with Edward Elric*

God, i love RPing! ^-^

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

-sigh- i'm disappointed in society, it can be so stupid! I realized today that ppl in my school are playing the choking game. i guess i should've seen it coming, but i didn't think that these ppl in my skool were THAT stupid. well, they proved me wrong...idiots. i don't hang out w/ many ppl from my skool, b/c they're all into sports & drugs & stuff, and me & my friends are like, ANIME!! jeezes, i could prolly blabber on and on about how stupid ppl who play that 'game' are, but i won't, to spare u the boredom and me the typing!

so now, i'm bored. to all u ppl who celebrate valentines day, i hope that urs was good. mine was like any other kind of day (like today)...except everybody wore a whole lot more pink! *shudders* i swear, i looked down a hallway, and all i saw was pink! and tomorrow, our spanish class is going out to eat, so i get to miss the majority of school! yesh!! and then it'll be the 4-day weekend! (thanxs mr. presidents!) well, i g2g, i gotta do sum chores! phooey.


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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Today...was...LONG! i spent *thinks* 8 hours total at the church. The first hour was normal church, so i didn't mind then. But the last 7 hours have been preparing for the Valentine supper. omg, my feet huuuurrrrrtttt! -sigh- i guess i shouldn't complain to much, it went pretty well, except we ran outta carrots and had to use beans instead^-^ that was kinda embarrassing. it was fun hanging out w/ everybodeh also. Too bad there's skool tomorrow, i REALLY would've liked to sleep in! at least there's no skool on Friday or the next Monday! woohoo! president's day! tho, on that monday, there's gonna be a speech meet, not that i mind that^-^....i just realized i'm prattling....better stop that. *yawn* i'm tired. so, i'm signing off fer the night! i'm gonna watch sum Trigun before bed (soooooooo tired!!!) Hope everybody had a fun weekend^-^


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