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Saturday, May 13, 2006

   I'm bored....so I'm gonna post!
*yawn* As well as being bored, I am also tired! School was long, but more fun than normal. I'm not freaking over finals over anymore b/c I have all the review crap done with *phew* I'm just waiting for episodes 15 & 16 of Black Cat to upload on youtube. I started watching the series yesterday and I'm hooked XD it's really good, it's b/c ElvesAteMyRamen talked about it for a while, so I thank her for introducing it to me! Arigato!

*gasp* I only have 5 more days of school! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I am so happy! Just gotta get through finals week now...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can make it! *sigh* this school year was good in the fact that it went really fast, but a lot people died this year, so it was bad too. There's been over 10 deaths in the area, and losts of 'em were recently. Two of the seniors lost one of their parents, another senior lost a sister, a junior lost a sister, and then friends from neighboring towns died, then my dad's friend died on Wednesday. He was my dad's best man at his wedding. AHHHHHH! now I'm getting depressed -_-U *sigh*

Good news is that my mom's medication is working! The cancer stuff on her liver is starting to go away!! ^3^ I'm so relieved...^_^ Another good thing is that Lolly is coming over Saturday! Heehee, we're gonna watch a lot movies! SQUEE~NESS like Rurouni Kenshin's Reflections, Monty Python, Lord of the Rings ( she hasn't seen the 3rd movie ) and we're just gonna have a bunch of fun...so don't be surprised if there ends up being a really weird post later on...and if there is...I BLAME LOLLY~CHAN!! XDXDXDXDXDXD

Well, episode 15 is done uploading, so I'm gonna go and watch it ^.^ I'll see you guys later I suppose!
*waves* Ta ta!

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Friday, May 5, 2006

   It's 8:25 in the morning, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WONDERFUL?!?!?!
Hi people! I'm really bored right now, I'm just waiting for school to start. I wanna go back to sleep, and not go to science, but at least we have a sub today, I feel like having Mrs. Larson yell at us for stupid reasons! But I am excited, b/c I get out of school early for State Music ( see post below this one to find out what I'm talking about! ) soooo.....I'm bored, I think I've mentioned that already. I wanna go shopping, and I want an enery drink or a cappochino (sp) either one, so I won't feel as tired! It's nice, here at the school, I can see my Soujiro avatar, I can't at home!
well, the warning bell just rang, I gotta go now~!!!
Take Care Everybodeh!

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

   I am Bored...bored, bored, bored!
*gasp* I've changed my BG and my avatar! Lolly got me in a Rurouni Kenshin craze, and I've finally remembered how much I absolutely ADORE and WORSHIP Soujiro, aka: Sou~chan! He be my favorite RK character, which is good, b/c Lolly and I won't have each other to compete against. She loves Kenshin, I love Soujiro, it all works out =3 wow, I'm blabbing a lot about RK...ahhhhhh, I can't help it, tis such a good show! and i have the entire series, and the only moive I don't have is Reflections, but I've seen it *sniff* it made me cry...b/c Soujiro wasn't in it! No, J/K, that isn't why I cryed!

Ok, no more talking of RK! but I must say my computer is being a dick shit. I know I've changed it, but my avatar on my computer shows Edo~kun still, and everyone else, on their computers, sees Soujiro...IT'S ALL FUCKED UP!! GRRRRR! *pouts* dumb computer! i wish i could smack you! and I would if I weren't afraid u'd break and then I'd have to live w/out you!

Alright, nuff of that! I finally decide to update this thing and all you guys get is a whole bunch of babbling crap XD anywho, tomorrow, I'm gonna go to State Music in Bismarck! tis gonna be a blast! Me and Ali are gonna buy energy drinks, get really hyper, and scare the shit outta everybodeh!! XD it'll be so much fun! and then, when we get there, we'll go to mall, and I can go to Hottopic, and buy STUFF! not sure what kinda stuff yet, but STUFF nonetheless! maybe it'll be ANIME STUFF! *gasp* that's even better! Oh, oh! and the hotel we're staying at has a WATERSLIDE!! WOOHOO!! wow, u guys are prolly all wondering 'What the Hell did she smoke?!?!' *impish giggle* i can't help but agree w/ you.

What else is going on? hmm, only 11 more days of school! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! these last two weeks of school are gonna suck tho! i'm really getting busy now! This weekend I have State Music, then on Sunday, I get confirmed. Tuesday is the Band/Choir concert. Wednesday is the Spanish field trip to Minneapolis. and the last week is FINALS! *screams* I'm afraid! and the day after school ends, is my cousin Cory's Wedding, so that'll be another weekend gone. OH OH! and this summer, I'm going to Florida w/ my cousin Jodi and her family! We'll be going to Busch Gardens, one of my happy places (I've been there before) and we might go to Sea World! WATER! I think there's a big rollercoaster there too! ROLLERCOASTER, YAY! i luv rollercoasters ^___^ Hopefully my mom will come too, but she may not be well enough. She's taking sum new kind of medication for her cancer, since cemotherapy (sp) isn't working anymore.

Well, I am so done w/ this post. Yup yup, don't wanna type anymore! *grins* so u prolly won't hear from me in a while, knowing how much I update! I'll get around to sum of ur sites later on hopefully...

Later! and Take Care!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

   A colorful merry-go-round of death *i got that from adult swim ^-^*
Last night was my brother's 1st prom! Here, only Juniors and Seniors can go to prom (unless ur asked to go by a junior or senior) and my bro is a junior! He and his date, Megan, were so cute together! =3 i even got a picture of 'em to share w/ you!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Boys clean up nice, i must say ^-^ and my sister came home, again! I'm surprised that i've seen her as much as i have O.o so, naturally, we had to get a pic of ALL three of us...

Image hosting by Photobucket

i look like crap, seeing as i woke up at around noon, did sum homework, and then went on the computer for the rest of the day ^-^ its still a nice picture tho...

*gasp* I only have 4 more weeks of school! that's 20 more days! i can't wait, SQUEE! i think everyone is ready for school to be done w/! and on that note, i leave you, w/ this short post!
Have a lovely week! *giggles insanely*

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006









O______________O I'VE NEVER HAD A KIWI


*takes keyboard away from lolly* I'm sorry ppl!! i can't control her!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

*lolly takes keyboard back*











jenna: *sweatdrops* lolly....ur weird....


I CANT SPELL SKELATONS~!!! *spots a cracker*

o.O...FOOOD!!!! *consumes the crusty cracker*

*takes keyboard back* i think that will be all of your crazy randomness for now lolly....O_o; she's strange when she's hungry....

Now that i'm here...i might as well tell how my easter was...it was good....the end.

J/K! i went to my grandma's for a day, then to my aunt and uncle's for an afternoon, and i ate lots of really good yummy food, and gained prolly a kagillion pounds!



where was i? damn, this is a long post! thanx alot lolly!! anywho...i also got a gift card for Best Buy from the Easter Bunny...that would be scary if Bakura was the Easter Bunny...ya know, b/c his hair looks like bunny ears and all ^-^


*slaps lolly* T.TU go to bed! and ya...i think that's it for now...b/c i can't think of anything else to say. I hope you all had lovely Easter days! =3



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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   I love KH2...especially Riku!
OMG OMG OMG!!! after one week of playing it, I BEAT KINGDOM HEARTS 2!! it was awesome! I was at level 70 and i'm all like 'You die foo! cause i'm stronger than you, ahahaha!!' ya, i was freaking out ^-^; Now i can go back and screw around and do stuff i didn't want to do before...like beat Sephiroth...*sigh* he's good looking and all that, but man, he packs quite the punch! And, well, i won't give away anything in case u don't wanna know, but i must say, Riku is damn hot! *drools* especially in that special animation at the end of the game *drools even more* Sexah...Riku...ahhhhhh!

Alright, now that that part of my life has been completed, I should have more time for the computer...hopefully. That means i'll be able to visit ppl's sites again =3 Starting on Friday, b/c tomorrow i'll be busy practicing for Thursday. We have music Contest on Thursday X_x i have to play the flute for one song...all by myself. I'm gonna screw up...then everyone will hate me! *sob* XP nah, i don't really care! And OMG! Easter is on Sunday! which means ( besides all the Christian stuff ) that there's gonna be Easter Vacation! No school on Friday, Monday, OR Tuesday! so happy ^__^

....my hand is twitching for a controller....*hangs head* i need a life! besides anime, video games, music, and computer! and speaking of video games, i wanna play Final Fantasy 7...just to see Cloud, Sephiroth, and all those ppl. grrr...I'll make Neil (my brother) let me play it! hmph, he's afraid i'll ruin it -___-U and i just realized i'm prattling...and i also just realized that i have nuthing else to talk about *thinks* nope nothing else. Guess i'll talk to u all later! Take care and have a good rest of the week!


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Saturday, April 8, 2006

   Yay! It's finally the weekend!!
I was able to sleep in this morning until 9:30! Yay! i love sleep, sleep is good ^-^ So how is everybodeh doing?

I finally got Kingdom Hearts 2 on Tuesday, so that's all i've been doing lately, playing it nonstop. In fact, this is the first time i've been on my computer here at home. I went on once at school, and that was it. =3 KH2 is a real fun game, sorta easy, but i'm having a jolly good time palying it! I won't say anything about it, in case any of you don't want me to give it away. So that's what i'll be doing all day today, since its a weekend and i have no homework!! hooray for no homework!

Well, i really wanna go play video games, so i'm stopping here. ^-^ heh, sorry for the shortness of this post. Maybe i'll come back on tonight...anywho, u all have a good weekend!

Take Care!

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Sunday, April 2, 2006

   And a merry April Fools Day it is...erm...was....whatever
Hullo! How is everybodeh? Well I hope. Iíve been quite busy this week, what w/ choir/band/ practice, homework, and having 3 speech meets all in the past week! *yawn* itís all made me tiredÖI wanna go to sleep. Sleep is good, very good, too bad I havenít been getting much of it :í( sad that it is.

Tuesday, Thursday, and today (ermÖyesterday? stupid daylight savings time!!) were the days that there were speech meets. The one on Tuesday was a small one, so I was actually able to get 1st place in my serious prose. (my piece is called ĎThe Scarlet Ibisí) Thursdayís was much bigger. I got 3rd. heehee, I got 3rd, which means I gotta neat trophy thingie XD

The one today was also big meet. I was soooo tempted to just skip it and play sick, but 2 of meh friends begged me and lolly to come. Iím glad I did, even if right now I feel really really super tired! We played w/ Breannís big bouncyball!! XD Sarah got hit in the mouth w/ it, and lolly in the head XD I again got 3rd place in meh serious and now thereís only regionals left, on Thursday, and then the speech season is over!! Course, after that then thereís the State competition, I might qualify for state at regions, but I donít know if I even want to ^--^ Only reason I would wanna go is to go to the mall in Bismarck, and go to Hot Topic (god I LOVE that store! *starry eyes*)

Squee!!! I may be getting Kingdom Hearts 2 tomorrow! If my brother decides he wants to get a different tuxedo for prom...he better go. I WANT THAT GAME!! I have to stay home and do homework :í( Wahhhh! Oh my god! I saw the commercial of it today, and I want it so bad! ^-^ I hope its goodÖ

I just remembered that I got a science test on MondayÖmy crazy science teacher wanted to have it on Friday. But what w/ the speech meet and a track meet, most of the kids wouldnít be able to study, and I wasnít able to study! I got home at 11:15 pm!! I was fuckiní tired! So she was busy saying how most of us are gonna fail the test now that itís had to be put off over the weekend. *rolls eyes* she wonít have the test on Tuesday either, for some odd reason.

Well, now Iím bored. And I canít seem to get to pplís sites very easily, itís literally taking forever to upload Ďem, and I donít have enough patience right now to wait. Iíll just try again sum other time.

Anywho, Iím signing off fer now. Hope everyone has a good week, filled w/ lots of sleep! *yawns* buh bye!

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

   Hmm....haven't been here in a while....
*shakes head* Can't quite seem to remember the last time I was at MyOtaku....I must've been busy.....oh well! ^_^ I hope everyone is doing fine!

I'm getting over a cold at the moment. I missed 1 and a 1/2 days of school. This cold was a little different than my other ones. I usually don't get disoriented or anything, but this time, I REALLY was disoriented. I saw/heard things that weren't there or people didn't say, I forgot pretty much EVERYTHING that I was doing, and the usual ' I can't seem to concentrate on any of my school work. ' but just a little worse. So I gotta stay at home and since my mom banned me from using the computer, i slept, watched FMA and sum Rurouni Kenshin, read Trigun Manga, and slept even more! Sleep is good, that it is.

I did feel good enough to go to a speech meet yesterday. My goal was not to break out into a coughing fit during one of my rounds, and I met that goal! Yay, no cough attacks!! and I ended up getting an excellence ribbon for my serious prose speech!

What else has happened around here? Nothing much really. For choir/band we're gettin ready for Contest. I'm not too sure what that is, it's my first year going. Practice times range from 5:30 ( for the track kids ) to 10pm on Friday nights!! It's coming along pretty good tho, I sing in 4 pieces as a 1st sopranoe and I play the flute in another one.

For civics class, we made up our own political parties ( arg, I'm sooo apathetic when it comes to politics! ) and on Thursay/Friday, the vice president and the president had to debate on certain issues. Since nobody from our group was wanted to be the president, I took the position, since I didn't wanna sit there all class period doing nothing! The debate went pretty good I guess...I had good competition ^__^

Well, I can't think of anything else that has happened recently. That's right folks, nothing! It's so boring around here! *coughing fit* That's it! I'm gonna watch sum TV!! *grumble* Damn cold!!

Have a happy week people!
p.s. - Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out on Wednesday! MOOHAHAHA!! I can't wait! heehee, I'm so excited!!!

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Friday, March 17, 2006

   Happy St. Patty's Day!
Hello peoples! Happy St. Patricks Day to you! So how was everybodeh's day? Mine was pretty good fer the most part. I woke up w/ a sore throat that hasn't gone away yet! Grrrr...I hate sore throats, but I'm drinking some green tea w/ lemon ginseng ^_____^ its good, very soothing.

I did go shopping in Fargo today tho! I went w/ meh mom and brother (Neil is his name, don't know if ya know his name XD) and we didn't get to shop long. My mom had a doctors appt. so we spent from 11:30 to 2 pm in the Cancer Center. I finally met my mom's doc, Dr. Gross (he has a funny name!)

And after that we met up w/ my aunt Nancy and ate at a restaurant. Then to Scheels we went, and Neil got $120 track shoes!! Hopefully his feet won't grow any more, seeing as he's a junior and he's gonna hafta use 'em next year too ^_____^ Then it was to comicbook junction where I got MANGA!! Squee! I got Trigun manga! I also got FMA playing cards ^---^ I love playing cards, I have so many decks of 'em, lol. I also got the FMA novel vol. 2! And guess what everyone!! A Hot Topic store is FINALLY coming to Fargo, FINALLY!! I mean come on, the biggest city of North Dakota...doesn't have a Hot Topic....insane....

On the way home, we went through this valley, and there was this field full of deer! It was really pretty b/c it was pretty dark outside, and the field was covered in snow, and all u could see were the silhouettes of the deer, it was cool! And well, that was today's day. Nothing horribly special XD hmmm...my tea is cold...I'm gonna end this post here and then go heat it up. So I'll see ya all around later!

*waves* buh bye!

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