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Saturday, September 2, 2006

   Hazzah, tis the weekend~!! *falls asleep on keyboard*
Yushhhh, weekends are great *nodnod* and a 3 day weekend at that ^w^ Allelujah~~! Tho...I may have to work on Monday T3T poopie...

Oh well, just gotta think of the money x3 I'm so greedy xP

Weeeell, nothing much happened this week. I had homework, a bit of it too, but it's mostly all done. For World History, we have to draw a picture of our own made-up civilization. I....didn't really try on mine. SSssssshh~! Don't tell, I may get docked points *shifty eyes* x3 Everyone says it's good, so I'm not worried. I HAVE A VILLAGE IDIOT~!! 83 He's based on someone...someone I know xD

Grammar still sucks a lot...I hate it....omg, that I do.

Eeehehehehehe, Lolly and I passed notes during studyhall....I was hyper ^w^ and I was twitching a lot Oo; Mrs. Hanson told me to get to work....I didn't.....

My point is: I like passing notes x3

I hear Paris Hilton~!!! DDDDDx Eeeewww.....

Some dipfack stole my brother's $80+ gym shoes. Our football coach, my World History teacher, Mr. Strenge (Oh, look at all the appositives I used, oh joy~!) gave the football players a talk, and then the shoes 'mysteriously' showed back up in his locker. He thinks he knows who did it, but he won't say, since he's not sure.

I never knew a McDonald's BigMac sandwich had less fat in it than their Bacon Chicken Ranch salad...do you think Jay Leno's lying to me...? xD Oooooh, yesh, Pluto is no longer a planet...we kicked it out of our solar system for being so puuuuny~~! Poor Pluto.

Some British dudes over in England made a film of what it would be like if President Bush was assassinated @____@ That's....nice....Bush'll surely wanna see that.... ... .... .... .... .... I don't like politics, I'm soooo apathetic O___o

I hope you guys don't mind my ramblings >.>; I just feltl like typing.

I have a Christmas song stuck in my head X________x

Anywho, my head is starting to hurt, I need sleep b/c getting up at 6:30 a.m. for 5 days in a row is veeeery tiring. I am no morning lark. Damn those mutants and their usual perkiness -____-U Tis true ppl~! Morning ppl are mutants~~! This dude in my school did research on it~!! *spaz fit*

Crappers....my compu upstairs is....freaking out~!! Compu, stop it~!! Nooooow~!

... ... ...it worked... ... ...thank you, compu~!

I got off subject. So, yeah. ^---^ I'm going to bed now. Hope you all have a good weekend~! Happy sleeping~! (For me, not for you~! >83 j/k, I love you guys) *huggles bunches*


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Monday, August 28, 2006

   Skool is cool....NOT~!!
WAHAHAHA~!!! The first day of school is officially OVAH~~!! Yessssssss...It sucked DDx

J/k, it wasn't that bad, I guess. I had a tummy ache all morning, and got an assignment in every class. I was able to get my Algebra 2 and World History done tho *nodnod* All I have to do now is Biology and English.

I HATE ENGLISH~!!! --V-- Fookie grammar! Tis stupid, I don't care what anybody says *pouts*

And now, we have to do a writing assignment every quarter, for EACH class~!!! DDx NUUUUUUUUUU~~!! The toorture~!

*sighs* We have 3 new students in our class, tho, 2 of 'em aren't w/ us half the time @__@ and a Junior is w/ us for World History...thing is, they're all guys~!! And sadly, they're not cute *pouts again* To me anyways ^--^ But we do have a Senior foreign exchange student from Taiwan, so that's cool *nodnod*

GAHH~! Well, I'm gonna go and do the rest of my homework now, and I'll visit sites after I'm done. I apologize just in case I don't make it to all of 'em ^^;


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Sunday, August 27, 2006

   I'm tired, yet I'm not tired...no, I think I'm tired...maybe
Weeellsh, this is the pretty much the last night that I can stay up until the ungodly hours of the morning *nodnod* Yes ppl, I start school again on Monday. HEEHA~! Oo; I'm kinda looking forward to school, yet...I know that after one week, I'll be dieing for a vacation x3 Not to mention I'll be losing lots of my lovely sleeping time X____x Oh dang.

I have a feeling that this year, school'll be different, and I'm not the only one who's thinking so O_o

And crappers, why is it that I always have big brain farts when I'm posting something?

I dyed my hair today~! It's so nice and dark-ish =3 It's a dark reddish brown *nodnod* I've been dying my hair the same color for about a year now, b/c I was sick of being a blonde, too many blondes around here I guess ^^;

Hmmm...what else have I done that's note worthy? ...Or random?

I finished my book~~~~!!! ZOMG~! I stopped reading for about...2 months...? Anywho, it was 'The Dragon Reborn' by Robert Jordan, the 3rd in it's series. Now I can start the 4th book~! It's a looong one too, 980 pages, not including the glossary ^w^ I like long books, I feel so accomplished after I'm done reading 'em.

Oooh, I finished my end of an art trade w/ Lolly~Chan ^-^ I was getting desparate w/ Kenshin's hands, b/c I REALLY couldn't do 'em, so I had to call in Lolly herself for help xP She's really good *nods* Heh heh, I didn't wanna finish her other hand tho x3 And I'm sorry if the coloring suckiths, Lolly. My scanner fooked it up a bit *glares at scanner* Why did you do that?!

Scanner: B/c I don't like you =3=

--V-- *pulls out big hammer*

Scanner: *cowers* I'll do better next time, Master~! *would grovel if it wasn't an inanimate object*

Ya...I'm bored x3 But I guess I'd like you guys to check out my pic if you have any time. Please and Thank you~! *huggles you all*

I now have nothing much to say really, but maybe now that school's started, and something in my life will be happening, I'll perhaps start updating more :3 And drawing more for that matter -__-U I just haven't been in a drawing mood much lately, and when I do draw, it turns out nasty ._o;

Okie, I am off to get a few Zzz's now, besides, Big Bro just got home and he's kicking me off the compu, so I have no choice but to leave *huggles you all again* See ya guys later~!


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Sunday, August 20, 2006

   Ahh, well hello my fine dearies! And how you all doing?

GAHHH! Cut the formal crap, Jenna! I don't feel like it anyway ^.^

Alright, so let's get down to the mitty gritty! The main reason for this post is to say that I'm not gonna be here today all that much, so I'll prolly only get to visit a few sites ^-^ It's my grandma's birthday and we're all going out to celebrate w/ my other immidiate family members from my father's side x3

Speaking of immediate family, my cousin Jodi broke her hand on a ceiling fan while in Mexico O___o; Just thought I'd share her pain and misery w/ you xDD I'm gonna have to tease her a little about that when I see her today. Oh don't get me wrong, I love my cousin dearly *huggles Jojo* We just like to tease each other a lot.

Uhm, other than that, all I've been doing is watching anime *nods* I watched 'Ouran High School Host Club' finally, and at this very moment I'm watching 'Full Metal Panic' *nods again* Both are extremely funny. Tho, I'd have to say that FMP is way more weird xDD

I'm a pretty boring person w/ no life, but that's okay! I love wasting my days away reading manga and books, drawing (damn, stupid, frickin' hands! *grumbles*) and watching anime! Yushhhhhhh...

Uh huh....

*shifty eyes*


Well, yes, I think I've said enough for now x3 I'll just go back to watching my anime now *_____*


Ta ta~! *bounces away*


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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

   FOUTOI!!! Yes I randomly yell 'Fuck you!' in French! *twitches*
I'm tired *rubs eyes* And I was in such a delightful evil mood earlier *grumbles*.........

I think I got a little sunburned while mowing the lawn yesterday Oo; We have a big fucking yard, that's for sure. It took me more than 3 hours to do, on a riding mower, and I didn't even do it all DDx I don't mow the ditches, they're too steep for my liking x3

Gwar! I gotta work again tomorrow. Yay for money! Nay for walking forever in the blazing sun! *giggles* I worked the other day as well, and I forgot to bring my gloves. Way to go Jenna, now you have blisters on your hand *glares at blisters* Damn you ebul blisters from Pluto!! X_____x Hopefully I won't forget again xD

Well, other than that, since I've last posted anything, I had a sleepover w/ Chiru (CERM) and Lolly (Lolly~Chan, boy, bet you wouldn't have figured that out) It was loads of fun! We were able to sleep in the tent, and we watched loads of anime and the movie 'The Labyrinth' w/ David Bowie ^-^ And Chiru drew me a piccie! Thank you, Chiru! *huggles* It's of me and Edward Elric *nods and clutches pic to self* Me and sexy, sexy Ed *w*

OHHHH~! One of my cats brought her kittens up to the house! The little kittens are so kawaii! One is multicolored and the other two are orange. I might put up a picture of 'em *nods* I love cats x3 I'll prolly become the crazy old cat lady!

My mom is telling me to go to bed ..U *rebellious streak kicks in* NO! I'm gonna stay up and look for porn!! oVe+

Uhm.....j/k! xDD I'll prolly just go and watch the Late Late Night Show w/ Craig Ferguson :3 I love that dude's sexy Scottish accent!

*sighs sadly* I have no life. No life at all xD But, I guess that's okie w/ me!

"I say ass on tv everyday!" --Craig

Take care everybody! See ya later!


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Friday, August 11, 2006

   I'm gonna try to make this short >.>;
I'm back! Yay! I missed my own bed and my kitties ^-^ Oh, and you guys too x3

I got quite a bit of shopping done while I was away. I'm ready to go back to school at least *shudders* even if I don't WANT to go back!

But I did get something that I've been wanting for a while now! I FINALLY got a FMA blankie w/ Edo~kun on it! *squeals and huggles blankie* It's so soft!

That was my greatest investment! Otherwise, I got a POTC: Dead Man's Chest poster of Jack Sparrow doing a sexy pose! *nods* I've been looking for that poster...and I got some manga, and a couple of shirts from Hottopic x3 One of 'em is of Gir and he's going "I love the little tacos! I love them good!" It was so cute! I had to get it!


We had cake to celebrate my aunt's birthday! Damn, that was some gooood cake *smiles contently while patting belly*

I prolly won't be around much later today x3 I'm gonna have some ppl over, and they'll be spending the night. Hopefully it won't storm out so then we can sleep in the tent! I've slept in a tent before while it's raining and I'm NEVER gonna willingly do that again! It sucked so bad T.T

Soooo, I may only get to a few sites!

Woooah, I'm bleeding and I didn't even notice! Oo;

Well, okie, I'm going now. I'm actually pretty tired, and it's not even midnight yet! See you guys later, and take care!


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Sunday, August 6, 2006

   *flops around*
GWARSH! O3o; Hello everybodeh~! Hope you've been enjoying life since I've last talked to you.

My throat hurts .__o; I think I'm getting a cold DDx It's SUMMER for crying out loud! *grumbles* That's what I get for playing w/ a hose!! *spaz fit*

Well, let's see here, what have I been doing lately...

The only note worthy thing is that I've been in and out of an artist's block. I was actually able to draw something today xDD I submitted 2 new pictures, both of my muses. Hope you guys will go and check 'em out ^-^ I finished drawing another pic, I just have to finish inking it and then color it, so that'll be up maybe later on today...*huggles muses*

Oh, and I'm gonna be gone Monday thru Thursday, just to let you know, so there won't be none of the usual comments and crap from me! *giggles* I just used a double negative! xDD

O______o; wow Jenna, if you think that using double negatives in a sentence is funny, then you must be bored...

Or high offa something >.>;


Uhm...let's see *looks around room* OMG! Pocky! I forgot all about it! *stuffs face*

I'm bored .___.U *goes to look at stuffus on youtube*

And Kenshin's drawing is so bad it's hilarious xDD It's a shame I can't show everybody xDDDDDDD

OMG! School is gonna start on the 28th! DDDDDx I don't wanna go back! I hate getting up so freaking early *grumbles*

Holy shit! I almost lost my post! Phew! xP

I just got really tired all of a sudden ToT it's only 12:30 a.m.

Simple and Clean is such a pretty song in Japanese. I wanna play KH now ^-^

Sometimes I think I have A.D.D *cocks head*
"I've got A.D.D and magic markers, oh the thrills I will have!"
xDDD I got that off an icon!

There's something tapping at the window O___O; *goes to look out window*

I know I heard something! But nothing's there! *is paranoid*

Shits and noodles! myO is being GAY! DDDx It wasn't letting me type! *shifty eyes*


Gahhhhhhh! I'm going to bed! My brain is dieing ;___; 'Till next time!


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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

   I've been Tagged! (Oh joy....)
1. Do you like animals?
Yushhhh! Mostly cats tho ^--^ and dogs!

2. Have you ever met an online friend in person?
nope, It'd be super awesome if I could tho x3

3. Are you athletic?
Nope! and I'm proud of it!

4. Are you: thin, fat, athleticlly built etc:

5. How much do you weigh?
Pffffft...I haven't checked my weight in a loooong time, I think it's around 120 tho...

6. What's your height?
5' 4"

7. Shoe size?
7 to 7 1/2

8. Girls- are you tomboyish, girly, normal, etc?
I think I'd be normal...? >.>; Sometimes I act tomboyish b/c I'm like "Ohhh, a snake! *follows it*"

9. Guys- Are you girly, or guyish?

10. How old are you?

11. When's your birthday?
October 29, 1990

12. Do you like to receive giftart?
Yessim!! *nods rapidly*

13. Are you sociable?
Depends on the environment I'm in...and my mood...

14. Do you have many friends?
I have a few friends, but I have more friends online x3

15. What's your race?
German and Swedish

16. Do you like to talk on the phone?
Eh...not really

17. Are you single or taken?

18. Do you eat meat?
I LOVE CHICKEN!! >8DD I'm gonna get bird flu O_____O;

19. Are you paranoid?
YES! *shifty eyes* Especially when a certain someone is trying to poke me! *twitches*

20. Do you read a lot?
Yes, I like reading, gives me something to do

21. Do you listen to music, what kind?
I wouldn't be able to survive w/out music!! Mostly stuff like Rock, Alternative, and Punk. I'm not really into country and rap b/c I've never been exposed to it.

22. Do you play any instruments?
I can play a little bit of the piano, and I also play the flute.

23. How long have you been drawing?
*shrugs* Meh, I don't know

24. Whats the meaning of life?
Uhm...O_o; I'm not sure. Come back to me on that x3

25. Now tag five of your friends!
- Hatchet
- Ruler of Destiny
- sweetdevil
- Automail-radish
- Ms. Bakura Ishtar

I don't know if these ppl have already been tagged but *shrugs* Meh, whatever!

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, I needed a day away from myO >___>; and I need to go now...I have to work soon, and I still need to eat lunch! Hope you all have a nice day!


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Friday, July 28, 2006

   I guess I should post something....O.OU
I WANT PIE!! *shifty eyes*

Really, I do. I've been craving it for a long time now! And...

...my right hand is really cold >.>; Like, I-have-to-stop-typing-to-warm-my-hand-up kinda cold...It usually gets like that whenever I'm typing on the computer. It's just my right hand tho >.>; Weird~ness!! *spaz fit*

I guess I haven't really done anything since I've posted last. Just been doing what I do best, and that's nothing x3 And now I guess I'll be contridicting (( ZOMG! I can't spell!!! )) my last sentence in telling you all stuff that I did that wouldn't be considered nothing!

Okie! I was actually sorta busy on Wednesday! I went to this church thing w/ my friends Lolly and Ali, who were spending the night at my place, and it was at their church. They're Catholic and I'm Lutheran, so ya @.@; It was a little different. Lolly was really funny when it came to asking questions xDD I won't go into any detail, but I guess if you're just dieing to know, you can go to her site (username: Lolly~Chan) and read her lastest post to know the details x3

After that, the 3 of us went to a bonfire just down the road from my house. It wasn't that eventful, except that I now remember why I hate the majority of the ppl in my school -___-U stupid, gossiping, backstabbing, way-to-into-themselves kids! RAWR!!

At about midnight we decided to leave and go to my place. Me and Lolly wanted Ali to see Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, even tho she's not really into that sorta stuffus ^-^ Her reactions were hilarious, as were her comments! She was like "How do they stay on their bikes? Wouldn't they fall?!" *is talking about Cloud fighting Loz and Yazoo on the highway* and when Cloud got shot by Yazoo she's like "*gasp*...Nooooo...*sees Yazoo and Loz* Heehee, you're gonna die too >8DDD* xDDD Ali's so fooneh! *huggles her* Her favorite was Rude *grins*

Then we watched the Labyrinth @_@; that movie...was strange. Especially the puppets things that could take their heads off!! (AND THE HEADS FLEW!! *spaz fit*) I don't know why, but those things scared me the most xP

And that's about all the interesting stuffus that's happened O____O

Well, I guess my grandma is here for like, a day or something! She'd been in the hospital for a while, b/c she had a series of strokes, which was the effect of a little clot found in her brain. She's just fine right now, but she's depressed at the moment, so my mom is gonna take her back to her house for the weekend to try and cheer her up *smiles*

Uhm...that's about it I'm guessing *nods slowly* Yes, there's nothing else I can think of to say O3o I think I'm gonna go to bed soon. It's 1:54 in the morning and yesterday (erm...today) me and my friends went to bed well after 5 a.m. xDD So I'll talk to you all later!

Take care!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

   Brothers!! GAHHHHH!! *tears out hair*
My brother was a bad mood allllll freakin' day! It's just me and Neil here for the weekend, so I have no mom to complain to to make Neil get off the computer! He was on the computer for more than 5 consecutive hours! He was falling asleep for christ's sake! And he STILL refused to let me have the computer! >___> Damn older brothers! *shakes fist*

On to other...news x3

I'm back from my vacation thingie! It was loads of fun, needless to say x3 I met little my cousins, Elijah and Eliana. Well, they're not exactly my cousins, they're the kids of my cousins, but I'm not sure what that would make them to me. 2nd cousins...? *shrugs*

I got to meet all my cousins from Florida! Which is saying something, b/c I've only met JoAnne and Christine one time that I actually recall! JoAnne and her husband Patrick are really cool x3 Pat likes the anime Bleach, just like meeee!! 8} Christine was cool too, but her husband was...quite >.>; and I don't know how to spell his name!! Corbit...? GAHHHH! That doesn't look right! It reminds me of Orbit gum xDD

Well, I won't bore you guys w/ details, but I'll just tell you that my cuz Jodi, is really weird xDD She makes quite a few sexual comments, and does weird random things...like all of a sudden running ahead of you and looking back and saying "Suckers" and then runs again. She kept imitating the "Twilight Zone" theme, too, and saying "Butter my nuts and call them butter nuts!" xDD

I only did one drawing while I was gone, of Sessomaru, and I colored and posted it tonight ^--^

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've changed my site around. Lolly helped me out x3 Thankies Lolly~Chan!

MOOHAHAHA!!!....................Gackt...........is hot!! 8} and watching him be sexy at 2 in the morning....is something.....speeeecial. Well, for me anyway xD

That's about it >.>; Lolly is bugging me to hurry up and post this. So, I'll talk to ya guys later!


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