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Monday, October 30, 2006

   Monday monday~ness
Some kid just spilt syrup on the floor -.-;;; And the donut monsters didn't get any donuts~!!!!! OMG!!! What is going on?!? It's the apocalypse!! Heh, I work for the breakfast program here at school...

But anyways~!!!

I hope you all had fantabulous weekends! I know I did ^-^ My internet got fixed, so that's good! And on Saturday Lolly and I went to our friend Ali's house. We helped (sorta...) w/ their cows! My favorite part was when I got to ride the 4-wheeler! >8D It's more fun standing up on those things than it is sitting ^^

After we all got back to Ali's house, her and me exchanged gifts. It's cool b/c me and Ali both share the same birfday! 83 And we were born in the same hospital, same room, and we were might've had each others NAMES~!! @.@ And the two of us are related through marriage X3

I got off topic, didn't I?

Ok ok, I got her a gift foam cowboy hat and some Reeses, and she got me Bleach manga!! 8D Heehee, me likey that x} OH~!!! And another present I really like is yours Ree! She drew me this AWESOME pic of my muse peoples 83 I printed out a copy of it and I'm gonna hang it my locker ^w^

So on Sunday, my actual birthday, I went to Sunday and church *nods* Then when me and my fam got back we had lunch and cake. Yum...cake *drools* I opened my cards and in the one from my parents was a note saying I could get a cell phone~! @.@ I've been needing one of those, since I can drive now. My mom took me to Fargo to go and get one.

Heh heh, my birfday was great ^^ It still hasn't really hit me that I'm now 16 tho :/

Most little children (except the cutely adorable ones) annoy me...is that bad? O.o;;; Oh here comes the principal! Heehee, hello man whom a lot of kids dislike! I hope he never sees this...

Gahh, well, I better go now! *huggles everybody* Hope you have a great day!


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Friday, October 27, 2006

   Me? Happy in the MORNING?! Noooooo~~!

Now I know how you feel Chiru~chan TT___TT I feel so horrible! I haven't gotten to ppl's sites for a week!! That's never happened to me before! Dx

But I plan to visit sites tonight!! *superman pose* And if my brother won't let me on the compu, I'll bug the crap outta him until he does!! Moohahahahahaha!!!! >8D I luff being the young, annoying kid sister x}

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! *huggles* You guys make me feel so special! =D Heh, I already know what I'm getting from my parents. The first two complete volumes of Bleach!!!! That's episodes 1-48!! 8DD

EEEEEEK~~!!!! Zomg, I gotta go!!! xP


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

   Quick quick QUICK post!

My internet at home is DEAD!! ;______;

I'm using a school compu at the moment, but I rarely get time to use one, so I prolly won't be able to get to sites for a few more days V___V I'm thorwee...

And on top of that, I'm having a crazy week of school! It's almost the end of the quarter, so the teachers are really packin' on the homework! ...And tests X______x So I may not have had time anyway ^^;;

*huggles everyone* Please forgive! Hope you all have a great week!! And as a wise person once told me, "May the Frosted Flakes of your life always be crunchy!" x3


p.s. - 4 more days until meh B-day! =D *tis so excited* And Ree, you don't have to draw me anything, you're busy enough, but if you do happen to have time *shifty eyes* I'll just PM ya! 'K?x3 Luff jooo~!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

   *le sigh* I ish boooored...
Well, hello hello people! Things have been...kinda...busy around here *nodnod* I haven't really been on the computer since Tuesday O3o So sorry that I haven't made it your sites V___V And I prolly won't be able to until Sunday ^^;;;

My aunt Pat and cousin Jojo came here to visit for the weekend! =D I don't know if this is for everyone, but I know that schools in North Dakota and Minnesota didn't have school Thursday or Friday, so yeah...Anywho~~~!

Jojo is weird...

Seriously! xDD We were watching the movie 'The Breakfast Club' and she said some of the craziest stuff!

Jojo: "Sooo, is Brian still a loner? How come he doesn't have a girl to grind..?"

Me: X___x *slaps forehead*

And then she has to diss my manga of course (she doesn't like manga..) In a jokingly manner, b/c she knows that I looove that stuff and she has another friend who likes it. Well, she saw my FMA blankie and she's like,

Jojo: "Jenny, do you like this person?"

Me: "Yush!!! x3"

Jojo: "Oh Jenny, he's only a bunch of connected lines! He's the evolved form of a stick figure!"

Me: O.o;;;;; Shut up! I can dream >w>

Oh, and Lolly...she had an imaginary conversation w/ you! And she stubbed her toe..haha!

Gahhh! I don't feel like doing this post much, but I have nothing else to do!! Jojo and Pat went to bed, I'm not tired, and Neil stole the good compu, so there goes all of my entertainment! X_____x And the msn up here on the crappy compu got deleted...and OMG! I got sad today ;_____;

I saw the first Bleach shirt I have evah seeeen!! Ever! It's of Ichigo and it has the hollow sign and I wants it!! BUUUUT!! It's at Hot Topic....and we all know what that means~~

Insanely expensive prices X____x;;;;

Yeah, $26 for a shirt! Heh, needless to say, I didn't get it -_____- But if it's still there when I go again, my mom said she'd pay for half of it if it hasn't gone on sale, and it'd be kinda like a late birthday gift ^----^

Woot! Not including today, only 8 more days until me birfday!! >w< *does a happy jig* Ohhh, I gotsa card!! Money!! >83

Hmmm...well, I'm gonna get going now! I'm getting bored :P *huggles* Take care everybody! Have a good weekend and week! See ya!


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Saturday, October 14, 2006

   =P I wish I was still sleeping
GAHHHHHHHH~!!!! I wanna go back to bed but I caaaaaan't ;___; I'm so use to getting up early and now I can't sleep until noon like I wanna =( I am very sad.

This week was just your typical school week, except I didn't go to school on Monday O.o I was sick...w/ cramps DDDx Not fun, no no! Heh, and then on Tuesday, we had pictures. I don't like picture day -.-U AND OMG!!!! A classmate of mine stepped on my flute...and Theresa's flute!!! .V.++ He stepped on 'em, said "Oh, whoops!" and then steps on 'em AGAIN!!! DDDx Why oh why are my classmates stoooopid?!? He put a dent in the mouth piece and bent one of the keys on mine, but I'm pretty sure my friend's was okay, she just was really mad xD

I finished watching Trinity Blood on youtube last week *nodnod* Twas a reeeally good series, but the way it ended....gahhh, I won't spoil things for you ^^;;; I also got to see the first episode of D.Gray-Man. Allen looks soooo much different!!! DDx Made me sad, that it did! He no longer reminded me of Ed from FMA >.> I think they made his hair to short in the anime...

I finished 2 drawings this week, but I haven't really had time to color 'em, which I wanna do yet ^^ So prolly sometime this week I'll have 'em up *nodnod* One is an elf and the other is an old pic of one my o.c.'s I had started, but never finished until this week xDD

...I'm eating pie right now, which I guess I shouldn't be doing since it's only 9 o'clock in the morning, but I can't help myself! It's soooo good!!

Today I have to take my grandma to go get her hair done. *sighs* I don't see why a 80 something (I wanna say 84 or 86...I'm sad...I don't know how old my gramgram is ^^;;) Anywho! I don't see why she has to go get her hair done EVERY Saturday! And we can't let her drive herself!!! Heaven forbid!!!! She's the type that likes to drive on the wrong side of the road! O__e And on top of that! It's a really busy time right now, w/ harvest and all, so my dad and uncles are busy, and then my bro works, and my mom has chemo crap, so I have to do it, and I'm really nervous b/c I've never driven in the town where her appointment is, and I've never really driven by myself w/ an elderly person Oo;;;; I know I complain a lot, but I'm nervous ..U

...My daddeh just walked in...he had called my grandma this morning to confirm that she had an appointment for her hair..and she said "That's fine! But I think my house is on fire...there's smoke everywhere and the fire alarms are going off..."

*shakes head* Oh grandma, grandma, grandma...She's fine by the way, I hear my uncle went to go check on her, and that she called 911...but now I guess that there'll be a lot she's gonna wanna talk about....oh joy, like she didn't have enough to talk about already O____o She reeeeeally, REALLY likes to talk!! I've heard some of her stories 10 times it seems like >.> But yeah, I'm glad she's alright ^----^

I guess I'd best be going now =3 Gahh, I'm gonna be busy today! *huggles readers* Hope you all have a good weekend and week! Take care!


P.s. -- You guys should watch this, especially if you're Fruits Basket fans xDDDDDDDDDDD It's stupid as hell, and Yuki sounds so creepy, but I can't help but laugh my @$$ off every time I see it xDD

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

   Wheeeee~! Tis the weekend once again. Thank the Lord -___-U This week went really slow for me :P Prolly b/c I didn't feel good all week >.> I got angry and/or annoyed at every little thing it seemed ^^;;; I'm a bit ashamed of myself V___V

Didn't really do much this week besides going to school, homework, and sleep. I finished the Wheel of Time book I was reading, and started and finished the Night Trilogy by this author whose name I can never remember ^--^ Now I've started a book called the Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

Ahhhh, and I also drew a pic... ...OMG~! I drew a pic! Heh, it's been forever it seems since I've done that! 8D It's a dude from Bleach, and I'd appreciate it if you could go vote and/or comment on it when you get time. Thankies! ^3^

I almost forgot to tell you guys about the wedding last weekend! It was beautiful! My cousin looked so pretty in her dress ^w^ Heh, at the dance afterwards, Amanda's, my cousin-in-law, mother was sitting at the same table as me, my brother, my sister, and my sister's boyfriend's table. You should prolly know that this lady doesn't normally talk to much to ppl, but omg, she wouldn't shut up~!! We all think she was just bragging. She said stuff like, "My husband and I are part of the wine club" "When I was in Rome, blahblahblah" "They're making more than us, which is a lot!" "I can't wait to get home to my hot tub!" "My entire family was in the army."

And the creepy~est part~!!! She even told us that if we bored we could all go out to her place, which happened to be 10 MILES outta town, COMPLETELY enclosed, 6 acres of land, and w/ a FULLY stocked bar! My sister's boyfriend was the only one of us that was actually drinking age! That...was weird >__e

And Zomg~!! Amanda is pregnant!! I'm so happy for her and Corey~!! ((Corey is my cousin, and Amanda is his wife.))

*sighs* Alright, I gotta think of what else has happened this week...Oh...yes...I can't believe I forgot...I...have a cavity DDx My cavity-free mouth is NO more~!! ;___; It was earth shattering for me ((No, not really)) But it still sucks o.o

*flops around* I have nothing else to talk about! You're all prolly secretly glad about that x3 That and I'm getting tired O3o I'll you guys around! *huggles readers* Take care!


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Saturday, September 30, 2006

   Last night, I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and thought to myself,
Wahahaha~! Hello ppl! Hope you're all doing good! This might be a long-ish post so...yeah!

My week went pretty well, I guess. I was sick for most of it =P I got to get out of gym class at least x3 This week was Spirit Week at our school, but I didn't really dress up any of the days >.>

Monday: PJ day
Tuesday: Tacky day
Wednesday: Sports day
Thursday: Mardi Gras day
Friday: Maroon and Gold day (our school's colors)

*shrugs* Yeah, I really didn't get much spirit outta me this week ^^ Too bad my brother wasn't crowned Homecoming King *glooms* But you know what was kinda fun today?

Heehee, I got hypnotized~!

Seriously~! A professional hypnotist came to our school and she hypnotized a whole bunch of ppl, me included. I can't really remember that much, but I know that I was in a boat at one point...and I had $1000 *w* and I felt reeeally happy afterwards...Gahhhh, and I guess I dance a mean disco xD I think a teacher got it on tape O_______o;;;; I was told that there was also a bunny in my racing car, and that I wouldn't pet it...oh, and a boy shot his xDD I can totally imagine him doing that!

Anywho, my friend Lolly~chan could prolly tell you waaaaay more about it in her next post than I can! I don't really remember much else T.T;

Yeah, that was prolly the highlight of my week ^w^

My cousin is getting married today~! At like, 4 o'clock...p.m. I don't know her to tooo well, she's way older than me. It's gonna be weird, b/c another family from my town is gonna be there, at Bismarck, which is like, forevah away~! My family is related to the bride and their family is related to the groom. Oh, what a small world we live in!

So, do we all know what that means? Yes? Okay good! We all know that I won't be around for a few more days, so I won't be able to comment! It also means that I have to time record my Saturday night/Sunday morning shows O3o

Hmm..I still haven't packed yet 83

Omg, Angel, now you got me listening to that song~! xDD I've only been listening it for the past 51 minutes since I've been on the compu =3 If you guys wanna know what I'm talking about, go to leekspin.com *nodnod*

*le sigh* I hope I can finish my book this weekend T______T and maybe go shopping >w>

*minutes, and possibly hours, pass as Jenna gets engrossed in other things that don't relate to her post*

ZOMG~~~! Angel~~~~~~~! (and anyone else interested) I found translated Bleach manga~! 8D Like, ALLLLL the translated manga~! Up to Volume 27! http://gallery.bleach7.com/main.php?g2_itemId=29 If you wanna check it out 8} Why oh WHY must I be gone this weekend w/ noooo internet~! DDDx *dies* And I still need to pack! ;___; I am sad now...

Gahhh, that song xDD I've listened to it for 1 hour and 30 minutes, I hardly notice it now @.@ I think I should go...Yeah ^----^ This post is definitely...long-ish x3

*huggles* Take care everyone~! Have a super, spectacular, fun-er-i-fic weekend~! =3


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

   Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
Heh, sorry that I haven't been visiting sites for a while. At first I needed a break, and then my week got busy I guess *shrugs* I prolly won't be able to make to sites today either, but we'll see =P I'm gonna be going shopping later today ^o^

Even tho I'm sick with a cold >____>;;;; Tis not that bad, just a stuffy nose and a some loss of strength *nods slowly* That's why I might not make it sites, I may just go to bed or watch tv when I get back ^----^ If that's the case, then I'll hopefully make it to sites on Monday or something.

Well, my week went pretty good...I think Oo; I can't remember the beginning of it that well xD But really, the only thing that matters is that I FINALLY have my STUPID IDIOTIC bug collection project for science DONE~!!! Yay~! And it's due in a week, so now I can just relax ^w^ And maybe I'll be able to finish my book now, and maybe start on a drawing or something 83

I'm glad that my friend Ali invited me over to her house to get that bug stuffus done 8} Even if Lolly woke me up obnoxiously and crap xDDD I wanted my damn sleep! And I'm not even gonna talk about the other...stuff that happened O_____e

OH~! And my mom is gonna try chemotherapy again, and she had her first, uh, infusion thingie-ma-bob on Wednesday *nodnod* My poor mommy hates the infusion thingies >.>

... ...I have to go get ready for church soon O3o;; I couldn't fall back asleep this morning, so I was able to fit this post in.

*huggles all readers* I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you guys~! Please don't be mad ^^; All your comments make me feel so special =3 I hope you're all doing well, and have a great week~! *huggies again*


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Saturday, September 16, 2006

   Rock is dead. Long live paper and scissors~~!!! 8D
Soooo, yeah. Another week of school come and gone, thank the Lord, you know the regular Alleluiah it's the weekend stuff!

This week wasn't much different than regular school weeks. I got a 97% on my Biology and Math tests *nods* But holy crap, I think I did horrible on the English test I took today Oo; I can't wait 'till we're done w/ yucky grammar!

I had to do stats at the volleyball game Thursday night as well... ...volleyball is kinda boring...especially when it starts to drag out for a long time--


And speaking of windows, I don't know why this has to do w/ 'em, but I don't like bugs anymore -_-U I wanna do a stooopid bug collection for Biology! Our teacher is soooo picky~! Everything has to be perfect otherwise we're docked points X_______x;

;____________________; My mommy's cancer shizzle is coming back~! DDx She had a CAT scan a few days ago, and the results showed that 3 spots on her liver got bigger, so she's being taken off the study she was on, and then she'll be going in to see her doctor to figure out what to do next. And regular chemotherapy doesn't work for my mom anymore, so that's why she was on a study @_____@; Tis making me nervous...stooopid cancer~~! --V--

I forgot to mow the lawn today...oppsies >w>

I'm kinda bored now, and I'm not feeling the greatest, my head hurts and I have a weird feeling in my tummy...and...ZOMG~! My jaw was popping today in Math and ARRRRG...it hurt ;____; I hope I never have to get surgery like Elves did O____o; Oh, by the way, hope you're feeling loads more bettah, Elves~! 83

OH MY FLIPPIN' LORSH~!!! Angel~! Those Bleach songs, zomg~!! *dies* I love 'em~! I can't thank you enough for sending them to me!

Well, I think I'm gonna go to bed soon, even tho, it's supah early~! I shall save my ability to stay awake for when I'm watching Bleach and Trinity Blood and all that other good anime stuffus~!! x3 *huggles all readers* Hope you all have an uber splendid weekend~~! And I hope I can make to all your sites =3


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Saturday, September 9, 2006

   Whoever said nothing is impossible never tried slamming a revolving door...
Yesterday (Friday) was kinda just...uh! *cringes* Not a really good day, yet not a really bad day. Good b/c, hella, I have no homework~~! Yippee~!! Bad b/c I didn't really feel right all day...and stuff was going bad for me T3T But I donít wanna talk about it...not really.

Onto other neeews~~~!

Lego Vasavouchi *huggles her* has reminded me how much I love and obsess over the anime of Bleach x3 We are fellow obsessors one might say =3 Soooo, Iím messing around w/ my site, as you can see >.>; Iím not sure if Iím gonna keep the bg, so donít be surprised if it changes *nods*

ZOMG~~~~! Bleach comes on tonight (Saturday) at 11:30 p.m.~~! Well, for me anyway x3 Iím reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally excited~~~~! Although, Iíve heard Ichigoís voice in English, and Iím not sure if I like it o__0; Iíll just have to wait and see ^w^

Lolly~Chan will be watching it w/ me too! Sheís gonna spend the night! *grins like a maniac* Weíre gonna watch the Rurouni Kenshin OVAís Trust and Betrayal in Japanese~! 8D That can be such a sexy language x3

Oh, guess what?! On Thursday, we were having study hall outside by the football field, and I got hit in the head w/ a freakiní apple core!!! *grumbles* I donít know which facker did it, but whoever it was didnít even apologize! --V-- Needless to say, that put me in a baaad mood *nods*

And guess what else? My choir director wants me to sing the National Anthem at a game sometime o___O; Itís nice to know that somebody thinks I have a good voice, and I want to do it and allÖbut Iím afraid Iíll die of nervous~ness! DDx Uhm, oh well, life will go on, and at least I donít think Iíll be as bad as some ppl Iíve heardÖand Iíve heard someÖpretty bad National Anthems.

Iím reeeeally looking forward to watching Bleach *w*

And Iím getting tired =3= Stupid school is sapping my ability to stay awake!! *spaz fit* =3=

Uhhhm, I donít really know if Iíll be around this weekend at all, so sorry if I donít get to sites ^^; *huggles you all* Hope you guys, and gals, all have a good weekend~!

"If at first you donít succeed, skydiving is NOT for you!"


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