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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

   Late Post!
Guh! Stupid stupid SCHOOL PEOPLE!! *grumbles* Now MyO is blocked at school! DDx First theO and deviantart, now this! ;^; So yeah, now I prolly won't be updating as much as I was...which already wasn't a lot >___> Heh heh...either that or I'll update later, like I am now ^^;;

Besides that, life I guess has been pretty good *cough*Iwanttocutmygymteacher'sheadoffwitharustyspatula*cough* This weekend was nice with my mom's friends over *nods* They're fooneh x3 Our house looks ready for Xmas now thanks to them. Tis insane! xD

And uhm, yeah. We had our choir concert last night. It went really well I think. Their are a lot of lovely singers in our choir. And now that's it's over, maybe my cold could get a little worse so that, oh I don't know, I could miss a day of school or something! I don't like full weeks of school T.T

Actually, I don't mind school, it's just getting up to go to school that kills me! I need more sleep...but I like staying up TT^TT I just can't win *hangs head*

I've been feeling so EMO lately O___e *sighs* Oh well, whatever.

Ok ok, I need to stop complaining! *dies* Dx

And I gotta go soon anyway, so I'll just end this post! See you guys later! *glomps everyone* Take care and have a good week! :3


EDIT: Saturday is meh 1 year anniversary here on myO! =D w00t! ^^

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

   Hiya everybody!! How's it going? Hope everyone has had a good week so far ^3^ I pretty much have *nods*

Monday and Tuesday were unusually good days O____o And yesterday I went to a speech workshop =D I got to see my friend and fellow otaku, Lisa! Aka OddOneOut ^^ The people who did their speeches were really good.

Today though, while I'll be getting out of school, I'm going to the dentist...to have a cavity filled DDDDDx I don't want no freakin' needle in my MOUTH~~!! *cries* I haven't had a cavity since I had baby teeth, and I haven't had a needle stuck in my gums since I've had some teeth pulled TT____TT I'm not lookin' forward to it.

Homg! We're having pancakes for breakfast!! *loves pancakes a lot and a lot and a lot* =D

My mom's high school friends, who all happen to be related somehow, are coming today as well. We're just hoping they won't get lost xD Hee, I love those two, they're hilarious and great ppl to be around ^w^ Oh~! And I think my aunt Lori is coming too! This'll be a good weekend :3

>______> I wonder how I did on my science test...I hate photosynthesis >o< I also hate the cold, and hella, is it getting cold here! My hands get so cold during the short drive to school that they feel like they're burning!

What else must I say to you all? Hmmm...nope, I got nothing. Nothing really important anyway =/ I wish I could get to deviantart here at school V___V Why oh why did they have to block it?

Why must boys feel the need to wear their jeans so ridiculously low and baggy? Guh, and I don't like little kids so much -__-U But I guess some of them are just too cute. Hee, Rhonda (someone I work w/) and I hate the same kid! Woohoo!! 8D

Well, I'm gonna be going now. See you guys around! *huggles* Take care!


Ps - Tomorrow ish Friday! 8D

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Friday, November 24, 2006

   *insert subject title*
Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday ^^ Well, if you celebrated it that is =3

Mine was good, besides the fact that I was bored outta my mind after lunch -.- How was I suppose to know we'd be staying at my aunt's house from 12:30 to 8:45 at night?! B/c if I had, I would've brought my book! *grumbles* So instead I just bonded with *coughannoyedcough* my brother ^w^ He punched me ;^;

I'll also be going out to eat with the other side of my family on Sunday *nods* My cousin Jodi is coming! Hoorah! =D That Jodi is a strange one, I'll tell you that >.> Which reminds me, I may not be able to get to ppl's sites for a while. I should be able to tomorrow at least O3o

... ... ...Wow...I really have nothing to talk about O___o Don't cha just hate it when that happens? *le sigh*

Well, since I don't want to bore anyone to death, I'll end this post short. Again, hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! *huggles readers* See ya around!


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Monday, November 20, 2006

Bah!! You know what just HAD to happen late Saturday morning?

My internet had to DIE....again! *glares at internet provider* So I was internet-less practically all weekend =/

Man, I was bored for a few hours >.>

But then I started watching FMA! =D That was good, yet kinda not so good, b/c then I started getting obsessed and all, but since I didn't have internet, I couldn't feeeed my obsession ooU

I also started playing KH2 again *nods* That's such a good game ^w^ Sora is so glomp-able! And Riku...hee, he's just Riku! 'Nough said.

*sighs* Why do I get the feeling that today is gonna be a bad day? ^^;;; My mommeh says I'm to pessimistic.

Well, I'd best go now and study for a probable science quiz today. Hope you guys have a good day! *huggles*


Homg...Garret smells good *blushes* ..U

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

   A long post...so beware!
Heehee, I really wanted to change my site a bit, as you can see.

I love FMA with a passion of 10 million lovers going at it!

Stupid analogy I know, but hey, it's true O___o

And ZOMG!! Speaking of that...stuff! I gots the song Vanilla (by Gackt) on meh site! *points to thingie-ma-bob in intro* I loooove this song! *______*

Oh, and just to let you guys know. I submitted some drawings. Hee, the moth man is really crappy xDD So yeah, I'd really like it if you guys went and checked 'em out and at least pretend that they're good :3

I luff energy drinks...

OMG!!! I could put the FMA songs 'Rewrite' or 'Brothers' (in that other language...) on my site!!! 8D I'm so happy that I finally found a site where I can get codes to put up awesome songs like these ^^

That last sentence confused me >.>

So yeah, I change my mind! No Gackt, even tho I love him and that song to DEATH! I'm gonna put up an FMA song gosh darn it >w<

Obsessed? Maybe just a little...*snuggles into Ed blankie*

Alright, alright. My day you ask? Actually you didn't ask, but I'll tell you how it went anyway. I didn't study for my science quiz for once in my life...I'm never gonna do THAT again! But I got 100% on my math quiz, yay! I got a free assignment! Now I have 2! Hoorah for laziness! =D

What else happened? Oh, I despise English T____T The new program we're on sucks. I miss the days when I read stories and ENJOYED 'em and didn't worry about tests on 'em and tons of wkshts and analyzing 'em! I complain a bit I know, but...RAWR!

Today Lolly is gonna be coming over! B/c of that, I won't be around until later tonight...maybe...X3 You know you love me! I love you too >3>

Oh joy, I found some sayings! Wanna hear? Ok!! x}

? A naked man fears no pickpocket.
? A common malady is diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.
?9 out of 10 doctors agree that 1 out of 10 doctors is an idiot.
?Who wants to live forever? (Not taking me into account of course).
?When you know what you don't know, you are near to understanding.
?The passage of time depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.
?Percussive Maintenance: The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work again.
?My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.
?I'm not lost, I'm just exploring!
?Hard work pays off in the future, laziness now.
?Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
?God I want patience, and I want it now!
?Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to use the Net he won't bother you for a long time (Inter-Net that is...)
?Fire at will! Oh, it's you, Bob! Fire at Bob!
?Fight Back! Fill out your tax forms with Roman numerals.
?Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.
?Early to bed and early to rise makes people suspicious.

Yes, I have nothing to do! =D Ain't it grand? But I will stop now, just to spare your poor souls =(

And I'll stop this post just to spare your souls as well! *huggles* Hope you have a great weekend! =D Take care!

*goes off singing 'Brothers'*


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Thursday, November 16, 2006

   Some ppl are...to hyper in the mornings V.V

I'm cold...and a little hungry >.> But most of all...I'm tired! Oh so very tired. I'm gonna have to make sure I get to bed early tonight again *nods*

It seems like absolutely NOTHING has happened since I've last posted! Well, I got IT so I was miserable for a couple days...and that's prolly about all X____x

School has kept me busy *sighs* As usual...but hey! It's almost the weekend =D *throws confetti around and cheers*

Pbbbth! I want to go home and sleep TT___TT *<--- abrupt subject change* Or at least read my book!

So....uhhm...how have you guys been? Hope your lives are at least a tish bit more exciting than mine x3 It wouldn't be very hard for that to happen <,<

Lolly found a way onto deviantart, since our school system blocked it O3o Still can't get logged in, but if you google it, you can at least get on the site *shrugs*

*gasp* I just remembered something! My class got to watch 'The Magic Schoolbus' in science class yesterday!! 8D Heh, I haven't seen that show in years. I luffs it when we have a substitute teacher...sometimes ^^;;

:P Okay I think that's about it...? Uhhm...yeah! I'll see you guys around *huggles readers* Hope you all have a good day ^^

I hate P.E. --V--


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Thursday, November 9, 2006

   Heh, I slept through my alarm clock...again! xD
Bahh, I had LYO last night *nods* We had a guest speaker from Devils Lake who was blind come....and speak O.o

Yeah, he got intentionally run over by a dude who was trying to escape a mob. The nerves that control sight were crushed, and he was in a coma for 45 days. The cool thing is that now, 22 years later, he still lives on his own, does his own cooking, cleaning, and ironing O3o He even forgave the guy that ran him over! Heh, that's something that I'd have a VEEEERY hard time doing.

And he had the cutest black lab w/ him!! We weren't suppose to pet him tho, b/c he was working V__V

Onto other news...

My brother ordered a new compu from Dell, but he's having a tough time getting it to work. It seems he put it together right, but the screen will turn on and then turn back off right away. He's going to Fargo today to have some guy look at it.

Hee, this means I get to have the old compu ^w^ Oh happy days!! OwO

Speaking of happy days, I got a Gackt cd the other day! Zomg, it has his song 'Vanilla' on it, and gahhhhh, it's sooooo sexy >w> For more than one reason...

My sister has a mouse problem in her apartment! So she's taking one of our kittens ;o; Imma gonna miss that little kit...

Uhhhm...do I have anything else to share...?

I have a science test today...and I don't have school tomorrow ^3^ So, I'm going to Fargo w/ my mom to her chemo appointment!

Call my brother Gimpy...he has a limp b/c he rolled his ankle the other day *giggles* He's already told me to shut up b/c that's all I called him yesterday evening x3

OMG!!! I SEE NEW PPL!!!! 2 OF 'EM! ;______; NOOOOOOO!!!! *gasps* And they're pretty! Dx Gah, I hate pretty new ppl! Don't be in my class, don't be in my class *crosses fingers*

We've had...erm...kinda bad experiences w/ new kids so far this year >.> That and I'm kinda mean too O3o

Alrighty, I think I'm going to go and look through my science notes now...I'll see you guys later...maybe O.o *huggles* Have a good rest of the week!


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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

   Some kids are just plain annoying...
I'm cleaning up my friends list *nods* So if you haven't visited in like, a month or so, you're going bye-bye =D Let's see how well that goes ^-^

I think I'm getting a cold, and IT will be coming very soon...so I feel kinda miserable -___-;;; I'm gonna try to get to bed really early tonight, perhaps 9 or something. Yeah...9 sounds good ^w^ *falls over asleep* X____x

I want a pancake TTwTT I'll grab one before I go to class ^.^

I got another science quiz I gotta study for, so I'll see you guys around! *huggles* Have a good day!


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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Nyah~! =3
Nothing to exciting and out of the ordinary going on over here I'm afraid. This weekend was pretty nice tho *nods* Lolly came over for a sleepover Friday night! And guess what we did?!

We played them Pokemon video games!! xDDDDD

They're addicting, what can I say! We both were making fun of ourselves and laughing all night basically b/c of that X3 And then we were listening to Malice Mizer and Dir en Grey at the same time. Lolly my friend, we're both such dorks xDD

I got reeally hyper off my Halloween candy ^w^

...............And I just totally lost my motivation to post b/c my mom just yelled at me V_____V She makes me so mad sometimes o___e She never says please or thank you to me I've noticed, unless I remind her...maybe if her tone of voice didn't sound so bossy I'd actually clean out the garage willing...by 'myself' of course...=3= Yup, her tone just sets me off and I get mad *flops around*

*sighs* Well, in other news. I got a deviantart account! My username is Darkhuntress16 and I'm having lotsa fun over there! I like adding stuff to my favorites and just seeing all the REALLY awesome art! Them ppl are goood! My goosh! I feel so intimidated xD

I don't wanna go to school tomorrow! I've been grumpy in school for about the last two WEEKS!! Dx It's bad...

It's cold outside....I hate the cold...and snow. Too bad I live in North Dakota X___x;;;;

Gahhhh~! Well, I gotta go! Get a start on my oh so joyous day, ya know? *coughsarcasmcough* Hope you all had a great weekend, and have a great week too! *huggles*


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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

   Well...I'm working hard, eh? xD
I hopes everybody had an enjoyable Halloween!! :3 I did too! Some friends and I all went trick or treating together, even tho it was freezing cold out xD Actually, to them it was freezing cold, I was all bundled up in 3 to 4 layers of clothing *nods*

Candy is good, which I got a lot of, playdoh is fun too ^w^

But science quizzes are baaaaad T3T I should know, I may be having one today, and I haven't studied for it! Hoorah! =D But knowing the teacher...we may not have time for it, so that's what I'm hoping for *crosses fingers*

*sighs* I wanna go home and rot my brain on my Bleach dvds -.- Or something else not school related :/ At least there's no school on Friday ^-----^

Welp, I'd best go and study for the possible quiz. I just wanted to be sure to wish you Happy Halloween, even if it's a day late x3 *huggles readers*


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