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Saturday, July 15, 2006

   *eats a taco*
I just got hungry all of a sudden >___>

I guess I should let you ppls know that I'm not gonna be around for the next week. That means I won't be visiting sites x3

Teehee, I'm going to the lakes for a week ^3^ I don't even mind that I won't have a computer during that time! I get to see my extremely funny cousins from Florida again xDD And 2 of my other cousins, both way older than me, had babies this year, so I get to see them too! Only thing that will be weird is that my brother isn't coming, nor is my cousin Paula. And my OTHER cousin has been having boy trouble, so I'll prolly be counciling her all week -_-U *sighs* I'm glad I don't have boy trouble xDD

I got my license on Wednesday! MOO HAHAHA!!! >8DDD There ARE some advantages to living in North Dakota! Kids here are able to get their license at an early age! WooHoo!! *does the happy dance*

And since I have no life whatsoever, you'll get to hear what's going on in my family's life! I bet you're all thinking "Oh joy..." x3

Today my mom got the results back from her CT scan. It turned out very good *nod nod* There's a good chance that she will be able to go back to work this fall. Yushhhhhhhhhhh, more money for her to give to me! Ain't I just a spoiled little girl? BOO HAHAHA!!

My sister is gonna move into a new apartment September 1st. Me and mom got to see where she'll be living today as well. It's a nice place, mom just wishes it wasn't in downtown Fargo, where all the crime/drug stuffus happens .___.U The place has a pretty good security system tho. I'm not TOO worried about her.

My grandma is back in hospital Dx She had another stroke thing at my aunt's, and then another one at the hospital. That's all I've heard, the doctors supposedly ran some tests today.

Hmm, let's see, my dad has been in a grumpy mood lately, so I'm kinda avoiding him at the moment. And my bro is getting frustrated down in Texas xD He can't seem to get any alone time w/ the girl he has a crush on, b/c of a sometimes, most of time, other girl who happens sometimes to be annoying!! If you understood that, good job!

Well, that's all.................................. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! It sucks not having a life xD I'll talk to you all in a week!


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Monday, July 10, 2006

   GAHH!! Stupid msn is being a fooktard again!!
No msn again -_-U it hates me, it really does. *sigh* Hopefully it'll be working again tomorrow...

So me hearties, how be life going fer ya? It's been a wee bit of a roller coaster for me.

Yesterday morning my aunt called telling my mom that HER mom, my grandma, had a stroke or sumthing. So my mom had left for Bismarck that afternoon. My mom came back home today, and I'm glad to say that my grandma is gonna be okay ^--^ We were all pretty worried for a while.

A good thing that happened was that at about 2 o'clock this morning, I finally finished watching the 87 episodes of Bleach currently out. Yay me! And my bro is gone for the rest of the week! *insane laughter* I gets to go on the computer whenever I want to now! >8DDD

BOO HAHAHAHAHA!!! Another REALLY good thing is that I gots to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest today! I went w/ my friends Lolly and Ali, Ali whom I haven't seen in FOREVA!! 8DD She even let me hug her! She who dislikes hugs! x3 I've missed her loads. Anywho, it was a really good movie. I won't say much in case someone hasn't seen it. One thing I will say tho is that it's a cliffhanger!!! *giggle snort* Ali had already seen the movie, but was seeing it again w/ us, and had told me and lolly that it ended like that, so at the end, I was like, "Oh no, this is the end, this is the end!" and ya, it was the end -_-U Me and Lolly started to fake cry b/c it ended at such a point. At least we got to see Johnny Depp!! 8DDD Gods, he be a great and sexy pirate! *nod nod*

On the way back from dropping Ali off at her house, me and my dad, who went to the movie w/ us, were taking a gravel road home. We turned a corner and not even 100 yards away was a pick-up and a cop car. I recognize that the person on the road was one of my classmates, Paige, w/ her mom and dad. So me and my dad pass 'em, noticing that Paige is crying for some reason, and there in the ditch is a car flipped on it's side! There was this huge crack in the window shield too! We didn't stop, but I'm guessing that Paige drove off the road or something, but that's just speculation, I'm not sure. I'm just glad she's okay!

Well, since I can't go on msn, I'm gonna go doodle/draw!! See ya guys later! Have a good day!


GUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!! I COMPLETELY forgot about the energy drink I had in the fridge!!! *is thinking about getting it* Naw, I'll wait...I wanna be able to go on msn so I can annoy ppl when I'm drinking it xDD Gwee hee!! >83

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

   'Ello to all of you People out there~! >8DDDD
Hi there~! 8} And how have all of YOU been doing this fine fine fine July weekend/week/ OMFG, I just forgot it was the 4th of July weekend thingy.

^^; Forgive me, I am a SPED. So how was your guy's holiday? Damn...-_-U I can't spell tonight. >83

Let's see...What did I do for my Summer...Er, GOD DAMNIT, I mean for my 4th of July.

NOTHING~! I had a talk with my friend and I realize that I am lame in the brain because I have not yet in my life had a chily dog. Apparently that's a MAJOR problem because those things are God's gift to the world...

8D Or so Azriel says...x3 NOW~! Since my brother is a hamster and he's probably bieng a poopie butt...I'm not on the computer at the moment. Because he has taken over the computer. So I'm not on the computer...

Now I know what all of you are thinking: What are you talking about woman? You're ON RIGHT NOW...

*shifty eyes* No I'm not...You're computer is LYING to you...>8DDDDDD

ANNNDDDDD, I've also come here to say that I have submitted 2 more drawings. PLEASE check them out~! I love it when people vote AND comment and I really REALLY appriciate those of you on my friend's list who do. ^-^;

*giggles* Well, that's all I can think of...Oh yes. I know of another thing. I have a disturbing obsession with the anime Bleach and I am watching it nonstop while talking to the voice in my head about blood and gore...

No I'm not crazy~! *shifty eyes*

Uhm...what else...? Lolly is evil...>8DDDD

yes...I know this...very well...*ebul insane giggles of fury insue*

O___O; I'll go now...8} See you people later~!


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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   The wandering thoughts of a crazed, teen-aged girl...
Ah Moo hahaha!! It just got done storming! xD I like storms, w/ thunder and lightning. I'm scared of tornados tho O.OU and boy, it got WINDY! all of a sudden too. It got up to 68 miles per hour in sum places! Hope the crops are okie T~T there was lots and lots of sheet lightning. It lit up the skies quite a lot @.@

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *sobs* I can't find 2 of kitties! *sniff* I hope they're okie. One of 'em is still a kitten Dx I'm not to worried about the other one, she's grown up, but still *cries* I'm gonna go look for 'em tomorrow morning, or maybe even when I'm done w/ this post...

I can't get on msn again either -_-U computer being dumb...speaking of that, Neil said our computer upstairs is broke. Mind you, that computer is VERY slow and sucky to begin w/! It freezes up a lot. And you can't go on msn, can't watch anything on youtube and stuff like that, and hell, I can't even send emails from my hotmail account T^T only thing it's good for is reading fanfiction on! but still...bro, what the hell did u do to it?! b/c it worked fine last time I was on, so he can't blame me!! .V.+

I have Miss Murder by AFI stuck in my head *w* I heard it on T-Minus Rock on MTV this morning, and it's been in my head ever since ^3^ it's a good song!

I got scared the shit outta this evening! Lolly told me to go to this site, and OMG!! At the end, it scared me! I started to hyperventilate! I mean it, I couldn't breathe very well, and I was getting light headed @.@ stupid thing was that I was trying to laugh too -_-U I ended up going outside for sum air (before the storm)...Lolly just laughed at me, not showing me any concern whatsoever! j/k Lolly~chan, I loves you bunches! heehee, the site is http://www.winterrowd.com/illusions/ so go there, if you dare! >83

Hey!! I drew my muse again! He's in my portfolio x3

I'm gonna be home alone tomorrow! Yayz! My mom went back to her home town for a class reunion and Dad and my bro are gonna move a grain bin tomorrow. I loves being home alone, even if it's only for a bit ^w^

Hmm, that just seemed like a bunch of random stuff all mushed together...

Ah, well, I'm gonna stop this post here. I'll see ya ppls later! Have a good day!


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, I got done working a little while ago...*sigh* If someone tells you that it's fun to pick rocks in a field, hit them, HARD T^T it isn't fun...to much time to think, yet ur kinda too preoccupied to think of anything else except where the next rock is. I just end up argueing w/ myself....or.....the voices in my head to be more exact x3 But at least I get paid! *w* $8 an hour too! Mweehee! ^3^

Ahh, Gomen. I haven't really been around lately b/c of work. I start at 8 in the morning, and sumtimes I work in the afternoon, so when I get home, I'm too lazy to do anything. Then there's the conflict w/ my brother, so I don't get a chance to go on at night sumtimes, and I'm just to tired sumtimes, picking rocks makes you sore T~T so when I do go on I start watching 'Bleach' *nods* it's a good anime *nods again* only on episode 21 tho, hope to watch more later....

*sigh* since we got done early today, and it's getting too hot out, I actually have time to do stuff! Yayz!! 8D maybe I'll draw sumthing! Oh, which reminds me, last week I drew sum pictures as well, so if u haven't seen 'em, go check 'em out!!........pwease? *puppy dog eyes*

Well, I just wanted to give u guys my excuse for not being around x3 hope to see u guys later, when I'm not so busy, which should be soon actually. *cackles* My bro is gonna go to San Antonio, TX in a couple of weeks, so then I'll have the computer all to myself, GWA HAHAHAHA!!! >8D hopefully....it won't break like last time O.OU Damn, that sucked -_-U

*waves* Buh bye now!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

   I almost stepped on a snake!!
GAHHHH!! The damn thing scared the shit outta me!! >__< stupid snake! I'm not really scared of snakes, unless they're poisonous, but still O3O I was walking to my window well, b/c my kitten got stuck in it and couldn't get out, and I stepped off the sidewalk and all of a sudden a snake slithered away about a foot away from me! *giggles* I gave a little scream I must admit ^-^

Gomen, I haven't really been able to go to ppl's sites lately. My brother and I have been kinda fighting lately over who gets the computer T3T See, he wants it at night, yet I want it at night, b/c that's when I'm able to talk to all my friends on msn. And since he's older than me, he usually gets it T-T bleh...but he was on this afternoon, so I get it tonight! *grins* and honestly, sumtimes I'm just too damn lazy to go to sites xDD

O___oU Seriously tho, if u don't hear from me in a while, it's b/c I can't get on the computer b/c of my brother! Not b/c I hate u all! Or anything insane like that x3

I've actually been kinda busy lately. Over the weekend I was anyways. I went to Fargo 2 days in row. The 1st was w/ my mom, and the other time was w/ my friends, Lolly and Kari, and we went to the fair! After spending 2 hours in the mall and 3 hours at Barnes and Noble reading manga...xD I liked that part! On the way home I got way to hyper off of cotton candy and an energy drink xD Lolly told me that I HAD to get an energy drink, and I gladly agreed. And we kinda got lost on our way back, b/c we took sum back roads for the shit of it xDD

OH OH!! I didn't notice until Lolly pointed it out to me, but I'm a Senior Otaku now! Yayz! That makes me feel happy! ^3^

I changed my background, obviously, b/c I've become so obsessed w/ that movie -_-U I've watched it pretty much every other day for the past week and a half and I'm still not sick of it...I also would like to mention that yesterday was Kenshin's birthday! So Happy Birthday to him!

A few days ago I got done watching DNAngel, in Japanese. And I decided to watch the first episode in Enlish. I really don't like the English verision, but I SPAZZED!!! b/c Vic Mignogna does Dark's voice! I don't really think his voice goes w/ Dark tho...T~T it's prolly just b/c I watched the Japanese verision...still *gloom* I don't like the English, Satoshi sounds gay, and I like Satoshi @-@

Gah! I'm leaving now! *waves* buh bye! Hope u all have a nice day!

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Monday, June 12, 2006

   It's BACK!! It came back, INTERNET!! 8D
*is being indecisive about either glomping the computer b/c it's back and running, or to smack it b/c it stopped working for so long* T~T I hate this thing, yet I love this thing ^3^

But YAY!! My internet is back!! SQUEE~NESS!! Hopefully nothing else bad will happen...I don't think I could handle another day w/out meh computer! I was going a little loco, but it's a good thing I had lolly over this weekend, or I would NOT have made it. *giggles* We watched to movie X, and when I watched it the for the first time, I was hyper, so now, for the rest of my life, I will always make fun of Kamui when he's holding Fuma's head x_X I read a book too. I haven't done that in a while, or at least, read a story that wasn't on fanfiction.net xDD And I drew a picture of Kenshin for Lolly too, which I just submitted.

GAHHHHHH!! I'm listening to "Black Water" on the Final Fantasy Advent Children soundtrack. *is imaging part in movie w/ Kadaj in the water, being sexy* SQUEE!!! Yazoo is meh favorite, tho x3 And I finally am the proud owner of that movie 8D thanks to me mum! *song changes to "Battle in the Forgotten City"* Why does the way Kadaj walks at this part seem so sexy? -_-U also...why is this movie full of lots of deliciously hot menz? o_____OU the world may never know.

Well, I'm outta here for now. I'm gonna check on sum sites and go tour the internet! God how I missed it! x3


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Saturday, June 10, 2006

   Wahhh~! My internet is KAPUT~! TT_TT
Okay you guys. Yes. My internet is dead. Something happened so I can't go on it anymore, so I obviously wont be able to go to your sites.

8D The only reason I posted is because I am at my friends house. ^-^V She's going to my house for a sleep over...

Lolly: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!! You guys, JENNA DREW A PIC OF KENSHIN FOR MEE!!! IT'S SEXY~!!!! *dies* HE's just...loooking at me and stuff...8B

Yeah, and I'd post it but...MY INTERNET'S DEAD!!!!

Lolly: *is sqealing over her picture*

Yes well...Now Im just waiting for her to pack and then we'll be on our marry way...Hopefully our internet will be back by monday...^^; Hopefully...

see you~!

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Friday, June 2, 2006

   *runs in circles for lack of anything else better to do*
I'm bored at the moment, if u can't already tell. And youtube.com stopped working for an update or sumthing, so I can't watch anymore episodes of this anime I started watching. It's called 'Shakugan no Shana', and it's pretty good. I was bored earlier too, and I said to myself "Jenna, wouldn't it be fun to just pick out a totally random anime and start watching it?" so...that's what I did xD even tho I already have a shit load of anime I want to watch T3T

I haven't really been doing anything lately. Just enjoying my summer vacation I guess. You know, staying up real late, sleeping in real late, that kinda stuff ^_^ Today, I ordered sum Rurouni Kenshin cds online *nods* I can't wait till I get 'em! 8D and my aunt Patty called today, to tell us that my cousin Paula, her daughter, got this scholarship to go to Panama for like, a MONTH!

I'm happy for her, but this means that we can't go to Florida anymore, since she leaves June 23 ._____.U surprisingly...I'm not upset. I was just like "Ok, whatever. *shrugs*" Now...what to do w/ all this money I saved? *rubs hands together greedily while cackling madly* an Ipod? oh yesh! that sounds positively heaven-like! MOO HAHAHA~!!

*takes deep breath* My brother says that I need to take better care of my...issues...mental issues oOU

and sumtimes...like tonight, or is it this morning?...anyway, I couldn't agree more! u should've seen me earlier *shudders* I was hyper x_X

Now that summer has started and I have lots more time on my hands, I've FINALLY been able to draw! seriously, before summer, I hadn't drawn anything since February *twitches* I've done 2 new drawings so far, but I hope to change that soon, once I figure out what to draw that is -_-U

Well, I better go get ready for bed. I'm going w/ my mom to her check up at the cancer center, and I don't wanna be running on my crazy juices b/c of sleep deprivation xD

Laterz! and have a wonderful, anime-filled weekend and week!! I know I certainly will! 8D YAY!

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Monday, May 22, 2006

   *insert title b/c I'm too lazy and tired to think of one*
GAH! I'm back from my cousin's wedding in Bismarck. It was a very pretty wedding, Amanda's (she's the bride) had a gorgeous gown! It had a super long train (I think that's what u call 'em) on the end.

The day before the wedding is when me and my mom came up to Bismarck, and when we got there, it turned out that everyone was eating at this one place. So we planned to go meet 'em there...only thing was that this place was EXTREMELY fancy! I felt so outta place and I hardly knew anyone there! All the people were either older or little kids, so noone my age was there. *nervous laughter* At the end of it, I thought that shiney table looked mighty nice to bash my head on ^--^U

At the end of the wedding, before the reception, everyone was giving them hugs and all that. So I give Corey *my cuz aka the groom* a hug and he's like "Thanks Sarah!" *cough*thatsmysister*cough* "...I'm Jenny *grins*" Lol, his face was hysterical! It was just like O.O that!

That evening at the reception, which coincidentally was at the hotel we were staying at, my mom actually let have a shot of Red Eye, which I guess has a lot of alcohol in it or sumthing......and it tasted like cough syrup!! ONLY WORSE!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I DESPISE cough syrup w/ a PASSION!!...it makes me wanna puke T~T

Later on I had half a glass of wine to make up for it...I like wine...it tasted so good...I hope I don't become a alcoholic XD

Then today we went shopping at the mall before we came home. I LOVE that mall! I got 2 tank tops at Hot Topic, as well as a Mars Volta shirt....which my mom isn't to thrilled about. It was on sale! For less than $10! Come on! So what if there's a spider-like naked lady on it.....^.^U alright I get the point. But I couldn't help myself XP **which reminds me, Lolly~chan, I need to talk to you ^_~ don't worry, ur not in trouble** anywho, my mom has forbade me from wearing it in public basically...which ALSO reminds me...

SCHOOL IS OVER!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!! and I did fantabulous on all my finals! 100% on my Physical Science, 98% on Civics, 97% on English, 96% on Spanish, and 98% on Math!....I hope I didn't sound like a bitch or sumthing, bragging about my scores....anywho, my dad has already pointed out to me that's there's only about 99 more days till school STARTS again...he's lucky we were talking to each other over the phone...otherwise...I might've smacked him ^3^

Summer has begun and I plan on finally getting back into the habit of staying up till 2 in the morning (if not longer) and sleeping in till noon (if not, certainly longer) but right now *big yawn* I'm tired...so I'm going to bed =D yay bed! those damn hotel beds make my back hurt!! .V.+ and the showers suck! RAWR!! but the food was excellent, so that made me happy =3

Later you peoples!
~Me, b/c I'm so damn love-able!

hehe, j/k! I can get just as crabby as my Uncle Gary...and that's pretty crabby O.oU and that's certainly not very love-able!


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