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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

   I have time for an update...

It's snowing right now, pretty bad, and it's suppose to snow a lot more. I hear some spots might get 18 inches or so. But that's only speculation. Everyone else is said to get 12 inches. Yay snow storm...maybe, if I still have to go to school all week without even a 2 hour delay, I'm gonna be pissed at the snow storm x3

*coughsbrainsout* I'm still sick T3T Uhhhm, why am I going to school today?! Oh yeah, I got a 'killer' Biology quiz this morning. Maybe I should go study for that >.>

... ... ...I don't wanna drive in this weather, it sucks. V_V

I'll get to sites...maybe today, big maybe. Take care everyone and have a good day! :D *huggles*


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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I got myself sick...again! Somehow. I just got over my other cold a couple weeks ago or so too. I woke up late-late Saturday morning and I felt like crap. I feel like crap right now as well. I'm sick of being sick =__=

So yeah, I didn't really do anything yesterday. It snowed a lot though. I don't like snow that much. Sure, it's pretty to look at, but it's cold and wet and I don't like that. Rawr >:E

Hoooim...Today I have no choice but to finish my homework. For algebra (darn you Muslims for creating it) I have to make up a story revolving around the equation 6x+3y=24.

Tis dumb but easy enough. Curse the school rule that says you have to do a writing assignment for each class every quarter. I want school (and English class) to go back to the way it was before, without the stupid rules TT___TT

... ...I completely and utterly...forgot what I was gonna say O.o

So in that case, I'm gonna go snag myself a bowl of cereal. I be cereal fanatic~~ And I don't think I've eaten yet today anyway >_> Take care everybody and I hope you all have a great week x3


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Saturday, February 24, 2007

   Well poopsie, my apologies to the cook, for the well eggs are no longer well done, but they have shown a great interest into sticking to bacon.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmm... ... ...

Nothing really to report for the week >__>;;; Well, I guess that's not true, today we had a motivational speaker come to our school. He talked about how he was in the Vietnam War and he lost his arm and leg, plus two fingers on his other hand. He was an interesting character, and I enjoyed listening to him. It amazes me how many hardships some people have gone through.

Otherwise my week was B.O.R.I.N.G. *sighs* School can be such a drag. *cringes at the thought of evil, boring classes*

Really, the only time of the day I look forward to is after school when I go home, get hyper off of green tea and who knows what else, then go back to the school for choir small-group practice and try to annoy the people I'm singing with (not sure if it's working). It's quite fun tho, especially when you're there for like, an hour or more :3 Hee, I luv singing...and that reminds me, I need to work on my solo ^^;; Haven't done that in a few...weeks...same with my thing for speech o_O;; Crud.

I'm still reading Black Cat manga, I'm kinda bored and...lazy, so I'm reading, instead of visiting the people's sites that I didn't get to during the week ;________; I'M THORWEE!! *sobs* I'll try my darnedest to get to sites this weekend, yes I will!

Can mold grow on carrots?

Urg, I have a head ache all of a sudden. There goes my concentration... Perhaps a clue that I've been on the compu too long >.> Yeah, I'll have to talk to you guys later, I can't quite think up anything else to say anyway =/ Have a good weekend :D *hugz for everyone*


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

   Sweet cup and cakes~~

It's back~~ My internet is BACK!!

Yeah, my internet DIED Saturday morning ;^; I get a 3-day weekend and my internet DIES along (obviously) with my msn. I was actually planning on going on msn! Can't now though, gots quite a bit of homework to do =3= I think someone out there wants me to be miserable, whenever the internet dies, it does so on weekends.

So that's why I wasn't around all weekend. Okay, I'm off now! Just wanted to bask in the internet and all that rot :3 *huggles* Have a good week everyone! See ya~


P.s. - My brother got a Wii *drools*

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

   Phew, tis the weekend once more! Hallelujah *cheers* And I get a 3-day weekend! No school on Monday b/c of President's Day and all that rot ^^ Heh, you know what that means: more SLEEEEP!!

Speaking of sleep, my brother, sister (who's home for like, not even a day), and I were watching this movie called "Spinal Tap". They fell asleep watching it, and I have lost total interest with it. It's about this rather bad rock group in the 80's and it's like a documentary. Basically it shows the band spiraling down in popularity and what not. Don't know what the ending is, as I said, I lost interest.

Soooo, how is everyone doing? Hope you had an enjoyable Valentine's Day *cough*SingleAwarenessDay*cough* Mine was pretty good. I got chocolate from some of my employers! :D Yummy chocolate~~ Other than that, it was just a normal day ^^ These last two days have been kinda...weird...not good, yet not particularly bad either. I can't really describe it, but it's just that I've been feeling kinda strange. Nothing too big I guess.

As you can see I've changed the theme of my site. Don't know how long it'll be up, after all, I'm a lazy girl x3 But what really bothers me is that I can't see my Death Note avatar yet! It still shows Ed (♥♥) and it throws me off for a sec. Does that happen to anybody else, or is it just my compu that does that?

((( Who the heck is calling my house at 11 pm? o.O )))

Well anywho, I may not be around today, or at least until tonight. I wanna see if I can read 250+ pages of tiny print in one day and finish the book I'm reading. Then I wanna do some homework if there's time. And I wanna sleep for at least 10 hours before I even do any of that *happy sigh* I love the weekends.

I'm trying to think if there's anything else for me to talk about, but I think I got nothing. Yeah, nothing. So I'll see ya all later! *huggles people* Take care and enjoy the weekend! :3


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Saturday, February 10, 2007

   This is kinda just a post for the sake of posting something...make sense?
Hiya everybody! Hope your weekend is going well ^^ Mine is going good so far. Heh heh, I got to sleep in alllll I wanted! Didn't get up until it was almost noon! Hicha!

Aaaanndd! My mom is back from the hospital! :D My dad and I went and got her yesterday. The doctor just thinks her blood pressure went up b/c of a side effect to one of the meds she's taking. No clot or anything cancer-related thank God. But now she has to take 5 new pills...bleh, not fun.

I won't be around tomorrow, prolly all day. Gotta work at that church thingie-ma-bob. Today I should be able to get to sites though, unless something comes up.

Monday I have an orthodontist appointment. I'm not looking forward to it TT^TT Long story short, my jaw has been annoying me for a long time now, and I just don't want them to tell me I have to wear some head gear thing for the rest of my life X____x

Buuuut, good news is that hopefully I'll be able to buy a bunch of manga and stuffus that day! I still gotta buy some very belated birfday presents too x3

I think I'm done talking now. I'm gonna go take a shower...gotta finish my algebra homework too...and eat something >.> See ya later! *hugs everyone* Bye bye!


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Thursday, February 8, 2007

   It's these days/nights that make me hate being female -.-

It's almost 3 in the freakin' morning. I have cramps, lots of them, since 1 something. I can't sleep even though there's nothing I'd like better than to do. Owwie...TT^TT I'm hoping that being on the compu and stuffus will help pass the time until those pain reliever pills I took actually start working (maybe I should take some more...). I had to take the crappy crap too, the stuff with caffeine works better for me.

It hurts, oh gawd, I hate fncking periods.

I'm gonna be a zombie in school today, and probably a grumpy one.

It's so cold.

Uhhhhm...okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Well...my brother and I drove down main street with the car window rolled down and blaring Star Wars music really loud :) That was fun, we were head banging and everything! It was after the LYO (Lutheran Youth Organization) meeting. We're hosting a Valentine's Dinner this Sunday. Whoopee...I hope I get to do dishes >__>

My mom had to spend the night at the hospital. She has really high blood pressure, even though she's taking medication for it. The doctor thinks there might be a clot somewhere, so they'll do some tests in the morning.

Bleh, I want my mommy T3T


x____________________x Nope, meds no working yet.

Oh yeah~~ I posted a pic during the weekend! I actually drew something after such a while! I'd appreciate it if you'd vote and comment. I have it on my deviantart account (http://darkhuntress16.deviantart.com/) so yeah, some of you have already seen it perhaps ^^

I'm gonna try to get some sleep now. I could just say screw it I'm not going to school tomorrow feeling shitty like this! And I would normally do that but...I have choir today, and I feel like singing *shrugs* That and I wanna see my English test I took yesterday (IF they're corrected) and I don't wanna miss science class. Got a test on DNA and RNA stuff tomorrow. Sooooo, talk to ya guys later! *huggles* Take care and have a good day.


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Saturday, February 3, 2007

   Uhhm, yeah, this is a really long post .__.U
Yay, it's the weekend! Freakin' finally =3= AGAIN, I'm sorry for not making it to many sites this week. That makes me feel bad ;3;

This week was fast and kinda busy yet kinda not...if that makes sense. I could really use a good sleeping-until-noon-or-later day, and hopefully that day will be today, right after I'm done posting this! :D Yesssssss, I crave the lovely sleep!

Why is it that I can never seem to remember the beginning of the week?! Seriously, I can't remember a hoot about Monday or Tuesday. I'll just assume they were normal days >.> But Wednesday...omgthatdaywasreallyreallybadlikewoah~~ I felt depressed and angry and reeeally violent @__@ I hates my random mood swings...I wonder what the heck triggers them, besides that time of the month thing, b/c, I mean, they're random...so...yeah ^^;;;;

After my craptacular Wednesday, Thursday was 200% better! Hoorah! :3 I can't really remember anything about that day either, except their was a speaker from Tanzania that came during 7th hour. Our school is doing this fund raising thing called "Outreach Africa" and we're raising money so that the people there in Tanzania can eat enough food per day to survive. I've seen all that they eat and I can confidently say that I'd be dead if that were me over there *nods*

$25 can feed almost 1000 people a day over there. I'm proud to say that my little school of about 250 kids, K-12, have raised well over $1000. Actually, it's more like $1500.

To help raise money for it, there was this auction where the student/group with the highest bid got to dress a teacher up however they wanted, within reason. The results were hilarious, some looked so weird that you just had to stop and stare! And then~~~ My History teacher was a gangster and had a chain with a hubcap on it as a necklace xD Then he proposed a challenge about 2 and a half hours before school ended. The challenge: If the whole school could raise $100 by the end of the school day, he'd wear his outfit, hubcap and all, to the basketball game that night, and sit on the opposing side with the kids!

Within 5 minutes of the issued challenge, we were already half way done. At the end there was $160 X3 So he did it I'm guessing. I didn't go to the game though, I had to help my dad with something...wish I could've been there to take a picture *sobs*

It's probably not as funny to you guys, but to all of us at my school, it's the drop-dead kind of funny XD

My sister is going to Mexico towards the end of this month. I wish I could stow away in her luggage or something, I'm really getting sick of this side of North Dakota. I yearn for travel~~! But firstly, I yearn for sleep =____= I think I'm going off to bed, unless I think of something important/non-important to say in the next few seconds.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...uhhm...nope, not anything that the majority of you guys would understand anyway...oh what the hell, WE WERE TOUCHING!! AT LIKE, THE HIPS!! *squee's squeals of joy* I should try to stop being obsessed X____x

And now I end this long post. If you read it all: I love you, really I do! You guys make me feel so special! X333 *super special awesome hugs* Take care everyone, and have a great weekend!


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Saturday, January 27, 2007

   A MyOtaku Update ^^
Hiya everybody ^^ Hope you've all been doing well, or even adequate I guess.

I'm doing good. I'm finally getting over this dang cold! All I have is an annoying cough. I had to stay home from school Monday and Tuesday b/c i felt so crappy, and making up the stuff I missed was a pain. Needless to say I didn't get a lot of time to get on the compu and visit sites. But w00t! There wasn't any school on Friday!

KYAH~~~ That reminds me! It was my friend's birfday yesterday tooooo~! Happy Birthday Jason!! (aka: tetheredtear) X3

Thursday night after getting home from a basketball game, which we won, like omg, for once! Boys BB record now 4-9 *laughs* Anywho~ After that my brother and I watched this old movie "The Lady's Man" My gosh, dumb movie, yeah. There was lots of sex in it too xD And after that a couple of my brother's friends came over and we watched "Jack Ass 2"

Oh wow, I'm lucky I didn't puke or something *shudders* Those people are crazy, just plain crazy! I couldn't watch the part where (Steve-O was it? I can't remember who) put the freakin' leech on his eye! Like I said, those people are nuts.

Zomg, I started watching Chobits! It's funny so far, and cute ^^ Hideki is such a spazz, and a pervert xD I've wanted to see this anime, or read the manga, for a long time, glad I could finally start it.

Well, today I plan to get some homework done ^^;;; My World History teacher gave me the long weekend to make up my work. Heh, I effectively wasted Friday being lazy x3 So I might not be able to make it to sites today. I'll see what I can do, ja.

*huggles* Take care everyone and have a great weekend :3 See ya around! ^^


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Sunday, January 21, 2007

   Like, omg hoorah!
HAPPY SUPERSPECIALAWESOME SWEET 16TH BIRFDAY LOLLY!!!! *glompies* I hope you have an uberly great day! :3 Hopefully I'll be able to get to Fargo sometime so I can go buy you your present ^^;;;

Well, that's about all I wanted to say, b/c being sick is dumb and I still can't focus much. Arg, I even still have homework I gotta do! *dies* And I've blown my nose so much that I'm getting bloody noses >.< Stupid snot keeps comin' tho. Heh, at least I won't have to go to church tomorrow. w00t! I can sleep in! X3

Take care and have a good week everybody!


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