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Saturday, January 20, 2007

   Accept that some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue.
Gwah~! Sorry that I wasn't able to get to very many sites this week ;^; Again, I was kinda busy.

On top of homework on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I went to basketball games. Tuesday b/c I played the National Anthem on my flute with 2 other flute players, Thursday for pepband, and Friday b/c I had to sing the National Anthem. It went well and wasn't as nerve racking as I thought it would be, but I got a cold Friday morning, so that's what really worried me =/ Friday passed by in a daze @.@ I even momentarily forgot where I was during study hall xD

Good thing it's the weekend and I can hopefully sleep it off. I didn't get as much sleep as I normally do in a week, I don't need a stupid cold to ruin it all for me.

Heh, we have to read the book 'Speak' in English class Friday. We're only suppose to read the first 46 pages and then stop to do this journal thing. Yeah, I already finished the book, and haven't done any journals. I hate having to stop in the middle of book and do a paper on what I've read. That's why I hate bookreports and tests on books too. Just let me read my damn book in peace!!!

Kyah~~~ I finished Death Note! Finished it at 2:30 am last Saturday. Twas reeeally good ^w^ A lot of talking/thinking tho.

X____________X My heads all spinny and ache-ish. I hate it!! Rawr...I can't focus.

Ahahaha, yeah, I reeeeeeally can't focus right now. I give up on this post, sorry. Maybe next time I'll actually have something to talk about xP *huggles* Take care everyone and thank you for all the comments and taking time to read my posts *huggles everyone again* Love y'all! :3


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Saturday, January 13, 2007

   I shall now insert a random word: Exocytosis ((don't know why I thought of that))
Kyah~~! Hello everyone :3 Tis been a bit of a while since I've posted, and commented on ppl's sites...it's been kinda busy =/ My mom even got to work this week! She hasn't been able to do that for a while b/c of treatment. Mommeh was very happy ^^

Let's see here, Monday was just...Monday...Ewww...Monday's, 'nough said. I couldn't sleep on Sunday night, so it wasn't very nice. Heck, I've been having trouble sleeping ALL week D: Totally looking forward to sleeping 'till noon!

Tuesday...uhhhhm, I can't remember *brain fart*

Wednesday was the last day of 1st semester and I got my visit from 'George' =____= Die George, die! Rawr~!! And this idiot freshman drank cologne...*shakes head sadly*

Thursday was the best day this week. It was my parent's 21st Anniversary, so we went out to eat, and afterwards I went to the boy's basketball game ^^ I got to see...a hot guy >w> I've been so deprived, my school has had no hot guys! None, zip, nadda!! Sooo, finally one moves here and yeah...it's kinda pathetically sad xDD

Another good thing about Thursday was that I finally got my PLAN test results back! I scored a 25 outta 32, and that score is in the top 2% of the nation! My ACT scores are predicted to be between 26 and 30.

Oh God I sure hope that's the case! *dies*

Friday was...meh...the morning was good, but in the afternoon I got a headache that just wouldn't go away. My friend drew me this insanely hilarious picture that she referenced from our Biology book, but sadly I forgot it in my locker Dx

On Sunday I gotta go back up to the school at 8 pm to help with this World History project my class is doing. It's sorta dumb when I think about it, but oh well X3 We're putting on a Roman Festival called "Festivus Maximus". We gotta dress up in togas and everything X__x I can't wait to get it outta the way, as we're doing the actual thing on Monday.

And I'm on chappie 89 of Death Note! That's like, volume 11! I'm so close to finishing, hoorah! I hope to get it done with this weekend ^3^ Raito is so smart @___@ And...really manipulative >.> Hoimmmmm...I still like his hair x}

I have a one track mind *flails* Holy Mother of Ra it's annoying. I have an apple! :D

So I hope you guys had a good week, and have a great weekend! *hugz everyone* I love you guys!! Take care!


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Saturday, January 6, 2007

   My nose hurts D: Owwie...

Bleh...school has started yet again *le sigh* I'm just grateful it started on a Wednesday. I certainly wouldn't have made it had it have started again on a Monday @_@;;;

And lucky, I got done with the vast majority of my homework already! Woohoo! Just have to do a little studying and then I'm done :D

Not much has really happened. To me anyway...my brother got a new car a while, lucky him T3T I'm stuck with the crappy car X3 I'll live, it's not like I drive to Fargo every weekend with that thing >___>

Ohhh~~ Something did happen! On Wednesday after school, while talking to Lolly and getting ready to go home, I scared the crap outta myself and got in trouble. See, I didn't realize that morning that my keys were different! Like, totally different! Sooo, being surprised I said "What the hell?!" And...my math teacher heard me O_O She looked at me like I said the mother of all cuss words, that she did. Gave me a stern talking to as well, about how I shouldn't use that type of language and I must be b/c it slipped out so easily. It kinda annoys me that people in my class can get away with saying 'fuck' and 'bitch' loud enough during class time, yet I get busted for saying 'hell' after school hours =_____= Wednesday just wasn't my day *shrugs*

Uhhhhm, let's see here...My current craze: Death Note manga. I be reading it online and I'm only on chapter 38 but it's pretty darn good so far :3 I've fallen in love with Raito's (Light's) hair xDD L on the other hand, weirds me out O~o Quite a bit. He's just so creepy lookin' in some of the panels!

And that's...pretty much it...? *blinks* Wow, how incredibly boring am I? :}

Pbbbbth, I feel so lazy right now. I want to do nothing at all! D: And hoorah, for I certainly can do that today if I want to. Maybe I can sleep 'till 1 p.m. again too, if I'm lucky!

And with those lovely, slothful last few lines, I bid you good day X33 Take care everyone and have a great weekend!


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Monday, January 1, 2007

   Homg!! There's actually snow on the ground!
Happy New Year's Day everyone~~!!! I'm here, at home, b/c...I wanna be X} But wow, yeah, my parents were like, in bed before the new year even started! What kill joys __ I'm planning on staying up extra late...or early! Heh, bet my siblings are gonna have hangovers tho :P

2006 was a pretty good year for me, except with all that cancer stuffus having to do with my mom, and I hope you guys had a good 2006 too! If you didn't, I hope that 2007 will be a whole lot more better!

I had a great time with my relatives the other day. They left yesterday (Sunday) morning. And they got of real taste of just how Grandma E. acts/thinks @__@;;; My mom had called gram, asking if she was going to church, and gram said that she wasn't, so then we weren't going to go either, since we had the company and all. 10:30 AM rolls around and then there's a call...from the church...yup, grandma musta forgotten what she said or something, b/c she was at church wondering where everyone was. So then she wanted to be picked up so she could visit before the relatives left.

...That's Grandma E. for ya! My dad is really getting annoyed with her ^^;;; Sadly, I can't blame him *feels slightly ashamed*

Soooo, again! Happy New Years Day!! *hugs* Take care and be safe during this new year! :3


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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   "Remember kids, gambling is good for you!"
Saddam Hussein executed! w00t!! *grins evilly* Even got to see a short news clip on it today *nods* I feel a tish bit evil, finding satisfaction in someone being hanged, BUT then I remember just who it is that's being hanged and I don't feel bad anymore. The bastard deserved it, that and soooo much more.

In other news, I won't be around today, so I prolly won't make it to too many sites. I may not be around tomorrow either :P I have family coming over and we're celebrating a belated Christmas together =D My anti-anime cousin will be here soon.

Uhhm...gosh, I can't think of that much more to say, and I thought I did too! But nope, I got nothing...I'll leave you guys with a funny Xmas youtube video. It's a Xmas special from "Yugioh: The Abridged Series" You guys should go and watch that series if you haven't already ^^

Super Special Awesome New Year everyone!! *huggles* Don't get too drunk xD


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

   Day after Christmas
Wahahahaha!! Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas this year and got all the stuff you wanted! I myself had a great Christmas *nods* This is what I all got:

Invader Zim scarf and a pretty red ring with a black rose on it.
An insanely hilarious book filled with funny/cute/evil cat pics xDD
$120 cash and a $50 check
$30 gift card to Hot Topic
Fullmetal Panic (dvd) series
Black Cat (dvd) volume 1
Fullmetal Alchemist (dvd) volume 13
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for Gameboy Advance. Ho gods have I missed playing that game on the Super Nintendo DD:

And I think that's all...Hmmm...yup that's it :3 I'm going to end up splurging with all that money I got >____> And then there's still THIS Saturday still! When the family on my dad's side will be getting together and celebrating Xmas! Heehee, I can't wait, I love this side of the family for all their stupid humor >xDD

My family and I went over to my aunt and uncle's to celebrate the holiday yesterday. After eating a big lunch, my cousins, my brother and sister, and I went out and rented the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" with Steve Carell xDDD That movie was great! Though that one part was oh so wrong...but I won't ruin it for ya, unless you guys really really really want me too >x3

When the movie was over some things kinda went wrong...my uncle and his daughter got into a fight. I'm not exactly sure about what happened, since we were on a different floor of the house, but I guess he called her a 'fucking bitch'. She left after that needless to say, practically in tears. Heh, I would've left too. One of the perks of being in college is that when you come back home, you can leave whenever you want. But wow, what a crappy thing to happen on Christmas...

Yup, that was basically my day in a nutshell. A really small nutshell...

Now all I wanna do is watch my anime! Omfg!!! But I can't b/c my sister is using the tv...maybe I can trade her O3o Yush, I will try my diabolical scheme >x} So I'll talk to you guys later! *huggles* Take care and have a good week!


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Monday, December 25, 2006

   Just wanted to say... ...
MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~!!!! *glomps everybody*

Hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful day today! Things have already been going swell for me =D But I'll have to tell you more about it later, seeing as I have to get up early to go to South Dakota to celebrate with some of the extended family *nods*

I'm off to go finish watching 'A Christmas Story' with my brother and sister now ^^ Again, have a great day you guys! Hope you get everything ya want and Merry Christmas! *huggles everyone again*


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Saturday, December 23, 2006

   Hello hello everyone, how's it going? =3

I'm rather well. This week went A LOT better than last week. Plus, only 2 more days until Xmas!! Yayzies!! Heehee, I have a pretty good idea on what I'm getting >:D And that also reminds me that I won't be around for Xmas or Xmas Eve...so yeah O3o My mom wants to teach me how to play Monopoly, so she bought it for $10. No, I seriously don't know how to play it...I know, I'm deprived *tear*

I also finally got all my Xmas shopping done...but the gifts I ordered online for my dad, Lolly and elementalfox (Kari) haven't shown O_____e I'm uber mad about that. And Kari went to Colorado so I prolly won't see her until next year when we get back to school.

Arg, I have a bookreport and a paper that I have to do during vacation, which is only a week T____T And they're both for English! It's gonna be hard for me to get enough motivation to do 'em xD I so badly wanted to be a lazy blob of nothingness until January 3rd.

Anyone ever heard of the Spill Canvas? I was suppose to go to one of their concerts with my sister, and they just so happened to be touring with Motion City Soundtrack, but the weather got really crappy in Minneapolis and my mom wouldn't let me go. Don't know why, but it reminds me that I can't go to the Dir En Grey concert during February either ;------; I wish I could look upon the hotness of Kaoru, Die, and everyone else in person DDDx

Well, I can't think of anything else that's happened this week at the moment, and I've been sitting here for a while now. So I'll just say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Eww, that just reminded me of that NSYNC Xmas song O____e Ew.


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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   When there comes a week where Monday was the best day and Friday was the worst...you know that something is wrong!

I swear it, Monday was the best day this week, and that's the day that I jammed my finger in gym first hour! Tuesday I got sick with cramps (curse you George --V--) and couldn't sleep that night. So on Wednesday I was tired, grouchy, in pain, and I had to take a science test. Not fun. Then after school I had to help over at my church practically baby sitting little kids.

I really don't like little kids O___e

Thursday was okay I guess, bit I took a PLAN test all morning. And then there was...Friday. It's gotta be b/c of the George thing, b/c I felt very VERY depressed. I also felt violent. Like I-want-to-stab-you-in-the-eye-with-a-very-sharp-needle or Go-stick-your-head-in-a-barrel-of-acid violent. I told a classmate of mine in band that I wanted to kill something...she looked at me really funny like and scooted away from me. She's the one who asked how I was, so don't blame me if you don't like the answer!

Then I'd start feeling guilty about how I was acting, and then I'd get mad that I was feeling guilty, then I'd be guilty for feeling mad and...yeah. I wanna go to bed T___T

But my brother was sorta able to cheer me up after school. It seems that whenever I'm in a good mood, my brother isn't. And whenever HE is in a good mood, I'm not. I luff my brother ;^; I'm really gonna miss him when he leaves for college next year.

Hmmm...I suppose I should mention that I'm feeling better now, huh? ^^; Heh, gomen. Today should be a much better day. Lolly and Chiru are both coming over :D Tho at first I thought the rest of my family would be gone, so then we could be as loud as we wanted to, but sadly that's not the case anymore. They canceled the trip *sighs* Oh well, I'm still gonna be as loud as I freakin' wanna! I need to unwind xDD

Owwie...my jaw just popped T3T I'll getting that checked on Monday--

HOMG!! I scared the crap outta myself X__x The page went back and I thought my entire post just went bye-bye! But it didn't...hoorah!

Uhhhh, I'll stop boring you guys now. Heh, I'm actually kinda bored myself (note the different bg) And I don't think I have anything interesting to say at this point anyway >.>

*huggles* Take care everyone! Hope you have a good weekend! :3


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Saturday, December 9, 2006

1 Year Anniversary on MyO! (( Couldn't think of a subject title ))
Guh, I can't sleep anymore! I stayed in bed until I couldn't stand it, but sadly, that wasn't very long ;^; I couldn't sleep X____x I live for sleep!

Pbbbbbth, as you can see, I'm devastated.

My week went pretty good I guess. A little long and slightly miserable, but overall good. One of my classmates has a little too much time on his hands xD He looked up on the computer something called 'The Chap Stick Conspiracy'. He gave it to me for me to read at the end of study hall yesterday, and my god it's fooneh and dumb! What I read was basically ppl confessing about their addiction to lip balm and their stories.

"...I don't know what I'd do if the Food and Drug Administration ever classified lip balm as an illegal substance. This nightmare scenario undoubtedly would force me to smuggle this lip elixir out of Switzerland and into the U.S. by freeze-drying it into a powder and then concealing it in condoms or Swiss Miss hot chocolate packets.

Psst, hey, you; want some hot chocolate?"

Please don't tell me that I'm the only one who finds that funny around here?! xD

I still need to go Xmas shopping =/ I think I'll do some of that online today or something, b/c I don't know the next time I'll be going to Fargo or anything. My mom is suppose to stay away from crowds at the moment. Her latest chemo treatment has brought her white blood cell count waaaaay down.

Speaking of such, I rather like the Breast Cancer Awareness contest theO is hosting. It's nice seeing all the support out there, since I'm an over-emotional weirdo, and a lot of the people aren't even doing it for the prizes. I might enter, if I have the time *nods*

Well, I gotta go! I hope you all have a good weekend! *huggles everybody* Take care! :3


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