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Sunday, April 15, 2007

   A Series of Non-unfortunate Events
Gwah~~ You guys know I love you, right? *monster huggles for everyone* I appreciate you all so much and you're so nice to me ;3; I lubb joo~~

*cough* Okay, now that I have that off my chest... ^-^

Contest is finally over with! *does a dance* It was on Friday (the 13th!) and I actually did very well there. I starred in 5 outta 8 things, and we even made people cry during our last song, called Prayer of the Children. So that means I'm gonna go to the State Competition in Bismarck next month. I guess that also means there's still some practicing after this, but it shouldn't be as much as before! ^^

I also got to see CERM and OddOneOut while I was there. Gawd I've missed them so much! We all had a very good time *snuggles them both*

Yesterday was a really nice day too. I got to sleep for 11 hours! I haven't done that in a long time ;^; Then I watched Howl's Moving Castle. I'm NOT gonna go on a big rant on how sexily hawt I thought Howl was x3 After that I drew a little, and finally now I'm watching anime. Taking a break from Kyou Kara Maou and watching Loveless instead. I've been wanting to see it for a long time now, and I'm really thinking about buying the manga ^^

Today my family is having a little get together thing at Perkins over in Fargo, and I don't know when I'll be back. Bleh, I don't really wanna go T.T I still wanna work ahead on my science, but if I don't get to it, I guess that's fine. Not like it's due or anything :P

Hmm, alright, so I think I'm done posting for now. It's getting late (tho it's only 11:51 pm right now) but I have church to go to in the morning, and I'm tired anyways. I'll talk to ya guys later! *more huggles* Take care and have a great week!


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Monday, April 9, 2007

   Rants...I think that's all this post is xD
Hope everyone had a fan-diddly-astic Easter yesterday! ((Even if you don't celebrate it~)) I know I did! I watched anime for the majority of the day *¬*

What did I watch you ask? I watched Sukisho (I may have spelled it wrong, it also have a big long name, but I'm not gonna type it :P) which was reeeally good and cute! It's only 12 episodes and...it's yaoi, so don't go watching it if you don't like that stuff ^^ It's not graphic though if that's what you're thinking O.o One of main characters even has the same name as one of my OC's, and they have a similar hair style too...it was kinda freaky xD And I also watched some more of Kyou Kara Maou. I freaking love that sword Morgif and when Wolfram gets all jealous! I really hope to be able to watch some more, and SOON!

Yup...that was my Easter ^^

GAAAAAAAAAAAAH~~~~~ I have a dentist appointment today... ... ...Boo! TT^TT So I won't be around this afternoon! I pray I don't have a cavity. And you know what else sucks? I left my Biology worksheets at school...Fnck. AND~~~ music Contest is on Friday! Meep! ..U I hope I'm ready for it! Especially with my vocal solo ^^;

And I've also come to the decision...I'm not gonna be submitting any more of my art here. I mean, there's not much of a point. Nobody other than my friends looks at 'em, and besides...I like the more mature audience that deviantart has. I've never seen a comment there that goes "Eeewww, naked man and lady *pukes*" b/c they prolly have the common sense needed to stay away from something they don't like. But I got that as a comment here on theo, and while it made me laugh my ass off, it also made me realize that this place is full of immature kids. And those kind of kids annoy me so bad! *twitches* I'm sorry, I don't like kids =_=;;

Soooo, if I do decide to do one more submission here, I want it to be a passionate naked yaoi scene, or better yet, a big orgy of some sort, and I'd dedicate it to all the immature people of this site X3 Sadly I don't think I'd be able to do the orgy one ;^; Tis beyond my skill *shrugs* Oh well.

And if talking about orgies and stuff made you feel even the least bit uncomfortable, I am very very sorry D:

So, uh, yeah...done with my rant now *nods* And I think I'm done with my post too *thinks* Yeah, now I just have a craving to go watch more anime before I leave X3 That and someday soon I wanna draw Sora and Nao from Sukisyo!!! Squee, I lubb them! And Sora's big pink elephant toy xD

I'll shut up now O__o

*huggles huggles and more huggles* I lubb you all~ Take care and have a good week! :D


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Friday, April 6, 2007

   An Otaku Update
Alright, quickie update!

Sorry AGAIN that I wasn't able to get to some sites! And I'll prolly be saying that every time I update for a very long time T___T Tonight I will get to sites, I will try my hardest!

Right now I am on Easter break! w00t! Soooo happy x3 Yesterday I went with my mom to Fargo b/c she had to have a shot, and I also had an eye checkup thing so I could order my colored contacts ^^ They'll be here sometime next week.

And today...I...feel like cleaning O_o Don't tell my mom, cuz then she'll have me clean the whole damn house! Instead I'll just clean my room and the compu room >.> Both are desperately in need of it sadly ^^;;

Then when I'm done getting to sites...I'll either draw, read, or go anime crazy. It'll prolly be that last one though xD I've started 2 animes now. Kyou Kara Maou and Princess Princess, both recommended by the wonderful, talented, superly awesome ElvesAteMyRamen! They're both really good so far, though I've only seen a couple episodes of both.

Okay, so I've told you my plans, now it's time to do them! See you all later tonight! x3 *superspecialawesomehuggles* Take care and have a good day!


P.S. - Omg go look at this if you're as obsessed about Kingdom Hearts as I am!! :BB

KH2 Final Mix Secret Ending

It's freak out time! kdjodjofjfldskjfosdijflkdsjfl;kdjsflkjdslkfjds;lfkjsd;lkl3iuvidnvioi;sjtj

I want it *_*

That is all x3

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

   I want spring to come.
IT'S SNOWING!!!!! *dies a million deaths*

DDDDDDD: Nuuuuu, it's suppose to be spring, damn it! I hate snow *munches on a cookie*

Well, I'm still at my sister's place, I've stolen her laptop ^^ We're gonna finish our shopping today. Yesterday I got a bunch of art stuff at Hobby Lobby. That place is grand x3 And after that my mom and I went to Walmart and got some stuff, and then we met up with muh sis. I guess things are going better than we thought with her. She and her boyfriend have talked, she even went and saw him (that's a 3 hour drive folks). I don't think they're back together tho ^^;

Anywho~ Then we went to this second hand store called Plato's Closet. I got some really cute jeans, for cheap, and they're only slightly used :3 Aaaannd then...we ate Chinese.

Homgkdjgdljgldjf :BBBBBBB I love Chinese, lyke, woah xD Soooooo good!

After being stuffed with really good Chinese food we went to my sister's apartment, watched movies, and went through some of her old photo albums. My sister was, and still is, a party animal x3

I hope I get home in time to finish my homework O.o We have to do a coat of arms for English class, and then do a speech thing. I only have to color it still...and outline what I'd do for the speech.

I gotta go, my mum is questioning my motives for typing so much *shifty eyes* I'm not sure if she 'approves' of my online participation to this site. Oh well, too bad for her :D

*huggles* Take care you guys! Happy April Fool's Day!



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Saturday, March 31, 2007

   A MyOtaku Post, by moi, Darkhuntress
Wahhh~~~ Guh, sorry that I haven't made it to sites in a few days. It's one of the busy times of year with school and all. Our music (band and choir) Contest is on the 13th, and it's just practice, practice, practice!! (along with homework, homework, homework! >:E)

So I hope you all have been doing alright TwT

Heh, I won't be around today, Imma going shopping with muh mum and sister, and we'll prolly be spending the night at my sister's place. My sister's going through a rough time sorta. She and her boyfriend of about 2 years got in a fight and broke up. So she's not feeling the greatest...so a-shopping we will go! It's a girl's day out! w00t! I'm excited, haven't been shopping in a good while xD

Ohhh~~ I may be getting colored contacts! I'd be paying for 'em, but I have some demos of different colors, and as of right now I'm leaning towards the Caribbean Aqua color ^^ But dang, those things are EXPENSIVE!! O___o;;;; My regular contacts are $25 a box, and colored contacts are $40 a box! So a box for each eye comes to $80.

.______. Cha.

My schedule for school next year has come out. I just hope they don't end up changing it, b/c I actually like it x3 Here's how it would go:

1st hour: US History (BORING!! D:)
2nd hour: English 11 (omg, 2 boring classes in a row, the class won't survive!)
3rd hour: Chemistry
4th hour: Band/Choir
5th hour: Lunch
6th hour: Advanced Math
7th hour: Work in music room as choir teacher's aid person :P
8th hour: Anatomy

I'm actually a little excited for next year. Only b/c I might have Anatomy 83 I've wanted to take that class for a long time!

Welp, I think that's all for now. I'm gonna go watch Jay Leno with my mom ^w^ I'll see you guys later! Lubbs you all, I'm so appreciative of you guys, seriously, you all rock! ;w; *supermonsterglomps*


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

   *flails around excitedly*

You guys, you must look at this pic. A buddy of mine from deviantart (and theO) called Zeisstrx COLORED one of my pics, the nekkie elf one! And it's soooooooooo good! You gotta look at it! 8D

The Sexily Colored Picture

Squeeeeee~~ I lubb it! ;w; My gawd, he did such a good job! *slobbers on the pic*

Well, that's like, all I wanted to say, since I have small group practice soon ^^ I'll try to get to sites tonight, but I just don't know.

*huggles* Lubb you all!! Have a great rest of the week :3


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Saturday, March 24, 2007

   Hooray! I'm friends with Spiderman! :D ((I wish I was!!))

Hi O3o

How goes it everyone? I'm doing fine, same ol' same ol' really. I was able to get to some sites this week, so that was good. And I got, well, most of my homework done. I just gotta read and take notes for Biology and a book report for English. Today I'm gonna do that and then finally finish my freakin' Robert Jordan book I've been reading since forever ago! I'm kinda getting sick of those 900-almost-1000 page books ^^;;; And then I gotta do some major practicing on my flute part .___.

That flute and it's blasted music will be the death of me >3< Curse you solos!

Let's see, I haven't finished watching all of Star Wars yet. Still gotta see episodes II and III. And speaking of movies, I'm hoping to have another 'movie night' with my friends later on. Hopefully it'll be a go :3

This weekend I also wanna start watching the anime that ElvesAteMyRamen is talking about, Kyou Kara Maoh. The guys are smexy lookin' x3 But I really doubt I'll get to it ;;;^;;;

Hmmm...I have a World History test on Monday. That'll be fun.

Know what's sad? I'm sitting here at deviantart as well, and I just keep refreshing the page to see how much the comments and favorites keep going up, and almost every time they do. Ain't that just sad?

I hope I can get to drawing this weekend, I really feel like drawing. And I got a few ideas, but I just don't know if I'll have time, or energy, I'm always getting so tired -.-;;

Okay, seriously guys, it seems like nothing has happened aaaaaalll week! I pretty much have nothing to talk about unless I start pulling random topics outta my butt, which I've already been doing practically O.o

OH~~~ Random topic! My brother is doing this study thing, and the study is that he's testing A.D.D. pills. The person said he'd either get really hyper or really tired. I'd so laugh if he got uber hyper xD But if nothing happens does he have A.D.D.? X3

Hmmm, anything else...? I should prolly get to bed actually O.o I wanna...wake up a little early *sighs* Waking up early on a Saturday should be illegal ;^; But at least it'll give me more time to get my stuff done...right?

*monsterhuggles* Take care you guys! Have super-special-awesome weekend! x3 I lubb you all~


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   You know what's sad? I know more about Harry Potter than American History!
Wahahahahahahahahaha~~~ Okay, so that title might almost be a lie, but seriously...I no like American History. It's boring >.>

Yeah, I got reeeeeeeeally bored ^^ Course, I'd rather be bored than be in school! Mooha! I didn't have school yesterday (Friday) b/c it was our "Spring Break" *sighs* Oh well, one day off is better than none!

But yeah, SO! Do you guys like what I did with muh site?! I might change it around still, not sure if I like everything or not. I want to thank Ms.BakuraIshtar for giving me the box code and more, and Aerith for having that awesomely amazing help-site thing x3 You guys ROCK! *huggles*

I also went through my friend's list a bit just a while ago. Basically I deleted the people who've NEVER come to visit me and such.

Thursday was a fun day. It was Star Wars day at school and everything in class was connected to Star Wars. During the afternoon we even watched Episode IV: A New Hope! After school when I was done practicing for small groups, Lolly and Ali came over to watch some movies, since we didn't wanna go to the school dance x} After the movies we played Wii Sports. It was loads of uber fun, I'm just sad that we only had one controller so we couldn't play against each other x3

Then yesterday morning my brother and I watched Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I would be out there watching Episode VI right now but my dad's watching tv, and by the time he gets off I won't wanna watch it. I'm tired and I plan on going to bed early!

And this week I watched the animes Black Blood Brothers and Air TV =D Both were nice and short and really good ^^ BBB reminds me of Hellsing. Vampires and the main character decked out in red xD Air on the other hand was kinda confusing, but it was cute! I hope I can watch the Air movie this weekend.

Hoooiiim, I think I'm actually gonna head out now. I wanna eat something and then get some sleep. I skipped supper :( Why? B/c these past couple a days my appetite has been nonexistent practically x__X I want some food, cereal preferably...Mmmm, cereal... Actually, you know what I'm reeeally craving? Olives. Green olives. I'm an olive fanatic you guys, and I've had yet to find as big a fanatic outside my family. *sigh* Why do people not like olives? T3T

Uh, okay, so I'll stop short my rant about olives and just say goodbye now *huggles everybody* Well, take care and have a great weekend! Love you people :D


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

   Dah walrus ate meh muffin!
Heh, it seems like forever since my last post, but you know, it WASN'T! *stupid laugh*

So what's new with everyone? I ask because sadly for the longest time I've had no motivation to even turn on my computer, let alone get to sites. And when I do get on the compu it's usually right before school so then I don't have time to comment! I'm sorry ;^; Especially to you Angel Zakuro! I have read most of your posts, and I feel so bad b/c I wasn't able to even try to comfort you when you were feeling so down *huggles the crap outta you* ;;;;^;;;;

Guh, so, uhhm, news with me. Yeah. Pretty okay week I guess...I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get my cold checked out and why I've been getting sick for so long. Well, nothing physically wrong, but he prescribed me some meds and they've been working great and all. Only thing is that they're hard on my stomach, which in turn makes me grumpy b/c I'm in pain ^^; (sorry about that Lolly!!)

Yesterday was Festival! And you're all wondering "pimp juice...uh, wtf is festival?!" I'll tell you what it is. It's when our school and 3 others get together for a choir and band performance. Each school picks a choir and band song for us to do about a month or so before the actual thing. Then for Festival we get together for 1 rehearsal to make sure we're all together and nobody's majorly screwing up. We also have guest conductors come.

The band conductor was intimidating to say the least ^^; He liked yell and he made people look stupid. At one point he pulled out a check for $500 and said to a kid, "I bet this check that you're playing the wrong note." All in all, he was a good conductor and he knows music very well (he better since he's a Dr. in that area) but he was scary.

I'm glad that concert is over with. And for anyone who wants to know, I play flute and am a 2nd soprano :3

And guess what my Biology teacher tried to do?! She tried to correct that morning while the band people were gone, and only give 1/2 credit to said band people b/c we were gone! For a SCHOOL event! Luckily the class was able to stop her. Thank you class! I have a feeling that I'm gonna be complaining about this for a long time...

I also heard that a classmate of mine dropped the F bomb while speaking to our English teacher, and that she made him eat soap. The guys in my class think swearing is best thing since sliced bread. It's nice to hear someone get in trouble for saying a real swear word, whereas, I get yelled at for saying 'Hell' after school hours.

You know, I've been really tired lately. This whole week except for one night I went to bed before 10pm. Even last night, a Friday night, I was in bed by 9:45pm! The sleep was soooo good TTwTT

Uhhh, this post is getting kinda long >.> I have a paper I'm gonna do today, so I may or may not be around all too much. I really wanna get it done with. So I'll see you guys around ^^ *huggles bunches and bunches* Take care and have a great weekend everybody!


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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   Gimme :D

I feel insane!!! :BBB

*cough* Er, I mean, how is everyone? I'm doing good, almost over my cold! All I have is this annoying runny/stuffy nose ^^ Didn't have school Thursday OR Friday either! w00t! So glad because we were suppose to have a Biology test Thursday, and I was NOT ready for it ^^;

Lyke, holy mother of Ra we got quite the snow storm! The amount of snow is almost ridiculous. I'll have to take some pics so I can show you guys! There's snow piled up on our back porch that practically reaches my hips! xD

And guess what?! Today (Saturday) I'm going up to Fargo and my sister is taking me to the Spill Canvas concert!! Heh, don't worry I'd be uber surprised if any of you guys have heard of 'em x3 I'll more than likely spend the night at her place, so I won't be around, unless it snows even more and the roads get so bad I can't go. Kyah~~ But I'm excited!!

I also have a new anime to obsess over ♥w♥ Chrno Crusade! Omg that anime was so GOOD! The end had me blubbering like a baby though :/ It's only 24 episodes, but still, I watched it all in a DAY! *laughs insanely* Yes yes, I have no life and I'm fine with that if it means I can watch anime all day long!

Chrno is really sexy in demon form ♥♥♥

Hoooim, I do believe I've run out of things to say. Well, besides thank you and I love you all who take the time to visit my site and leave comments and stuff!! *glomp-hugs everyone* But now I am very tired (yet still feel a bit crazy) and sleep sounds oh so very wonderful, almost godly. So I bid you all a great weekend and take care! ^^


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