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Saturday, February 11, 2006

   It is me!
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It tis me! gaze upon my ugliness! *sobs* it's just a quick pic of me. i'm messing w/ the digital camera, and i'm BORED!! hmph, lolly thinks i look WEIRD! hmmm, now u ppl know what i look like! *gasp* i better not have stalkers! *shakes fist at you* ^-^

I'm SAD!! Death Cab for Cutie is coming to Minneapolis in April, and the tickets went on sale TODAY! and when me and meh sis tryed to purchase sum, THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT! *sobs hysterically* i'm crushed!
well, i'm leaving! i did what i intended to do, so now, I'm outta here! HASTA LUEGO!!

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   ufufufufuf, i was reminded today just how much i love anime^-^ all afternoon i've been doing nuthing but watching anime, since i don't feel the greatest *sniffle* i gotta a little cold. i've been watching FMA, Trigun, and Hellsing, and man I'm LOVEIN it!! hahaha, the puppet~master dude called Vash chickenshit, i couldn't stop laughing! *starts to laugh uncontrollably then takes deep breath* i really should learn a little self~restraint^^ AHHHHH there was lotsa BLOOOOOOOOD in Hellsing too! Good old blood and cussing^-^ oh oh oh, a new episode of FMA comes on tonight! WOOHOO *starry eyes* i can't wait!!!!! Edo~kun!!*glomps Ed* heh, i'm crazy *shrugs* so are all meh friends!

Hey, my sister is coming home tonight! 0_o why, i have no clue, she doesn't come home that often. usually only for holidays. She lives only an hour away too. *shrugs* anywho, i luff meh sis!...O_o; my cat is obsessed w/ the garbage can! she keeps jumping in it! *lifts kitty outta garbage can, but she jumps back in after a while* she's hopeless *hangs head*

well, i'm signing off fer now, i wanna watch more anime^-^ (FMA!!!!) hope u all had a fun Saturday!


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Friday, February 10, 2006

   You know those days that are going really good, but then ONE little thing screws it all up? Well, that was my day.

Skool went good, tho it kept going on forever, but i have hardly ANY homework, so that's good. Not to mention it was snowing and the wind was a blowing. The skools around us got canceled, but of course, our skool didn't! -sigh- typical! heehee, my brother had to leave early for an FFA thingie (Future Farmers of America) and he went in the DITCH! he wasn't hurt tho, so i didn't feel bad when i laughed at him!!

I finished my homework, since I hate homework on weekends >_<' and I played Dance Dance Revolution from around 5:15 to 7:30, stopping only to eat supper, and my legs still feel numb! That's a good workout, i'm all sweaty! lol, and my contacts kept coming out, since i have a tendency of not blinking while watching the screen.

This weekend is gonna kinda/sorta suck. Stupid LYO! We're hosting a valentine day dinner on Sunday, and Norma wants me to play my flute. well, i have no fricking music to play! and she only told me on Wednesday, & i've been busy w/ skool crap so, it's not like i have time to learn anything! Ack! I prolly will end up not doing it!@_@' lol, tell me a month in advance next time.

You're prolly wondering, 'this doesn't sound like a day where one thing screws everything up!' or sumthing along those lines. Well, here's the fricking shitty news, my mom went to see in to see her doctor to get sum lab tests back. she's had breast cancer and then it came back, just on her ovaries, so she had to have a hysterectomy. And well, she has cancer stuff on her liver now. And, idk, i'm scared...i know i worry alot normally, but what if, when this goes away, ANOTHER cancer related thing comes up? my grandpa died of sum sorta bone cancer that the docs couldn't treat..&...ya, i'm scared. i don't wanna lose anybodeh.-sigh- She's trying a new treatment, instead of having infusions and stuff, she's gonna take a pill. i'm not to sure, but i think she still has cemotherapy. Soooo, that is what totally ruined my day, and now, i'm kinda just trying to forget about it. prolly not the smartest thing to do -shrugs-

I'm tired, so I think i'm just gonna quite writing, i don't feel like it anymore...might watch sum tv before bed. Goodnight everybodeh, hope u have a fun Saturday!


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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

   Praise the Lord!
It has happened, it has finally occurred: I GOT MEH BRACES OFF!! w00t! my teeth feel so smooth and straight(and slimey^^) but i hear that the retainer(mine is red & black) sucks even more O_o' -sigh- how encouraging!

so, ya, i got the whole day off from skool and went shopping w/ meh mom^-^ i didn't get a whole lot, just sum clothes and basic stuff. but i also got, POCKY!! *does a dance* oh how i love pocky. for those of u who don't know what this wonderful treat is, it's chocolate covered biscut sticks, and they're an oriental snack. SO GOOD! i also got my ears pierced a 3rd time^^ lol, it was kinda sper of the moment, when i got there i said to my mom, 'I'm gonna get my ears pierced again.' and she let me, but i had to pay for it, which is fine.

well, besides my trip to Fargo, i haven't done all my homework(i still have spanish & i have to read Romeo and JulietO_o' Shakespeare confuzzles me!) also, i would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to meh chum Lizzie! Happy B-Day girl! and now, i really gotta go, still got stuff to do on the computer, do sum homework, and i wanna SLEEP! buh bye for now peoples! Goodnight!


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Sunday, February 5, 2006

   I'm tried, yet I'm hyper...how does that work?
This, was my sleeping process last night:
12:30 - fall asleep
2:30 - wake up
2:30-3:20 - try to go back to sleep
3:20-3:55 - go on the computer
3:55-4:30 - try to sleep again
4:30-5:30 - go on the computer AGAIN!
5:30 - go upstairs and try to sleep on the couch
5:40 - i have FINALLY achieved the sweet bliss of sleep!
7:30 - wake up and decide not to go back to sleep

yesh, that was my oh so entertaining night! on the computer i basically just read fanfiction, hoping i'd get tired while reading. i sumtimes have a restless mind at night, but it's usually not THAT bad!@.@ -shrugs- well, i hope everybodeh else had a nice, PEACEFUL sleep last night. well, i g2g, superbowl sunday and all that crap^-^' ta ta!


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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   Today was great! tho i didn't do a whole bunch. At the speech workshop, i did my serious from last year, which i went to state with^^ and i did a serious duo w/ lolly! the two of us were scaring ppl, as in, we were both hyper! we met up w/ Chelsea and met sum new ppl, from Milnor, the ppl from Hankinson were...quiet let's just say. And Chelsea drew me a picture of Edward Elric on my speech folder! she's so talented! *looks at pic of Ed and drools*

At around 2:30 i started drawing, and i decided to draw Vash from 'Trigun' and i ended up doing that until around 7:15! i'm never gonna draw for that long again! i submitted it to otaku, but as u ppl know, it'll take awhile for it to show up on the site. When it does show, u all should check it out, and leave comments^-^ hey, who doesn't love comments!

And now i'm here sitting in front of meh computer, typing away on my keyboard. And well, i gotta go now, b/c i'm hungry! i must have FOOD!!! oh oh and don't forget, a new episode of FMA comes on tonight! (here at least) W00t! ta ta folks!


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Friday, February 3, 2006

   Hello ppl! i noticed that i haven't posted in a while, the reason being, i'm busy watching ANIME! i went to the dentist on monday (my mouth is still cavity-free! w00t!) and i met up w/ meh buddie jason. he gave me sum anime to watch, and ya, that's what i've been doing^^ for instance, i'm watching Hellsing on meh computer right at this very moment! very nice...vampires are AWESOME!

Hope that everbodeh had a good day, mine went pretty good, i got an A+ on my science test (o_O; i only studied for *thinks* 15 minutes, tops!) and i had 2 study halls, which was sweet! since i normally don't have ANY! and besides having to write a sonnet in english, and a test in spanish, the rest of the day was pretty normal. tomorrow will be fun w/ the speech workshop...OHHHHHH BLOOD!! *is watching Hellsing still* uhh, where was i? oh yesh, SPEECH! heh, it will be great fun^^

well, lolly would prolly like for me to get on msn right now, seeing as she sent me an email yelling at me to get on^^ buh bye for now!


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Friday, January 27, 2006

   Wow, i never knew u could fit so much shit into an apartment that small...u learn sumthing new everyday. i helped my sis move into her new apartment that she's gonna share w/ her friend, Cora, and Cora has a kitty! it's super kawaii!! just like meh kitty *huggles kitty*

hmmmm, i'm bored...heehee, lolly called me mr. testicle instead of mr. technical, oh, what is wrong w/ the two of us? -sigh- my teeth still hurt, this is gonna suck. the rubber bands are rubbing on the inside corners of my mouth, it's sore...heh, i got outta playing pepband b/c of that! seriously, it hurts, woke up at 4 in the morning, thinking little men were drilling on meh teeth...-random thought- a new episode of FMA comes on tomorrow night! WooHoo! -another random thought- maybe lolly can come over after the FFA thing at the school. ok, i'm done w/ random thoughts, i'm just gonna post what i got! and thank you all for bearing with me in my time of babbling!


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

   >insert subject
gosh damn it, my teeth hurt! stupid braces, stupid punny rubber bands, and stupid tylenol, for not working. as i'm sure most of you can gather, i went to see the orthodontist today. and the guy just HAD to put me back on the small rubber bands!! only this time, i have to fit 'em over more teeth! i can hardly open my mouth!! *tries to smack lips* I CAN'T DO IT!! *sobs* *tries to stick tongue out* I CAN'T DO THAT EITHER!.....ok, i'm done complaining, i tend to complain when i'm in pain^-^ but i'm done.

i'm SOOooo glad that there's no school tomorrow, i'm just SOOooo tired...oh yeah, i have to say happy birthday to jason, HAPPY B-DAY JASON! you're now legal smoking age! but if i catch u smoking, i'm going to be mad, very mad. *evil glare at nuthin inparticular*

tomorrow, i'm prolly going to be gone to help my sis move outta her apartment, and into another apartment. i luve meh sister!! she's awesome!..........so........how is everybodeh?.......nope, i got nuthin else, so, toodles!
-falls asleep on keyboard-
I'm up, I'm up!!...huh?....KITTY!! *hugs meh kitty* meh kitty says bye!! "bye bye!"


ack!! get out of the garbage can kitty!!!

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Monday, January 23, 2006

   I'm A Wee Bit Hyper!!!
ok ok, meh friend lolly is saying that i must hurry and claim meh sex slaves on meh otaku site, so....i hereby claim Edward Elric!!! as MINE!! Hiei and Yoko Kurama are also MINE!!! the Weasley Twins are mine (god they're cute) and hmmm...that's it........why do i have the feeling that in the morning i'm gonna feel stupid about this post? -shrugs- meh, oh well, it was all done in a bout of hyperness!

well, i'm here, so i might as well talk about my day, and feelings, and that sorta stuff, afterall, what else are these online journals for? our grade has a new student, and all i've heard about her is that she does drugs (cocaine, meth, etc.) and is a slut...i'm trying not to be biased, but it's hard when that's all you hear.

heh, me and rydell were sucking up in science. we were asked to introduce ourselves & tell her one of our hobbys, lol, me and rydell were like, we love science! and i do love science (and math, wow, i'm a geek!) i was tempted to say drawing ^-^! it sucks b/c our high school doesn't have an art class. -pouts-

'when all apologies fail to ring true, so slick w/ that sarcastic slew. her phrases like i thought u knew blah blah blah' heehee, Death Cab For Cutie is awesome! my god, what would my life be like w/out music?! OR ANIME!!??!! i shudder to think of it!

ok, i'm done babbling, really. i'm gonna go and do some more shit on the computer! buh bye!!


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