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Friday, January 20, 2006

   beware the deadly boredom
my god, i know school is boring, but this is too much! i have nothing to do, i have a studyhall, instead of band (our teach isn't here) so i'm just here in the computer lab, babbling on and on. lol, it was funny, on the way here, rydell (a kid in my class) fell over three chairs! (let's all point and laugh at him, haha!)

hmmm...i watched a vampire movie last night w/ meh dad. (my god, i love vampires!) it was called 'out for blood', and this dude got his head ripped off, and i laughed, i didn't try to laugh, there's nothing funny about a guy getting his head blown off, but i did. -sigh- i've been doing that a lot lately. laughing at times when a guy dies -_-' -chuckles- is there sumthing wrong w/ me? or are there other ppl who do that?

it's finally friday, and that means i can finally get more of my fanart up. other than that, i have nuthing else to say, so i'm a gonna leave now! adios!


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Monday, January 16, 2006

i swear, all the computers (and prolly other things) are conspiring against me. at school, i couldn't get onto my site b/c my portfolio was being 'managed'. and now, my computer is being 10 times fucking slower!! GRRRRRR! things that took less than 5 seconds are taking well over 3 minutes!

-sigh- i'm tired. and i had a stupid dream last night, can't remember what i dreamt about, but i do remember waking up and saying 'my god jenna, u have the stupidest dreams ever!' i do, once, i dreamt i was playing poker w/ androids #17 and #18, along w/ sum of my classmates, and the thing is, we were playing w/ pokemon cards...don't ask why, we just were.
alright, i'm done babbling.


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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   I hurt all over!
today was FUN! i went to Fort Ransom, to go snowboarding w/ my church group (LYO) it was my first time snowboarding, and ya, it's alot harder than it looks. i fell so many times on my ass, it's not funny, actually it's hilarious! my calves, butt, and wrist hurt. at the end i started to get the hang of it. i can't wait to go again!

I never knew my dad could ski (he came along) and he can ski real good. he was zippin done those slopes! we have a foreign exchange student from germany staying in wyndmere, named mika, and she's gone skiing in the Alps, so ya, she was AWESOME!

nuthing else note worthy happened this weekend. i was a big lazy ass on saturday. new episode of FMA came on, so i was very happy last night...hmmm nuthing else to say. well that settles it then, buh bye 4 now!


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Friday, January 13, 2006

   just doing sum experiments!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

now, let's see if what i want to work, will actually work! sry ppl, just ignore my experiments! :P

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yesh, today is FINALLY friday! i thought today would never come. and now, i'm just foolin w/ stuff on meh site! i was really hyper in school today, especially in spanish class, and i sang songs in spanish in math. rydell, a guy in meh clase, kept on asking where i kept meh crack! ^_^ no ppl, i don't take crack, let's just make that clear!

*Gasp* guess what i get to do onSunday?...........................................i get to go SNOWBOARDING!! i've never gone snowboarding, meh friend Morgan is gonna teach meh, and i'm really looking forward to it (not alot of hills or anything in north dakota to do so anyways)

hmmm, what else to say....i really hope that i'll be able to do sum drawing this weekend, but i'm not sure what to draw, maybe magus from chrono trigger, any ideas from u ppl?
i think that's it for meh babbling, for now anyway. so i'm just gonna go ahead and post this. buh bye now!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

   if your happy and you know it clap your hands...or whatever
YIPPEE!! i finally figured out how to post my fanart on the theotaku part! yesh, i must i admit, it took me QUITE a while to figure out how to change the length and width of the pics!:P i am SO happy!! now -strikes a pose- i must go and post more pics! away i go!
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   Trying to figure out photobucket
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ya, here is another one of my drawings, :P im trying to figure out how to use da photobucket...

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

   REN HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!! er..woops, this is the wrong set....
Hey all you people! I've finally gotten off my ass and I'm posting and to start it all off, I'm gonna show u a picture i drew!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ya, i really like the chrono trigger games, hee hee...well, i gotta go, i'll post later!
So long!
Ps. The intro is a joke between me and Lolly, so dont get all lost, It's something we did with Shaman King!

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