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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hey folks. I don’t really have a post for ya today cuz the clocks went forward an hour last night, which is both good and bad. Good, because it means Summer is on the way.
Bad because it means an hour less in bed, and I have to go to work this morning…so …tired…

I’ve started watching Air. I found it on this cool website. ^^ lots of people have been recommending it lately, so I decided to give it a go. Its kinda quirky, yet really peaceful, and full of what I can only describe as a summer feeling. ^^ so yah, I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

I got a busy week ahead of me. I got to sort Luna out with an MOT and tax and stuff, and its also my mums birthday on Thursday and their anniversary and stuff coming up…

Busy busy busy.

Yesterday I went to a Tai Chi workshop. It was kinda fun, if a little taxing, trying to remember all the moves. ^^; I might take up a tai chi class in addition to my kung fu…

Uhm…yeah, that’s it from me today. I’ll leave you with the next part of VIRTUE and a picture.

Oh, I’ve also taken that panorama photo of London down cuz it was causing havoc to my site. If ya wanna see it, I’ll post the URL below…


Okies, Virtue time! Today we have Laura’s data file:


Extracted from a recorded report by Kayleigh, 2.I.C VIRTUE: FAITH.

Laura is the eldest member of our team, though no one is quite sure how old…I reckon about late twenties, early thirties, but she seems to have a timeless quality about her. Other then her combat record and previous professions, not much is known about her.
Laura is our Systems Operator and Communications Expert. She maintains FAITH’S Hyper-computer network, and gathers the intelligence for our missions. She’s also the team’s Medical Expert, often found patching up our scrapes and bruises post-mission, and is a fully capable surgeon.
Laura’s computer skills are top notch, second only to HOPE’S Midori in terms of skill. She likes to boast that she once beat Midori in a speed-typing competition. This is only because Midori doesn’t use a keyboard, she’s uses direct interface, and thus her actual “typing” speed is Zero WPM. Laura is also a skilled hacker, and utilises sources across the globe to gather the necessary data for our missions…not always legit sources though…
Her other skills are as communications expert. Laura can intercept transmissions from even the most encrypted channels, and is fluent is 16 different languages too. She also designed our Comms Array, which, as far as we know, is impossible to jam or block, but also highly encrypted, so highly difficult to intercept.
She’s really smart too. Not just book smart, although she can often be found devouring the latest medical journals and papers on the latest breakthroughs from the scientific community, but also street smart, and combat smart. She’s been, so they say, around the block a few times. She’s experienced.
She served in the military a while back, serving tours of duty on all five continents. She’s also served in the police as a beat cop, which is where she picked up so much of her street smarts. There are also rumours that she’s been involved with VIRTUE: LOVE, though seeing as all data on that particular group is unknown to even both FAITH and HOPE, beyond the fact it exists, these rumours are hard to verify. Laura won’t ever give a straight answer, and no one has ever pushed the issue.
So as I said, Laura is experienced. Although she often remains behind as back up support, she’s a fierce fighter, and I have often found myself glad she’s on our side. As a person she’s pretty down-to-earth and practical, though she’s always willing to let her hair down when time allows, and actually has a pretty sharp sense of humour.
In fact, Laura is near-perfect. It makes me wonder why she’s just FAITH’S systems operator, and not in command, or at the very least 2.I.C. The only mark on her record is the fact there isn’t any. Her past is pretty much blank. Whilst I am aware that my own past, and Darke’s, is pretty foggy, it still unnerves me that someone with so much skill and so little past is working within our team. Darke trusts her, however, and there’s no evidence to show that she isn’t 100% committed and loyal to FAITH. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. It can be said without a doubt that she is very much the core of FAITH, and that we would be useless without her.


* * *

And last but not least…

I told ya I knew Box Man, didn’t i? I did!

It’s Box Man! He came over Friday night and hung out for a while with Chibi Darke and the gang. I said that I wanted a picture cuz no one believed that I knew him personally, and he agreed. I couldn’t get the Chibi gang to pose properly though. The lil rascals. ^^ so yeah, Box Man. A good personal friend of mine. Who is the man behind the box? No one knows…

Well, see ya. Hopefully when I'm more awake.

LISTENING TO: “Tori no Shi” by Lia. OP theme to AIR. Such a beautiful piece. ^^

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i totally had some awesome pictures to show you today, but photobucket is being a complete ARSEHOLE and i cant even get to the homepage, let alone sign in.

*sigh* i guess i'll have to fill y'all in verbally...

So, Sunday i worked all day, monday i didnt do anything, la di dah

yesterday i went to Greenwich, cuz they have a Maritime Museum there, among other things, so i hopped on a 286 bus and travelled down there. The museum was ok, though i have bee there quite a few times before, so i didnt stick around
for much, but entry was free, which is good,
and i did have fun on this boat simulator thing where you're at the helm of this HUGE ship (cruise liner, container ship or military frigate...you get to choose)
and you have to manouvre it through a port of your choice to berth it in port. its actually really hard! especially when theres a time limit too.

After that i walked up to the Royal Observatory, which is in Greenwich park, which was mostly closed yesterday, BUT the only real reason people go there is to stand over the meridian line. This place my friends, is where TIME was invented. sorta.
You know how global times are always plus or minus so many hours GMT? well, GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Its because its where the zero degrees longitude line is located.
on one side of the line is the Western Hemisphere, on the other side of the line is the Eastern Hemisphere.
people like to stand with both feet on either side of the line. its why Britian should always be in the centre of world maps, with the Americas to the west and Asia and Oceania to the East. yup.
i have pictures of all this, but PHOTOBUCKET has "server issues" wah wah wah...

anyhoo, after i did that, i took this PHENOMENAL panoramic shot of London from the Observatory (DAMN YOU PHOTOBUCKKKEEEEETTTTTTUUUHHHH!!!!)

and then i headed down to Greenwich village, which, to behonest, hasnt got much going for it. There's a University, a DLR train station and a tunnel that goes under the Thames river. Its a pretty cool tunnel, its really really old,
and its a FOOT tunnel, so you can WALK underneath the River Thames. ^^ the other cool thing in Greenwich is the Cutty Sark, which is this huge old preserved Tea Clipper Ship.
unfortunatly, its under major restoration works at the moment, so it was all under cover and i couldnt see it.

and that was pretty much my day yesterdy. Oh, and i went to Kung Fu too. ^^

So thats it from me today. when photobucket gets off its arse and sorts itself out, i'll post up those most excellent pictures i had to show you today. ^^

i found this website the other day. did you know that in New Jersey it is illegal to slurp soup? or that in Texas it is illegal for a person to shoot a buffalo from the second story of their hotel?
all these and other crazy laws can be found at this website here: Crazy Laws of America some of these are just insane!

i'll leave you with the next part of the VIRTUE data files (yay!) These are from VIRTUE: FAITH, and we start off with Luna! w00!



Extracted from the data files of Darke, Commander VIRTUE: FAITH

Luna is probably simultaneously the most reliable and unreliable member of my team. Reliable in that her word is her bond, if she’s says she’ll do something; you can be sure as hell that she’ll do it.
Unreliable in that she often requires maintenance and that in our hectic line of work, often misses a routine check, which can cause problems in the field.
Luna is an Artificial Life Form, much like Midori of VIRTUE: HOPE. Unlike Midori, Luna doesn’t have the mental capacity of a super computer. Her intelligence is probably that of an average 18 year old.
Where she excels as an artificial life form however is her physical capabilities. Much of Luna’s skeletal and muscle structure is enhanced cybernetics, making her up to ten times stronger, faster, more agile and durable then any human being.
Luna can easily leap three storeys in a single jump, or bend metal. But thanks to her enhanced control system, she can also be delicate enough to juggle eggs without cracking them.
Her hair is also a unique feature. Whilst it looks like just two abnormally large ponytails, Luna has actually a measure of control over them.
She uses them as a counterbalance, much like a cat’s tail, giving her exceptional poise and agility.
This is especially apparent when she’s riding her bike, allowing her to make the tightest of turns without losing control.
Luna is FAITH’S pilot and mechanic. Luna’s control system allows her to pilot any vehicle ever made.
Her special link to our Hyper-Computer Network allows her to download vehicle specs direct from the net. After that, her natural talent comes into play, allowing her to pilot the machine to the edge of the envelope, and beyond. She’s managed to outmanoeuvre Air to Air Missiles in the “Guppy”, our CX-150-T Tilt-Jet Transport Plane.
Her favourite vehicle to use is her “Eclipse”, a CBR1100XX Super Blackbird motorcycle that she customised herself.
Ironically, it’s also her favourite weapon. She re-enforced the chassis and body panels, and put a number of special handles over the surface, and uses it as a bludgeoning weapon against some of our tougher opponents.
The re-enforcements make it incredibly heavy, but Luna has also tuned up the engine output, giving it a top speed of 140 mph.

When she’s not piloting, Luna is often found in the hanger fixing, tuning or upgrading our fleet of vehicles.
She loves to get her hands dirty with grease and oil and would happily spend all day buried in the engine of the “Guppy” if she didn’t have other duties to do. She also talks to the machines she maintains as well.
Often I have passed by the hanger to hear her talking to the suspension of a Jeep, or the breech of a P90 weapon. She claims to be able to communicate with machines, to understand what problems there are with it, to understand how far she can push it.
Whether this an actual function of Luna’s Control System, or something more instinctual based on her own machine-based nature I have yet to determine, but it works. Luna can determine what’s wrong with a machine in seconds, and fix it quickly.

Luna isn’t just a mechanic either, she’s fully combat trained and experienced. She served three tours of duty in Iraq and two tours in Cambodia back when Artificial Life Forms were considered to be still conceptual.
After that she served briefly in the Police Traffic Division until I recruited her into FAITH.
As a person Luna is fairly outgoing and friendly, though I know for a fact she prefers Machines to people.
Still, she has a good rapport with her team mates and with those from HOPE and works well with anybody.
She’s honest too, and always makes good on her word, qualities that are sorely lacking in many people I meet in this line of work.
Luna’s main weakness is, as I said earlier, the fact she needs constant maintenance herself to stay in top condition.
Normally this doesn’t extend much beyond a routine check and quick tuning. But if this is missed, it can cause problems when something breaks or wears out in the field.

Luna’s other main problem is that she doesn’t have the elite program guards HOPE’S Midori has, and thus is prone to Virus attacks and occasionally hackers.

Luckily this is rare, and Midori is always willing to help out.
Luna is fully protected against all environments, so doesn’t have to worry about water damage or dust any more than a usual human does.
She is, however, incredibly heavy due to her high performance parts, which has caused the occasional embarrassment when crossing weak roofs, or trying to utilise elevators.
Luna, like all of my team, is integral to FAITH’S missions and I am thankful for her support in all that we do. I know we wouldn’t be as flexible or successful as we are without her.


* * *

See ya next time folks! hopefully with pictures!

EDIT: BWA HA HA HA HA!! Photobucket is my bitch...

its long and dark and you're not allowed to ride your bike

the foot tunnel under the Thames

lotsa tourists...GET OUTTA MY WAY!

The Meridian Line.

...i oughta get new trainers...

my left foot in the western Hemisphere, my right foot in the eastern hemisphere. ^^



hope you enjoyed!


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hey folks. Wow, three updates in one week? you lucky devils!


one down, one to go


Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu is still awaiting construction.

Secondly, Happy St. Paddys Day for yesterday, and today happens to be Mothers Day here in England. And I'm stuck at work all day…

Well, its been a annoying week, to be honest. As I said on Wednesday, I had left Luna at the Honda Dealers to get her wheel replaced cuz the old one wasn’t attached properly and was damaged. Well, they called and said she was ready, so I got mum to drive me up there so I could pick Luna up. Everything looked ok, so I set off down the road. Two minutes later: FLAT TYRE. >.<# The valve hadn’t been attached properly by whoever fitted the tyre to the new wheel so every time it the tyre completed one revolution, it was letting some air out. Luckily, as I was sitting by the side of the road wondering what to do, one of the Honda mechanics passed by on his Bike and recognised Luna. So he stopped, found out what was wrong, went back to the Honda Dealer, got them to bring the Van out, we then loaded Luna into the Van, went BACK to the Honda Dealers and they refitted a new valve into the tyre and made sure it was fitted properly this time.

Sheesh. Ever since that puncture, its been one pain in the ass after another with Luna’s rear wheel. Luckily I didn’t have to pay to get any of it fixed (apart from the puncture itself) and now Luna’s back to full health. UNFORTUNATLY, her road tax is due at the end of the month and cuz Luna is now three years old, it means that she needs to have an MOT Road Worthiness Certificate in order to be re-taxed. This means I got to book her in for an MOT Test… ARSE! And of course, if there’s anything wrong with her, I have to get it fixed. Everything should be fine though, she does get serviced pretty regularly. But its just a pain trying to get it all sorted. >.< bleah…

On the positive side, I’ve been offered a guaranteed placement on Camp America. Huzzah! So I will definitely be going to America this summer. Just don’t know where or when.

And that’s another week in the life of Brian…uhm…Darke. Yeah…

I don’t have the next part of VIRTUE ready yet unfortunately. I was out most of Saturday. I went to a Kung Fu session at lunch, then afterwards wandered around Bromley for a bit. On my travels I managed to pick up the Read Or Die soundtrack and the Trigun soundtrack. w00t! I also picked up two sweet Ghost Rider graphic novels…which I read within an hour of getting home. ^^;;; they were brilliant though!

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon on this:

REI!!! ^///^

It’s not as good as I wanted it to be, but it’s a helluva lot better than my first two tries, and I'm happy with it. ^^ I also got to try out my new pencil set. I'm quite pleased with how they worked out.

The dress Rei is wearing is the same one she wears in Vol 3 of the “Evangelion: Angelic Days” manga, which is set in an alternate Eva universe. Rei is a lot more outgoing and lively in this manga, which makes her very cute. ^//^

Well, that’s it from me today. I will see y’all on Wednesday, hopefully with more VIRTUE for y’all.

Take Care!


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Listening to: KANON D-dur (strings Orchestra) by Pachelbel
I don’t really like a lot of classical music much, but that is one song I do like a helluva lot.

Hey folks. Sorry I didn’t update yesterday with piccies like I said I would. ^^; truth is, I went to Kung Fu Wednesday night and worked really hard, so when I got back at like 10pm I was absolutely knackered, and I also had to get up early yesterday for a 11 hour shift, so I hadn’t the time or energy to upload the pics and write an appropriate post to go with them. So here it is, a day late, but I have piccies of my trip to Eagle Heights, which was Thursday last week.

But before that, the “Mysterious Package” I mentioned in my last post? Here are its contents…

This is a little kit, it’ll take me maybe an hour or two to do



All of you who know me pretty well are probably groaning about now. Yesh, I bought me some more Gundam Models. But I really really really really wanted to get Gold Frame for a long-ass time now, and the store I normally shop from has literally just got a new shipment of them in, so I jumped at the chance. And I got Hazel Custom too whilst I was at it, cuz I like the Hazel series of MS.

So yah. I'm happy ^^

Anyhoo, Eagle Heights Pictures:

Iconic, ne?

Eagle Heights has mostly got raptors and other large birds (and some small ones too). This one of their bald eagles.

like that character from Lion King…Zazu, I think…

Not a bird of prey, but come on, Secretary Birds are cool!

Life doesn’t get much better than this sometimes…

This is basically the local area: fields. And sunshine, sometimes… lol still, it was a perfect day except at the end, where it got a lil chilly.

They let the birds fly around this area, and most of the days activities took place outside…

MMM, that’s good eatin…

Like feeding the birds! ^^ a long eared owl munches down on a chick…it wasn’t alive…well, not when they fed it to the owl anyway…

This is my most favourite kind of Owl.

Barn Owl. I like Barn Owls.

the jet fighter of the bird world

Peregrine Falcon, probably my most favourite Bird of Prey

This bird antagonised the cheetah. lol

I cant remember what this bird was, but I liked the feathers.


Is it just me, or is that Buzzard staring at her chest?

Even buzzards gots ta rest

Getting up close and personal with the Buzzards. ^^

There was a condor with a three meter wingspan, but he wouldn’t open his wings for me to take a picture

Some of these birds had hella impressive wing spans.

Its not a bald eagle, it’s a sea eagle or something

It was starting to get a bit grey when I took this picture, but it gives a good atmosphere, ne?

They had other animals at Eagle Heights too. Like

whatchew lookin at sah?


we got to stroke this lil fella…it was really cool!

Lizards! This is a bearded dragon. They had other reptiles too.

The dude in the BG was totally like nu uh, don’t wanna touch the snake

Like snakes! I stroked the Snake too. It wasn’t slimy, it was kinda velvety, but not in a furry way. Obviously.

Savannah was a total bitch, she kept ignoring me.

Ladies and Gentlemen (or man, I lose track of how many dudes actually visit this place…I think its just Griff) I present Savannah the Cheetah.

You think shes ignoring you, but shes totally wishing she could get through the wire and rip you a new one

Lazy kitty…

But the animals with the most personality (and made the most noise) had to be

Heh. Dont these two look like they pulled guard duty?

The HUSKIES! I like Huskies.

I wanted to bury my face in its fur, but I doubt that would have been well received.

They had this thing where you could book the huskies for the day and go out running with them…or they’d do the running and you’d sit on a sledge thing…

we’re back!

They made so much noise whilst waiting to go off on their run, we could barely hear the lady talking about her snake.

And that was pretty much it. I got some other pictures but they’re mostly of the birds on their perches, and unless you’re a discerning raptor otaku, they’ll pretty much all look the same. Apart from the owls.

AWWWW! Husky wuv!

So yah, that’s all the pictures I have to show you today. I’ll update again on Sunday with news from the week, including the whole hoo-har that I had to go through to get Luna back home. ^^;;;

I don’t have a comic today, nor do I have the next bio from VIRTUE (no sneak preview, cuz I haven’t written em yet!)

So I’ll leave you with my TOP 10 favourite female anime/manga characters.

Starting at Number 10:

10: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Truvsky 4th (Cowboy Bebop)
9: Reki (Haibane Renmei)
8: Ruri Hoshino(Martian Successor Nadesico)
7: Priss Asagiri (Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040)
6: Sakaki-san (Azumanga Daioh)
5: Christina McKenzie (Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket)
4: Azmaria Hendric ( Chrono Crusade)

And finally the top 3:

At three we have Motoko Kusunagi (Ghost in the Shell). Hard as nails, sex on legs, smart as a whip and in the manga, is actually funny. Too cool for words.

At number two we have Midori Kasugano (Midori Days). Small, cute, innocent, full of energy and devotion. Never gives up. I named my laptop after her, so that’s really how much I love this character.



From Neon Genesis Evangelion. The archetypal “mysterious quiet girl” with blue hair and beautiful deep crimson eyes, I love all versions of Rei in all the different kinds of manga and games and anime there are that portray her. Yeah, I know all about her, and what she is, but what can I say? *shrugs* PH34R MY CREEPY REI OBSESSION!

Wow, that was harder than I thought. To be honest, from 10 to 5 are a bit ambiguous, and probably can be swapped around with too much difference. Others that didn’t make it into the top ten, but could have done include:

Chi (Chobits)
Chise (Saikano)
Stella Louisser (Gundam SEED DESTINY)
Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED)
Asuka Langley Sohryu (Evangelion…yeah she’s a bitch, but even bitches need some love)
Karen Joshua (Gundam 08TH MS TEAM)
Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga and “Nyamo” Kurosawa (Azumanga Daioh)
(Azumanga Daioh)
Dolores (Zone of the Enders)
Yotsuba (Yostuba&!)
Nancy “Miss Deep” Mata Hari (Read Or Die)
Linna Yamazaki and Nene Romanova (Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040)
Ryoko Subaru (Martian Successor Nadesico)
Melfina and “Twilight” Suzuka (Outlaw Star)
Deunan Knute (Appleseed)
Kiyone, Washu, Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki and in fact, MOST of the girls from Tenchi Muyo/Universe…

And the list goes on…and on and on and on….

Well, I won’t bore you any longer… have a good weekend and I’ll see y’all on Sunday!

EDIT: ne, ne, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how friggin long is this post? ^^ answers on a postcard!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

just a quick one for y'all...
hey folks. sorry, this is gonna be a shortish post today. my net connection buggered off somewhere last night so i couldnt do the prep for the post i had planned for today, so im just gonna leave you with a quick update on my life, a CDD comic and the last part of my HOPE data files.

okies, so i was getting really worried about Luna's rear wheel, what with it constantly rattling and all, so i went to the Honda Dealer's (rattling all the way) and basically when the people who fixed my punctured tyre tried to put the wheel back on, it didnt mount properly and so the wheel isnt fixed securely to the hub. this isnt the fault of the people who fixed my tyre, its a design fault with the wheel nuts. However, this fault only appeared in the later F5 model (Luna is an earlier model, an F3) and so Honda wanted to basically take my wheel and see if its because of a design fault or because someone screwed up. They're gonna replace my wheel free of charge, so its no big deal, but i had to leave Luna at the Dealer's cuz it was too dangerous to ride around with the wheel in that condition. That was on Monday, so she's been there for almost two days now. But hopefully they will have the wheel in today and i can go and collect her later.

This morning i have to go out to Eltham to the Branch Post Office, cuz i have a package i need to sign for. the place closes at 1pm, so i donthave time to sit here this morning and sort out the post i had planned, which was to show ya some pictures from when i went to Eagle Heights last week. i'l post em tomorrow, along with pictures of the contents of this mysterious package i have to collect... XD i know what it is....

well, thats it from me. I'll leave you with a CDD and Tessa's bio from VIRTUE: HOPE. feel free to skip to the bottom to comment. ciao.

not as weird as this guy i saw with twelve fingers and twelve toes i saw in the newspaper the other week




Every time we return from a mission in the field, I find myself more and more intrigued by our team leader and her capabilities. Initially I believed her to better suited to a field operations team, like VIRTUE: FAITH, rather then Information Gathering and Warfare which is the main duties of HOPE. But Tessa has proven herself over and over again as a capable leader as equally skilled in chasing down leads on the net as she is behind the sights of her Steyr SSG sniper rifle, or on stage singing her latest opus.
Tessa is fairly open with her background, and doesn’t seem to have any secrets. She used to serve in the army a few years back, and was in the same unit as Darke, commander of FAITH. Ironically, neither of them knew that they had both been given command of a VIRTUE detachment and the first time our teams encountered each other, the initial shock soon gave way to the realisation that we were now able to co-ordinate our actions much more efficiently as both Tessa and Darke have intimate knowledge of each other’s tactics and strategy styles and can naturally work to accommodate each other.
Tessa and Darke seem to be pretty close to one another socially too, and she probably knows more about him then anybody else. It’s the kind of comradeship that is forged on the battlefield, a complete trust of one another because of the experiences shared.
Tessa is the commander of our team and is in charge of all missions, both online and in the field. Her naturally sharp mind is her strongest weapon, and she often sees solutions to problems way before anyone else. She is an excellent tactician and skilled strategist. However, Tessa never leads from the backlines, much preferring to be in the thick of the action.
Tessa has impressive computer skills, and whilst not as accomplished as dedicated operators like Laura from FAITH, or myself, she always has a trick or two up her sleeve and has managed to surprise me more than once. However, her computer skills pale in comparison to her gunmanship. Tessa is thrice national marksman champion, a skill she claims she inherited from her father. She has immaculate knowledge of firearms of all kinds, and is skilled in use of all of them, from rifles to pistols, from semi-automatics to gatling cannons. Her favourite weapon is her customised Steyr SSG sniper rifle. I’ve seen her take out the drive chain of a speeding motorcycle from 500 metres away with it, but she normally uses it for crippling a target by taking out their kneecap or winging them in the shoulder, allowing Shadow to get in close and apprehend them.
As HOPE’S missions often involve long hours waiting for data to be processed, or waiting for that all important lead, Tessa spends a large amount of her spare time engaged in a small singing career. It’s nothing serious, as she never knows when she has to be called away on a mission, but she often performs as the opening act for major concerts and often sings in a small downtown club. She has even released a single, entitled “Just Be Yourself”, which succeeded in attaining 8th position in the local charts for a short while. She can often be heard around HOPE’S base, singing one tune or another, with scraps of paper lying around everywhere with scribbled lyrics scrawled on them. Although this can be annoying when I'm trying to search for a password or line of code, I have to confess that I do really enjoy her songs, and if things were different, she would be an accomplished artist by now.
Recently we have been seeing a different side to her. Since we have started joint operations with FAITH, Tessa as been a bit quieter and less resolute in her opinions. She still is a capable leader and I have complete faith in her, but this turn of events troubles me. I have a feeling that Tessa knows something about FAITH that we don’t, and whatever it is, it’s causing this vague apprehension. Whenever I approach the subject however, Tessa avoids discussion. If this continues, or if our performance begins to suffer, I will have to confront her about it.
On the whole Tessa is a brilliant commander, worthy of her post as leader of VIRTUE: HOPE. She has lead us from success to success and I’ll will continue to loyally serve under her.


* * *

Now i gotta find time to work on FAITHS data files and do the illustrations. ^^ stay tuned folks!


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yippee yi yay! Yippie yi yoh! Ghost Riders in the Sky!!
Hello good morning and welcome. I am in a really hyper mood so make sure you got time to read all my post and look at all my stuff, and take five mins to go and look at the stuff from my last post, cuz only 4 people commented! I'm not trying for a popularity contest here, but jeez… IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE??????

Lol just kidding folks. I appreciate y’all coming when ya do and for those who did comment, muchas gracias. And no I don’t speak Spanish. I'm English.

Though, saying all that, do please go check out the last post, cuz there’s a Chibi darke comic for y’all. BUT don’t worry if ya missed it, cuz today you get TWO, cuz I'm feeling generous, and cant be arsed to wait till Wednesday to post it.

This week has been pretty awesome I guess. Well, except for Friday. On Wednesday I went to see Ghost Rider at the cinema, and I thought it was friggin awesome. Critics don’t like it much, and admittedly it is kinda silly and ridiculous in places, but I don’t care cuz I eat this type of film up with a ladle and come back begging for more. ^^
So yah, now I'm on a huge Ghost Rider kick. WAH HAH HAA!!

Thursday I wasn’t sure what to do, seeing as I had the day off. In the end I decided to drive to Eynsford (the place I went to on my birthday) and visit the Eagle Heights sanctuary they have on the hill there. It’s a pretty neat place, I havnt been there for ages though. They’ve basically got tonnes of Birds of Prey there, but they also got a few reptiles, a pack of Huskies, a cheetah and some other animals too. The birds of prey are still my fav though, they got a lot of personality, even if its just seems so to me. Lol I also stroked a snake, and petted a Bearded Dragon which was cool. ^^ I got lotsa pictures, but I havnt got round to editing them yet, so I cant show you guys. Of course, it all depends if you wanna see some pictures from this place. Let me know what you think. ^^

Friday was a pain in the ass day. I had to work, but not till 2pm, and it was a pointless 4 hour shift. But when I went to go, I found out that I had picked up a Screw in Luna’s rear tyre sometime on tuesday, and it had deflated. Because I hadn’t ridden Luna for two days, I hadn’t noticed till it was time to leave for work. So I had to get my mum to pick me up and take me to work, and then I had to get Luna’s rear tyre sorted, which is a real pain in the ass cuz that was a BRAND NEW TYRE a couple of months ago. And now its punctured. Luckily my dad was really cool about it and managed to somehow get Luna in the back of our People Carrier and get the rear tyre fixed whilst I was at work yesterday. Woo! Thanks dad! So it’s the same tyre, but the puncture has been fixed. Its sounds kinda weird though, because now the tyre rattles (or it might be the drive belt), so I might have to get that sorted as well. This is why I wanted to take Luna to the Honda Place, cuz I know they would have done it properly, but I wouldn’t have had any way of getting her there, and beggars can’t be choosers. So I’ll see how it goes, and if it needs sorting, I’ll sort it.

Saturday was boring. But I did watch “Click” with Adam Sandler, and it was a pretty cool movie. I recommend it. ^^

Okies, and that was my week, pretty much.

So now, I got TWO Chibi Darke Days comics for ya, AND (if that wasn’t enough!) I’ve also completed the VIRTUE bios for Midori and Shadow and Rose. So I’ll post them up. Please read when you have the time, but I’ll be honest, they’re a tad long, so make sure you got time.

Okies, FIRST comic:

note the ring tone…lol

My poor baby! T.T

And now, the SECOND Comic…

I do not condone the purchase and/or viewing of illegal pirate copied DVDs. Go watch it at the cinema, it’s the experience that counts!


Well, I hope you enjoyed those. Now I will pot the two bios I have written for VIRTUE: HOPE. I still got Tessa’s bio to do, and all of FAITH, but these two I managed to do the other day. as I said earlier, they are quite long, so either skip to the end and leave a nice comment (or even a nasty one, but I’ll kick your arse if you do) or enjoy!




The first time I met Midori, she had slipped past 18 of our firewalls surrounding the FAITH network and would have continued to slip past the final 2 without much concern if I hadn’t been performing a routine patrol sweep of the systems. I perceived this to be an external attack on our systems and activated countermeasures. Midori shrugged these off like they were flies and continued to penetrate the final firewall until I confronted her directly in cyberspace. The ensuing chaos resulted in a 93% loss of data on our part. Luckily we managed to restore the data at a later date, ironically with Midori’s help.
Midori is VIRTUE: HOPE’S main systems operator, in a role that is similar to my own. However, because of HOPES main duties in Information Retrieval and Warfare, her job is far more crucial to HOPE’S missions than mine is to FAITH’S.
Midori isn’t human, although she has all the appearance of one. She is an artificial life form, similar to Luna on our own team. However, unlike Luna, Midori is a walking, talking supercomputer. Every spare space in her body is dedicated to data processing. Her abilities are augmented by the accessories she wears. Her wrist bands may look stylish, but are actually super-processors in their own right, with input/output jacks and IR data streams. The mini bands she wears in her hair contain cables with which she uses to jack into other systems, and contain her WI-FI antennae. Her belt contains a number of adaptor plugs for her cables and also external memory devices and device drivers for when she is out in the field and unable to access the network. She also wears glasses, but I think they’re for aesthetic purposes rather then practical use.
On her own, Midori is a serious programmer and hacker, with capabilities far beyond most humans. But it is when she is connected to HOPE’S super computer array that Midori becomes the greatest computer system the world has seen. There hasn’t been a network or system that Midori hasn’t been able to connect to yet. She can delve into the Defence Systems of the USA and convince the Navy that their Atlantic Fleet is halfway around Australia, whilst simultaneously tapping the mobile phone of the head of the CIA, ordering groceries for Tessa and setting up her VCR for the latest episode of SPOOKS.
As a person, Midori comes off as bookish and quiet, but generally eager to please and quite a friendly person. She is quite knowledgeable and book smart, but has little experience with the real world, and thus isn’t very adept at social interaction.
Midori is equipped with many physical defence systems. She is totally waterproof and electromagnetically shielded. She is also adept at self-defence and basic combat skills. However, her physical prowess is not outstanding, perhaps no more then the average 20 year old female.
When it comes to cyber combat, Midori is unparalleled. She personally has 50 independent firewall systems, along with several barrier systems, and her anti-virus scanners are self-built, which update daily. In the unlikely event of virus penetration, Midori can use her reserve systems to analyse the offending program or bug and conjure up an effective antidote until it can be properly isolated and liquidated. Midori also has a number of effective countermeasures to hackers, most of which leave the offender with a mass of melted plastic and metal that used to be a computer and a phobia of computers brought on by a bought of hypnosis and subliminal messaging.
When not on the job, Midori often dives into the net, often on BBS and chat sites, but has confessed a liking for MMORPGS. As such, Midori has also built up a large conglomerate of contacts and informants, which has greatly increased HOPES flexibility. Midori herself also runs several sites that provide a number of services of users of the net, and this provides a decent income to her on the side.
Midori’s only real weaknesses are her lack of physical prowess and her lack of experience in the real world. However, the latter is something she is constantly working on improving and as she stands, she still remains very much the core of HOPE. Sh/eee h is a (ru4l xxxd$%^&#@ ri hr ccfcf…




Extracted from the data files of DARKE, commander VIRTUE: FAITH.

As I stated earlier, Shadow and Rose are two separate individuals, yet they rarely, if ever, separate from one another. They are polar opposites in almost every facet of their being and yet you would find it difficult to find two closer people on the planet. They act like brother and sister but as far as I am aware they are unrelated.
Their origin and background are classified Top Secret by VIRTUE HQ. The descriptions of them that follow are based on my own observations and what Laura has managed to dig up from the net.
At first glance, it is evident that both Shadow and Rose aren’t entirely human. They have humanoid forms, and Rose can almost be mistaken for human at first glance, unlike Shadow, whose three fingers, stark white hair with jet black skin and narrow red eyes clearly remind people of a demon more than anything else. In stark contrast, Rose is white. Pure white from top to toe. The only piece of colour on her body is her left eye, which is the purest blue. Rose appears to be more human than Shadow, but the unnatural whiteness of her skin and hair would suggest otherwise. She wears her hair so it covers half of her face. As far as I am aware, no one has ever seen her right eye. Rose has a sort of complex about it and no one has ever pushed the matter.
Shadow is the team’s pilot and mechanic. Despite having three fingers, he can fix almost anything and is a brilliant pilot, second only to Luna on my own team. He’s usually found at the controls of HOPE’S modified Torpedo Gunboat, but is equally talented on land in HOPE’S large collection of land vehicles. He once chased down a target on a super bike whilst he was driving a Mazda MX-5, somehow running rings around the perp.
He’s also an exceptionally talented navigator. You could blindfold him and drop him in the middle of the Gobi desert and he would be able to find the nearest town and water source…whilst still blindfolded. His other skills include infiltration and subversive combat. Shadow is the ultimate stealth operative, completely undetectable by most security systems. This has come in handy several times, particularly when HOPE need to acquire hard information as opposed to digital. These skills once allowed him to neutralise an entire terrorist group in 20 minutes. The single survivor can’t remember much of the incident…
Because of his appearance, Shadow is reclusive, and barely speaks beyond what is necessary. It seems that he’s always holding something back, a hidden force within him that he’s restraining through force of will. The only person he ever opens up to is Rose. I think that she somehow gives him the strength to bottle up this hidden power within him. I fear that if it is ever unleashed, we’ll be facing a force that not even the combined efforts of FAITH and HOPE could contain.
Shadow, at times, is the epitome of all that is dark and intimidating. By contrast Rose is the friendliest, sweetest and most approachable person on the planet. There isn’t a single bad molecule in her body.
Her main role is as Medical Advisor to the team, her bedside manner almost as effective as the treatment she administers. Her other role is as administrator. Because of HOPE’S primary function, they collect and process a lot of data and materials. It is often down to Rose to categorise and archive this information. HOPE’S Archives are said to be deeper and more confusing then the fabled Labyrinth of Greek mythology. Even Tessa and Midori fear to tread down there. But Rose happily wanders amongst the shelves and lockers and cabinets as if they were her second home. The only other person who has no problems with the maze is Shadow, but whether that is due to his innate navigational skills or because he spends so much time with Rose is uncertain.
Rose also acts as Team Support. She is capable of acting in any of the other Team Member’s roles, with above average skills in all range combat, computer programming and net traversing, piloting and navigation, tactics and strategy, mechanics and demolition. She isn’t the best in any of these fields, but is probably the only person who can do them ALL well enough to ensure the success of a mission.
Rose is very open and friendly to everyone she meets but is especially close to Shadow, and seems to have a strong influence on him. If it wasn’t for Rose, I'm pretty sure Shadow would not be the asset he is to HOPE; indeed, he would be more likely to be an adversary.
Shadow and Rose are integral to HOPE and end up doing a lot of the legwork involved with their missions. The few times I have worked with them, I have found them to be highly skilled at what they do and integrate themselves into our team with little conflict.
However, their big weakness shows when they are separated for any extended period of time. Rose is a lot more subdued and has a hard time focusing, whereas Shadow becomes a lot more edgy and volatile. I'm sure if one ever lost the other they would become effectively crippled and unsuited to duty. Worst case scenario would be Shadow losing the battle with whatever it is he restrains within him and going out of control. With Rose, I am not sure what the worst case scenario would be, but I am certain that she has much capacity for destruction as Shadow.
Shadow and Rose are two halves of a whole and that whole is a crucial cog in the VIRTUE machine. And like any crucial part, if left unchecked, they have the capacity to destroy the machine from within. Tessa shares my concern, but we are both willing to let them continue their duties as long as the status quo is maintained. At present they are outstanding members of VIRTUE and I’ll admit that I am glad that Tessa has them in her team. HOPE wouldn’t be the force it is without them.


Well, I hope you all enjoyed todays supah long length post. If just one person reads ALL of that (especially if they do it one go), then the last half hour I’ve been hammering away at the keys here has been worth my while.

Until next time my friends…


*rides off in a flurry of dust and flames*

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

And how did you find your steak sir?
I just moved the potatoes and there it was…

Hi everyone. Itsa picky post seeing as I have utter nothingness to talk about. Today is a day off for me, so I’ve decided to go and see Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage. It looks AWESOME, I hope I enjoy it.


Adding to the mecha mayhem in what is known as my stinky room (according to recent surveys) I have two more mecha which were not complete when I did my mecha mayhem post a few weeks back. So adding to the madness we have EVA-00 and Crossbone Gundam.

Marilyn Munroe getting an eye full of Lance there…

Equipped with the Lance of Longinus. Lets take a closer look…

I gots da magic stick…

EVA-00 is one of my Fav Eva’s, maybe just beaten by Unit 2. why do I like Unit zero? Why dya think? HINT: a huge massive obsession I have with a certain blue haired, red eyed individual… ;p

And now, Crossbone Gundam X1 MG 1/100 scale (Katoki version)

now all I have to do is make him fight my Blitz Gundam. voila: PIRATES VERSUS NINJAS!

This wee fella is tricked out to the max. it has so many weapons and moveable parts, it makes my head spin just thinking about it. The X1 is one of my fav Gundams of all time.

The other day Blue Eyes was saying something about a Pikachu plushy, which made me recall this lil fella…(still on a pokemon funk people!)


Its my electronic interactive Pikachu…and it still works!!! How cool is that?! ^^ my greatest piece of Pokemon kit, next to the games of course.

When I went to the Hornimans Museum last week, I took some pictures of this beautiful conservatory they had.

This was one of the few times it wasn’t raining. -_-;;

And on one wall was this colourful piece…

whats the time mr dial? Well it depends on what time of year it is….

Which I thought was funky, so I took a picture.

Lastly, the other night we were treated to a right spectacular Lunar Eclipse. I thought that was pretty fantastic, so I tried to take a picture of it.

this was taken hanging out my brothers bedroom window…

And a little bit closer…

that’s a Lunar eclipse people…honest!

My camera sucks at these kinds of pictures…

Lets try for that Luna Eclipse one more time!

somebody shoot me now…


It honestly just occurred to me that in the last post’s VIRTUE data files, I said that Luna rode a customised bike called an “Eclipse.” I didn’t even realise it at the time!!! LMAO

Speaking of VIRTUE data files, I have finished the overview for VIRTUE: HOPE…


1) Overview
2) Tessa
3) Midori
4) Shadow and Rose


From the Data Files of Darke, Commander VIRTUE: FAITH

HOPE is a team of unique individuals that are part of VIRTUE: an International Special Operations Defence Force, of which my own team FAITH are a part of. Unlike my team, which focuses on a more active role, HOPE’S primary duties mainly consist on Information and Technological Warfare. However, HOPE are equally capable in the field, and I have been grateful for their assistance on several occasions.

HOPE is equipped similarly to FAITH, in that they have a full Armoury and access to a hyper-computer network; however their systems far exceed ours thanks to their systems operator Midori. HOPE is based near the coast and their main method of transport is a refitted Torpedo Gunboat that is capable of hydroplaning. They also have access to a range of heavily modified ground vehicles including sports cars, SUVs, Trucks and a Coach-bus. And I'm pretty sure they have a light tank in their garage as well. HOPE, however, does not have aerial capability, which can be a draw back when it comes to long range inland missions.

HOPE has four members, much like FAITH. However, their team is quite different from ours.

VIRTUE: HOPE Commander: Tessa Allison. Skilled Tactician and very quick thinker. A skilled marksman with excellent knowledge of guns. Also an accomplished computer programmer. Is very charismatic, a natural leader. Unlike other members of VIRTUE, Tessa is fairly well known in the civilian community too, as a local singer. Whilst not a huge sensation, Tessa has an excellent singing voice and occasionally performs at concerts, usually as an opening act. She has also released a single, “Just be yourself,” which reached number 8 in the singles charts. I am fortunate to know Tessa personally and am glad that VIRTUE HOPE is in her capable hands.

VIRTUE: HOPE Systems Operator and 2IC: Midori. Similar to our own Luna in that she is an Artificial Life form, but that’s where the similarities end. Whereas Luna is all about the hardware, Midori’s specialist area is software. She is a supercomputer in her own right, when linked to HOPE’S network; she is probably the most powerful cyber-system on the planet. Midori is generally unsuited to deployment in the field, more at home in the deep waters of the net. She is the team’s Brains.

VIRTUE: HOPE Support crew: Shadow and Rose. Whilst they are two separate individuals, Shadow and Rose rarely, if ever, separate from one another. Their origin is classified, but it is evident that they aren’t totally human. I will delve deeper into their details in another report. Suffices to say is that if Tessa is HOPE’S heart and Midori is HOPE’S brains, then Shadow and Rose are it’s Limbs. They do most of the leg work involved in HOPE’S information based operations. Shadow is the team’s mechanic and pilot, he can fix just about anything with moving parts in it, and is a skilled navigator. He also specialises in infiltration and subversive combat.
Rose is the team’s main support, a jack of all trades and master of few. She acts as the team’s medical advisor and also as admin, but is fully capable of acting in any of the other team member’s roles.

VIRTUE: HOPE is a team that is often underestimated by those who go against them. I too made that mistake when I first came into contact with them. HOPE is a capable team that I am glad is on my side and indeed, grateful to have them work in tandem with FAITH.


And hopefully I will find the time to do the bios proper over the next two days, and then begin work on the illustrations…

Well, I guess that’s it from me today. See ya soon!

“If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "probably because of something you did."

Yeah…I'm gonna make a great Camp America Counsellor…

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hello everyone, its Azmaria again!
Actually its Darke, but I’ve been watching Chrno Crusade recently, along with Az’s Special Classes that come as extras on the DVD. Az is so cute. =3
Chrno Crusade has a really depressing ending though…

Not much has happened this week.

On Wednesday I managed to make my way to the Hornimans Museum, which was quite interesting. It was absolutely pissing down with rain though…like walking through a mini hurricane. But it was nice and warm inside. ^^ and I got to see fish and prehistoric beasts and musical instruments and the Catford gyratory, so it’s all good… ^^

My brother also came home on Thursday from his trip to New York and Connecticut. Its good to see him again (what little I do see of him what with both of us working the whole time.)

I’ve decided that today is Darke Appreciation Day, in which I appreciate stuff. ^^ so I appreciate you guys for always coming and saying hi and leaving comments and stuff. Special mention today goes out to my new friends: Raina, who always leaves nice comments and is generally an interesting person and Hassei, lil sister of Shireishou who left me a very pleasant GB entry and is new to MyO. And of course, everyone who visits regularly is truly appreciated as well. ^^ I have good friends. ^^

In order to truly show my appreciation (and to make up for the complete and utter lack of comics recently) I wanna post this lil number. I call it CDDS: Chibi Darke Days Special! It’s a TRIPLE LENGTH CDD IN COLOUR!!!


i totally did this on a whim. ^^ But seriously:

Who here can honestly say, hand on their heart, swear to God hope to die, that, if they were given the option, they would NOT go and live in the world of pokemon? Cuz I so would…

But enough fantasy!

I'm currently working on a small personal project called VIRTUE Data Files. Its basically some bios of some of my characters if they were part of an organisation like Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9, or Torchwood or something like that. I’ll post more details as and when they appear but this is a small taster of what I got so far:

* * *


1) Overview
2) Darke
3) Kayleigh
4) Laura
5) Luna



FAITH is one of the three clandestine Autonomous Operation teams that make up VIRTUE, an International Special Ops Defence Force. Its operations, equipment and human resources are similar to my own team, HOPE, and presumably similar to the unknown team LOVE. Since we operate autonomously, with little communication from VIRTUE, we were not even aware of each others existence until recently. As it turns out, both FAITH and HOPE are based in neighbouring cities and have begun to initiate joint operations with each other, in addition to our autonomous duties.

FAITH is geared up for Offensive and Active Defensive operations, which is reflected in their team roster: all four members of FAITH are veterans of one conflict or another, each with their own special abilities. Their speciality is Urban combat but they are also adept at other operations.

FAITH are outfitted with a full armoury, the latest hyper-computer network system and a series of customised vehicles including the CX-150-T Tilt Jet Transport Carrier and the “Eclipse”, a customised Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird motorcycle.

FAITH has currently got four members on its operational roster. I will cover each member in brief.

Commander of VIRTUE: FAITH is the enigmatic figure known only as Darke. Specialist in close quarters combat, he also has above average skills in computer technology, and is an expert tactician and strategist. Despite being a close personal friend to me, a lot of Darke’s personal background and private life remains a mystery, even to his twin sister Kayleigh.

VIRTUE: FAITH 2IC: Kayleigh. Records show her to be the twin sister of Darke. Expert in short to midrange combat. Demolitions expert. Good technical and mechanical skills.

VIRTUE: FAITH Systems Operator: Laura. Eldest one on the team, in charge of information gathering and warfare. Also the team’s Software engineer and communications expert. Probably the best hacker on the planet next to HOPE’S Midori. Also the team’s medical expert.

VIRTUE: FAITH pilot and Hardware engineer: Luna. A type SCV100X artificial life form. Capable of piloting any vehicle, but prefers to use the “Eclipse”. Specialises in Long Range combat, but quite capable at short range. Expert mechanic. Has also got the function to “talk” to machines, but this function is limited. Generally plays support role.

VIRTUE: FAITH is a capable defence team and often succeeds in all missions. I consider myself lucky to know them and fortunate to be able to continue to deploy my own team along side them in the future.
Under Darke’s guidance, VIRTUE: FAITH continues to play a major role in world defence and security.


* * *

Hopefully I’ll have illustrations to go with that soon, as well as the other bios. And I also got to complete the overview and Bios for VIRTUE: HOPE too.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I shall see you some point in the upcoming week.

Toodles. And Cheers! I appreciate you!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good Morning Masume!!
Or something like that.

Hiya folks. So far its been a pretty good week. I went to the Camp America interview on Monday which was way up in Farringdon which is a district in London, but kinda awkward to get to. I got there ok then and met the person in the Costa Coffee shop and we talked for a good 90 minutes or so. It went pretty well and now I gotta focus on the next stage, which is another form to fill in, but it shouldn’t be too hard, as long as I find an hour or two to devote to it. ^^;;

Yesterday was pretty good too. I had the day off so I lounged around the house most of the day. in the afternoon I went with mum to do grocery shopping and in the evening I attended my first Shaolin Kung Fu class. It was really hard! I haven’t sweated so much in ages. I think I might have strained my wrist a little too. But it was tonnes of fun and I hope I get the chance to go again soon. It was a pain in the ass finding somewhere to park the car and afterwards trying to get home…I got lost several times. ^^; stupid one way systems. I knew where I was, I just didn’t know how to get from there to home…so yah…

I have also got round to uploading my crappy scribble comics of my adventures in the Lake District. I uploaded them into my scraps section of Deviant Art, and can be found HERE

You wanna look at the pictures entitled “LD Comics”. If ya cant access DA for whatever reason…tuff.

Today I am going out cuz I have the day off again. I am going to the Horny Man’s Museum…. LOL just kidding, just kidding. ^^ I'm actually going to the Horniman Museum which has all kinds of different stuff, and an aquarium, which should be fun since I haven’t been to an aquarium since last year when I went to Gatlinburg in Tennessee. ^^

here's something interesting to do: check out these Google sites:

ELmer Fudd's Google

9009l3 f0r h4X0r5

one for the nerds

Oogle-gay in-way Igs-pay Atin-lay

its fun to muck around with google...

And yeah, that’s it from me today. No Turn A Gundam or funny video or anything. Sorry for being boring. ^^

oh ok, I’ll leave you with some Aviation and Military Maxims. Enjoy. ^^

The three most common expressions (or famous last words) in aviation are: "Why is it doing that?" "Where are we?" and "Oh Shit!"

"Weather forecasts are horoscopes with numbers."

"The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire."

"There are more planes in the ocean than submarines in the sky." --Old carrier sailor

"When one engine fails on a twin-engine airplane you always have enough power left to get you to the scene of the crash."

"Without ammunition, the USAF would be just another expensive flying club."

"What is the similarity between air traffic controllers and pilots? If a pilot screws up, the pilot dies; If ATC screws up, .... The pilot dies."

"Mankind has a perfect record in aviation; we never left one up there!"

Basic Flying Rules:
"Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly there."

"You know that your landing gear is up and locked when it takes full power to taxi to the terminal."

As the test pilot climbs out of the experimental aircraft, having torn off the wings and tail in the crash landing, a rescuer asks the
bloodied pilot "What happened?".
"I don't know,' the pilot's replies, "I just got here myself!"
--Attributed to Ray Crandell (Lockheed test pilot)

"It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed." --Air Force Manual

"A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit." --"Aim towards the Enemy."

Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher:
"When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend."
--U.S. Marine Corps

"Cluster bombing from B-52s is very, very accurate.
The bombs are guaranteed to always hit the ground."
--USAF Ammo Troop

"If the enemy is in range, so are you."
--Infantry Journal

"Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
--General MacArthur

"Try to look unimportant; they may be low on ammo."
--Infantry Journal

"You, you, and you ... Panic. The rest of you, come with me” --U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt.

"Five second fuses only last
three seconds."
--Infantry Journal

"Don't ever be the first, don't ever be the last, and don't ever volunteer to do anything."
--U.S. Navy Swabbie

"If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush."
--Infantry Journal

"No combat-ready unit has ever passed inspection."
--Joe Gay

"Any ship can be a minesweeper. Once." --unattributed

"Never tell the Platoon Sergeant you have nothing to do."
--Unknown Marine Recruit

"Don't draw fire; it irritates the people around you." --unattributed

"If you see a bomb technician running, follow him."
--USAF AmmoTroop

till next we meet. ^^

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

tis raining. roll on summer!
heya folks. tis me. bwa ha ha ha!

yeah, so anyway....

its been a particularly quiet week since wednesday. on friday i had another day off but i wasted it cuz i didnt wake up till like midday. i woke up at twelve and was like "SH!T!!! Im gonna be hella late for work!!" then i realised i didnt have work, which was a relief. then i was all like "crap, ive wasted half the day..."

i suppose it didnt help that i had downloaded all of this manga called "Open Sesame" from a scanslation site. its not finished yet, but i got about 50 ish chapters. its really good, im quite enjoying it, but at the same time it kinda depresses me, cuz its that type of manga that shows an almost idealistic lifestyle, which i kinda wish i could lead myself... oh well. still, its very good. ^^ so good i was up until 3am thursday morning reading it...and then wondered why i didnt get up on friday...

im glad y'all enjoyed my pics from the lake district and London. ^^ London seemed to get a bigger response. lol

and thank you to any and all who voted/commented on my fan manga. i really appreciate it. ^^

i also got round to making up my CrossBone Gundam model this week. ^^ its been sitting in its box for far too long. i will get pics of it at some point. i made it up whilst watching Gladiator on TV. lol

i havent got much else to say today...uh lessee...

oh yeah i remember.

i decided to do my bit and help out those effected by the recent AnimeFF thing and bought the Art of Otaku book...supposedly i should get a link so i can download it, but im still waiting for it... we'll see what happens...

yesterday i was trying to get my crappy holiday comics scanned and uploaded so you guys could (attempt to) read em, but i ran out of time. so instead you will have to make do with this lil sketch i did as i was scanning stuff. its on DeviantArt. ill post the link here.

"Longing for Summer"

so yeah, thats pretty much it from me. tomorrow i gots an interview for Camp America, gotta make sure im ready for that. ^^

this week i've been really getting into a Gundam series known as Turn A Gundam. it was released in Japan about the turn of the century, and features an Unorthadox Gundam as its titelar mech. in fact, MOST of the MS that appear in Turn A Gundam are friggin weird. The basic premise is that a disaster happened on Earth some time in the future and all technology turned to Dust. so even further into the future, mankinds technology (and general society) is similar to that of around the start of the 20th century..airships, bi-planes, steam boats etc. and fashions similar to it. but there are also humans living on the Moon. This Moonrace want to return home and begin invading Earth. but about this time people start to uncover long lost technology that has been buried for eons...including the mysterious Turn A Gundam, which is discovered by a young boy, Loran.

the other interesting thing about the series is that it seemes to hint that all Gundam series are linked somehow in what is known in the show as the Dark History.

i didnt like Turn A Gundam at first, especially the dodgy mech design (supposedly designed by the smae guy who did Blade Runner) but its sorta grown on me, as most Gundam series do sooner or later. ^^ which is a real pain in the ass cuz i can practically garuntee that it will never be released in an English dub. shucks.

so anyways, i will leave you with a clip from the show that i found on youtube. there are no subtitles, so the first minute or so will be meaningless unless you understand Japanese, but i really enjoy this clip, partly due to the music and partly due to the event as a whole. watch and learn my friends:

Laundry Gundam...ROFLMAO

well, see ya later! have a good week.

wow, i guess i did have a lot to talk about huh...

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