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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

And how did you find your steak sir?
I just moved the potatoes and there it was…

Hi everyone. Itsa picky post seeing as I have utter nothingness to talk about. Today is a day off for me, so I’ve decided to go and see Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage. It looks AWESOME, I hope I enjoy it.


Adding to the mecha mayhem in what is known as my stinky room (according to recent surveys) I have two more mecha which were not complete when I did my mecha mayhem post a few weeks back. So adding to the madness we have EVA-00 and Crossbone Gundam.

Marilyn Munroe getting an eye full of Lance there…

Equipped with the Lance of Longinus. Lets take a closer look…

I gots da magic stick…

EVA-00 is one of my Fav Eva’s, maybe just beaten by Unit 2. why do I like Unit zero? Why dya think? HINT: a huge massive obsession I have with a certain blue haired, red eyed individual… ;p

And now, Crossbone Gundam X1 MG 1/100 scale (Katoki version)

now all I have to do is make him fight my Blitz Gundam. voila: PIRATES VERSUS NINJAS!

This wee fella is tricked out to the max. it has so many weapons and moveable parts, it makes my head spin just thinking about it. The X1 is one of my fav Gundams of all time.

The other day Blue Eyes was saying something about a Pikachu plushy, which made me recall this lil fella…(still on a pokemon funk people!)


Its my electronic interactive Pikachu…and it still works!!! How cool is that?! ^^ my greatest piece of Pokemon kit, next to the games of course.

When I went to the Hornimans Museum last week, I took some pictures of this beautiful conservatory they had.

This was one of the few times it wasn’t raining. -_-;;

And on one wall was this colourful piece…

whats the time mr dial? Well it depends on what time of year it is….

Which I thought was funky, so I took a picture.

Lastly, the other night we were treated to a right spectacular Lunar Eclipse. I thought that was pretty fantastic, so I tried to take a picture of it.

this was taken hanging out my brothers bedroom window…

And a little bit closer…

that’s a Lunar eclipse people…honest!

My camera sucks at these kinds of pictures…

Lets try for that Luna Eclipse one more time!

somebody shoot me now…


It honestly just occurred to me that in the last post’s VIRTUE data files, I said that Luna rode a customised bike called an “Eclipse.” I didn’t even realise it at the time!!! LMAO

Speaking of VIRTUE data files, I have finished the overview for VIRTUE: HOPE…


1) Overview
2) Tessa
3) Midori
4) Shadow and Rose


From the Data Files of Darke, Commander VIRTUE: FAITH

HOPE is a team of unique individuals that are part of VIRTUE: an International Special Operations Defence Force, of which my own team FAITH are a part of. Unlike my team, which focuses on a more active role, HOPE’S primary duties mainly consist on Information and Technological Warfare. However, HOPE are equally capable in the field, and I have been grateful for their assistance on several occasions.

HOPE is equipped similarly to FAITH, in that they have a full Armoury and access to a hyper-computer network; however their systems far exceed ours thanks to their systems operator Midori. HOPE is based near the coast and their main method of transport is a refitted Torpedo Gunboat that is capable of hydroplaning. They also have access to a range of heavily modified ground vehicles including sports cars, SUVs, Trucks and a Coach-bus. And I'm pretty sure they have a light tank in their garage as well. HOPE, however, does not have aerial capability, which can be a draw back when it comes to long range inland missions.

HOPE has four members, much like FAITH. However, their team is quite different from ours.

VIRTUE: HOPE Commander: Tessa Allison. Skilled Tactician and very quick thinker. A skilled marksman with excellent knowledge of guns. Also an accomplished computer programmer. Is very charismatic, a natural leader. Unlike other members of VIRTUE, Tessa is fairly well known in the civilian community too, as a local singer. Whilst not a huge sensation, Tessa has an excellent singing voice and occasionally performs at concerts, usually as an opening act. She has also released a single, “Just be yourself,” which reached number 8 in the singles charts. I am fortunate to know Tessa personally and am glad that VIRTUE HOPE is in her capable hands.

VIRTUE: HOPE Systems Operator and 2IC: Midori. Similar to our own Luna in that she is an Artificial Life form, but that’s where the similarities end. Whereas Luna is all about the hardware, Midori’s specialist area is software. She is a supercomputer in her own right, when linked to HOPE’S network; she is probably the most powerful cyber-system on the planet. Midori is generally unsuited to deployment in the field, more at home in the deep waters of the net. She is the team’s Brains.

VIRTUE: HOPE Support crew: Shadow and Rose. Whilst they are two separate individuals, Shadow and Rose rarely, if ever, separate from one another. Their origin is classified, but it is evident that they aren’t totally human. I will delve deeper into their details in another report. Suffices to say is that if Tessa is HOPE’S heart and Midori is HOPE’S brains, then Shadow and Rose are it’s Limbs. They do most of the leg work involved in HOPE’S information based operations. Shadow is the team’s mechanic and pilot, he can fix just about anything with moving parts in it, and is a skilled navigator. He also specialises in infiltration and subversive combat.
Rose is the team’s main support, a jack of all trades and master of few. She acts as the team’s medical advisor and also as admin, but is fully capable of acting in any of the other team member’s roles.

VIRTUE: HOPE is a team that is often underestimated by those who go against them. I too made that mistake when I first came into contact with them. HOPE is a capable team that I am glad is on my side and indeed, grateful to have them work in tandem with FAITH.


And hopefully I will find the time to do the bios proper over the next two days, and then begin work on the illustrations…

Well, I guess that’s it from me today. See ya soon!

“If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "probably because of something you did."

Yeah…I'm gonna make a great Camp America Counsellor…

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