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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yippee yi yay! Yippie yi yoh! Ghost Riders in the Sky!!
Hello good morning and welcome. I am in a really hyper mood so make sure you got time to read all my post and look at all my stuff, and take five mins to go and look at the stuff from my last post, cuz only 4 people commented! I'm not trying for a popularity contest here, but jeez… IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE??????

Lol just kidding folks. I appreciate y’all coming when ya do and for those who did comment, muchas gracias. And no I don’t speak Spanish. I'm English.

Though, saying all that, do please go check out the last post, cuz there’s a Chibi darke comic for y’all. BUT don’t worry if ya missed it, cuz today you get TWO, cuz I'm feeling generous, and cant be arsed to wait till Wednesday to post it.

This week has been pretty awesome I guess. Well, except for Friday. On Wednesday I went to see Ghost Rider at the cinema, and I thought it was friggin awesome. Critics don’t like it much, and admittedly it is kinda silly and ridiculous in places, but I don’t care cuz I eat this type of film up with a ladle and come back begging for more. ^^
So yah, now I'm on a huge Ghost Rider kick. WAH HAH HAA!!

Thursday I wasn’t sure what to do, seeing as I had the day off. In the end I decided to drive to Eynsford (the place I went to on my birthday) and visit the Eagle Heights sanctuary they have on the hill there. It’s a pretty neat place, I havnt been there for ages though. They’ve basically got tonnes of Birds of Prey there, but they also got a few reptiles, a pack of Huskies, a cheetah and some other animals too. The birds of prey are still my fav though, they got a lot of personality, even if its just seems so to me. Lol I also stroked a snake, and petted a Bearded Dragon which was cool. ^^ I got lotsa pictures, but I havnt got round to editing them yet, so I cant show you guys. Of course, it all depends if you wanna see some pictures from this place. Let me know what you think. ^^

Friday was a pain in the ass day. I had to work, but not till 2pm, and it was a pointless 4 hour shift. But when I went to go, I found out that I had picked up a Screw in Luna’s rear tyre sometime on tuesday, and it had deflated. Because I hadn’t ridden Luna for two days, I hadn’t noticed till it was time to leave for work. So I had to get my mum to pick me up and take me to work, and then I had to get Luna’s rear tyre sorted, which is a real pain in the ass cuz that was a BRAND NEW TYRE a couple of months ago. And now its punctured. Luckily my dad was really cool about it and managed to somehow get Luna in the back of our People Carrier and get the rear tyre fixed whilst I was at work yesterday. Woo! Thanks dad! So it’s the same tyre, but the puncture has been fixed. Its sounds kinda weird though, because now the tyre rattles (or it might be the drive belt), so I might have to get that sorted as well. This is why I wanted to take Luna to the Honda Place, cuz I know they would have done it properly, but I wouldn’t have had any way of getting her there, and beggars can’t be choosers. So I’ll see how it goes, and if it needs sorting, I’ll sort it.

Saturday was boring. But I did watch “Click” with Adam Sandler, and it was a pretty cool movie. I recommend it. ^^

Okies, and that was my week, pretty much.

So now, I got TWO Chibi Darke Days comics for ya, AND (if that wasn’t enough!) I’ve also completed the VIRTUE bios for Midori and Shadow and Rose. So I’ll post them up. Please read when you have the time, but I’ll be honest, they’re a tad long, so make sure you got time.

Okies, FIRST comic:

note the ring tone…lol

My poor baby! T.T

And now, the SECOND Comic…

I do not condone the purchase and/or viewing of illegal pirate copied DVDs. Go watch it at the cinema, it’s the experience that counts!


Well, I hope you enjoyed those. Now I will pot the two bios I have written for VIRTUE: HOPE. I still got Tessa’s bio to do, and all of FAITH, but these two I managed to do the other day. as I said earlier, they are quite long, so either skip to the end and leave a nice comment (or even a nasty one, but I’ll kick your arse if you do) or enjoy!




The first time I met Midori, she had slipped past 18 of our firewalls surrounding the FAITH network and would have continued to slip past the final 2 without much concern if I hadn’t been performing a routine patrol sweep of the systems. I perceived this to be an external attack on our systems and activated countermeasures. Midori shrugged these off like they were flies and continued to penetrate the final firewall until I confronted her directly in cyberspace. The ensuing chaos resulted in a 93% loss of data on our part. Luckily we managed to restore the data at a later date, ironically with Midori’s help.
Midori is VIRTUE: HOPE’S main systems operator, in a role that is similar to my own. However, because of HOPES main duties in Information Retrieval and Warfare, her job is far more crucial to HOPE’S missions than mine is to FAITH’S.
Midori isn’t human, although she has all the appearance of one. She is an artificial life form, similar to Luna on our own team. However, unlike Luna, Midori is a walking, talking supercomputer. Every spare space in her body is dedicated to data processing. Her abilities are augmented by the accessories she wears. Her wrist bands may look stylish, but are actually super-processors in their own right, with input/output jacks and IR data streams. The mini bands she wears in her hair contain cables with which she uses to jack into other systems, and contain her WI-FI antennae. Her belt contains a number of adaptor plugs for her cables and also external memory devices and device drivers for when she is out in the field and unable to access the network. She also wears glasses, but I think they’re for aesthetic purposes rather then practical use.
On her own, Midori is a serious programmer and hacker, with capabilities far beyond most humans. But it is when she is connected to HOPE’S super computer array that Midori becomes the greatest computer system the world has seen. There hasn’t been a network or system that Midori hasn’t been able to connect to yet. She can delve into the Defence Systems of the USA and convince the Navy that their Atlantic Fleet is halfway around Australia, whilst simultaneously tapping the mobile phone of the head of the CIA, ordering groceries for Tessa and setting up her VCR for the latest episode of SPOOKS.
As a person, Midori comes off as bookish and quiet, but generally eager to please and quite a friendly person. She is quite knowledgeable and book smart, but has little experience with the real world, and thus isn’t very adept at social interaction.
Midori is equipped with many physical defence systems. She is totally waterproof and electromagnetically shielded. She is also adept at self-defence and basic combat skills. However, her physical prowess is not outstanding, perhaps no more then the average 20 year old female.
When it comes to cyber combat, Midori is unparalleled. She personally has 50 independent firewall systems, along with several barrier systems, and her anti-virus scanners are self-built, which update daily. In the unlikely event of virus penetration, Midori can use her reserve systems to analyse the offending program or bug and conjure up an effective antidote until it can be properly isolated and liquidated. Midori also has a number of effective countermeasures to hackers, most of which leave the offender with a mass of melted plastic and metal that used to be a computer and a phobia of computers brought on by a bought of hypnosis and subliminal messaging.
When not on the job, Midori often dives into the net, often on BBS and chat sites, but has confessed a liking for MMORPGS. As such, Midori has also built up a large conglomerate of contacts and informants, which has greatly increased HOPES flexibility. Midori herself also runs several sites that provide a number of services of users of the net, and this provides a decent income to her on the side.
Midori’s only real weaknesses are her lack of physical prowess and her lack of experience in the real world. However, the latter is something she is constantly working on improving and as she stands, she still remains very much the core of HOPE. Sh/eee h is a (ru4l xxxd$%^&#@ ri hr ccfcf…




Extracted from the data files of DARKE, commander VIRTUE: FAITH.

As I stated earlier, Shadow and Rose are two separate individuals, yet they rarely, if ever, separate from one another. They are polar opposites in almost every facet of their being and yet you would find it difficult to find two closer people on the planet. They act like brother and sister but as far as I am aware they are unrelated.
Their origin and background are classified Top Secret by VIRTUE HQ. The descriptions of them that follow are based on my own observations and what Laura has managed to dig up from the net.
At first glance, it is evident that both Shadow and Rose aren’t entirely human. They have humanoid forms, and Rose can almost be mistaken for human at first glance, unlike Shadow, whose three fingers, stark white hair with jet black skin and narrow red eyes clearly remind people of a demon more than anything else. In stark contrast, Rose is white. Pure white from top to toe. The only piece of colour on her body is her left eye, which is the purest blue. Rose appears to be more human than Shadow, but the unnatural whiteness of her skin and hair would suggest otherwise. She wears her hair so it covers half of her face. As far as I am aware, no one has ever seen her right eye. Rose has a sort of complex about it and no one has ever pushed the matter.
Shadow is the team’s pilot and mechanic. Despite having three fingers, he can fix almost anything and is a brilliant pilot, second only to Luna on my own team. He’s usually found at the controls of HOPE’S modified Torpedo Gunboat, but is equally talented on land in HOPE’S large collection of land vehicles. He once chased down a target on a super bike whilst he was driving a Mazda MX-5, somehow running rings around the perp.
He’s also an exceptionally talented navigator. You could blindfold him and drop him in the middle of the Gobi desert and he would be able to find the nearest town and water source…whilst still blindfolded. His other skills include infiltration and subversive combat. Shadow is the ultimate stealth operative, completely undetectable by most security systems. This has come in handy several times, particularly when HOPE need to acquire hard information as opposed to digital. These skills once allowed him to neutralise an entire terrorist group in 20 minutes. The single survivor can’t remember much of the incident…
Because of his appearance, Shadow is reclusive, and barely speaks beyond what is necessary. It seems that he’s always holding something back, a hidden force within him that he’s restraining through force of will. The only person he ever opens up to is Rose. I think that she somehow gives him the strength to bottle up this hidden power within him. I fear that if it is ever unleashed, we’ll be facing a force that not even the combined efforts of FAITH and HOPE could contain.
Shadow, at times, is the epitome of all that is dark and intimidating. By contrast Rose is the friendliest, sweetest and most approachable person on the planet. There isn’t a single bad molecule in her body.
Her main role is as Medical Advisor to the team, her bedside manner almost as effective as the treatment she administers. Her other role is as administrator. Because of HOPE’S primary function, they collect and process a lot of data and materials. It is often down to Rose to categorise and archive this information. HOPE’S Archives are said to be deeper and more confusing then the fabled Labyrinth of Greek mythology. Even Tessa and Midori fear to tread down there. But Rose happily wanders amongst the shelves and lockers and cabinets as if they were her second home. The only other person who has no problems with the maze is Shadow, but whether that is due to his innate navigational skills or because he spends so much time with Rose is uncertain.
Rose also acts as Team Support. She is capable of acting in any of the other Team Member’s roles, with above average skills in all range combat, computer programming and net traversing, piloting and navigation, tactics and strategy, mechanics and demolition. She isn’t the best in any of these fields, but is probably the only person who can do them ALL well enough to ensure the success of a mission.
Rose is very open and friendly to everyone she meets but is especially close to Shadow, and seems to have a strong influence on him. If it wasn’t for Rose, I'm pretty sure Shadow would not be the asset he is to HOPE; indeed, he would be more likely to be an adversary.
Shadow and Rose are integral to HOPE and end up doing a lot of the legwork involved with their missions. The few times I have worked with them, I have found them to be highly skilled at what they do and integrate themselves into our team with little conflict.
However, their big weakness shows when they are separated for any extended period of time. Rose is a lot more subdued and has a hard time focusing, whereas Shadow becomes a lot more edgy and volatile. I'm sure if one ever lost the other they would become effectively crippled and unsuited to duty. Worst case scenario would be Shadow losing the battle with whatever it is he restrains within him and going out of control. With Rose, I am not sure what the worst case scenario would be, but I am certain that she has much capacity for destruction as Shadow.
Shadow and Rose are two halves of a whole and that whole is a crucial cog in the VIRTUE machine. And like any crucial part, if left unchecked, they have the capacity to destroy the machine from within. Tessa shares my concern, but we are both willing to let them continue their duties as long as the status quo is maintained. At present they are outstanding members of VIRTUE and I’ll admit that I am glad that Tessa has them in her team. HOPE wouldn’t be the force it is without them.


Well, I hope you all enjoyed todays supah long length post. If just one person reads ALL of that (especially if they do it one go), then the last half hour I’ve been hammering away at the keys here has been worth my while.

Until next time my friends…


*rides off in a flurry of dust and flames*

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