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Sunday, February 25, 2007

tis raining. roll on summer!
heya folks. tis me. bwa ha ha ha!

yeah, so anyway....

its been a particularly quiet week since wednesday. on friday i had another day off but i wasted it cuz i didnt wake up till like midday. i woke up at twelve and was like "SH!T!!! Im gonna be hella late for work!!" then i realised i didnt have work, which was a relief. then i was all like "crap, ive wasted half the day..."

i suppose it didnt help that i had downloaded all of this manga called "Open Sesame" from a scanslation site. its not finished yet, but i got about 50 ish chapters. its really good, im quite enjoying it, but at the same time it kinda depresses me, cuz its that type of manga that shows an almost idealistic lifestyle, which i kinda wish i could lead myself... oh well. still, its very good. ^^ so good i was up until 3am thursday morning reading it...and then wondered why i didnt get up on friday...

im glad y'all enjoyed my pics from the lake district and London. ^^ London seemed to get a bigger response. lol

and thank you to any and all who voted/commented on my fan manga. i really appreciate it. ^^

i also got round to making up my CrossBone Gundam model this week. ^^ its been sitting in its box for far too long. i will get pics of it at some point. i made it up whilst watching Gladiator on TV. lol

i havent got much else to say today...uh lessee...

oh yeah i remember.

i decided to do my bit and help out those effected by the recent AnimeFF thing and bought the Art of Otaku book...supposedly i should get a link so i can download it, but im still waiting for it... we'll see what happens...

yesterday i was trying to get my crappy holiday comics scanned and uploaded so you guys could (attempt to) read em, but i ran out of time. so instead you will have to make do with this lil sketch i did as i was scanning stuff. its on DeviantArt. ill post the link here.

"Longing for Summer"

so yeah, thats pretty much it from me. tomorrow i gots an interview for Camp America, gotta make sure im ready for that. ^^

this week i've been really getting into a Gundam series known as Turn A Gundam. it was released in Japan about the turn of the century, and features an Unorthadox Gundam as its titelar mech. in fact, MOST of the MS that appear in Turn A Gundam are friggin weird. The basic premise is that a disaster happened on Earth some time in the future and all technology turned to Dust. so even further into the future, mankinds technology (and general society) is similar to that of around the start of the 20th century..airships, bi-planes, steam boats etc. and fashions similar to it. but there are also humans living on the Moon. This Moonrace want to return home and begin invading Earth. but about this time people start to uncover long lost technology that has been buried for eons...including the mysterious Turn A Gundam, which is discovered by a young boy, Loran.

the other interesting thing about the series is that it seemes to hint that all Gundam series are linked somehow in what is known in the show as the Dark History.

i didnt like Turn A Gundam at first, especially the dodgy mech design (supposedly designed by the smae guy who did Blade Runner) but its sorta grown on me, as most Gundam series do sooner or later. ^^ which is a real pain in the ass cuz i can practically garuntee that it will never be released in an English dub. shucks.

so anyways, i will leave you with a clip from the show that i found on youtube. there are no subtitles, so the first minute or so will be meaningless unless you understand Japanese, but i really enjoy this clip, partly due to the music and partly due to the event as a whole. watch and learn my friends:

Laundry Gundam...ROFLMAO

well, see ya later! have a good week.

wow, i guess i did have a lot to talk about huh...

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