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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hey folks. I don’t really have a post for ya today cuz the clocks went forward an hour last night, which is both good and bad. Good, because it means Summer is on the way.
Bad because it means an hour less in bed, and I have to go to work this morning…so …tired…

I’ve started watching Air. I found it on this cool website. ^^ lots of people have been recommending it lately, so I decided to give it a go. Its kinda quirky, yet really peaceful, and full of what I can only describe as a summer feeling. ^^ so yah, I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

I got a busy week ahead of me. I got to sort Luna out with an MOT and tax and stuff, and its also my mums birthday on Thursday and their anniversary and stuff coming up…

Busy busy busy.

Yesterday I went to a Tai Chi workshop. It was kinda fun, if a little taxing, trying to remember all the moves. ^^; I might take up a tai chi class in addition to my kung fu…

Uhm…yeah, that’s it from me today. I’ll leave you with the next part of VIRTUE and a picture.

Oh, I’ve also taken that panorama photo of London down cuz it was causing havoc to my site. If ya wanna see it, I’ll post the URL below…


Okies, Virtue time! Today we have Laura’s data file:


Extracted from a recorded report by Kayleigh, 2.I.C VIRTUE: FAITH.

Laura is the eldest member of our team, though no one is quite sure how old…I reckon about late twenties, early thirties, but she seems to have a timeless quality about her. Other then her combat record and previous professions, not much is known about her.
Laura is our Systems Operator and Communications Expert. She maintains FAITH’S Hyper-computer network, and gathers the intelligence for our missions. She’s also the team’s Medical Expert, often found patching up our scrapes and bruises post-mission, and is a fully capable surgeon.
Laura’s computer skills are top notch, second only to HOPE’S Midori in terms of skill. She likes to boast that she once beat Midori in a speed-typing competition. This is only because Midori doesn’t use a keyboard, she’s uses direct interface, and thus her actual “typing” speed is Zero WPM. Laura is also a skilled hacker, and utilises sources across the globe to gather the necessary data for our missions…not always legit sources though…
Her other skills are as communications expert. Laura can intercept transmissions from even the most encrypted channels, and is fluent is 16 different languages too. She also designed our Comms Array, which, as far as we know, is impossible to jam or block, but also highly encrypted, so highly difficult to intercept.
She’s really smart too. Not just book smart, although she can often be found devouring the latest medical journals and papers on the latest breakthroughs from the scientific community, but also street smart, and combat smart. She’s been, so they say, around the block a few times. She’s experienced.
She served in the military a while back, serving tours of duty on all five continents. She’s also served in the police as a beat cop, which is where she picked up so much of her street smarts. There are also rumours that she’s been involved with VIRTUE: LOVE, though seeing as all data on that particular group is unknown to even both FAITH and HOPE, beyond the fact it exists, these rumours are hard to verify. Laura won’t ever give a straight answer, and no one has ever pushed the issue.
So as I said, Laura is experienced. Although she often remains behind as back up support, she’s a fierce fighter, and I have often found myself glad she’s on our side. As a person she’s pretty down-to-earth and practical, though she’s always willing to let her hair down when time allows, and actually has a pretty sharp sense of humour.
In fact, Laura is near-perfect. It makes me wonder why she’s just FAITH’S systems operator, and not in command, or at the very least 2.I.C. The only mark on her record is the fact there isn’t any. Her past is pretty much blank. Whilst I am aware that my own past, and Darke’s, is pretty foggy, it still unnerves me that someone with so much skill and so little past is working within our team. Darke trusts her, however, and there’s no evidence to show that she isn’t 100% committed and loyal to FAITH. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. It can be said without a doubt that she is very much the core of FAITH, and that we would be useless without her.


* * *

And last but not least…

I told ya I knew Box Man, didn’t i? I did!

It’s Box Man! He came over Friday night and hung out for a while with Chibi Darke and the gang. I said that I wanted a picture cuz no one believed that I knew him personally, and he agreed. I couldn’t get the Chibi gang to pose properly though. The lil rascals. ^^ so yeah, Box Man. A good personal friend of mine. Who is the man behind the box? No one knows…

Well, see ya. Hopefully when I'm more awake.

LISTENING TO: “Tori no Shi” by Lia. OP theme to AIR. Such a beautiful piece. ^^

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