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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

good morning folks (or whatever your current state of being is...)
hiya again. this is me trying to keep posting regularly now that im back, although todays content is gonna be fairly light and pretty much devoid of american adventures. gomen. still working on photos and compiling stuff together, but hopefully i'll have some stuff for you by Sunday. fingers crossed.

otherwise, i've been keeping myself reasonably busy. my room is partially sorted out now and im happy to say that i am totally unpacked...my room is a mess, BUT I AM UNPACKED!

on the job front, i just got a call from my old boss at the hospital offering me my old job back if i wanted it, but i think im going to decline. as much as i need the money, i want to see if i can get a semi-permenant job and besides, i really dont wana go back and face that crap again.

i did sign myself up to help out with my aunt at a Deaf interpreters course/assesment thing next week...they needed some people who can "hear" to be part of some assesment of new interpreters for deaf people or something...all i know for certain is that i can hear and that im getting paid to go, so its all good.

been busy with my prize this morning... for those of you who dont know (which....might be all of you, now i stop to think about it) i won a small competition back the beginning of summer. The competition was an art competition and the theme was "anything with mecha in it" pretty much, so i entered my Gundam Manga (which can be found here on theOtaku's Fan Manga section, i might add *wink wink, nudge nudge*)

and i discovered whilst i was away that i had won second place! w00t! all that time spent drawing had paid off...lol
anyhoo, i won two 1/144 scale SEED models (Gaia Gundam and BuCue MS) a set of VERY nice Letraset Tria Markers, some fineliners, and a pretty cool Gundam t-shirt. im gonna be experimenting with the markers at some point, and i've already made up the BuCue model. ^^

i decided last night that im gonna go through most of my anime and watch it all over the course of the next year or so...some of it has been sitting around not being watched for ages. so im gonna make a list and watch it all, whilst at the same time, trying not to buy anymore, with the exception of series im in the middle of collecting...currently im watching Tenchi Universe and Outlaw Star, which i bought in america. then i wanna go back through my collection and watch the following (not necessarily in this order)

Excel Saga,
Azumanga Daioh,
Full Metal Panic,
Gundam SEED,
08th MS Team,
Bubblegum Crisis tokyo 2040,
Cowboy Bebop

so as you can see, i got a lot to get through... ^^;; hopefully i can maintain a regular viewing rate of about an hour a night and see how we go. ^^;;;;

well, thats it from me today. tune in next time when hopefully i'll have finally got some pictures sorted out! ^^;;

oh yeah, i figure i'll leave this here as well...

i cant think of anything witty to say, its gonna take me a while to get back into the swing of things

a small continuation of the last comic strip i did. no colour this time, just tones...and they probably wont last long either... ^^;

till next time


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Sunday, September 30, 2007

whats that on the screen? its pixels! its text!!! NO: ITS THE RETURN OF DARKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1!1ONE
Heya folks. its the triumphant-ish return of Darke to MyOtaku!

yup, i've finally returned to England from America. and hopefully can resume normal posting and art and comics and the like shortly. i've currently got a metric 455-tonne of stuff to unpack which includes a heckuva lot of manga and anime, CDs, and a buncha other stuff. big problem is that there is no room in my room for all of it, so im doing a major infrastructure adjustment to my room whilst simultaneously unpacking, so its gonna take a while. ^^;;;

America was GREAT, and i got a lot of stories and pictures to share with you guys, but thats gonna have to waita whiles whilst i get it all sorted, but here's a brief timeline of the last 4 months since i left england.

26th May-5th September: working at Camp Pecometh, Maryland.

5th September-10th september:visiting friends at Liberty Univesity, Lynchburg, Virginia

10th september-16th september: visiting my very good friends Chrissy, Mindy and Amber at Morristown, Tennessee

16th september- 23rd september: visting friends at Oshkosh University, Wisconsin

23rd september- 28th september: visiting the Big Apple: New York, New York (so good they named it twice)

28th september: flew home.

and here i am! woo.

so thats a brief account of the last four months. i'll go into more details at a later date.

well, thats it from me today... gotta go continue to unpack. have a good one!

oh, BTW, im on Facebook now. just in case anyone cares. ^_~


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Saturday, August 18, 2007

hey guys. yes, your eyes do not decieve you, i am updating yet again!!!!

so Camp is finally over, but im not done yet. im staying on site for a further week as there are a whole bunch of outside groups coming in to use the Camp Challenge Course site, of which i am a trained staff member to facilitate on. so im going to be working with a bunch of college students over the next week, so it should be fun.

summer was a blast, i had the most fantastic time and made some of the coolest friends ever. i wont go into details now, but since my last post, i have done some intensely crazy things and had some serious fun. im gonna miss all the people i met here.

oh, by the way, im in the STATES (for anyone who missed that small titbit of information)

which means: if ya want a slightly tall, vaguely hairy and kinda crazy english dude to pop round and say hi, please drop me a line via email or PM and i'll see if i can fit you into the schedule. my only conditions are that you live near a motel or have easy access to one, as I will not be able to drive around looking for you. ^^; my current plan is to head out to Virginia first as i have a friend there, and then probably up towards Wisconsin as i have some more friends there. then i would like to stop off in florida, but am willing to go there via other states. ^^ the last stop on my intinerary is New York city, as that is where im catching my flight home from, probably around the end of september, beginning of october time. ^^

well, thats it from me today. hope y'all had a fantastic summer. ^^

ciao fer now!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

heya guys. tis a quick update from Maryland USA!!!

so, i've been out here about a week, and its been really fun. I first landed in New York and speant the night in Newark, New Jersey, where i met Jacob, a German who is also attending this camp as a councellor. The next day i speant on a greyhound bus trying to get to camp. the journey itself wasnt too hard, but we had to wait two whole hours for someone to pick us up from Baltimore!! there had been a breakdown in communication. >.<

but we got to camp ok, though it was in the midst of the pouring rain and thunder! but it was all good. Jacob and i were the first two councellors there, and there were a few other staff there too, lifeguards and maintenance mostly.

the first week i speant learning Challenge Course, which is lots of ropes work and being REALLY high in the air! ^^; but it was lots of fun, and i made lots of new friends, including Tara, mike, "Captain" Carlos, "Mom" Kelly, Jordan, Karen, Patrick, Jamie, Erica and many more. it was a good week, and we also got to go and see the third Pirates movie, which was EXCELLENT!! ^^

The second week i was doing maintenance, which essentially involved me driving around everywhere in little goal karts cleaning and and weedwhacking and fixing up stuff around camp. its was ok, and i got a good tan! ^^

the third week was staff training, where i met the other councellors...more friends, and more names to remember!!! but that was a good week, we had a lot of fun there too.

and last week was the first week of Camp! i had a bunch of ten year olds...very hyperactive, VERY high-maintenance. so im very tired.
We speant the week doing everything from Archery to Splashdown, which involves giant inflatbles in the Chester River. the Chester River itself isnt too pleasant >.< but Splashdown is a lot of fun, and the kids love it. and, this being a Christian Camp, have spent alot of time with Bible Study and worship, which is kinda cool. We had a guest preacher this week called "The Rev" who was really cool, and Music time is also a lot of fun, especially when Ju Ju leads it. ^^ the kids werent really that interested in the spiritual aspect of camp, but they're 10, so its understandable.
they were a good group of kids though, apart from one, but he left on the monday due to homesickness. he was a bit of a loose cannon though so i was kinda relieved when he left. ^^; i learnt on thursday that his decided he wanted to come back, but the Camp Nurse was concerned that he wasnt really a good fit for Camp (and on the side, concerned for my mental health ^^;; ) so she recommended that he shouldnt return. phew...

but other then that its been a good week. the food isnt TOO bad, and the beds arent THAT uncomfortable. ;p the weather has been pretty good too, with occasional Thunder Storms interspersing days of intense humidity...and it's gonna get hotter!!! lol i am enjoying myself though, there are some truly excellent people on staff here, and we all get on really well with each other. ^^

i've had some truly brilliant weekends too...the first weekend i went to Tara's house with a bunch of people and we went to the mall and then came back and watched movies. the second weekend i went to Tara's house again, and went to her graduation with a bunch of friends, and then attended her graduation party, complete with moonbounce and kareoke! ^^

last weekend i went to Rohobeth (sp?) with Mike, Tara, Dan (who's english) and Thom (whose Australian) and spent the friday night/saturday at Tara's beach house and we meant to go to the beach, but mike slept in till 1 pm, so we went to the Outlet Centre instead. Then Mike and I went back to his place and watched movies and stuff. it was fun. ^^

there are quite a large number of internationals here at camp too. There's myself (of course), Dan, Tom, Johnny and Stuart from England. From Asutrailia, there's Thom. From New Zealand there's Kim and Tim. From Germany there's Jacob. From Russia there's Demitri. From Hungary there's Levi. and from South Africa there's Reinard ("Shorty"), Cindy, Jermain (SP?) and Ju Ju. so there are alot of international staff. ^^

and of course, no Darke blog would be complete with out an anime update. First off, i finally managed to get G Gundam vol 12 on DVD as well as Blue Sub 6! total classic. love that anime. i've also picked up Zeta Gundams vol 1 and 2 and i picked up the Black Lagoon Special Edition vol 1. i've been looking forward to Black Lagoon for a long time. ^^ i've also picked up vol 5 of the Ecole du Ciel manga, so im pretty happy. on a bum note, i havent got round to doing any of the projects i set myself for this summer, but i got 8 weeks left, so i should be ok.

This weekend im going to see a drive in movie with some of my friends, which is gonna be totally cool as i've never seen a drive in movie before. ^^ and next week, im doing the Adventure Camp, and i've only got ONE (1) Camper to look after!!!! my co-councellor is Erica, and she's got four girls who i've also got to look after, but i get a single cabin with me, this kid and Demitri (who is Maintenance staff) in it. its going to be an...interesting...week.

well thats it from me today. i dont know if and when i'll get the chance to update again. might be a week, might be a month. who can say? i hope y'all are having a great Summer (or winter for Raina and Mew Wem and all you other South Hemispherians...) and i'll see ya when i see ya...

till next time!

Quote of the Week: "Im not a Christian! Im a Methodist!"- Sarah, 9-year old Riverside Camper, Camp Pecometh, Maryland

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

   *a fanfare of trumpets and dramatic chords*

D: Good Day and welcome to the Darke o’clock news. I'm your host, Darke Angel and I bid you welcome. My co-host tonight is my muse, Tessa.

T: Good Day to you all.

D: With the weather we have my Guardian Angel Laura.

Lr: Greetings

D: With a traffic and travel report with have Luna.

Ln: How are you?

D: and with a sports report we’ll have Chibi Darke.

CD: Hi there!

D: but first the headlines.

T: World Famous Librarian Elizabeth Hayes has finally had her long awaited baby. It was a month overdue, and fined 78 pence.

D: Following the prediction of power-cuts this winter, Farmers from the Mid-West rushed out and panic-bought battery-hens

T: Henry, the famously short-sighted skunk at London Zoo has been reported to have fallen in love with a gas leak…

D: and sensational news from the Louvre Museum in Paris as state of the art technology has revealed the source of the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile. It turns out she was sitting on a whoopee cushion.

And now we turn to Laura with the Weather.

Lr: Thank you Darke. We will be covering weather from both sides of the altlantic today. Canada has had a beautiful summer, with clear skies all that day. In Mexico it will be Chilli today and hot tamale. Meanwhile in America its been so hot and dry that the catfish have ticks and the alligators have caught athletes foot.
Meanwhile in England it continues to be sunny during the day, getting darker as we head towards night. Back to you Darke.

D: Thank you Laura. Did you know I'm a conductor?

Lr: Really? An orchestral conductor?

D: No, a lightning conductor.

T: Speaking of massive shocks, we’ll be speaking to a One-Legged Scotsman who was wearing a kilt in the Lampshade department at Sears minding his own business until a shop assistant came round putting in new light bulbs…

D: I'm looking forward to having some light thrown on that subject.
Now we have Traffic and Travel with Luna.

Ln: Thank You Darke. Big news this week as Darke heads off to America on Saturday to start his work placement on a Summer Camp in Maryland. This also means he will be offline, more or less, until he returns, which could be anytime after august 19th.
Heavy Traffic if you’re heading northbound, a man who took the advice of the Road Safety Council to wear something white to as to be spotted more easily on the roads has been hit by a snow plough. A lot of mess clearing that one up.

And on the trains, expect delays as an obese Orca who has difficulty pronouncing his “R”s has got stuck at Waterloo station… upon enquiry, it was discovered he was looking for the Whale Weigh Station…

And be sure to watch tonight’s programme where I interview the Bionic Air Hostess who has been sleeping with the Automatic Pilot.

D: thank you Luna. By the way Luna, did you know that once, when I was on an aeroplane, the flight attendant came rushing in and made an announcement that both the pilot and co-pilot had passed out and was wondering if anybody knew how to operate a plane?

Ln: No I didn’t. what happened?

D: well, even though I had no idea how to control the machine, I stood up and volunteered.

Ln: How brave.

D: yeah…it took me 6 hours to get the damn thing off the runway and back to the terminal though…

And now we have sports news with Chibi Darke.

CD: Thank you Darke.
The Irish Indoor Games have been called off at the last minute due to good weather. And the Charity Slowest Horse Race in the world is drawing to a conclusion. Stewards have decided to opt for an oil-paint finish…
And just in, the Soccer game between Hypochondriac Wanderers and the National Health Service 5-aside team has just entered the 2nd hour of injury time.

D: Thank you Chibi Darke. Speaking of doctors, did you hear about the short tempered Intern who went home early?

CD: why did he do that?

D: He didn’t have any patients…

And that’s all from us tonight. We leave you with news that an infamous Pimp has been forced to drive his prostitution business underground. This is bad news for the needy man in the street, but the coal miners are ecstatic.

T: The mystery of the Chimney in the middle of the Sahara Desert has been finally cleared up this morning. Interviews with the engineer reveals that he read his plans upside down…it was meant to be a Well.

D: An anonymous Lottery Winner who had been reported to have fainted at the news of his win and fell into a vat of plaster is today said to be set for life.

T: and finally a new word game has been released for those members of the public who have poor literacy. It’s called Scalarrable.

D: Join us tonight when we’ll be meeting Reverend Jim Styles who will be telling us that cleanliness is next to godliness, but only in an Irish Dictionary

T: and we’ll be interviewing the undernourished Hollywood Hell-Raiser who has been thrown out of more restaurants then he’s had hot dinners.

D: And we’ll have Dr. Phil here talking about a clumsy burglar who feared he was losing his touch until the good doctor told him to take things quietly for a while.

T: So it’s good night from us all here in the studio

D: and I will see you all again in September with tales of my adventures in America.

I hope you enjoyed the show. Most of Tonight’s gags have been supplied by The Two Ronnies comedy show.

Once again, have a good summer and I shall see you when I return.

I leave you with the amazing shout out list! Shouting Out to all my friends here, including new friends!:

Angel Zakuro!
Time Chaser!

Excellent Friends!:

Chobit chi!
Blue Eyes!
Travelling Disciple!
Xanth Reborn!
Princess Ookumae!
Dark Phoenix!
Lucifers Wife!
Mew Wem!
Red Tigress!

Special TN Shoutout to:


And supah special shout outs to:

Sailor Firestar!

And to anyone else I may have forgotten: eyy! *sticks up thumbs*

Until next time…

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sorry I haven’t updated in over a week…I know I know, I have no excuse… ^^;

To be honest though, it’s been a slow week. I have been working mostly. And uhm…that’s it. Pretty much.

Last Monday I went up to new Eltham to get two new watch straps. The dude who does this has this tiny lil hut next to the train station, but he does like…everything. He repairs shoes, he cuts keys, he PROGRAMMES keys (for cars and stuff), he does dry cleaning service, he replaces watch straps and watch batteries…the dude is a jack of all trades. He managed to fix my Doctor Who watch which I’ve had for ages. It was about time I got a new strap for that. ^^ unfortunately he was unable to fix the strap on my Timex Expedition watch, cuz its an awkward make, and requires a special strap…double unfortunately, Timex no longer market my watch. >.< luckily my dad was able to talk to some people and has ordered two new straps for me. So that should be ok. ^^

I also went to the library to see if they had Watership Down, but they didn’t. >.<

On Wednesday I got this lil gadget that’s supposed to allow me to record music from my minidisc player onto my laptop. I need to transfer all my music because my minidisc player is on its last legs, and minidisc technology is practically obsolete in the face of mp3 players. So I need a way to transfer all my stuff from minidisc to computer, and then I’ll be able to move it from computer to MP3 player at some point in the future. Unfortunately (yet again…Unfortunately seems to be the word of the day today) the software wouldn’t load properly on Midori. >.< which is a pain in the ARSE. Hopefully something can be sorted soon.

Friday I went up Eltham Post Office to send some stuff to America via airmail. I also stopped off in the art shop and bought myself some more ink pens, the type I use for comics and stuff. ^^ just so I wont run out in America.

Speaking of which, it is now only 6 days (including today) until I leave for America…which makes Wednesday (possibly Friday if I'm busy) my last post for a while. ^^; I can’t believe its come round so fast! I'm really looking forward to it though. ^^

This week I’ve been reading through Saikano again… for those of you who don’t know, Saikano is a 7 volume manga about a boy whose girlfriend becomes the Ultimate Weapon, and is ultimately about their relationship as the world comes to an end… Moving, Romantic, Dramatic, Adult and Funny in equal measures, it is my FAVOURITE manga of all time. I can tell you this because sometimes it takes me a while to get into a manga I haven’t read for a while, but Saikano I picked straight up and started reading on Tuesday. I'm now on vol 4, and will be finished by the end of the week. I know whats going to happen and I know how its all going to end, but its still a gripping read, and it will keep me captivated until the end. I'm especially looking forward to reading vol 4 on my lunch break tomorrow. Vol 4 is my fav volume of the lot. ^^

If you don’t pick up another manga title this year, pick up Saikano by Shin Takahashi. You wont be disappointed. (though I must warn you, it is for older, more mature readers, if you catch my drift…)

Also this week, my good friend Paddy B (whom I went to see Jimmy Carr with) asked me to design a tattoo for him! ^^ He wanted a Harp (As in the musical instrument) tattoo on his arm, and asked me to knock out a few concept designs for him. I'm crap at drawing instruments, but I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. I hope Paddy likes em too. Heh. I did em whilst watching “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” which is a great movie, and stars to of my fav actors, Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas. ^^ good stuff. Today I ended up watching the last half of Casablanca, the old 1942 black n white war movie starring Humphrey Bogart…. Its actually very funny. ^^ you should see it, I can see now why it’s considered one of the great classics…

Uhm…that’s all from me this week.

I’ve actually got a comic for you guys today! But first, I wanna point out this art work that a friend of mine on DeviantArt did for me…its some Chibi Darke Days FANART! ^^ by my good friend Inoshishi-chan. ^^


I think its awesome!!! Check it out!

Okay, on to todays comic…something was wrong with me when I made this…I decided to add colour and tones!!!


I had so much fun doing the line art for this one. It amused me greatly. ^^

Welp, that’s it from me today. My next post shall be my last regular update until I return from America. ^^ take care my friends!! I leave you with a quote from “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”

Agent Sands: "El, you really must try this because it's puerco pibil. It's a slow-roasted pork, nothing fancy. It just happens to be my favorite, and I order it with a tequila and lime in every dive I go to in this country. And honestly, that is the best it's ever been anywhere. In fact, it's too good. It's so good that when I'm finished, I'll pay my check, walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook. Because that's what I do. I restore the balance to this country. And that is what I would like from you right now. Help keep the balance by pulling the trigger."

El Mariachi: "You want me to shoot the cook?"

Agent Sands: "No. I'll shoot the cook. My car's parked out back, anyway."

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lonelee…I'm sho lonelee…gaht no bahdee…
Seriously, where were you guys? I updated on Wednesday and only got three comments! And one was from a new girl! Shame on you. Shame!! (edit: ok four comments....somebody sneaked one in at the last minute..)

Heh. Nah, I don’t update just for comments. I update for my benefit. If I only updated for comments, I would be shallow and worthless…oh wait…

Nah just kidding.

Seriously though, if ya did miss the last post, go check it out, cuz it has funny stuffs to do.

Ok, first off, some shout outs.

First shout out is to my onee-sama, Sailor Firestar who had a birthday on Thursday. So Happy Birthday nee-sama! Hope you had a good one, and I hope you enjoyed the e-card I sent you!

Second shout-out is to the newest member of my friends list and new member to MyO. She may be new, but she’s got lots of enthusiasm and energy and is generally a charming and friendly person. So I bid you all to give a huge welcome and obligatory GB signing to Olette-chan! WELCOME! ^^

Okays, and onto the news in general.

Been a quiet week all in all. Again, mostly working. On Thursday we decided to play an interesting game at work. We had a piece of paper, and we basically tried to write down as many music genres as we could think of. When we started to run out of genres we then decided to think up of songs for each example. It was quite a fun endeavour, and it kept our minds off work, which, lets face it, can be pretty damned dull…

Friday, I procrastinated my ass off all morning, and then in the afternoon headed down to Charlton to buy some bits. I am now the owner of a pair of red swimming shorts as well as some rather fetching tan coloured shorts. ^^ they will be coming to America with me for summer camp. I also bought some sleeveless tshirts, cuz, y’know, ya can never have enough… ^^

Saturday was another boring day. there was some half-assed fete thing in the park across the road from where we live, but it really wasn’t worth it…we gave it a cursory glance and then came home again… I also spent some of the day on a new CDD project. However, all things considering, you guys probably won’t see this project come to fruition until I get back from America. But we’ll see. I’ll try my best. Highlight of Saturday was chatting to my good friend Raina on MSN. ^^

Today I have to work yet again. 7am to 6pm. Darnit.

On Tuesday I have to go to the dentist. Fun. -_-;;

I’ve been getting into Watership Down (of all things) recently…ima going to try to see if I can find a copy of the book at my local library. ^^ it must be pretty good if they named a Gundam after the main character!

And uh…yeah. So that’s it from me for this week. I’ll leave you with a scrappy comic that was gonna be a CDD or Boxman comic, but ended up just being a plain ole doodle comic. Enjoy!

Heh. The old jokes are the best…

Don’t get it? Think about it…

Anyhoo, I'm done. See ya in the week!

“Workin 9 to 5,
What a way to make a livin’,
Barely gettin’ by,
Its all takin’ and no givin’,
They just use your mind
and they never give you credit,
Its enough to drive you crazy if you let it...”

-Dolly Parton “9 to 5”


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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

   a few more of these and i'll be ready to sleep for a week...
hiya folks. another meaningless, pointless update. who cares? whats the point? why are we here? what is Art? how long is a piece of string? what do sheep count when they're trying to fall asleep? why do they steralise the lethal injection needle?

This week has been filled mostly with work.
On monday i had a 7am to 6 pm shift, and it was a bank holiday too, so it was pretty quiet, which i dont mind normally. however, most of the work had already been done before even I had got there at 7, so our entire workload for the day was done by 11am! despite this, there were still some things that had to be done, but could only be done at certain times of the day, such as giving out the trollies for dinner and stuff like that. so the rest of the time i had NOTHING to do. i was SOOOOOOO BORED!! i ended up drawing a picture on my hand and photocopying it, i was so bored... still, cuz it was a bank holiday, i was getting paid DOUBLE to sit on my ass being bored...

yesterday i had another 7-6 shift. then i came home and was gonna try to do a comic for today, but i ended up doing the dishes, then watching "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and then some weird Sniper movie called "Liberty Stands Still" with Wesley Snipes. so uhm, no comic today. gomen. ^^;;;

Today i have a 10:30-7 shift, so i get a bit of a lie-in and the opportunity to type this out real-time as opposed to typing it out the night before as i sometimes do. ^^; i also get the chance to shave a bit. ^^

tomorrow, another 7-6 shift.

friday and saturday i have off...i was gonna try and go see my friend, but he's busy, so i guess i'll find something to do...probably stuff i NEED to do would be useful...

and on Sunday, joy of joys, another 7-6 shift. im clocking in about 50 hours this week. least i'll get paid lots. ^^;

they are currently installing the mantlepiece downstairs, and its very nosiy, hense why i am up pretty early... ^^;

Over the weekend i did this pretty awesome piece of Gundam art, based off of my own original Gundam fiction "Gundam SCROLL".
not wanting to blow my own horn (but what the hell, i'll do it anyway) its looks pretty damned awesome. ^^

unfortunatly it was too big to load onto theO's fanart section, and i wasnt gonna resize it or greyscale it cuz it looks too good, and you'd miss the details and atmosphere. so, unfortunatly, it's only available to view at DeviantArt. here's the link. my apologies for those who can't view D.A.

those who can, please full view for the full details.


im glad you guys liked my poems last post. if you havent read them yet, please feel free to go take a look. i dont really consider myself to be good at poetry, i need a really strong impression or concept before i can even begin to get anything down.

well, thats it from me today. i shall return. why?

good question. dont make me think like that this time in the morning...i havent even had breakfast yet... *wanders off mumbling*

EDIT: *returns after having breakfast* want to laugh out loud and long? then follow these steps:

1. Go to www.google.co.uk

2. Click on maps.

3. Click on get directions.

4. Go from "Atlanta" to Paris, France".

5. Scroll down in the directions to number 22.

6. Laugh your socks off...i did!

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is the Darke O’clock news…
Actually, I have nothing for ya. ^^;

Last week went ok. This week I have four days where I got 7-6 shifts…yay.

Uhm, but really, nothing. Uhm…yah.

Oh, I did go shopping the other day. I bought two pairs of earphones (cuz I go through em really fast) and I bought some new trainers too. I also bought some American dollars, and almost got some extra for free. The cashier had made a mistake and given me too many dollars, so I went back and returned the excess… ^^;;

I have written some poems lately, one, because I felt like it, and the other, because someone asked me to. Go figure.

Tell me what ya think:

Here’s the first:

“One Second”

I don’t know where it came from,
I don’t know where it went,
We passed by in the street,
You looked heaven-sent

Our eyes made contact,
And then broke away,
I didn’t want to leave you,
But I didn’t want to stay

I wondered who you were,
How you had come to be
passing my way and maybe
Thinking the same about me

Then the thoughts were gone,
And we were on our way,
But something had passed between us,
As we walked on by that day,

I don’t know where it came from,
Perhaps from up above,
I don’t know where it went,
That one second of love.

* * *

And here’s the second:


The deepest blue
extending high
escaping the earth

The velvet black
twinkling lights
new worlds to be found

The violent grey
subtle shadows
a roar of a god

The hazy pinks
the lazy whites
the endless canvas

look up

The Sky is Where our Dreams are...

* * *

So tell me what ya think!

And that’s it. Sorry for this LAME post. ^^;;; I’ll try to update with something interesting on Wednesday.

Gomen. *bows*

PS: (to a certain someone) CRAP! I forgot to PM you! Sorry!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

*Baywatch Theme*
I know, I know, its been a whole week since I updated. Well, in my defence, I WAS FRIGGIN KNACKERED ALL WEEKEND. And ive been at work since…more or less…

Well last week was good. On Thursday I went to see Jimmy Carr, a comedian, up London with my friend Paddy who I haven’t seen in ages. ^^ I didn’t really get the chance to speak with Paddy much as I got up London late, and he practically had to leave as soon as the show was over, but we managed to catch up a little bit. The show was hilarious though, me and Paddy LOVE Jimmy Carr. ^^ it’s a real sharp almost acidic humour, very very dry and deadpan. Great stuff. Not for the easily offended.

On the weekend I did the second part of my Life Guard course, and I finished it and PASSED! ^^ so now I am fully qualified to go anywhere in America and say “I'm a trained Life Guard, may I help you?” ^^ it was hard work, but a lot of fun. I really enjoyed myself.

I also took some pictures of Crystal Palace for you guys. Just to give you a vague idea of what it’s all about.

Right, before you even GET to Crystal Palace Park, you know where it is cuz there’s this HUGE broadcasting tower that can be seen from miles away…

destroying this tower would effectively cripple analogue tv broadcasts…it’s a good job we have digital tv as well then…

Its pretty impressive, especially on a clear day…

The main part of Crystal Palace is the sports complex…

its quite an old building, but its facilities are top notch, if a little grubby and unkempt. ^^;

On the left side is the big basketball court/gymnasium and on the right is the Olympic sized swimming pool and diving pool. There are also training pools and Squash Courts and more besides.

I like this building. I don’t know why, cuz its so dated and dirty.

this is the bridge/walkway you have to use to access most of the facilities

a go kart track…the go karts are pretty pitiful though

someone had left the door to the gymnasium open, so I snuck in and took a picture.

This is the gymnasium inside the complex. I couldn’t get a picture of the pool cuz people were using it and I would have had to get EVERYONE’S permission to take and post the pics…it wasn’t worth the hassle. I didn’t wanna risk taking a sneak shot either. Needless to say, its VERY big.

big and pointless most of the time

The Crystal Palace Stadium, opposite the Sports Centre.

ya big nancies…

A game of American football was going on at the time… we brits have a game called “Rugby” which is like American Football, only without the body armour and stopping every five seconds…

on those stone arches imagine a HUGE greenhouse…that what the original Crystal Palace would have looked like…

A little way up from the sports complex is the site of the original Crystal Palace…its very big…

there isn’t anything on the site now…its just grass and gravel

The main steps leading up to the Palace…if it were still there. The concrete arch-way like foundations run for about 500 metres, maybe even more…possibly up to a kilometre. Needless to say, it would have been hella impressive in its heyday.

That’s all the pics I got for ya. There were a whole bunch more I could have possibly taken, but I'm probably the only one who would have found them interesting. I'm talking like pictures of car parks and driveways and the Lodge (a big mangy hotel type building near the sports centre) and stuff here. ^^;;;

Anyway, I had fun there, even if the commute was a bitch and the course was hard work. ^^

Anyways, I have removed my finger from wherever it was stuck and have done some arty art for y’all. The first is viewable on my deviantart page and is viewable here:

Super Darke One Shot Art Trade

The second is a comic I thought up at work. Here it is, it’s been a while, no? Enjoy!

seriously, if Chibi Rose stands at about 3 inches tall, how friggin small is that sheep?

Heh heh. ^^;;; Nursery Rhymes are filthy dirty perverted pieces of literature. This is one of the cleaner ones I could parody. ^^

We’re having a fireplace installed (the chimney is already there, I'm talking more of a mantelpiece…) today…its gonna be dirty and noisy and possibly interfere with my net connection…ah well.

See ya round folks…hopefully before next Wednesday!!

Jeez, is it May already? Where the HELL did the year go?

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