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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve
Hey guys. Last week was pretty cool. I met up with Nic and we spoke in length about life, the universe, art, girls and everything. I was glad I got the chance to meet with him. But damn, I need to build up my alcohol tolerance levels again…

Also saw “The Golden Compass” and thought it was pretty damned excellent. I know there’s a lot of controversy over it, saying it promotes an atheist outlook, but hell, the original book is even MORE atheistic than the movie was and I enjoyed it, despite being a Christian. People need to lighten up and remember: ITS JUST A FREAKIN STORY!

The only bad thing about the movie is that it didn’t end as the first book ended, and there were a few other changes here and there, but that’s to be expected. It still is a most excellent film and I would thoroughly recommend it, especially if your bored of Harry Potter and all that crap.

Still working hard. Gonna get Christmas day and boxing day off so that’s pretty cool.

Working on my Christmas Greeting to everybody. Hopefully y’all have it by this evening.(or early christmas day for those of you ahead of GMT) *fingers crossed*

And to finish, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a 7000 word essay and a merry Christmas.

The Gundam Kyrios. Lordy this Gundam scares me sometimes
the flight mode is almost the same length as my 1/100 zeta plus
my small army of Gundams is growing!!

I work very near here.
WELL, ya gotta leave it somewhere aintcha?

and the bells are ringing out for Christmas day

Hope you have a great Christmas folks, even those of you who don’t celebrate the Christian faith. Hope ya get everything you want and stuff you didn’t even know you wanted too. I’ll probably update on Boxing Day.

Take care y’all.

“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. So do be careful at the office party,” - Jimmy Carr

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i was feeling ill on sunday hence the short post. it shall not re-occur. XP

hey folks. so another half week has gone by and truth be told, i havent really done much except work. again. work has been kinda boring, though parts of it are fun, and its not too stressful either. most of the time im just wandering around the store making sure everything is tidy and where it should be. its quite relaxed, but terribl boring. and people are slobs too. ou would think it would be easy enough to put clothing back where you got it from, and leave it how you find it too. but no, im forever zipping up jackets and folding shirts, only to go awa for two minutes and then come back and do it all again. its very frustrating.

the best parts of the job are working on the till and talking to the customers. i find this hugely ironic though, cuz when i worked for the supermarket 4 years ago (as my long time compadres may well remember...or not) those where the two things i hated the most about my job...being on the till and talking to customers. however, working at Cotswolds and the kind of customers they get there is INFINITELY better then working at TESCOS anyday. and besides, that was 4 years ago. i'd like to think i've changed since then.

one of the more "interesting" parts of my job is to go find stuff in the stockroom. i think that at any other store it would be quite boring, but our stockroom isnt quite sorted out yet. honestly, everytime i go in there its like Raiders of the Lost Ark. tis quite a scary thing. luckily i can normally recruit the services of the Admin lady, Ines, to help me in my various quests. her "office" is in the stock room and indeed, the stock room is her responsibility (so its her fault its so freakin messy. lol XD ) but seriously, Ines is really nice and we get on well. in fact, i get on well with most of the staff.

i cannae believe its almost christmas. where the frig did December go? oh wait, it was just doing what the rest of the year did... dissappear. sheesh. if every year from now on is going to go as fast as 2007 did, im going to get OLD (or worse: MIDDLE-AGED) very quickly... T.T still too much to do!!!!!

today is my day off. I gotta get a train ticket, but then im going to go and see "The Golden Compass" at a cinema somewhere. i've been wanting to see the film since i first heard of it. i loved the book (which is called "Northen Lights" over here) and i've heard that unlike most book adaptions, the film version of this book is actually NOT CRAP. so im really excited to go see it.
normally when i go see a film i take the car or bus, but i think im gonna ride Luna to the movie theatre today. this does mean i have to lug all my bike gear into the cinema with me, but since Kung-fu ended for this year, i havent rode Luna for over a week and i feel like im neglecting her. i wont get a lot of chances to ride her over the next year, cuz i have to take the train to work and then im planning on being away all summer, so i wanna ride her when i can. i've also got to try and get my bike license this upcoming year. i know i always say this, but i really have to this year, else i'll never get round to doing it. poor Luna's been riding round with Learner plates for almost 4 years now. and whilst she is, i haveta retake my CBT every two years. so im gonna try and get my licence, take off the L plates and start using her more regularly. however, if this keeps up (the lack of use and if im unable to sort out a license) i may have to do the unthinkable...but thats something i really dont wanna consider right now.

tonight im hoping to go out for a drink with my best friend Nic. i say best friend, but the reality is i havent seen him since April. and i really wanna see him, so fingers crossed!

in response to comments on my last post:

ANGEL ZAKURO: we dont get much snow cuz English climate sucks crippled monkey anus. you can also blame global warming, us being on the recieving end of the Gulf Stream or cuz we're british. and the british dont do snow. i dunno.

MASTER HIKO: i dont submit the CDD strips to TheO's fan art for two reasons: 1: its not fanart. 2: its not my best artwork. i only wanna showcase my better stuff. or not.

oh and 3: im too freakin lazy.

so yah.

more photos! the never ending PHOTOBLOG! rar.

a particularly nasty habit i have right before christmas is to go around and BUY stuff for ME, instead of asking for it for christmas. this is partly because im sure that no-one would buy half this stuff anyway, even if i asked for it, but the other reason is that this stuff is like gold dust around where i live. if you dont pick it up when you see it, you will have lost it forever. i learned that lesson with Gunbuster... T.T

anyways, i picked up these in the last week:

LOOK onee-sama! its your favourite Gundam from 00!

from the new Gundam 00 series, HG 1/144 scale Gundam Kyrios! (i have yet to find the time to make it)

this is my favourite Gundam from the new series

also from Gundam 00, HG 1/144 scale Gundam Dynames!

the funny thing here was that i bought a pair of flight stands when i bought the Kyrios and Dynames on Friday. but when i got home i realised i had bought the large Size 1 stands rather than the smaller size 2 stands. so on monday i went back to the store to pick up a pair of size 2 stands (which take up less space and are perfect for 1/144 scale models) and when i was there i saw this fella on the shelf:

Tachi is a bit hard to pose, but i love him to bits!

TACHIKOMA!!!!!!!!!!! WAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he's currenlty sitting on my TV, but im sure i'll have him doing poses all over my room soon enough. XD
Tachikoma is from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex if you are wondering...

the only anime i've had time to watch recently is the latest episode of Gundam 00 and i've also been re-watching Macross Zero too. 00 is getting uber exciting. im really hooked on it now. and Zero is an excellent prequel to the Macross series. ^^

well thats it from me today. is that post suffciently long enough? i think so...

Till next time!!!

"The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder," - Alfred Hitchcock

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hey everyone. Just a short one today. Work is playing havoc with my update/comment schedule.

Our store opened on Friday and we’ve been pretty busy already, and its gonna get more and more hectic! My throat has been horrible these past few days and my voice is really froggy. >.< yet I still have to do sales and stuff…

Went to pizza hut last night with the seniors from my snorkelling club. It was great fun, but it didn’t finish till like 11pm and I had work at 9:30am this morning. ^^;

Uhm, that’s pretty much it for this week. work work work, shopping and work. Yah

Some how I managed to pop out a CDD for today. Wowie.

the art really sucks in this one. I need to go do other things for a while

The British Winter Ladies and Gentlemen.

Till next time!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

*puts on mask to prevent spread of germs*
hiya folks. feeling a bit better then i was on sunday. the party in my head has buggered off, but it feels like they dumped a tonne of razor blades down my throat as they left. been coughing up a fit and it EFFING HURTS.

but still...

huh. only 3 comments... must be the time of the year. sally on forthwith...

its been a pretty boring week so far. i had to work on Monday, we had a delivery come in, but it wasnt too bad. apart from...y'know... being ill and all. but whatever.

The meeting at the pool on sunday didnt go too badly. i dont blame the guy we met with for all our problems, he's just the poor sod the powers that be put in charge of sorting out the mess that they created. he's trying to please everybody whilst trying to stick to the rules and keep his job. cant blame the guy can ya?
the facilities are actually pretty nice, its just the pool thats crappy. but there's nothing we can do about that, its been built and its practically ready to go. and the old one is definitely being...disposed of. yeah. apparently its a listed building, so they cant touch it, but all the plans i find say they're gonna build apartments there....we'll see.

to clear up some misconception, we've been trying to cut a new deal with the pool authorities for over a year now and the fat cats dont seem to be listening. and we cant move to a new facility cuz most of the club are quite young and are from the local area. the nearest pool is a feasable switch, but it does make it a helluva lot harder for everyone to get there and back easily. hopefully we can convince everyone that we should be allowed to use the WHOLE pool, instead of sharing...

yesterday and today i've had off work. which is pretty nice, especially as its given me time to recover. the store opens on FRIDAY, so we get about TEN days of christmas rush, and then we get to pause for a breather briefly before the january sales hit full force (ironically on the 27th of December...although i suppose the fact they advertise these sales BEFORE christmas makes it even more ironic. stupid commericalism)

went to the supermarket yesterday with my brother to pick up some stuff for my mum. however, we ran out of petrol before we evn got to the supermarket!!! ^^;; so we had to call mum and get her to bring a little emergancy tank of petrol out to us so we could make it to the nearest petrol station. ^^;;;;
shopping at the supermarket was suprisingly fun though. XD me and my brother are a right coupla clowns sometimes. we can really make each other laugh. fun n games. lol

been busy buying stuff recently, which is a really bad habit i have just before christmas. ^^;

bought Gundam SEED vol 9 on DVD and Jinki Extend vol 2 on DVD. and i also bought the movie Serenity on DVD cuz it was going cheap. and i also bought a book. ^^

recently been watching Gundam 00 episodes (the new Gundam series from Japan). they've just released the 10th episode and its getting hella exciting. ^^ im really enjoying this.

i still dont have any comics for you guys, but i have taken a butt-load of pictures for you. enjoy.

i shoulda put this on my XMAS list, which is looking particularly empty this year...

my new book i bought. Nemi is a kick-ass newspaper cartoon strip by Norweigan artist called Lisa Myhre. her humour and art really inspires me.

as you can see, we've been very diligent with keeping up to date. XD

our Advent Calanders. from left to right is my older brother's winnie the pooh calander, my doctor who calander in the middle and then my younger brother's pirates calander. This is of course done in age order, but i really should have my calander higher up, cuz im the tallest in the family and its annoying to have to bend down to reach my calander... lol

and now we return to my favourite past time...

finally got round to making this bugger

Patlabor Unit 2 MG! i was a little annoyed that the visor piece was ALL transparent...the bit around the edge should be white. now it just looks stupid.

ya gotta learn to trust your partner...

Unit 2 is 98% identical to Unit 1, the only differences being the Head, the Shoulder armor, the addition of the shotgun weapon (in the left hand, you probably cant see it) and the pilot figure. it probably was a waste of money, but hey, whats the fun of only having one Labor?

the Hammer is probably the coolest weapon in the kit.

my newly acquired Turn A Gundam. weirdest kit i've ever put together, but suprisingly easy. this is the Turn A with the hammer weapon

the beam is pretty narrow compared to other MGs and the kit isnt as flexible as i thought, but its still ten types of awesome.

the chest should open up to reveal missle launchers, but the mechanism is kinda finiky...

the beam rifle is HUGE and kinda stupid looking.

the leg mechanism is awesome, but doesnt allow the mech to kneel, which is kind of disappointing. and the hatch to the cockpit keeps falling off. grr. but all in all its an brillaint kit. a nice addition to my already extensive collection.

on the left, the first ever Gundam. on the right, the Turn A Gundam, first shown around 2000. i wonder what the first Gundam is thinking when it see's its decendants...

On the left, MG RX-78-2 Gundam. the first MG ever produced in 1995. on the right, MG Turn A Gundam. MG number 100 released August this year. thats 12 years of MG technology and 98 models seperating the two. and it really does show. still, the ole RX-78 can still pull off some fancy moves. ^^ and if that doesnt impress you, there's always the other RX-78 MGs...ver 1.5, One Year War version, Katoki version... and if THATS not enough, they're bringing out a version 2 with new technology in the new year. i cant wait! and very few of you care! lol

excuse my nerdiness.

if you havent already, go watch the video in the last post. i maintain that its the best anime Ending EVAH.

till next time!

no quote today, im feeling lazy...

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

hey folks. sorry i didnt post or comment much on other peoples post this past week. i've been so damned busy at work that i get home really late and cant be bothered, or i've been having to get up super-early (5:40 am anyone?) for work. luckily the 5:40 am wake-ups were only twice this week cuz we had to be in the store by 7:30 am for deliveries. the rest of the week i've had to be in the store by 9 am and finish at 6 pm, although we have overrun a few times this week.

the other reason i havent posted or commented much this week is that i have a major headcold thing going on and i feel like a pile of bantha poodoo. thumping headache, blocked nose, sore throat, the works. luckily i think i sweated the worst of it out last night, so fingrs crossed its all uphill from here. last night was seriously the worst though. i felt like the denizens of hell were having a college-scale party in my head and i wasnt invited... ~_~

anyways, apart from work this week has been pretty slow...heck, even work has been pretty slow. we've been setting up the store to get it ready for the opening date, which is next friday. what this means is that we get deliveries in (twice this week) where we have to shove alot of boxes around, and then usually we have to security tag EVERYTHING. its quite boring and monotonous work.
we also had a footwear delivery this week where again we had to move several tonnes worth of boxes downstairs to the footwear department, and then arrange the footwear in a particular pattern on the shelves (boots first, then casual shoes, and then are more fine intracasies that i wont go into) and then try to find space in out shoe store room to put the extra foot wear thats not going on the shelves. not so bad for womens footwear, we dont have a huge selection of that yet. but mens footwear...dayum. i wish our store room was a little bigger.

anyways, enough about work.

this week on friday was the second to last snorkelling club night of the year. the last one is next week but i wont be able to go cuz im working -_-;
but the reason last night was special to me was beacuse its the last time i'll get to use the old Eltham Swimming Baths (its a swimming pool, but its pretty old, so it was called Eltham Baths when it first opened back decades ago) as our club swimming place.

Eltham (the town where i live) and on a larger scale Greenwich (the london borough where eltham is located) have decided that eltham needs a new community centre, so they tore down most of the old library (apart from the facade, which i believe is listed) and built this new community/spots complex on the site. the new complex has a library, a gym, some other stuff, and a new pool.

whoopee, you would think. except for one thing: we (the snorkelling club) are getting SERIOUSLY screwed over by being forced into the new pool. the new pool is about two thirds smaller then the old pool, and about half as deep (the old pool was almost 4 metres deep). obviously there's nothing we can do about that. but whats even WORSE is that we have to share the pool, during OUR club time, with the public.

so we get HALF the depth, four lanes of the new pool (about a third of our current area of play), we have to SHARE with the public, who get the other half of the pool and probably wont hesitate to complain/bother/annoy us, and yet we still have to pay the SAME amount that we're paying now. WTH people? has the world gone stark raving mad? im going up to the new pool today with our club leader Stefan to have a meeting with the new centre manager. this is just one meeting of many that stefan's been to, and it probably wont be the last either.

im really gonna miss the old pool too. its been really neglected over the last decade or so, so it looks kinda crappy and its really filthy at the bottom of the pool, but i've been going there for thirteen and a half years now, most fridays to snorkel. i learned how to snorkel there. i wore my first wetsuit there. i tried SCUBA for the first time there. i learned knot tying, life-saving, blacked out mask training there. i became a snorkel instructor there. there's a f*ck load of memories there. and the building itself is really cool and old, nothing like the modern sports centres that be a direct clone of any other in the country.
and now they're gonna knock it down and builf apartments there instead. great. another eyesore. makes me sick.

anyway, there's my sentimental rant and moan over for the day. im angry cuz we're getting shortchanged by this shitty new pool (who the hell can learn snorkelling in two metres of water?) and a shitty deal and im angry cuz we're losing a real character of a building so that the government can keep up with its new housing agenda. pff. like anyone is going to be able to afford the new apartments anyway, other then fat cats like the dipshit who thought up the whole new pool idea in the first place...

yah. uhm. so...

this week i've been watching Macross Dynamite 7 OVA. its the sequal to the Macross 7 series. its ok. the animation is pretty good, considering its about 15 years old now, but the story was kinda confusing. the thing i liked most about the OVA was the OP and the ED sequences. the OP is pretty standard, but very catchy. but the ED: well, see for yourself...

this youtube version is a bit fuzzy, but come on! isnt that the best ED sequence ever? its even better than the Haruhi ending sequence. oh yes it is. you can try to tell me it isnt, but your heart will be full of LIES and DISSENT.

no comic today. i had an idea for one, but its hard to focus on a comic when the world is spinning in a different direction to you...

have a great week y'all. see ya later!

"how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu: if there's a £50 note in the middle of the field and you can get to it, you haven't got the flu." - Diana Wainman

"a doctor is the only man without a guaranteed cure for a cold." - Dominic Cleary

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

And now for something completely weird…
STD Sharing and Microbe Hosting at Photobucket

Just having fun with the webcam folks. Move along…

So here we are in December. Someone wanna tell me where the heck the rest of the year went?! Am I going to have to start giving the year 2007 detention slips for being absent most of this year? WTH people?

Of course, December means Advent Calendars. Which are cute little boxes we hang on the wall with twenty five little doors in them. And behind each door is a chocolate. One for each day between now and Christmas. Cool huh? This year I got a Doctor Who themed Advent Calander. There’s a big ole cyberman on the front, and yesterday morning I got a little square of chocolate with a Dalek on it. Shall I go on TimeChaser, or has your computer screen steamed up with jealousy yet? XD ju~st kidding dude. Still, 23 more days of the good Doctor and his friends and foes to go… yummy…

So this week has been pretty sweet all in all. Ok ok, admittedly doing product training and merchandising isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but I'm actually kinda looking forward to when the store opens two weeks from now.
Training on Thursday was at some damned hard to get to store in east London, and that was pretty weird, since I was actually serving customers. The guy who runs the store loves to moan too, so it was kinda annoying, but it was good experience actually working in a store.

Friday we spent all morning at a sports centre doing climbing on a big indoor climbing wall. It was great fun, but man, were my arms tired at the end of it. and not only that, I had a hard-core game of octopush (underwater hockey) at snorkelling club in the evening. So now my hands hate me. I’ve just about regained my ability to grip things… ^^;;

Also on Friday I did a lil bit of anime shopping. I bought one manga (Translucent vol 2), one DVD (Gundam SEED Destiny vol 8), one CD (GITS: SAC Solid State Society OST) and one model (Master Grade Turn A Gundam)
So all in all a pretty good haul. ^^

Finished watching Turn A Gundam this week. it rockets up to the top three of my Fav Gundam shows I have seen. Yeah the mech designs are a little weird, but the character designs and story are superb, and I really enjoyed it. and of course I now have the Master Grade Turn A Gundam. XD should have that made up soon (after I finish Patlabor unit 2 ^^; ) and next week I'm hoping to pick up some Gundam 00 HG kits. Fingers crossed. ^^

I also went and bought some new trainers yesterday, seeing as my old ones have just about had it. it really disappointed me actually; I only bought my old trainers back in may. But they were horrendously abused over the summer, so they did the best they could I guess. ^^; normally when I go and buy trainers I get the same type as the ones before. But this time around I bought a different style, mainly cuz of my new job. They fit in a bit better at an Outdoor Store then squash shoes. ^^; (Squash= racquet ball)

I got me a three day weekend and then I have to go to the back of beyond (well…Cockfosters actually. It’s at the end of the Piccadilly line on the London Underground Train Network) to do one last day of training. We’ll be roaming around in the great (or rather “okay”) outdoors doing some map reading, GPS reading, and stove cooking. Fun.
Heh heh, it was funny on Friday, we were wrapping up the day and Paul, the guy from Head Office who was leading the training suddenly turned round to the group and said “is anyone else wondering what Phil’s hair looks like?” cuz I had been wearing my hat all week and never once taken it off in all the time I had been with my new co-workers. XD they’ll find out soon enough… it’s actually pretty boring, but I always do this with new groups of people…my friends at camp didn’t even see my hair till like the third week… XD

Well, that wraps it up for another half week. and, believe it or not, I actually have a comic for you guys! I really oughta start practising my proper art again…all these comics! Sheesh…

that’s not actually my car in the comic. My car doesn’t have doors for the rear seats.
Bonus points for whoever can name the song being sung. No googling now folks, that’s cheating.

You know it’s a sad state of affairs when your own characters start insulting your car. But that’s okay. I do it all the time… it REALLY is a crap car. And DON’T say “It cant be that bad…” cuz it IS. Here’s a quick run down:

NO HEATER (bad enough that its winter, but it also means I cant defog my windscreen unless I use a cloth)

NO REAR WINDOW HEATING OR WIPER (so I cant see JACK out the rear window sometimes)

NO RADIO (or any other music playing device…)

ONLY 5 GEARS (and one of them is Reverse- BTW, yes, she is a manual gear box. lots of people drive manual here. An Automatic Gearbox is just lazy.)

NO POWER STEERING (although lets face it…power steering is for wusses and Oil Tankers)

ROOF LEAKS (I got rained on the other night. I was INSIDE the car)

SHE HATES ME (we have yet to come to an agreement. As such she’s being a moody cow and tends to drift to the left and stall at inappropriate moments)

Clarissa ladies and gentlemen. An ancient Nissan Micra. Blue. Cold. Falling apart. And a Bitch. Welcome to my car.

Anyhoo, have a great week.

“The mechanic said that if (the car) had been a horse, he’d have to shoot her” - Basil Boothroyd

“The only part of the car that didn’t make a noise when in motion was the hooter…” -Denis Norden

PS: interweb service in my area has been down most of the weekend, hence the late post. *shakes fist* curse you Virgin Media! and curse my internets addiction...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greetings Tomorrow from Today’s Yesterday
Hiya folks. I'm actually writing this on Tuesday night to post on Wednesday morning cuz I wont have time to do this live.

This week has been pretty interesting and boring at the same time. I’ve started work training which involves me getting up early and catching a train into London in order to be in South Kensington (a district of West London) by 10am. Thankfully it hasn’t been too difficult a commute, *pauses to throw a wasp out of his room.* why the hell is there a wasp in my room? And more to the point, where did it come from? It’s like 3 degrees centigrade outside. Its way too cold for wasps to be anywhere…

Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve been work training up London. My new work colleagues are an eclectic and varied bunch. We have a guy from Australia, a guy from Hungary, a girl from Spain and a girl from Poland, and the rest of us are local-ish. We spent Monday going over the boring paperwork and health and safety stuff, and today (Tuesday) we spent learning about the clothing that we sell in store, and about the rucksacks. Tomorrow (Wednesday, ergo TODAY) will all be about footwear (cuz we sell a lot of that!) and Thursday we will be at another store learning the basics. Then on Friday we have a team building exercise day.

Today was kinda interesting cuz we learned how to use GPS (Global Positioning System…like a Car’s Satellite Navigation). We took a few GPS handsets to Hyde Park and wandered around with them. We marked out a route, then we swapped handsets and had to retrace their route back to where we started. But because the GPS devices are only accurate to about 5-15 metres, where we ended wasn’t QUITE where we started from…I ended up standing in a bush about 5 metres from where I should have been. lol

So yah, training is going well.

Yesterday was THREE YEARS since I started Chibi Darke Days. Its been…interesting. I never in a million years thought I’d get this far with ideas for comics. Its been fun and I’ve learned a lot. Here’s hoping I can keep coming up with stuff. Heh heh…

I have nothing else to say today (OMGosh it’s a short post! Run for the hills!) so I'm gonna leave you with the final two parts of the Chibi Darke Days: Super Size Swap Saga 3rd Anniversary Project.

small = uber fast metabolism

doing this saga reminded me why I started a Chibi comic in the first place…its way to bleeding hard and takes forever to draw normal people

Guest starring Box Man in the final panel there. XD

Hope you enjoyed this mini saga. I shall return to the one shot episodes when CDD next returns. If you want to read the entire thing from start to finish, you can read it on my Deviant Art page. URLS are below:

Part 1 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-1-68827707

Part 2 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-2-68828034

Part 3 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-3-69797449

Part 4 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-4-69797802

Part 5 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-5-69798049

Part 6 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-part-6-69798533

Part 7 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-7-70021878

Part 8 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-8-70022307

Part 9 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-9-70023011

Part 10 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-10-70024034

Part 11 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-11-70620642

Part 12 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-12-70620779

Part 13 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-13-70620990

Part 14 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-14-70621196

Part 15 --> http://darkeangel.deviantart.com/art/CDD-S4-Part-15-70621397

Until next we meet!!!

WINSTON CHURCHILL: “would you sleep with me for a million pounds?” (Pound= unit of English currency)
BESSIE BRADDOCK: “for a million pounds, yes I would.”
CHURCHILL: “would you sleep with me for a fiver?” (fiver = Five Pounds)
BRADDOCK: “Winston, really! What do you take me for?!”
CHURCHILL: “Madam, we have already established what you are- now we are just negotiating the price”

* * *

NANCY ASTOR: If I were your wife, I’d put poison in your tea.
CHURCHILL: If I were your husband, I’d drink it.

* * *

BESSIE BRADDOCK: Winston, you’re drunk!
CHURCHILL: Bessie, you’re ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning.

Q: why does England not have a Prime Minister like that anymore? Gosh darnit….

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

play it again maestro....
hiya folks. thats a completely random subject line and has nothing to do with todays post.

so this week has been...well...i want to say "depressing" but to be honest, it really hasn't.

Obviously Thursday was pretty depressing. but the funeral went well (as well as a funeral can be expected to go i guess) and the wake was, predictibly, boring and kinda awkward, but there was a lot of food on hand, so i joined with my american comrades and made thursday a day to stuff my face full of food with.

When i got home i found that i had a package full of postcards from a certain Mrs. Craft and her 2nd grade students, and a few photographs soon. so Chrissy, if you're reading this, tell your mum i'll get a reply to you guys as soon as possible...hopefully sent by the end of the week. *fingers crossed*

Friday was a pretty good day. My P45 form arrived, which means nothing to you guys, but it basically means i can start my new job and im all sorted Tax-wise. I also got a letter from American Express saying that the credit on my card will be refunded to me, cuz the cancelled the card. so thats a nice bit of extra money.

i also found some CDs that i thought i had lost, and in the evening i played a good game of Octopush (underwater hockey) at my snorkelling club. you can tell it was a good game cuz my hand has cuts and scabs all over it now. good stuff. XD

so yah. Friday was a GOOD day.

yesterday was pretty boring, but i did get a paycheck in the post from my old job refunding all the Tax i had paid between April and when i left the job in May. there's a long complicated reason for this, but basically means i have an extra 400 quid in the bank. whih is a nice little boon, especially since christmas is coming up.

yup, as much as i hate to admit it, christmas is definitely in the air (amongst other things). christmas lights are on in towns, people have already started to put decorations up and there are adverts on the TV and radio. truth be told, i HATE the run up to christmas... all the media and shops hype it up more and more and more until you finally get to the big day....and its almost just another day... it really makes Christmas a huge anti-climax. and then the very next day all the Christmas and Janurary Sales advertisments pop up everywhere. heck, some even start BEFORE christmas. i hate it, its so depressing. when did christmas become so f*cking comerciallised? or has it always been this way and im only starting to notice it as the innocence of youth slips further and further away? i dunno.

finished downloading and watching Gundam X today. Gundam X has a pretty bad stigmata attached to it, and it was cancelled at 39 episdoes instead of the usual 49. I can see why it was critisised, with animation and mecha designs very similar to Gundam Wing, and it was unfortunatly released the same time as Evangelion was in Japan, so its political war story was swamped and lost in the wave of Pseudo-Mystical introspective musings that became hugely popular in Evangelion's wake and the hundreds of shows that tried to emulate it, so Gundam X really wasnt that popular.
But having watched it, i really enjoyed it. The story is, dare i say it, better than Wing's and although the animation is dated slightly, i think its one of the better Gundam shows out there. its a little rushed at the end, what with it being cancelled and all, but thats its only real flaw.
heh, this is a big problem im finding these days. My first Gundam show was Wing, and so i feel obligated to call it my fav Gundam show. but at the same time, as i start to watch more and more of the other Gundam shows, i find that they were done so much BETTER than Wing, that it keeps slipping down my favs list. Dont get me wrong, i still like Wing, unlike a lot of Gundam fans who hate it, but there really are better Gundam shows out there. After i finish Turn A Gundam, the only Gundam anime i wont have seen will be ZZ Gundam and V Gundam. im also currently halfway through SEED Destiny, Zeta Gundam and the new Gundam 00. and i still got a few episodes of G Gundam to watch, but i've seen enough of these Gundam shows to place them in my Gundam Favs list, unfortunatly most above Wing. dont worry folks, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz still ranks as one my fav Gundam shows ever. ^^

tomorrow i start Work Training up London. which is cool, i need to start earning cash again. ^^ but DAMN am i going to miss having a lay-in in the mornings... i was starting to get quite comfortable with getting up at 9:30. oh well. all good things must come to an end...its a 6:30 start for me tomorrow... -_-;;;

going bowling this afternoon. should be fun. hopefully i wont do as bad as last time. lol.

and i finish off with a special FIVE PART update to the Chibi Darke Days Anniversary Saga. i managed to finish off the whole thing last night, so im going to post the next 4 parts now, and then either on tuesday or wednesday i'll post the final 2 parts. Tuesday 27th will mark 3 whole years of Chibi Darke Days. i cant believe its been going this long... to quote myself when i posted the first strip 3 years ago:

"i will try to post one of these...until i run out of ink, paper or ideas"

well, i keep buying new pens and there is enough paper to keep going for ages...i guess i didnt forsee the ideas to keep on flowing too!

anyways heres your special FIVE PART update!

it would have been funnier if Faye had sneezed and the Wings popped out, but you know what they say about hindsight

Rose going all shoujo on us. stoppit!!

Rose here is demonstrating the "Uncanny Valley" of cuteness...that is to say the cuter a thing gets, there will be a point when it appears uncomfortably and creepily cute before going on to be perfectly cute.

thats a lot of D batteries...how did she pay for all of em?

the art in this one sucks

do YOU remember DarkeCard?

i cannot draw backpackers or hookers...

the place the 2nd person is going to is a real town in Wales. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. and believe it or not, thats not the longest place name in the world, or even in Wales. but it fit quite nicely on the card. almost.

welp, i hoep you enjoyed these. Tune in next time for the Final TWO parts to this Chibi Darke Days Saga!!!

till next time!

"I see nobody on the road," said Alice
"I only wish i had such eyes," remarked the King with a fretful tone. "To be able to see Nobody! and at that distance too!"
- Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking Glass"

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wowie 8 comments. i guess i've lost 5 bucks then.
which is roughly $2.50 in english money, so no big loss there.

still, thanks to all who commented, especially Mitzy, who i havent heard from in a while ^^ and new friend Yensid who has somehow miraculously regained my blog-ethic. so i shall continue with stupidly long posts, random topics, anime reviews and comics until MyO withers away and dies in the ether of the net. thats right folks, you heard me. We shall NEVER surrender... lol

anyhoo, tomorrow is four things. first off, tomorrow is thursday. secondly, tomorrow is the day after's yesterday. thirdly, tomorrow is my grandads funeral. which, im sure, will be a very sad and morbid affair, in which im going to have to stand around with members of my extended family whom i normally would never even send a christmas card to. go figure. i hate family reunions, but i'll suffer this one for Grandads sake.

Lastly and leastly (or not), tomorrow is Thanksgiving in all U.S Territories and any Territory the U.S is currently trying to bomb. seriously though, remember to spare a thought to those valiently fighting overseas this Turkey Day.

anyhoo, like i said last post, we Brits dont celebrate Thanksgiving; like the Baseball World Series it is a thouroughly American invention. but still, over the past four years i've been doing this crazy little thing called MyO i've put up a list of things im thankful for. so here we go...


1: Luna (my hard ridden yet currently underworked scooter)

2: Midori (my definitely overworked and probably under appreciated Laptop) and wi-fi internet! w00t!

3: Gundam! XD

4: my family, for supporting me in most of what i do. ^^;

5: a warm room, a roof over my head and food in the kitchen.

6: my limited managerie of offline friends here in england, especially Nic and Paddy, as little as i see them.

7: all my friends and memories from Camp Pecometh this year.

8: the great times i had in the rest of america this year.

9: Cotswalds, for giving me a job. XD

10: all my online friends, especially those who still visit. lol but seriously. if you're on my friends list, im grateful and thankful for any input you've had over the last four years. and if you still comment, i look forward to spending the rest of my days here on MyO with you.

11: Mega ultra special shout-out to my TN friends who put up with me yet ANOTHER year. especially to the Craft family who put me up on such short notice. ^^; i love you guys like a second family!

12: supah special shout out to onee-sama Sailor Firestar in japan and for her continued correspondance. ^^

13: another supah special shout-out to Raina for...well... you know. ^^

14: God and Life in all their splendour. and for creating me. w00t. cheers God.

15: the continued success of Chibi Darke Days three years on from its original conception.

16: Butterflies. yup. when will the world realise that butterflies are the answer?!

so yah. thats my list for this year. pretty much the same as my list last year. but still, its good to be thankful for stuff.

i went to my brothers concert in Sunday. it was ok, the music was a good choice, and this one girl who sang was superb, but i dont really like my little brother's band that much. its a woodwind band, so its made up of saxophones, clarinets and flutes, with a keyboard, bass guitar and drums backing up. which is fine and all, but they play these popular songs from movies and theatre and they sound so weak and breathy. there's no power where there ought to be. of course this could easily be remedied with the addition of a brass section, but its a woodwind band. so...yah...

anyhoo, i got to thinking, like i do, about Blind people. i bet a blind person would have really enjoyed the concert. but i wondered what would life be like if i was suddenly struck down with blindness. i think it would truly suck. my entire life revolves around my eyesite. i wouldnt be able to watch anime anymore, i wouldn't be able to read manga anymore, my art would suffer majorly (and its not exactly brilliant now lol) my internet usage would be pointless without someone to proofread my stuff and read comments and the like, my gundam models would be a lot harder to make, ^^;, i wouldnt be able to drive anymore, i wouldn't be able to ride Luna anymore, my kung fu and snorkelling would be seriously effected. i'd have to learn braile, and how to touchtype. and forget about having a job that i would enjoy without having to totally retrain. you would have to turn your entire life around, push the big ole reset button if you were struck with blindness. i sincerely hope it never happens to me. or anyone for that matter. look after your eyes people!

sorry. just going off on a random tangent there. of course, if i did go blind, i'd probably get a guide-dog. that would be cool. ^^ a small silver lining.

anyways, enough ramblings for one day. here's the next two parts of my CDD super size swap saga:

alternate panel 4: shop keeper says ...marry me!

What can i say? Luna requires some pretty hardcore hardware! but you would have thought that a shop that stocks:
Tachikoma AI
Nadesico's ship computer
Wing Zero'sZERO System

should be able to whip up that sort of hardware pretty easily!

must be a genetic thing

what can i say? how would YOU feel if you had been naked for several millenia?

hopefully i can finish these before the 27th November, which will be CDD's third anniversary! w00t!

welp, until next time.

Civil Servant: "Prime Minister, I have to report that a minister was found half-naked with a guardsman in Hyde Park last night."

Winston Churchill: "Last night? The coldest night of the year? Makes you proud to be British."

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

WOah im an alien, im a legal alien, im an englishman on teh webzzzuh...
heya folks. this is gonna be a spontaneous post full of spotaneity and other stuff which could be hazardous to your health. its gonna be random and quite possibly pointless, and, mercifully, reasonably short.

5 bucks says i only get 4 comments anyway. maybe 5 if im lucky.

initially we start with the news, for it was once said we start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

NADA. thats what my week has consited off, more or less. although, saying that, its not like i've sat on my heiney all week. k, maybe it is, but i've done a few things. on wednesday i recieved, by way of royal mail, a letter from my comrade in arms (in Bath actually) Nicholas Von Marshall, ruler of all he see's when he wakes up in the morning (i.e, the bedroom ceiling, unless he awakes on his side, in which case he rules the side of the room)

anyhoo, its been ages since i've recieved a WRITTEN letter in the post (mail), bar a few acceptions this last summer. ^^ but for sure, i cant remember the last time i got a written letter at home. it was nice cuz it was filled with Nic's usual insane mannerisms and lil artistic doodles. it made me laugh. so i sent one back to him.

in the advent of electronic communications (email, mobile (cell) phones and the like) written communication has become more and more rare. even the normal letters i recieve in the post (mail) have been typed on a word processor. so it was exceedingly pleasant to recieve a hand written in ink letter. it wasnt even a formal letter, it didnt come with letter head and didnt adhere to the strict rules of letter writing, but thats what made it all the more pleasing and enjoyable. It was very personal and of course i can re-read it anytime i wish without having to log in to something. you should all do it. write a letter to someone you like/admire/love and see if they write one back to you. it can be immensely satisfying. ^^

THANKSGIVING falls on this Thursday. We Brits do not celebrate Thanksgiving (cuz we have nothing to be thankful for...LOL j/k) because it is, of course, and inherently AMERICAN/CANADIAN holiday (though i believe Canada has already had their thanksgiving already this year)

normally every year i try to post a list of things that i am thankful for, in the spirit of the occasion (seeing as i have no reason to stuff my face full of food like most of you do)
but i think i might pass this year. Not because i dont have things that im thankful for, but because Thanksgiving this year happens to fall on the same day as my Grandad's funeral. so i dont think i'll be in the mood to be honest. i might post up a list on wednesday. i'll see how im feeling.

anyways, sally on forthwith...

I had a pretty sweet dream last night. ok, you know the scene from Star Wars episode IV, where they're about to take off in their X-Wings and Y-Wings to attack the Death Star?
well, it was that scene, and i was looking around for my X-Wing. Then i met with Wedge and Biggs from the same movie, and Biggs had turned up late and Wedge was reprimanding him. Then Wedge headed off to his ship and me and Biggs had a chat. Then we had to take off, but i still couldnt find my X-Wing. i found the place it was meant to be, but it wasnt there, just a technician and a loading gantry. then someone shouted at me that my X-wing, along with someone elses was around the back of the hanger. so i ran around to the back of the hanger whilst all the other ships were starting to take off, and looked around and still couldnt see it. so i went outside the hanger with this other guy who was looking for his ship, and it was like a park outside, bright and sunny with people just chilling and stuff. suddenly to Fire Engines (Trucks) came over the hill and stopped next to us and John Barrowman (Captain Jack from Dr. Who/Torchwood) got out of one and told us that our ships had to be taken away to be repaired and we had to go get them, but the factory was in Florida. so i jumped in th truck and told the fire-fighters i was an X-Wing pilot and i had to go get my x-wing from Florida which was a couple hours drive, and could they hurry please otherwise i'd miss the battle.

and that was it. bizarre, i know. especially since i havent seen or had anything to do with Star Wars for ages! ^^;

this afternoon im going to my little brother's concert. i dont normally go to his concerts, but i have nothing better to do and it sounds like it could be enjoyable this time round. maybe. lol we'll see.


ok, remember i said on wednesday i was going to bake my brother a birthday cake?

TA DA!!!

the car is mine

heh heh heh, i suck at decorating cakes. if you cant tell, its a road in the shape of a 17 because my little brother is now of the legal age where he can learn how to drive. Thats right folks, we have till wait until we're 17 before we can learn how to drive. but we get to legally purchase and consume alcohol when we're 18 so it all works out. ;p

more Gundam Madness..

this thing was surpisingly easy to put together
though that chain mine was a bitch

Master Grade 1/100 scale MS-18E KÄMPFER. the best Zeon mobile suit of all time. if you wish to discuss this statement, my PM box is open. no flames please.
this baby comes packed with weaponry. the coolest weapon is the chain mine, though it is a pain in the butt to make and pose.

and now we have the next two parts of the Chibi Darke Days Super Size Swap Saga!

can you imagine cookies bigger than you are?
imagine the possibilities if you were that size and all food was BIGGER than you...

oh SNAP!

heh heh heh

by the by, my Deviant Art gallery has been given an overhaul, so if there is a particular CDD strip you wanna find or a particular piece of artwork by moi you wish to see, my gallery is now split up into folders, making browsing a wee bit easier! lol

heh heh heh...did i say this was gonna be short?



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