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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

just a quick one for y'all...
hey folks. sorry, this is gonna be a shortish post today. my net connection buggered off somewhere last night so i couldnt do the prep for the post i had planned for today, so im just gonna leave you with a quick update on my life, a CDD comic and the last part of my HOPE data files.

okies, so i was getting really worried about Luna's rear wheel, what with it constantly rattling and all, so i went to the Honda Dealer's (rattling all the way) and basically when the people who fixed my punctured tyre tried to put the wheel back on, it didnt mount properly and so the wheel isnt fixed securely to the hub. this isnt the fault of the people who fixed my tyre, its a design fault with the wheel nuts. However, this fault only appeared in the later F5 model (Luna is an earlier model, an F3) and so Honda wanted to basically take my wheel and see if its because of a design fault or because someone screwed up. They're gonna replace my wheel free of charge, so its no big deal, but i had to leave Luna at the Dealer's cuz it was too dangerous to ride around with the wheel in that condition. That was on Monday, so she's been there for almost two days now. But hopefully they will have the wheel in today and i can go and collect her later.

This morning i have to go out to Eltham to the Branch Post Office, cuz i have a package i need to sign for. the place closes at 1pm, so i donthave time to sit here this morning and sort out the post i had planned, which was to show ya some pictures from when i went to Eagle Heights last week. i'l post em tomorrow, along with pictures of the contents of this mysterious package i have to collect... XD i know what it is....

well, thats it from me. I'll leave you with a CDD and Tessa's bio from VIRTUE: HOPE. feel free to skip to the bottom to comment. ciao.

not as weird as this guy i saw with twelve fingers and twelve toes i saw in the newspaper the other week




Every time we return from a mission in the field, I find myself more and more intrigued by our team leader and her capabilities. Initially I believed her to better suited to a field operations team, like VIRTUE: FAITH, rather then Information Gathering and Warfare which is the main duties of HOPE. But Tessa has proven herself over and over again as a capable leader as equally skilled in chasing down leads on the net as she is behind the sights of her Steyr SSG sniper rifle, or on stage singing her latest opus.
Tessa is fairly open with her background, and doesnít seem to have any secrets. She used to serve in the army a few years back, and was in the same unit as Darke, commander of FAITH. Ironically, neither of them knew that they had both been given command of a VIRTUE detachment and the first time our teams encountered each other, the initial shock soon gave way to the realisation that we were now able to co-ordinate our actions much more efficiently as both Tessa and Darke have intimate knowledge of each otherís tactics and strategy styles and can naturally work to accommodate each other.
Tessa and Darke seem to be pretty close to one another socially too, and she probably knows more about him then anybody else. Itís the kind of comradeship that is forged on the battlefield, a complete trust of one another because of the experiences shared.
Tessa is the commander of our team and is in charge of all missions, both online and in the field. Her naturally sharp mind is her strongest weapon, and she often sees solutions to problems way before anyone else. She is an excellent tactician and skilled strategist. However, Tessa never leads from the backlines, much preferring to be in the thick of the action.
Tessa has impressive computer skills, and whilst not as accomplished as dedicated operators like Laura from FAITH, or myself, she always has a trick or two up her sleeve and has managed to surprise me more than once. However, her computer skills pale in comparison to her gunmanship. Tessa is thrice national marksman champion, a skill she claims she inherited from her father. She has immaculate knowledge of firearms of all kinds, and is skilled in use of all of them, from rifles to pistols, from semi-automatics to gatling cannons. Her favourite weapon is her customised Steyr SSG sniper rifle. Iíve seen her take out the drive chain of a speeding motorcycle from 500 metres away with it, but she normally uses it for crippling a target by taking out their kneecap or winging them in the shoulder, allowing Shadow to get in close and apprehend them.
As HOPEíS missions often involve long hours waiting for data to be processed, or waiting for that all important lead, Tessa spends a large amount of her spare time engaged in a small singing career. Itís nothing serious, as she never knows when she has to be called away on a mission, but she often performs as the opening act for major concerts and often sings in a small downtown club. She has even released a single, entitled ďJust Be YourselfĒ, which succeeded in attaining 8th position in the local charts for a short while. She can often be heard around HOPEíS base, singing one tune or another, with scraps of paper lying around everywhere with scribbled lyrics scrawled on them. Although this can be annoying when I'm trying to search for a password or line of code, I have to confess that I do really enjoy her songs, and if things were different, she would be an accomplished artist by now.
Recently we have been seeing a different side to her. Since we have started joint operations with FAITH, Tessa as been a bit quieter and less resolute in her opinions. She still is a capable leader and I have complete faith in her, but this turn of events troubles me. I have a feeling that Tessa knows something about FAITH that we donít, and whatever it is, itís causing this vague apprehension. Whenever I approach the subject however, Tessa avoids discussion. If this continues, or if our performance begins to suffer, I will have to confront her about it.
On the whole Tessa is a brilliant commander, worthy of her post as leader of VIRTUE: HOPE. She has lead us from success to success and Iíll will continue to loyally serve under her.


* * *

Now i gotta find time to work on FAITHS data files and do the illustrations. ^^ stay tuned folks!


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