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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

@ Otemba: INVOKE FTW!
Though saying that, Xanth had some pretty cool choices too. ^^ other notable mentions were Watasefan’s choice of “Inner Universe” (GITS OP) and Sbsp13668’s choice of “Ask DNA” from the Cowboy Bebop Movie. XD

I really couldn’t say what my Fav OP and ED songs are. I’ll write a list of my favs after this post.

Well hi folks. ^^ after that belated intro. ^^; according to a lot of your comments on Mondays lame phlegm of a post, a lot of you think I'm “nice”. Now I wanna know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Cuz, like, everybody likes a nice guy. Which is cool. It means I have lots of friends. But at the same time: “Nice Guys finish last…”


Ignore my ramblings, I'm having an existential crisis in my spare time.

This weekend (just gone) was great. I was doing my life guarding course at Crystal Palace Sports Centre, which is one of the few Olympic worthy venues in London (until someone finally pulls their finger out and starts building stuff for the 2012 London Olympics). Despite this, Crystal Palace is a desolate place. Honestly. The facilities are OLD and no matter how many people are actually using the place at any one time, the whole complex (which is located in Crystal Palace Park) has a real sense of abandonment and desolation to it. But its got a kinda charm to it too. I have a strange affinity for things that have been abandoned. Crystal Palace speaks to me like that.

Why is it called Crystal Palace? I hear you ask. Well, back in the 1850’s, a huge glass building was constructed in London’s Hyde Park, and was called the London Exhibition Centre. It was there for about 6 months then they relocated it (glass, ironwork and all) to a park area near Sydenham. There it stayed, a huge exhibition to the Wonders of the Victorian Era, until, after a steady period of decline, a huge fire destroyed the building in 1936. (Yes, that’s right. A Glass and Iron building BURNT down). Now all that remains are the foundations upon which it was built. The Park, renamed Crystal Palace Park, now contains the Crystal Palace Sports Centre and Crystal Palace Transmission Station, a huge tower that broadcasts most of London’s TV signals…its one of the largest structures for miles around. But the foundations are still there, and a small museum dedicated to the history of the place.

But I digress. The Life Guarding course was really hard work. On Friday we did a lot of swimming, 500 metres constant, followed by a ditch and retrieve exercise…it was a lot harder than I thought. Then on Saturday I was at the centre all day doing shore to casualty retrieval exercises and spinal injury exercises, which was hard enough. But on Sunday, I didn’t go in the pool at all, and spent all day trying to learn the American Red Cross approved method of CPR and how to handle a choking casualty. It was really taxing mentally; I haven’t done so much learning since I left school. ^^; I gotta study this week, and I got the second part this weekend, which will include my assessments. Wish me luck! But the guys on the course are really cool, and the instructors are really down to earth and funny. It’s been great fun, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

It was a pain to have to go back to work after such a tiring yet fun weekend, but I gots ta pay the bills somehow. ^^; It was a right royal pain yesterday cuz we were working with this new girl who got shoved into Pick and Pack (the section of catering I work for) and she is ANNOYING. Those of you who have been reading this blog any significant amount of time (say about two years or so) will recall I used to bitch about certain female cadets at my air cadet squadron back when I used to attend. Well, its like that time all over again. I won’t go into it, it makes me annoyed just thinking about it, but this girl is a right royal pain the posterior. I have to put up with her again today, but after that it she should be transferred to another section, so that will be ok. >.<

Wow, I guess I kinda blabbed on a lot today. ^^;;; my apologies.

I realise I havnt posted any art or comics recently, I should really get round to doing some stuff. Unfortunately, its really all a matter of time and ideas…both of which I havnt got a whole lot of at the mo. ^^;;;

Well, I'm gonna leave you with a list of my fav anime songs from anime OPS and EDS. Have a good week! see ya when I see ya.


“Tsubasa Wa Pleasure Line” (Chrono Crusade)
“INVOKE” (Gundam SEED)
“Pride” (Gundam SEED DESTINY)
“All through the Night” (Outlaw Star)
“Cruel Angels Thesis” (Evangelion)
“Sentimental” (Midori Days)
“Tank!” (Cowboy Bebop)
“RISE” (GITS SAC 2nd Gig)
“Shine in the Storm” (Gundam 08TH MS Team)
“Get to Burning” (Martian Successor Nadesico)
“Fly in the Sky” (G GUNDAM)
“Free Bird” (Haibane Renmei)
“Scarlet” (Karin)
“Red Fraction” (Black Lagoon)
“Limitless Answer” (Dirty Pair Flash)
“Stray” (Wolf’s Rain)
“Najica” (Najica Blitz Tactics)
“Love Loyalty” (Excel Saga)
“Voyager” (PANDA-Z)
“Fire Wars” (Mazinkaiser)
“Yuusha oh Tanjo” (GAOGAIGAR)
“Tori no uta” (AIR)
“Tomorrow” (Full Metal Panic)
“Rhythm Emotion” (Gundam Wing)
“Dreams” (Gundam X)
“Rojiurano Uchuu Shounen” (Dai Guard)
“Ask DNA” (Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door)

And I'm probably forgetting a few… can ya tell I like Anime Ops?


“Lithium Flower” (GITS SAC)
“Real Folk Blues” (Cowboy Bebop)
“Life Goes On” (Gundam SEED DESTINY)
“Karenai Hana” (Full Metal Panic)
“anna ni issho datta no ni” (Gundam SEED)
“Kesenai Tsumi” (Full Metal Alchemist)
“Tobira no Mokou e” (Full Metal Alchemist)
“Ichibyo no refrain” (Getbackers)
“Changin’” (Getbackers)
“Raison D’etre” (Chobits)
“Body and Mind” (Najica Blitz Tactics)
“White Reflection” (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz)
“Raspberry Heaven” (Azumanga Daioh)
“Sayonara Solitaire” (Chrono Crusade)
“Shiki no Uta” (Samurai Champloo)
“Fly Me to the Moon (Rei Ayanami Standard Version)” (Evangelion)
“Gotta knock a little Harder” (Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door)
“Kimi no naka no eien” (G Gundam)
“Tsuki no Mayu” (Turn A Gundam)
“Mina Soko ni Nemure” (Blue Sub 6)
“Hare Hare Yukai” (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)
“Through the Years and Far Away” (Voices of a Distant Star) (LOVE this song)

And again, I'm probably forgetting a few. ^^;; I like my OPs and EDs. ^^ there are a whole bunch of Insert Songs and Image Songs I love too, but that’s a list for another day (includes some stuff with very long titles...)

So until next time folks…

“you know, I heard something today that really opened my eyes…”

“what was that?”

“the alarm clock…”

Toodles. ^^

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Monday, April 23, 2007

so damned exhausted. this weekend took alot out of me mentally and physically, hense the lack of posting yesterday. and today too. i'll give ya the full details some point this week.


EDIT: ok, so i realise (with a lil help) that there really isn much to comment on today. ^^; so i'll give you a hand.

in your comment (if you choose to leave one) write down whatever you want, AND one thing about me that you like/loathe/find kinda freaky etc. this is your chance to say WHATEVER you want about me, no repurcussions. or if you feel uncomfortable doing that, tell me your FAV anime opening or ending theme song. that works too.


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   where am i? Is this really my site?
14 comments on my last post? When did I get re-popular? O.o;;

Heh. People seemed to be impressed with my manga haul from last post. Trust me folks, that’s NOTHING. I have easily bought 5 times that amount in a single hit before… XD

In response to certain comments:

Hassei: “aah.. kungfu workshop? If Just watch people to do kung fu that must be interesting.. but if must join too.. that must be tired right? ^^”

Yeah, it was a “join in” workshop…four hours…very tiring. ^^ but good fun.

Xanth Reborn: “Hope your visa comes in soon. When/where are coming? Just out of curiousity.”

I'm coming out at the end of may, and I'm heading to Maryland. That’s where I’ll be working for most of the summer.

HaseoLuver92: “hope u like america, it's really fun and crazy!!”

I know, I’ve been there 5 times already! Or is it 6? I cant remember. ;p

Katy-nee-sama: “I have everything on your shopping list except Jinki: Extend. How is that, btw?”

Its kinda confusing, but I'm getting the hang of it. Its not as good as I thought it was, but it interested me enough to want to see the rest of it. ^^

So yah.

Things are a-happening here. ^^ work: boring as usual. But other stuff is happening. I’ve got a meeting for Camp America to attend on Thursday, and this weekend I have the first part of my Lifeguard Course. I'm kinda looking forward to it, though the commute is gonna be EVIL.

My older brother is also starting to do volunteer (I think) work at a Horse Stables near where we live. He’s doing it in return for Horse Riding and Handling lessons, which is cool. ^^ I hope he gets on well.

My lil brother is…well…nothing really. Being a bum. But doing it really badly. (I should know…I'm a professional)

Yesterday I went out for a beer (two, actually) with my best friend in the entire universe, Nic. Its his 20th Birthday on Friday, but I wont be able to attend the booze-up cuz I'm busy, so we decided spur-of-the-moment to go out last night and drink. We also caught up with each other, seeing as we haven’t really seen each other since January. It was great, as it normally is with Nic. We talked about the usual stuff, What we’ve been up to, what we’re doing in the near future, our art, love, life, the universe and everything. And still finding the time to play a game of pool, chat to the other bar patrons and head over to closed down pub near by and consider “acquiring” some of the fixtures (we didn’t in the end. Too heavy.)

So yeah. Just a fantastic (in the truest meaning of the word ever) night out with my friend.

I’ve still got to do a whole bunch of ART stuffs, but I’ve unfortunately slipped back into an art slump, so you’re gonna have to wait fer now. ^^; I got a few things coming up soon, including the long overdue VIRTUE char designs.

My thoughts and prayers to anyone affected by the Virginia shootings.

Uhm…I guess that’s it from me today. Woo.

LISTENING TOO: would ya believe it, Dolly Parton? Heh. I have a soft spot for those Tennessee gals…

“Once in the army, I managed to save the entire regiment with a single bullet,”

“How did you manage that?”

“I shot the cook.”


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

and im spent...
morning folks. or evening or whatever.

this week as been...interesting...or at least the last couple of days have been.

work has been...well...work... bleah. lets just leave it at that.

Friday i went up to London to go to the U.S Embassy to get a J1 work visa so i can work in america this summer.
i tell ya, getting IN to the US Embassy is harder then ACTUALLY getting into America itself. but i finally got in, and the whole actual process took about 5 minutes (minus waiting times)

so anyways, i am now legally allowed to work in America. well, i will be when my Visa comes in.

after that i went and met my dad at his place of work and he showed me some cool places near where he worked. One of them was a Japanese Sweet shop, but not like Pocky...im talking about the proper traditional EXPENSIVE japanese sweets (Wagashi). they were really beautiful though, like miniture works of art. ^^

then i headed over to Forbidden Planet and Orbital Manga stores and picked up the following:

Evangelion Manga vol 10 (FINALLY!!! ITS BEEN SO LONG!!!)
Eva Angelic Days vol 4
Gundam SEED X ASTRAY vol 2
Gundam SEED DESTINY VOL 5 DVD (and i bought vol 4 yesterday in bromley ^^; )
Jinki Extend vol 1 dvd
Porco Rosso on DVD

and i JUST managed to stop myself from buying a Soul Of Chogokin "Gunbuster" toy that cost £160 english pounds. i was severely SEVERELY tempted though. i love Gunbuster, and this pretty much is the ultimate Gunbuster toy...

i also managed to pick up the Samurai Champloo OST too, so it was a pretty good day for anime and manga...im still waiting for Ecole Du Ciel vol 5 to be released though...

after that i went and watched "Curse of the Golden Flower" at the cinema. its by the guy who did "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers"
I didnt like this one as much as the other two (did he do Crouching Tiger too? i cant remember).
the story was kinda...i dunno...desolate...there was all this fantastic colour and stuff but the whole story seemed grey and futile. But the special effects were STUNNING and the sheer ludicrousy (sp? is it even a word?) of it was kinda amusing. ^^

yesterday i went to a Kung Fu workshop, which was both fun and tiring.

over the past few days i've been having trouble with the net. firstly i had to reset the drivers on Midori for the wireless adaptor, an =d then yesterday the whole network went down cuz my ISP was doing work in the area...i got really really frustrated...i guess im more of a net addict then i thought... ^^;;;

well, i guess thats it from me. see ya guys later!

just to finish off, i would like to leave you with this thought (having read Eva vol 10 manga)


thank you

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the PHA~ANTOM of the Oprah Winfrey show....
hur hur, i made a funny...

howdy folks. hope everyone had a good weekend. mine was pretty cool all in all, but truth be told, im having a kinda crappy week.

but first, teh news:

sunday was cool, i got lotsa choccie eggs. ^^ and i also went to see my Grandad. i also got the chance to draw a picture but im not going to post it up here. its on my DA account if ya REALLY wanna see it (and can access DA.)
but PH34R not! for i also drew a picture on Good Friday, which i uploaded on to theOtaku's fanart section and i can link here thanks to the magic of technology...

Die Sterne

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

click the thumbnail to go and take a better look. PLEASE go take a look, cuz its a really nice picture and its had 71 views already, but only 5 votes and NO comments, probably cuz of three reasons:
1: its original anime, so people dont recognise it and cant comment upon the art.
2: cuz its in black and white (which, y'know, MOST manga is)
3: cuz its not Naruto. friggin philistines. seriously, the day i uploaded this piece, EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN FEATURED ART WORK was from Naruto. jeez. thats taking Narutardation to a whole new level.

so please comment. ^^

anywho, monday i was back at work, and it was fairly quiet cuz it was a bank holiday. but we had NO food in the stores...or very little. so we forever telling people we didnt have this that or the other...

yesterday was pretty bad too. i had an 11 hour shift, which is no big deal normally, but for some reason it took a lot out of me yesterday...i was pretty drained by the end of it. probably had something to do with my cold. yah...

i could go on and on whining about work but you're probably gonna get enough of that over the next week or two, so lets sally on to the next part of my post shall we?

over the weekend my brother and dad set up a LAN (Local Area Network- for those of you who dont listen in computer class)
in our house, connecting Midori, my laptop, with my older brother's Box in his room and my mums laptop downstairs. this is pretty narly, but the main benefit of all this is that, providing mums laptop is on and the printer is on too, i can now print documents straight off midori without having to stick em on a memor stick or something and wait till mums laptop is free so i can print it off. ^^ huzzah!! isnt modern technology wonderful? now all we need to do is replace that piece of crap printer... ^^; well, it does work, so i guess i cant complain too much...

i still got to work on the VIRTUE illustrations, but here are some chibi sneak previews for ya:

I like most of these except for tessa's chibi and laura's chibi...i know i can do better

ok, so the four in blue are VIRTUE: FAITH, with Darke (top left) Laura (top right) Luna (bottom left) and Kayleigh (bottom right)

and the four in black are VIRTUE: HOPE, with Shadow (top left), Midori (top right), Rose (bottom left) and Tessa (bottom right)

These lil sketchies are done on scraps of paper, and are often how i get ideas down for chibi darke comics, or concepts for big pictures. take this lil piece for example:

what can i say? i guess im bashing Phantom today. sorry jen!

i was listening to Nightwish's version of the Phantom of the Opera song and an image of Shadow and Rose doing Phantom cosplay popped into my head. which resulted in this image as a kind of concept, from which i might draw up a big serious decent pic from at a later date.
then i was bored and i added the lyrics, with Shadows slight deviation from the original words... ^^;;;

i like my sketches though, they have a raw honesty to them that gives me the warm fuzzies. or something. i dont always do a sketch, and when i do, they dont always turn out good. but sometimes, with the right pen and a good mental image, they turn out fantastic.

well, thats it from me today. i'll try to update some point between now and sunday. ^^ have a good rest of the week y'all.



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Sunday, April 8, 2007

SCENE: the room is dark, quiet. There is a table in the centre. on top there are about a dozen chocolate easter eggs. the door quietly opens...
Chibi Darke: *looks around* hello? *spots easter eggs* heh heh heh....

Chibi Darke flies over to the easter eggs. he is about to open one when a spotlight shines on the table

Real Type Darke: Freeze! stay right where you are!

CD: wha? who's there?

RT Darke steps from the shadows, brandashing a weapon

RT Darke: Hands Up! now!

CD: dont be a fool man! Drop that Banana!

RT Darke: and starve to death?! NEVER!

CD: *puts hands up* im willing to negotiate...

RT Darke: Were the guards willing to negotiate when they caught Guy Fawkes with the Gunpowder?

CD: i dunno. Besides, isnt Guy Fawkes in November?

RT Darke:...hush! step away from the eggs. keep your hands...uhmm...arms where i can see them.

CD moves away from table whilst RT Darke keeps him covered with the banana

RT Darke: thats better. Now im going to take these easter eggs...

...and run away with them!

does so

CD: uhm...hey wait!
*flies out the door after RT Darke*

End Scene

Uhm yeah. so happy easter folks. i got nothin for ya. Hope you enjoyed D.I.T. (Darke Improv Theatre, not Detroit Institute of Technology)

see ya later!

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Friday, April 6, 2007

hiya folks. Its Good Friday! and you know what that means? It means the other 51 Fridays of the year are BAD!

jusst kidding. friday is always a good thing, i guess.

but today IS Good Friday, which means its easter on Sunday! CHOCOLATE EGGS! W00T!! oh, and Jesus dying to save our sins, and the ressurection. yah.

man, its been a messed up week. Sunday went well, the Carvery we went to for the big ole celebration of anniversary/birthday/new jobs was a pretty neat place, if a little packed. ^^; but the food was good...you queue up for some meat, and then you can have as much extra stuff like Yorkshire Pudding, veg (yuck) and gravy as you like. i also had Chocolate Fudge cake for desert, though i very nearly didnt finish it. Yorkshire pudding sure fills you up. ^^;

This week at work has been pretty...weird...or annoying...uhm...lets just say both.
basically the big hoo-har of this week is the change in rules about what kind of extra food we're allowed to give out, and stuff that we're not. Like Yakult, for example. initially we were allowed to give it out. Then we were told this week that we're not allowed to give it out anymore. then we were told we can, but only if its for medicinal purposes. Then we were told we cant unless its got some dudes approval and authorisation on the job sheet.
this has been occuring with several other items too, and whilst i dont wanna go into details, mainly cuz its very boring and complicated, especially as most of you wont have a clue what im on about, what it all comes down to is this:

The higher ups are screwing around with us bottom feeders, and its the patients that are gonna be affected by it. its frustrating and annoying, but there's nothing i can do about it other to shrug my shoulders and do what i m told. Of course, us bottom feeders are the ones who's gonna get all the flak and abuse from the wards because of this, but the higher ups dont give a toss as long as they're turning in a profit.

we also got given these stickers which we had to put on the back of our ID cards. this is what it says:

"the Bromley Care guarantee staff communication Code

1: dont walk by
2: Project a Positive Image
3: Explain whats going on"

which tells me nothing. dont walk by what? what IS going on? the only one i get is number 2, and thats pretty hard to do when the whole hospital is against you...

but enough work related crap.

im on the tail end of my cold now. im still occasioanlly choking on my own body fluid, but im getting to the point now where its almost a constant stream running from my nose...fun...

I gotta sort out all my Camp America stuff over the next week. I got to get my Doctor to fill out a form (talk about getting blood from a stone...) and i also gotta arrange my interview at the US Embassy in London for a J-1 Work Visa. this is gonna be a real pain in the ass to sort out. i'll keep you folks posted on how its going...

not that this really matters or nothing, but yesterday there was this most amazing sunset. i really couldnt describe it in words, but i was just about to go home from work, and ended up standing like a complete ninny for like 5 minutes just looking at the sunset...it was that AWESOME. and i mean awesome in the most literal honest sense of the word.

okies, thats it from me for today news wise.

and now i give you (and Raina shouts YAY ^^) the final part of my VIRTUE data files.




Darke is commander of our team, VIRTUE: FAITH. Considering his enigmatic nature and opaque past, not to mention the unfathomable workings of VIRTUE itself, I am unsure how he attained this position, but the fact of the matter is that he is very good at his job.
I am confident that his name is an alias, but investigations have yet to find his true identity or background. He says he calls himself Darke (pronounced like the word DARK, the E being silent, like in the surname Clarke) as that is all that he can remember of his past…darkness. When I enquired to the presence of the E at the end of his name, he said it was because he thought it looked cool.
Darke is an expert tactician and strategist, often leading the team operations from the front, and never willing to make other do anything he wouldn’t do himself. He also has decent piloting skills and is adept at using computers too. However, it is in combat where he excels.
Darke specialises in melee combat, both unarmed and with weapons. His weapon of choice is an exotic looking staff type weapon. Its composition is unknown, but it appears to be made of a material unlike anything else on the planet. It is about 6 foot long and has a helix like shape, resulting in a twin pronged blade that makes up quarter of the length. The blades can dissect and penetrate almost any material with little trouble. The staff can actually vary in length, the maximum length I’ve seen it is ten foot long, but it becomes unwieldy at that length. The strangest aspect of the staff is how it is stowed. It somehow wraps itself around Darke’s arm, and when deployed, it extends from his arm like a miniature vortex of liquid metal until it forms the staff. I take this to mean that Darke has some kind of mental control over the staff, that the metal responds to his will, but Darke is vague with the details. He claims that the weapon has always been in his possession and that he just “knows” how to use it. Whatever the case may be, Darke is a master in its use.
He is also an excellent marksman, with a special emphasis on pistols, but will happily use other types of gun as well.
Darke is quite introverted, and often keeps himself to himself. That said, he is good friends with Tessa (Commander VIRTUE: HOPE) and does get on fairly well with everyone he works with.
Darke is tattooed with the letters VII across his back. I assume these are roman numerals depicting the number 7. Why he has this tattoo is unknown to all, even to Darke himself. He claims it is from a unit he used to serve in, but no unit on file, disbanded or operational, has ever tattooed its members like that.
Darke had served in the military for several years before standing down from active duty. He has never said why he decided to leave the military, but evidence points to an incident in the Malaysian jungle about 5 months prior to his exit. Details on this event are heavily classified, and I am unable to provide further info at this time.
It was whilst serving in the military that he met Tessa and where they struck up a friendship, often working in two-person teams. It is because of this synergy that allows FAITH and HOPE to operate together with maximum effectiveness, and our mission success rate has doubled in the subsequent two months of our first meeting.
The other person who is close to Darke is his twin sister, Kayleigh, who is also FAITH’S 2.I.C. They live separate, and all talk between them is often limited to operational needs, but their body language and other subtle nuances indicate that they are really close to each other emotionally. It is not surprising, seeing as Kayleigh’s background is identical to Darke’s, that is to say that they both have no recollection of their lives up until a certain day about 10 years ago, when they both found themselves alone in the middle of the ocean. They were rescued by a passing military vessel, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Darke is a strong leader, and one we all can trust. He devotes 110% of his life to VIRTUE, and is rarely seen off duty. His biggest weakness is his failure to remember his past, and it haunts him badly, unlike Kayleigh, who manages to not let her hazy background bother her. Most of the time Darke shuts out his misgivings and ignores them, and puts up a cold, strong façade. However, when with Tessa and Kayleigh, who are the two most prominent people in his life that he can recall, he opens up a little bit, and we can see the true Darke, someone who is kind and sensitive to others, but desperately scared of who or what he was before he lost his memory.
Despite these misgivings, Darke is a rock to which FAITH is anchored, and it is him we have to thank for being as successful as we are. He has earned my complete respect and trust time and time again and I would follow him to hell and back if he asked me to. FAITH is him. He is FAITH.


and thats them all finished. now i gotta work on the illustrations. i also got a couple of other pictures i wanna do, just gotta find the time to do them (and the will to keep off my computer for hours on end. ^^;;;;)

well, thats it from me. i might update on sunday, or i might just leave it till next week. we'll see how it goes.

till next time!

"I tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubes kept getting stuck up my nose..."


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Thursday, April 5, 2007

hey folks. i'll probably update properly tomorrow, seeing as i have the day off, but i just wanted too pop on and apologise for not updating this week. its been a bit crazy and stuff. ^^; but hopefully things will be sorted soon.

so yah, i'll update tomorrowz. t'otherwise, please read my last post for details regarding my strange excuse for a life. it has a shiney Gundam in it...

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

He’s got his head in the clouds, SHARADA SHARADA, don’t know when he’ll come down, SHARADA SHARADA, he never goes ta bed, SHARADA SHARADA, he’s got this freakin song stuck in his head…
Ok, so I tweaked the lyrics a bit. But I think that song describes me pretty well. ^^;; especially since i almost DIDNT go to bed last night... i stayed up watching FMP FUMOFFU online last night. ^^;;;;;;

So, whats been happening since I updated on Thursday? Well, I had Friday off, so I took Luna in for her MOT which was fine and she passed. Her rear shock absorbers a little weak, but its fine, doesn’t need replacing till the next service. After that, I went and got her new tax disc, so that’s that all out the way. *phew*

Now I just gotta sort out insurance. D’OH!

Of course, it being my day off, it was PISSING it down with rain. And what was the weather like yesterday when I worked from 7am to 6pm? Sunny of course! >.<

Still getting over my mini cold. I'm at the “hacking up phlegm and other body fluids” stage, which is fun, except when i CANT BREATHE.

Uhm, what else. Oh yeah:

just gotta find a home for it now ^^;;

I finished Gold Frame! ^^ man that thing was hard to put together…or not hard so much as awkward and fiddly…

oh yes, that is flash glare coming off the model. This thing is SO DAMN SHINEY!!!!

But DAMN if it isn’t a sweet model. Gold Frame completes my Gundam Astray Collection. I got Red Frame, Blue Frame 2nd L and Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Custom. This makes me hella happy. ^^

Oh yeah, I said I was gonna post up Luna’s crappy comic Omake thing… its just easier (for me, cuz I don’t have to upload and get the code for it, and for Shirei and Hassei, cuz their Indonesian servers can’t cope easily with pictures) just to link you to my D.A site where its up and doing nada.


my apologies to those of you who cant access DA for one reason or another.

I was hella surprised to find a comment from Tarokun in one of my recent posts here. He hasn’t been online for like….2 whole freakin years. But I kept him on my friends list cuz he was like the first person EVER to comment on this site back when I first started posting here…and I’ve been here a long time…

last night was the first in the new series of Doctor Who with David Tennant and new companion Martha Jones played by Freema Agyeman (sp?)
it was seriously excellent. i am so stoked for this new series. ^^

Been fiddling around with some VIRTUE designs but the illustrations are still a little way off I'm afraid. Real life…who needs it. Pah.

But I do have the next part of the VIRTUE data files for you to read and enjoy and comment upon if you should so wish.



Extracted from the data files of Tessa, Commander VIRTUE: HOPE

Kayleigh is recorded on file to be Darke’s twin sister. I say “recorded on file”, because neither of them can recall their early life, and no records of their birth or upbringing exists. I’ve had Midori trawl the nets time and time again, and the only data we’ve been able to dig up starts from only 5 years ago, which is about the same time I met them. They claim to know “in their hearts” that they are twins, and similarities in DNA, blood type, and even facial features seem to indicate that they are indeed related, if not twins.
Kayleigh is FAITH’S second in command, and also the team’s demolitions expert. She has innate knowledge of all kinds of explosives and heavy plant vehicles, and really enjoys blowing stuff up. Despite this, she is pretty level headed, and calm in a crisis.
Kayleigh specialises in close quarters combat. She is an expert in unarmed combat, and with short range weapons like knives and swords. Her weapons of choice, however, are two special gauntlets that are unlike anything in our arsenal. When inert, they sit on her wrists like humongous bracelets, but when activated, they stretch and grow, enveloping her hands and upper arms into gigantic mechanical glove type weapon that allows Kayleigh to punch up to 20 times her original strength. The gauntlets can also produce low power energy bolts that can be used to stun enemies or lightly damage objects. However, when tied with Kayleigh’s knowledge of structures and demolitions, she can use these bolts of energy to knock down buildings with a precisely aimed blow. She can also use them as a type of propulsion, aiming the blast at the ground below her and using the resulting force to propel her either high into the air, or laterally along the ground. She can also manipulate the energy to act as a shield, which can deflect low calibre bullets and most physical attacks. Because of the huge size, the gauntlets are extremely unwieldy, but Kayleigh is a master in their use and can easily hold off a large group of enemies by herself.
She is also a skilled technician, and can often be found assisting Luna in many mechanical endeavours.
I first met Kayleigh on a tour of duty with the military. I had already met Darke on a previous tour, and he introduced me when we joined up again for a mission in South America. I grew quite close to Kayleigh much the same way I grew close to Darke. However, like Darke, her background is much of a mystery, even to Kayleigh herself. She doesn’t let this bother her though, and tries to keep an upbeat outlook on life, even if it’s clear that sometimes she has doubts about herself.
Kayleigh’s most distinguishing feature is the tattoo that she has across her back. It is the roman numerals for 18: XVIII. I asked her of the significance of it, but she doesn’t know. She claims it had always been there, ever since she could remember. I would pass it off as nothing, except that Darke also has a tattoo just like it, except his is VII or Seven. He too is not sure of the significance of his tattoo, but thinks it might have to do with a unit he was a part of prior to his memory loss. I have been unable to find any record of such a unit that tattoos its member in that way.
When Kayleigh isn’t working hard on the job (which is more often than not) she can often be found relaxing in various construction sites across the city, blowing up condemned buildings or tearing down old structures. She hires her services out as a demolitions expert and says there’s nothing more therapeutic than watching a 20 storey building collapse in on itself. She lives by herself in a small apartment with two Angel Fish called Flotsam and Jetsam (or Flo and Jet) for company. She also assists with my shows, helping out with lighting and stage electrics whenever I have a performance. She has a sharp wit, and to many people she might come across as stand-offish or even cold, but to her friends she is loyal and excellent company.
Kayleigh might be 2.I.C of FAITH, but she isn’t really a good leader. She has difficulty seeing the bigger picture, and often rushes her decisions. She is also a pretty poor shot too. She’s ok with a gun at short range, but anything beyond 30 metres and she’s useless. The girl couldn’t hit the broad side of an express train from 200 metres away. I’ve tried teaching her the basics, but she still has a lot of difficulty, preferring to be up close and personal with her target.
Kayleigh is a strong force within FAITH, and perhaps the most normal one of the group. She is an anchor for the others, and keeps them grounded in reality. Her skills in combat make her a fearsome enemy, and although her past is shrouded in mist, her future looks bright as she makes the most of her talents in everything she does.


One more to go…Darke’s Bio. ^^ that will be up shortly, then I can focus on doing the illustrations to go with the data files. Stay tuned folks!

Well, that’s it from me for today. Tonight I'm going out with ma famille for a dinner to celebrate my parents 25th anniversary, my mums birthday, and their getting new jobs. I think we’re going to the Toby Carvery in Bexleyheath, which I’ve been to before, but never had a meal there, so it should be fun. ^^

SO, until next time, remember:

“if at first you don’t succeed, sky diving is not for you.”


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

well there ya go...
i wasnt gonna update this week cuz to be totally honest with you, it seemed like this week was gonna be one of those weeks where even real life goes "eh, fudge it" and doesnt even bother. in other words a week where nothing happened. but then yesterday happened, so i figured "what the hell."

so here i am! aintchewlucky!

first off, in answer to Raina's question, Box Man is a character i thought up a little while back, but i dont draw too often. he's basically a super hero. more can be read about him HERE
and check out the rest of my deviant art gallery for the few comics i did with him. he also appears in his own fanfiction, which was written by Blue Eyes as a result of a wager. ^^

anyways, to yesterday. i had a late start at work (2pm) so i figured it was just gonna be a boring pointless four hours. but as it so happens, about 2 hours or so into the shift, the power went. the whole freakin hospital lost power. the emerancy lighting came on, but all of the fridges and freezers lost power, and the entire kitchen area, and because all the wards lost power, their mini ovens lost power too, so they couldnt cook the food. the stupid thing is, alot of them called US up complaining about the lack of power. we're like "well, we lost power too, so there's nothing we can do about it."

the main hassle was that it was dinner time and the food hadnt been cooked through. we told the wards to wait until the power came back on and then to finish cooking it, but one of the domestic supervisors (pain in the ass, the lot of them) had told a couple of wards to throw the food away! we're all "no dont throw it away, wait till the power comes back on" but unfortunatly at least one ward did throw the food away, so the ended up with sandwiches and fruit jelly for supper, seeing as we had no more hot food to give them.

it was really bizarre and surreal though, with half the lights off and all the automatic fire doors shut. the lifts broke down too, the main service lift we use got stuck halfway between floors, yet the door kept opening and shutting. it was really weird. ^^;

anyway, so that was fun n games yesterday. ^^; i also went kung fu, which was good, despite the fact im recovering slightly from a cold. bunged up noses aren't really a good thing when your shifu is telling you to exhale through your nose when you punch. ^^;;;;

oh, and also, i have found out i have been placed for Camp America. i'll be helping out at a Camp called Camp Pecometh, which is in Centreville, Maryland, USA. i leave on the 27th of May, and i think the post lasts until the middle of august, so essentially i'l be there for all of summer. ^^ website is here: Camp Pecometh

Today is my Mums birthday. i wont say how old she is. ^^ but happy XXXXIII birthday mum! we're gonna properly celebrate on sunday, when everybody is around. ^^;

tomorrow is a LSD: Luna Service Day. well, not quite...its more of a LMD: Luna M.O.T Day. Luna is due to get an MOT done tomorrow, which is a road worthiness test. hopefully she'll be fine and i can get her taxed ASAP. then all i gotta do is sort out insurance.... -_-;;

i did a mini comic with Luna in it the other day, but i havent scanned it in yet. i'll do that very soon and post a link to it.

well, till next time. I dont have anything more to say today. but i wanna try an experiment.

okay here we go:


i bet at least one of you thought about sex whilst looking at that space.

till next time!

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